The Accidental Spy, Alakada Reloaded… See The 10 Worst Films Of 2017

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Only films that scored a cinema release were considered for this list.

  1. Alter Ego


But all of the daring, and the wild thoughts cannot conceal the problems with Ada Igwe, the lead character of Omotola Jalade Ekeinde’s come back vehicle. Ms Ekeinde puts a lot into it and Alter Ego is indeed better, and more watchable because of her, but even she cannot cover the supersize deficiencies with story and characterization.

  1. Celebrity Marriage


Everything about Celebrity Marriage is inexplicably set up to frustrate. The first culprit is the narrator, an unseen- thank goodness!- cloying presence who comes from the tradition of trashy blogs and whose presence possesses neither rhyme nor reason.To see Celebrity Marriage to its noisy, clattering, jumbled conclusion is to demonstrate almost superhuman levels of patience. Or self-flagellation.

  1. Deep Fever


Somewhere, buried in all the messiness that is the finished story, lies a story that could be thrilling if handled by people who know how to present an adult drama on infidelity and its repercussions. But the team behind Deep Fever obviously do not know enough to boil water. The screenplay is dialogue heavy and constantly ventures into ludicrous territory, both with the campy dialogue and with the unbelievable plot turns.

  1. Alakada Reloaded


The formula for Alakada Reloaded is simple really, it is a wonder it isn’t being replicated more frequently. Create a clichéd, instantly lovable, low brow character with endearing flaws, one that wears their ethnic bias proudly but can cross cultures to appeal to every kind of audience. Throw in a few good jokes, lots of bad ones. Plenty cameo appearances from questionable stars always help. Arrange some scenes that do not necessarily have to make sense or flow. Voila! We have a movie. Shame on us.

  1. Saving Dreams


Directed in an uninspiring, check-the-boxes style by Isioro Tokunbo Jaboro, Saving Dreams is really a straight to DVD effort that found its way to cinemas only because it was made outside the country. The producers had a limited budget available to them and it shows clearly on screen as the space is micromanaged such that the film which is set mostly in interiors and in a couple of public spaces begins to feel claustrophobic.

  1. The Guest


It feels at some point that two halves are joined from separate films and director Christian Olayinka squanders all of the good will earned by his likeable actors ab initio on a final act that is stagey, goes on forever and ends with a fizzle. The overstretched end alone discredits everything that has come before and even Rita Dominic falls flat on her face trying too hard to extend an uninspiring farce. It is a messy outing that has to be seen to be appreciated. It does neither Ms Dominic nor Femi Jacobs any service at all.

  