“South Africa Is Leading The Hip-Hop Movement In Africa” – Cassper Nyovest

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South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest has finally disclosed his views on the state of rap culture in Nigeria. The rapper seems to share the same opinion with M.I on the song, “You Rappers Should Fix Up Your Life”.

While speaking in an interview with PulseNG, Cassper said, South African Hip-Hop is currently leading the rap hip-hop game in Africa.

He said;

“Yes, South African Hip-hop is in the forefront of African Hip-hop in general. It might not be as popular as it is in South Africa in Nigeria.

But I know for a fact that the rappers from Nigeria are kinda unknown in SA. If we talk about crossing over, I know that a lot of people in Nigeria know about my music. I know that in Kenya and Ghana it’s the same thing.

I’m not just talking about me, I’m talking about the movement. Sarkodie is big in Ghana, but are there other rappers who are as big as Sarkodie from Ghana? The South African Hip-hop movement is big across, also in London, New York…we are out there performing in different countries.

Me saying that might offend people here. They might feel that I’m taking shots at Nigerian music. But that’s not the deal. If we are to discuss in terms of numbers and appeal across the world, it’s just the way it is.”

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Walcott Joins Everton For £20 Million

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Everton have completed the signing of Theo Walcott for £20 million, tying him down for the next three years.

The 28-year-old who was Arsenal’s longest serving player scored 108 goals for the club, and left in search of more playing time.

Walcott has not made a PL appearance this season. And in a bid to lock down a spot in the World Cup squad, he has joined Everton.

“I’ve come to Everton because I want the Club to push to the next level,” Walcott told the official Everton website. “I’m very ambitious and I’ve come here because I want the Club to push to the next level,” Walcott said. And with the players that have come in, I feel like the next level can be reached.


“I’m very excited to be starting a new chapter and I felt this was the right place for me to be. The manager is very ambitious and I feel like the Club is going in the right direction.


“Everton is a club with a great history. The fans are always passionate, they’re great and I always used to find it very tough playing here.


“The Club has won trophies but I want them to win trophies now. The manager is very hungry and it’s just what I need. I’ve had a couple of chats with him and straightaway I felt that hunger and that desire that he wanted from me. I need that and I wanted that.


“I want to be part of something which he’s building and, like I said before, it’s a very ambitious club.


“The fact there’s a new stadium going to be developing in the next few years, it’s exciting times for Everton Football Club. I’m dead excited and I just want to do what I do best which is playing football and expressing myself because I’m excited again, I really am.


“I do really believe that I’m going to give it my all, which is what I always have done, and this place is going to get even more out of me. There’s something about this move which I’ve just felt good about.


“It felt like it was time for me to move on [from Arsenal]. It was sad but it’s exciting at the same time and I want to reignite my career and push Everton to win things as they have done before. I want to be part of something and I feel like this place will offer me that.”

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Months After Song Went Viral, Patapaa Finally Releases Video For ‘One Corner’ (WATCH)

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Several months after his hit song went viral, controversial Ghanaian artiste Patapaa has finally released the official video to his “One Corner” song.

The song “One Corner”- coupled with the dance that accompanies it – became the sensation of the internet late last year in Ghana, Nigeria, and in some parts of the world.

The song and video features Ras Cann and Mr Loyalty. The music video which was directed by Agopa Films portrays the various dances that come with the song.

The song has come under intense criticism for its dance; while some have given the dance their “vote of confidence,” saying it’s morally right, others have described it as “evil.”

Watch video below:

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Seal Denies Sexual Battery Allegation As Neighbor Claims He Forcefully Groped Her

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British singer-songwriter, Olusegun Adeola Samuel, better known as Seal, has adamantly denied allegations of sexual battery made against him by his former Malibu neighbour Tracey Birdsall.

The singer is under investigation for sexual battery after his neighbor accused him of forcefully kissing and groping her in 2016, TMZ quoted authorities as saying.

US Comedian Aziz Ansari Reacts To Sexual Assault Allegation

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department opened the investigation after the neighbor, Birdsall, who is an actress, claimed Seal forced himself on her in his kitchen in November 2016.

She alleged that Seal “lunged” at her in his home, attempted to kiss her, groped her breasts, and belittled her – insinuating that she wanted sexual attention because of the way she dressed. She “demanded he stop.”

She said he then convinced her to sit next to him on the couch, at which point he begin to “make fun of what she was wearing” and started groping her again.

Birdsall said she left then and “did not have contact with Seal again,” adding that she decided to report the incident to the police after hearing about Seal encouraging women to come forward with stories of sexual harassment.

However, in a statement, Seal said he “vehemently denies” the allegations and that he “intends to vigorously defend himself.”

“Seal vehemently denies the recent accusations made against him by a former neighbor for alleged misconduct of more than a year ago,” said a statement by the singer’s representative.

“He intends to vigorously defend himself against these false allegations.”

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INEC: Here’s How To Obtain, Check Your Voters Registration Status Ahead Of 2019 Polls

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With less than 395 days to the commencement of the 2019 General Elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has introduced an easy way for Nigerian voters to obtain permanent voter’s cards and check their voters’ registration status.

This is after the Commission had released guidelines and schedule of activities in preparation for the 2019 general elections.

The INEC commenced the continuous registration process on April 27, 2017 to enable qualified persons to obtain their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs.

For a qualified Nigerian who is yet to register, the commission outlined two steps towards obtaining the PVC’s.

It urged the qualified Nigerian who had not registered before to do so in the Continuous Voters Registration Phase 2 currently going on in selected states, including the FCT from 9 a.m-3 p.m Mondays to Saturdays.

Voters registration centres in one’s area can be located online by visiting: http://www.inecnigeria.org/?inecnews=registration-area-centres-continuous-voter-registrationcvr-phase-2

In the link, you will come across registration centres in 12 states; and the states are Anambra, Sokoto, Oyo, Ondo, Kwara, Jigawa, FCT, Ebonyi, Delta, Cross River and Bauchi.

By clicking open any of the states in the link, the interested Nigerians can download the information for the registration centres.

Each state provides information on the local government areas for registration and the different registration centres under each local government.

To check registration status

2019: How to obtain and check your voters registration statusTo confirm if one had registered or not, one could visit: http://voterreg.inecnigeria.org and follow the instructions on the site (as seen above).
To check registration status via phone

You can also check your voter status by sending an SMS with your State, Last name, Voter Identification Number (VIN) to the number below


Format: State, Last name, VIN

Example: Kogi, Solomon, 10877

You should receive a response within 15 minutes.

Please note that:

– Text messages are charged at the local network rates.

The commission also stated that its Citizens Contact Centre is functional, and can be reached on 0700 2255 4632 – or Email: iccc@inec.gov.ng – for questions or enquiries.

Meanwhile, the INEC has presented certificates of registration to 22 associations that fulfilled the requirements for registration as political parties.

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Ortom, El-Rufa’i And The Gang Playing To The Gallery

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Ortom, El-Rufa’i and the Gang Playing To the Gallery, By Zainab Suleiman Okino

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The herders-farmers’ clash in Benue State, which left 73 people, including children, dead penultimate week, will go down in history as one of the defining moments of this administration, not because of the number of casualties – germaine as this is – resulting from such perennial conflicts from Benue, Kaduna to Taraba and Adamawa but because of its politicisation and perhaps over dramatisation. The narrative shifted from the impacts of the tragedy on the affected communities to ethnic, religious, sectional and political coloration, and by the time the dust settles in no distant future, the tragedy would have claimed a lot of casualties, this time in government houses across the country. Some other people who have made political gains out of the killings to shore up their sagging popularity might also have their recompense in no time.

This piece was written by Zainab Suleiman Okino. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

In this category is the chief mourner himself, the governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, who before the anti-open grazing law, was in the bottom rung among non-performing governors – governors who are notorious for owing workers’ salaries, who allegedly diverted or mismanaged bailout funds and were at loggerheads with organised labour. Some people even insinuated that Ortom instituted the anti-open grazing law, as a populist stunt to divert attention from his poor performance and failure in governance. However, in the aftermath of the killings and his seeming antagonistic and non-reconciliatory stance, Ortom is gradually emerging as a symbol of the struggle to ‘free’ Benue people from the menacing marauders.

Thus in all his press interviews and television appearances, Ortom has become combative, ready to take on anyone and even his governor-colleagues, like Almakura over Benue State refugees in Nasarawa State and Simon Lalong of Plateau State, who claimed he warned Ortom not to enact the anti-open grazing law until Lalong apologised, and despite the fact that they belong to the same ruling party. He equally defied the president and his minister of Agriculture, Audu Ogbeh, also from Benue State, on their proposed colonies in place of ranching or open grazing. Today, I am sure, if there is an opinion poll to determine the popularity of governors in the North-Central, it will return a positive verdict on Governor Ortom. This is how our politicians sometimes profit from miseries and deaths, depending on where the pendulum swings.

Suddenly, politicians are playing to the gallery to either empathise with the Benue people or defend the APC administration at the federal level, depending on the side of the divide you are, or simply taking advantage of a bad situation. While Almakura and Lalong rushed to castigate Ortom, obviously to be seen to be in the good books of the Presidency, El-Rufai and his gang took a daring path of earnestly asking President Buhari at such an inauspicious time to run in 2019. During a visit to the president after last Friday Jumma’at prayer, seven APC governors led by Nasiru El-Rufa’i and others like Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, Abdullahi Ganduje of Kano State, Abubakar Bello of Niger State, Jibrilla Bindow of Adamawa State, Simon Lalong of Plateau State and Ibrahim Geidam of Yobe State, visited and endorsed the president to run in 2019 because “continuity and stability” are important. Coming on the heels of the Benue crisis, these governors simply capitalised on the pot-shots being thrown at the president over his cold handling of the security challenge to outsmart their colleagues. Rub my back and I do same to you, you may say.

Recall that most of these governors rode on Buhari’s popularity to become governors in 2015 and they probably think the same scenario can be re-enacted in 2019. Again, almost all of them, with the exception of Lalong, are in the midst of political battles for survival in their home states, and jumping the gun to endorse the president, they probabily felt, could save them from their impending Waterloo. Although time will tell, how are they sure the president will run and if he will scale through, if he decides to contest. I do not blame them either – a drowning man will clutch at any available straw; and for the embattled El-Rufa’i, Yahaya Bello and Ganduje, all of them serving their first terms and highly unpopular in their States, Buhari is that straw. Almakura has less trouble to cope with being in his last term, but he had to add his weighty voice because in the political chess game, being relevant at all times is the first rule of the game, and don’t forget that he might be eyeing the Senate too.

Other rabble-rousers playing to the gallery have also seized the day to make disparaging remarks or engage in odd things in a show of counter-force against Fulani herdsmen. In this group are Reno Omokri and Governor Fayose. Omokri, the former personal aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan has put a curse on anyone asking Buhari to run, justifying the same with the killing of Christians. Describing the call for Buhari to run as “a betrayal of Christ”, Omokri said “all Christians who campaign for a second term for Buhari who’s done nothing concrete to stop the slaughter of Christian communities by his radical Muslim Fulani herdsmen brethren…will one day answer before a righteous God for their betrayal of Christ”. Omokri forgot to add that many Muslims in Taraba, Kogi, Kaduna and Nasarawa were at one time or the other casualties of senseless ethno-religious conflicts. In any case, does he not know that not all Fulanis are Muslims and the criminals have no respect for any religion? Omokri has taken the discourse in Benue beyond the madness it is to the realm of politics and religion because emotions are heightened when it comes to religion; it is an unfortunate and unhealthy dimension in a doctrinally divided country like Nigeria.

Governor Fayose’s parley with local hunters and their display of paraphernalia of prowess to counter what he called Fulani invasion is the most ridiculous of them all. Fayose, who was decked in camouflage to ‘reflect the mood of the nation’, said intelligence report available to him indicated that the ‘Bororo herdsmen’ had infiltrated the State. Talking tough and obviously in a war mood, he told the hunters to go home and defend their communities. For Fayose, everything is politics and politics is everything, and politicising the Benue killings in the way he did, though his usual style of playing to the gallery, is dangerous because we are not at war and hopefully will not fight another civil war.

The government must act swiftly to curb the herdsmen challenge and other security issues, but resorting to ethnic, religious and political sentiments out of a mishandled security issue, is nothing but mischief and opportunism, and for all you know, El-Rufa’i may be flying a kite to get the support of the president and governors in the first step towards his anointing, if Buhari does not run.

zainabsule@yahoo.com, www.zainabokino.blogspot.com

This piece was written by Zainab Suleiman Okino. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Governor Bello Appoints 21 New Permanent Secretaries In Kogi

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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has approved the appointments of 21 new permanent secretaries into the state civil service.

The appointments were conveyed in a statement issued in Lokoja, the state capital, on Wednesday by the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mrs Petra Akinti-Onyegbule.

According to her, the appointments were made in furtherance of the ongoing reform of the state civil service.

She said that the permanent secretaries were selected after going through rigorous and painstaking processes, including written and oral examinations.

It is understood that three old permanent secretaries were retained, bringing to 24 the number of permanent secretaries in the state civil service.

The chief press secretary said the appointments were based on merit, and were fairly and equitably distributed across the 21 local governments in the state.

She quoted Bello as assuring the people that appointment under his administration will continue to reflect the core values of justice, equity and fairness to all, irrespective of differences in tribe and religion.

Akinti-Onyegbule said that the governor had charged the new permanent secretaries to discharge their duties with the interest of the state at heart at all times without fear or favour.

The new permanent secretaries are Mr Musa Yahaya Omoyi , Mr Odei Adinoyi Johnson ,Dr. Eje Celestine Ukubile, Mr Negudu Arome Steve , Mr Akpama Paul Sylvanus, Mr Akowe Abimaje Awana, Mr Usman Dan Victor, Mrs Alfa Ruth Alolo, Mr Igata Boniface Ugwoke, Mr Mohammed Seria Oyenihi and Mr Shehu Abdullahi.

Others are Mr Momoh Abdulkadir Angulu,Mr Alonge Ayo Daniel, Mr Okeme Jibril Abdullahi, Mr Stephen Ojo Peter, Mrs Odiyo Hannah Onyinoyi, Mr Jimoh Adinoyi Mohammed, Mr Idenyi Emmanuel Samson, Mr Idakwoje Labaran Idris, Mr Ikuborue Olutoyin Davies and Mr Aina Eric Dele.

The retained permanent secretaries are Mr Mahmoud Kassim, Hajia Memunat Audu and Mr J.F. Kolawole.

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Stoger Staying At Dortmund If It Is Right

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Peter Stoger says his decision to stay at Borussia Dortmund beyond this season, depends on if everything fits.

Stoger was appointed Dortmund coach, following the sacking of Bosz, but his contract expires in June 2018.

But the 51-year-old says he will consider staying at Dortmund, if it is the right fit.

“I’ll try to take my chance and then we’ll see what happens,” said Stoger in an interview with Sport Bild.

“If I am successful – but do not remain – I would probably have good opportunities afterwards. If everything fits, I’ll stay.

“I’m in a really happy phase here. Instead of doing nothing, I can coach Borussia Dortmund for six months.”

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EFCC Denies Plot To Arrest Buhari’s Chief Of Staff Abba Kyari

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has issued a strong worded statement in which it denied any plot to arrest President Muhammdu Buhari’s Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari.

Last week, a prominent newspaper had reported that some detectives of the  security agents had stormed the house of the President’s Chief of Staff to get him arrested.

However, the EFCC, in a statement issued on Tuesday by its Acting Head of Media and Publicity, Samie Amaddin, said that it was not investigating Kyari; thus, denying any attempt to arrest the COS.

The statement read:  

Re: Untold Security, Intelligence Conundrum Of The Buhari Administration

“The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC has been drawn to ongoing campaign by agents of misinformation and destabilization as championed by reports published in Sahara Reporters, an online news report, entitled: Untold Security, Intelligence Conundrum Of The Buhari Administration, authored by a certain Sani Tukur.”

“Ordinarily, we would have ignored the report and allow it to end up in the dustbin of history, for that is where it actually belongs, but for the fact that it is a follow–up to an earlier similar report also titled: EFCC’s attempt to arrest Abba Kyari sparks panic in Aso Rock, which we considered an attempt to silence the commission from carrying on with its constitutional duties of fighting corruption; we have considered it necessary to clarify issues in relation thereof.

“For the purpose of clarification, the modus operandi of the EFCC does not accommodate the alleged invasion as the modus operandi of the commission has always been to scrutinise petitions upon receipt, look at the petition on the face value, if it has merit and to carry out preliminary investigation to establish a prima facie case.

“Once all these requirements are satisfied, the suspect(s) is (are) invited for questioning and interrogation and his (their) statement(s) taken under caution.

“All these are prelude to arraignment in a competent court of jurisdiction and a suspect who is being invited for interrogation is formally sent an invitation letter to that effect.

“The so-called invasion is entirely alien to the established mode of operations of the EFCC, established over the last one-and-a-half decades in line with international best practices.

“Firstly, the commission will like to state that it is not investigating Mr. Kyari nor is it aware of any petition against him.

“Secondly, EFCC does not ‘invade’ the homes or offices of anyone the commission wishes to interact with in furtherance of the discharge of its mandate.

“The commission will properly notify and invite any person it wants to assist it in the resolution of any matter under examination.

“Thirdly, EFCC does not go to carry out invitations or arrests in the middle of the night. As a transparent organisation the commission carries out all its operations in broad daylight.

“These and other standard operational procedures are what guide the activities of the commission and which have earned it worldwide acclaim over the years.

“The commission was therefore taken aback when an online medium went public with the story of a purported “impending arrest”. EFCC does not do speculative investigations or arrests.

“Therefore, the action of those behind the false reports could best be described as shouting wolf where none exists.

“It must be underscored that EFCC makes it a point of duty and professional responsibility to act within the ambit of the law. The commission cannot be intimated and crying wolf by anyone cannot stop the commission from carrying out its constitutional responsibility.”

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Pele: Tite Can Take Brazil To World Cup

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Brazil legend, Pele believes the Selecao has what it takes to be World Cup champions, putting faith in Tite.

Tite took over the Brazil squad in June 2016, and reshaped the team, as they romped to Russia.

“Those who are Brazilian and believe in Brazil always point to Brazil as the favourites,” said Pele at an event to launch the Rio state Championships.

“Tite is managing to make them a team again. At the last World Cup, we had the best players in the world but the team was disorganised.

“It seems that now we’ll have a team and a Selecao that gives us confidence.”

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“Nigeria Must Not Fail” – Newly Registered Party Leader, Olateru-Olagbegi, Shares Vision For MDP

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“Nigeria Must Not Fail” – ​ Newly Registered Party Leader, Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi, Shares Vision For The Modern Democratic Party​ (MDP)​

Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi has shared the vision of his newly registered party Modern Democratic Party (MDP).

"Nigeria Must Not Fail" – Newly Registered Party Leader, Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi, Shares Vision For MDP

Leader of the Modern Democratic Party (MDP), Prince Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi, takes a photo with INEC Chairman, Professor Mahmud Yakubu, flaunting the party’s certificate of registration

360nobs had last week reported that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has given 22 newly registered political parties certificates of operation.

MDP was among the newly registered political parties that were presented with the certificates of operation on January 10, 2018.

Speaking after the party was registered, the young Nigerian entrepreneur said the party is committed to harnessing the resources of the youths in the country.

He said: Over the last few days, I have received countless phone calls and messages filled with prayers, hope and support for which I am extremely grateful.

It is no secret that politics in Nigeria is unique and indeed very peculiar. It is one thing to define the battle; it is quite another knowing what it takes to win. In a world where ideals, personality, and good intentions are often seen as sufficient for political success, our political antecedents tell us otherwise. Wishful thinking is never, and never will be enough!

Modern Democratic Party (MDP) is committed to building a structure capable of winning elections across all political spheres and levels. ​MDP ​is not here just for the taking part. At its core, the ​p​arty has the desire and unwavering resolution to put the spotlight on the overlooked and downtrodden in our society – a society in critical need of deliverance from the bondage of bad leadership.

For far too long, genuinely progressive and forward-think​ers​ have been silenced. The youth have been told to “wait their turn”. We have been called naïve, unprepared, and unschooled in “the game of politics”. Well, Modern Democratic Party does not consider politics a “game”, as these same games have long toyed with the lives of Nigerians and hindered the social and economic potential of this nation.

“WE MUST CORRECT THE PRESENT FOR THE SAKE OF THE FUTURE”. This is our scared duty to our country!

In partnership with the brightest minds in Nigeria, MDP is focused on harnessing the mental and physical resources of this unique generation of youth brimming with fresh ideas and innovations which will finally put Nigeria in its rightful place on the world stage. But we need ALL youthful hands on deck!

To quote the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr; “…​ W​e cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must make the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back.”

I see a #risinggeneration of young Nigerians across the country who passionately believe in the unity, indivisibility, and oneness of Nigeria. We are not tied to the prejudices and biases of our parents when it comes to tribe, religion, creed or gender for we are united in our hunger for success. I challenge us to look beyond our quests for individual/personal success and work together to build an unstoppable force, driven by like-minded people for the success of our country. Complacency and “sitting on the fence” is out of the question. NIGERIA MUST NOT FAIL!

If you have not been moved or inspired enough to get involved since 1999 because you are tired of the same old thing and the same old people, then here is your opportunity. Wake up! The time is now. Get involved by joining us in MDP, get your PVC, and let your voice be heard. #partycp8

The future of this country is in your hands.

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Leave The Politics For The Politicians, Presidency Tells Christian Association of Nigeria

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The Presidency on Tuesday advised the General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr. Musa Asake, to stick to his religious duties and leave the politics for the politicians.
The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, said in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja. This was in reaction to a statement credited to Dr. Asake in which he was said to have spoken on the constitutionality of certain actions of the Muhammadu Buhari administration.

The presidential spokesman said there were no cases of any violation of the constitution and there will be none under Buhari.

The statement read, “Our attention has been drawn to reports of a press conference by General Secretary of Christian Association of Nigeria, Dr. Musa Asake, in which he passed a judgement on the constitutionality of certain actions of the Muhammadu Buhari administration. Unfortunately, he could not cite any valid cases of constitutional violations.”

“President Muhammadu government poses no threat to the country’s democracy and Constitution. There are no cases of any violation of our sacred constitution and there will be none under this President. The respected religious leader should stick to his religious duties and leave politics for politicians.”

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Davido Threatens To Publish The Names Of His Debtors

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Few days after being accused of tax evasion by the Lagos State Government, DMW Boss Davido has declared his intention to make public the names of his debtors.

The Singer who has been in loggerheads with Government bodies lately disclosed that some government officials are part of those owning him.

Davido through snapchat further stated that if his debtors don’t pay up today, he will release their names to the general public.

See his post below;


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Lebanon Reverses Ban On Steven Spielberg’s Latest Film, “The Post”

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Lebanon’s interior ministry will allow the release of Steven Spielberg’s latest film, “The Post”, overturning a ban by the General Security authority, a senior official said Wednesday.

The security body had on Monday announced it was banning the Hollywood thriller to comply with an Arab League boycott targeting supporters of Israel.

In a rare move, the interior ministry chose not to sign off on the decision by General Security, which in addition to controlling Lebanon’s borders, is responsible for censoring films, plays, and books.

“Interior Minister Nohad Mashnouk is going to allow the film to be shown,” a senior ministry official told AFP.

The company distributing the film in Lebanon confirmed that the film, starring Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks would be released in cinemas in Beirut and elsewhere on Thursday.

The acclaimed production tells the behind-the-scenes story of the 1971 publication by The Washington Post of the Pentagon Papers, which exposed the lies behind US involvement in the Vietnam War.

Lebanon is divided on the boycott-driven bans, with some welcoming them as a bulwark against the “cultural normalisation” of Israel’s occupation.

Banned films can often be found in bootleg movie shops across the country for as little as one dollar, and even blacklisted books can sometimes be found in regular bookstores.


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Onyeka Onwenu Drags Music Distributors, Iroking To Court

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Legendary Nigerian musician, Onyeka Onwenu, has dragged IROKING, a music and movie distributor to court over violation of her copyright.

According to reports, the N205 million suit was heard at the Lagos High Court on Monday. On Sunday, Onyeka Onwenu announced her legal move over an alleged copyright infringement, which she described as “massive violation of my musical copyright dues and the illegal exploitation of my intellectual property.”

She said, “For years, Iroking profited from the sale of my music, even after a two-year contract it signed with me had elapsed. For years, also, they denied that they were doing so, they denied that they had made any profits from their illegal exploits.

“When they were caught in the lie, they wanted to settle but refused to show up for meetings. Iroking as a company is arrogant and has no regard for the people, artistes whose works and labor have made them successful.

“We are therefore suing to make a point. Artistes have a right to profit from their intellectual property and labor. Nigeria has copyright laws, which ought to be respected. The music industry has been built up and sustained by artistes and entrepreneurs like me. I demand to be protected by the laws of my country. Iroking must pay for this violation.”

The Legendary songstress urged other artistes to be vigilant, and wake up to their rights, especially in the Internet era.

“It is also my hope that other artistes will wake up and demand for what is due them. Many do not know that their music is being exploited on YouTube and other carriers.

”Some Record Companies are selling our music on the internet and claiming ownership of the Copyright. If only we would pay attention, artistes would discover that while they had been doing all the creative work, investing in their careers and in the industry at large, someone else is collecting all the profit. Enough is Enough!”

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NNL Announces Kick-Off Date For 2017/2018 Season, Adopts Abridged System

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The Nigeria National League (NNL) on Tuesday announced that the league’s 2017/2018 season would commence on March 3.

Lawrence Katken, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the NFL, who made the announcement to newsmen in Abuja, added that the competition’s organising body has adopted the abridged league system for the season.

He said the abridged league system was considered because of the 2018 World Cup holding in Russia from June 14 to July 15 which almost clashed with the league.

“We have to adopt the abridged system in order not to be interrupted by the Russia 2018 World Cup matches.

“Therefore, as soon as the World Cup starts, we will go on break till after the global football event,” Katken told NAN.

The NNL official however promised a very impressive league competition this season, saying the league organising body was prepared.

He commended clubs and Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) for a successful league last season, describing the competition as being great last season.

“There is the need for more support for the league, and NNL’s biggest challenge for now is lack of sponsorship,’’ Katken said.

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Senate Issues Police IG 14-Day Ultimatum To Arrest, Prosecute Benue Killers

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The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, was earlier today given a 14-day ultimatum by the Senate to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of violence in Benue state.

In a report issued on Tuesday, the Senate said ‘faceless people’ were sponsoring and harbouring foreign mercenaries who have been perpetrating killings in Benue and other parts of Nigeria, Premium Times reports.

The chairman of the committee, Ahmed Lawan, who led the committee on a visit to Benue state presented the report on Tuesday.

The report read: “It is very clear from our interaction that some faceless people are sponsoring and harbouring the well trained foreign mercenary elements and using them to unleash violence and criminality in Nigeria‘s rural space.”

“These elements and their domestic acolytes of various ethnic nationalities could also be largely responsible for kidnappings, abductions, armed robberies and unresolved murders.”

“Failure to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of these gruesome acts could play into the hands of those ethnic entrepreneurs whose aim is to break the nation into ethnic principalities. It is deepening the country’s ethno-religious faultlines by entrenching the perception of the conflict in ethno-religious dimensions.”

In his own part, a member of the committee, Barnabas Gemade, said the ‘armed bandits’ killing people are known and in fact, a list comprising their names had been sent to Abuja.

He said: “I do recall in the committee’s interactive sessions with the heads of securities in Benue State. It is in this meeting that security personnel did inform the committee that those harbouring foreign armed bandits are known and they have in fact compiled a list and sent to Abuja and that if the high leadership requires to know the list they have sent to Abuja, the ‘Director General of the Nigerian security system’ can be approached and they will provide that list.”

Also speaking, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, urged the federal government to declare a state of emergency.

“The government should look at section 305 (3) of the constitution dealing with state of emergency. When we are talking about state of emergency, it’s not about removing the governors and putting administrators, the constitution didn’t envisage that. It is about taking extra ordinary measures to safeguard the unity of the country, to protect lives. Countries have declared state of emergencies in the whole nation. So when I’m talking about state of emergency, it’s not only in Benue, Plateau or Zamfara, I’m talking about state of emergency in the Nigerian country to enable government to take extra ordinary measures.”

Former Senate President, David Mark, Benue-PDP, argued that a break in intelligence transmission between the indigenes and security operatives is a major cause of the killings.

“Presently, there is no intelligence transmission between the organs, villagers, and government and if there is, government is not proactive. Nigeria is not the country with the largest cattle in the world. Are they having all these crises in other countries? There are modern ways of doing things and we must grow with time. We cannot be operating an archaic system that we have if it doesn’t fit into the modern situation.

“If there are so many people bringing in AK-47 all over this country and government cannot do anything about it, you know what will happen next, people are going to resort to self-defence and that will be worse for everybody because nobody will want to sit at home and see his family members taken away and do nothing if government cannot protect people.

“The report says the sponsors are known, they can be arrested first thing tomorrow morning and if they are not known, then government is failing,” Mr. Mark said.

After much deliberation, coupled with the recommendations of the committee, the lawmakers mandated the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, to arrest and investigate perpetrators of this heinous crime within 14 days.

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Fraudsters Impersonate Governor Ambode, Attempt To Defraud Lagos State Government

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The Lagos State Government on Tuesday arraigned two suspects for attempting to defraud the State Government of N50million by cloning the official line of the State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi Ambode.
The two suspects – Rilwanu Jamiu and Balogun Oyewole were arraigned before Justice Sedoten Ogunsanya of the Lagos High Court in Igbosere on three-count charge bordering on the alleged crime. They were charged with possession of fraudulent document, impersonation and attempt to commit felony. The Accountant General of Lagos State, Mrs Abimbola Shukurat Umar testified in court and revealed how she received a text message from the suspects on February 10, 2016, purportedly from Governor Ambode directing her to transfer the sum of N50million to a designated Keystone Bank account.
Umar, who was led in evidence by the State’s Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice, Mr Adenijii Kazeem, explained that she found the message suspicious and highly irregular. This prompted her to bring the message to the Governor’s attention, who ordered the immediate investigation of the matter. The investigation was conducted by the Department of State Security (DSS) and led to the eventual arrest of the defendants, who were subsequently charged before the court.
The prosecution also called Mr Wale Odu, Director of DSS, Lagos State Command, to give evidence in the matter. In his testimony, Odu confirmed that the investigation leading to the arrest of the defendants was conducted by his team.

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Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Welcome Baby Girl Through Surrogate

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It seems the West clan has added their latest member as TMZ reports that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have just had their third child via surrogate.

The new baby was announced by Kim, who said the surrogate gave birth on Monday to a healthy baby girl weighing 7lbs 6oz.

Kim Kardashian

Kim and Kanye used a surrogate because she has placenta accreta, a life-threatening condition that created serious complications during the birth of her second child, Saint.

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Nigerian Army Releases 244 Repentant Boko Haram Suspects To Borno State Government

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In commemoration of the 2018 Armed Forces Remembrance Day, the Nigerian Army on Monday handed over 244 Boko Haram suspects, who it said had given up membership of the terrorist group, to the Borno State government.

The suspects were presented at the Military Cemetery in Maiduguri, the venue of the Armed Forces Remembrance Day celebration. Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Rogers Nicholas, said the release of the repentant Boko Haram members was approved by the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai. He added that the suspects had been properly screened ans confirmed to be sincerely repented of allegianc to the terrorist group.

The released suspects were 56 women, 118 adult male, 19 under aged persons and 51 children.

The Governor of Borno State, Kashim Shettima, commended the military for its ongoing de-radicalization efforts in the war against the almost nine year old Boko Haram insurgency.

Governor Shettima took time to speak with some of the insurgents who assured him of their readiness to be absorbed into the society and promised to be law abiding citizens.

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Donald Duke Indicates He Might Run For President In 2019

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Former Governor of Cross River State, Mr. Donald Duke, has indicated he may be interested in running for President in the 2019 general elections.
According to a report from the Vanguard, the former governor declared his interest for the job at the 3rd Mike Omotosho Annual Lecture titled: “Millennials As Protagonists In Nation Building” in Abuja on Sunday night. Mr Duke who served as Cross River State governor between 1999 and 2007 explained that he would only start the process at ”the right time and circumstance.”
“I am entitled to run for the presidency of this country. I am entitled to it. Only on right circumstances I will aspire for it. I don’t shy away from responsibility, only the right circumstance, I will aspire for presidency of this country. I have what it takes to be president of this country.” He said.
Mr Duke, however, challenged the youth to be active participants in the electoral process by getting their Permanent Voters Cards, PVCs, and sensitising others ahead of the general elections in 2019, rather than “loafing around, looking for who to heap their problems on”. The former governor also noted that the country once had young leadership in its first republic.  “It was high time Nigerians begun to project people with the technical know-how to take the country to the Promised Land”.
He said, “I hear young people say to me that why would they spend hours queuing and casting their votes when at the end their votes won’t count. And I tell that if their parents conceived them and never gave up on them considering the high mortality rate so why would they not take a chance in building this nation? We had young leadership at one stage or the other. Even in our first republic, besides the likes of Awolowo, Tafawa Balewa, M. T. Mbu was in his twenties when he became a minister. Gowon was 30 when he became the head of state. It comes back to the disaster therein because most of them didn’t have experience in governance, which led us into war. We need the combination of both. What I think we should be doing is to ensure a government that is youth friendly to provide opportunities because we need to groom the next set of leadership.”
Mr. Duke, also took time to lament the recent deaths of Nigerian migrants on the Mediterranean sea, slavery in Libya, Job loss and the rate of unemployment in Nigeria. “I don’t know what a definition of failed state is and I don’t want to categorize Nigeria as a failed state yet, however, a state that was unable to provide for its people has faded up. So, if we are not there yet, we are walking with our eyes open towards it. And we need to pull the handbrake now before it gets late” He said.
Speaking on the present administration, the ex-governor said there was disconnection between President Muhammadu Buhari and his cabinet members. According to him, “The challenge we have today is the disconnect. That is the challenge of the governance today. Because if you speak with the folks in government, and I am being candid here. I think we should deceiving ourselves here and stop all these political correctness. There is disconnect between the president and even the ministers”.

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Kano State Government Lifts Ban On Actress Rahama Sadau

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The Governor of Kano State, Abdullahi Ganduje, has announced that the ban placed on popular Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau for featuring in a romantic musical video has been lifted

In October 2016, Sadau, one of the leading actresses in the Hausa film industry was expelled from Kannywood by the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) for featuring in a music video by Jos born singer, ClassiQ. Her appearance in the music video was deemed to have been immoral and against the ethics of the Hausa film industry.

The Chairman of the Kano chapter of the Hausa Editors Guild, Alhassan Kwalli, said “the development was timely as stakeholders and practitioners in the Hausa movie industry are using films as a tool for national development.”

A statement issued by Rabiu Rikadawa, Assistant Secretary of the association on Monday, expressed gratitude to the governor for lifting the ban. He also lauded Mr. Ganduje’s support to the Hausa Movie Industry and its practitioners over the years.

He said that Nigerian and the North in particular has good stories and cultures to exhibit to the world, adding that this can be achieve with good movies and film making.

Rahama had written an apology letter to the state government and the Kano Emirate Council as well as MOPPAN, expressing regrets for her action.

Rahama Sadau made her Nollywood debut in a EbonyLife TV drama series titled, “Sons of the Caliphate.”

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OPINION: Fix Your “Shithole”: President Trump Challenges Buhari

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Fix Your “Shithole”: President Trump Challenges Buhari, By Akin Fadeyi

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I have taken a ride on Uber in the U.S. several times. Something seems consistent. Many who drive engage me in the question of and discussions on “where are you from?”

When I say Nigeria, they usually respond like “oh, I got a lot of Nigerian friends!”

This piece was written by Akin Fadeyi. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Some say, “oh, I met a Nigerian doctor in my hospital last week, she was good!” I always say “thank you”.

Then when I ask them, “have you been to Africa before?”, many respond, “oh no, I’ve only been to South Carolina”. They might also mention other states too.

Others say, “I’ve never been out of here before”.

UN Condemns Trump’s “Shithole Countries” Remark, Brands It “Racist”

I asked a lady one day why she never travelled out of Chicago, and she informed me that, “oh I’m afraid of flying”!

This is the clear picture of an average citizen in America currently under the leadership of Donald Trump, who in his prejudiced and convenient logic called Africa a shithole.

For those who have never seen other parts of the world amongst Americans, he has added to their ignorance another falsified “truth”.

The United States of America (USA) is still one of the greatest nations on earth.

The world’s wealthiest individuals and corporations are based in the USA. These are truths that no one can push under.

However, according to “Recovering Caucasian Racists Story” on chiniquy.wordpress.com, there was a time when the Native Americans, who had welcomed the European colonists, were forcibly removed from their lands during the 19th century and placed in internment, concentration and reservation camps.

There was a time when Native American children were taken away from their families and sent to the so-called boarding schools, during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, where they were prevented from speaking their native languages, and were subjected to the forceful indoctrination of accepting Christianity, with many of them being sexually molested by paedophiles who were in charge of running these schools.

There was a time America enslaved Africans and forcefully made them construct what we have as today’s America.

There was a time newly freed slaves were terrorised by the Redshirts – a terrorist group that existed in the southern states of America during Reconstruction.

There was a time in over 135 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, when the women of America were still being denied the right to vote because “women were too emotional; or too feeble-minded to vote”.

There was a time Japanese Americans were forcibly removed from the West Coast and sent to the internment/concentration camps, just like the Jews in Europe during the early years of WWII; the Japanese-Americans lost their homes and businesses. That’s was ethnic cleansing too.

America went through its crudity and savagery. America indulged in ethnic cleansing and slave trade. America tampered with human rights. All the ideals we are quick to naively celebrate America for today.

The white supremacists went numb and sick when Obama won elections. They could not fathom or stand the face of an African/American in the White House. They’ve retained the KKK as a symbol of the violent tradition of that and other allied bigotries.

The narrative Trump is pushing now goes deeper than trying to “fix America”. Trump is the symbolic voice of those who could not stand another colour, in clear maddening and consuming hatred.

I have interacted with a lot of Americans who say Nigerians are amongst the finest breed of people in the world. We are educated, we are cultured, we are intelligent and we are industrious. They say we raise kids well and make them compete to excel, like there’ll be no tomorrow. I have entered big health facilities around the world and found Nigerians practicing in superior capacities to the whites.

The foregoing is to let those lambasting Nigeria now and hailing Trump as a hero to remember that America did not start as a glowing, faultless picture. It’s a nation that went through her own gory moments. It’s a nation that dealt heavy blows on fellow humans. Before free democracy, America was demon-crazied!

While I agree our nation has a lot to fix, I remain a patriot and will never dance to Trump’s hate-filled tunes. His tarnishing comments make it the darkest moment for the world.

It’s sobering than our local political sentiments and prejudice are making us see.

Those who have children in American schools will soon witness their kids come home to tell them that their mates in school called them children from SHITHOLES.

Those who work will suffer double-takes from already prejudiced colleagues who normally assume a black man or woman should not move up the ladder no matter how brilliant. “After all, our president said they’re from shitholes”, they’d say as some sort of justification.

The African elderly might get the push-nose irritation because “they’re from shitholes”.

We need to think right as citizens and separate our biases from every debate. We cannot transfer the aggression of our hatred for Buhari or his government to lowering our sense of esteem as Nigerians. Somehow, we have all benefited one thing or the other from this nation. If not money, we have benefited great friendships across the Niger. Even some who have exploited our disorder as a nation for profiteering are still lampooning Nigeria! It’s a shame indeed.

You may hate Buhari all you care and that’s your right. But we shall continue to objectively point out his positive deeds and call him out for his negatives. If you say Buhari has done nothing so far, you are being unfair.

I will highlight a few of the president’s good deeds. I commend you Mr. President for opening up the space for the anti-corruption conversation and tightening the space for pilferers of our collective patrimony. Some of them are suffering from vocal hemorrhage right now because the era of free money is over; at least for now.

I commend you for working assiduously to ensure that our foreign reserve has now hit about $40 billion at the last count.

I commend you for chasing Boko Haram to near doldrums. In my visit to your chief of army staff, Yusuf Buratai, precisely on March 26, 2016, he said you were irrevocably committed to routing out the Boko Haram menace. I thought it was another political rhetoric. However, the president has proved the COAS was not joking.

I commend you Mr. President for ensuring that your personal integrity has so far resisted the boobytraps leading to a flurry of scandals. I have engaged with some Nigerians who have access to you. Not a few said, “Look, President Buhari cannot steal one kobo, irrespective of what his detractors say about him”.

On Donald Trump’s “Shithole” Comment

One of them is not a Northerner, so it cannot be because he’s pushing a sectional defence. Very recently, your minister of health, Prof. Isaac Adewole used these exact words in my personal conversation with him and I quote: “This I can tell you, my principal, President Buhari is a decent man, no one can ever say he once took a contractor to him to influence procurement options!”

While it is convenient to wave Adewole aside as defending the man that appointed him, the fact that your name has not dotted pages of social media for cornering contracts or dipping hands into the treasury is a confirmation of sorts that you are walking on the privileged carpets of power, as if they are laid with explosives.

In a nation such as ours, these are laudable achievements. Well done Mr. President.

However, because I am not an apologist, and because those of us who love you mostly are those who will tell you the truth, a few negative observations are here Mr. President:

You were missing at the mass burial of the victims of the Benue massacre and blood chilling pogrom. That was a disastrous error. Mr. President, and you have my thumbs-down on that! Let me remind you what great leaders of the world do. When nine people were shot during worship at Charleston, South Carolina on June 17, 2015, President Barack Obama, his wife, Michelle and his vice president, Joe Biden were in full attendance. No more honour could be better for the dead.

Mr. President, in Benue, men were killed, women were butchered and children were slaughtered. We ought to have seen you hold a weeping father; we ought to have seen you take out your handkerchief to wipe the tears of a weeping mother; we would have loved to see you lift up an orphan whose parents have been slaughtered by the herdsmen, with a promise to them that you shall ensure their lives won’t end in the streets without education. At that heart-wrenching mass funeral, you should have read out riot acts to the murderers. It is at that event that you ought to have issued your order to the IGP to relocate to Benue.

Mr. President, missing that event has indeed denied Mr. Femi Adesina, your amiable spokesperson, a very rich material for the “Part Two” of his documentary on “The Human Side of President Buhari”. You simply blew that up and painfully too. Adesina would have to now source “man-made” raw materials.

And to think that barely 24 hours later, seven Northern governors were practically kissing your feet to come back in 2019. While one of them was trying to be placative, the vocal one amongst them, Nasir El Rufai, reportedly said “Yes, we came to tell him to continue in 2019 and we have no apology for that”! Oh my God, inthe context of the mood of the nation, that was an accidental discharge from the “accidental civil servant”! It was wrong, it was insensitive, it was grossly inhuman!

I like Nasir El Rufai, I have defended some of his intentions at some quarters and on some platforms. But he needs to balance brutal frankness with diffident thoughtfulness. This eccentricity should have been displayed a short sensible calendar distance away from the Benue mourning. Otherwise his seeming pragmatism might be mistaken for sheer rascality.

Mr. President, you have also not made a categorical statement on the Fulani herdsmen.

What are you waiting for? What was good for IPOB is equally good for killer Fulani herdsmen, don’t you think? Criminality has no other name.
I support practical positive solutions. But striking unaware innocent people with a sudden cobra sting in form of this genocide must be met with the full wrath of the law.

You rose to power on the strength of a very strong branding. You therefore owe all of us the continued conviction that we did not vote for a sectional leader. Otherwise your brand value will continue to dwindle.

Rumor is also rife in news reports that the suspended executive secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), Usman Yusuf, from the same Katsina State as you are from is scheming desperately that you return him to the scheme. In case you do not have adequate information on Yusuf, though I am certain you do, please call for the report of the investigative panel that probed his stewardship before the suspension. President Buhari, for certain reasons allegedly surrounding highhandedness, nepotism and lack of any regard for constituted authority, Yusuf was suspended by your own minister of health under the active superintending of your vice president, while you were away on medical treatment abroad. While these remain allegations until proven, Yusuf was investigated under the state apparatus and instruments not alien to your administration as commander-in-chief. If these allegations prove true, it means Yusuf was contemptible, roguish and most unrefined amongst your political appointees. This crudity is not far fetched when you recall that a few weeks ago, when a news reporter from the PUNCH, Mr. Eniola Akinkuotu sought an interview with Yusuf, he used the most uncivilised and barbaric words on a man discharging his lawful duties as a journalist. He said “Fk the minister and fk you” … then he charged the reporter to “put that in print”. President Buhari, is that the man you will reinstate to lead NHIS? Please save your white garment by steering clear of this palm oil.

Returning Yusuf to duty when you should actually make him another example of your commitment to fighting corruption is a total antithesis of your anti-corruption narrative. It is also an utter disregard for your VP who led the nation in your absence and cut Yusuf to size. I believe the then Acting President Osinbajo acted in consonance with your administration’s policy of collective responsibility while you were away.

Already, this nation is divided on a particular opinion that you thrive on Orwellian methodologies where some of your animals are more equal than the other. The best way to negate this is for you not to send confusing signals when it comes to handling corruption cases affecting your kinsmen.

Finally Mr. President, Nigerians who are hailing the toxic “shithole” rapper, Donald Trump, are aware Mr. Trump is not their friend. They know Trump is pushing a supremacist agenda, and he is pushing it through hate-filed gangsterism. But they are only expressing frustrations from their dissatisfaction with past administrations’ non-performance and your non-too impactful intervention so far.

You may therefore want to accept the Trump challenge to fix this country and rescue us from it’s obvious SHITHOLE.

Akin Fadeyi is the convener of the Corruption Not In My Country Project.

This piece was written by Akin Fadeyi. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Adekunle Gold Signs Endorsement Deal With Unity Bank (Photos)

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Nigeria Singer, Adekunle Gold started off the new year on a good note as he bags an endorsement deal with Unity Bank Plc.

The Orente Crooner who took to his Instagram page to announce his relationship with the bank wrote;

“UNITY means the state of being joined together as a whole.

@unitybankplc and I are ONE! #MyNewFamily #Evergreen”

This new deal will be the urban High-life singer first major deal in 2018, and most likely the first of many.

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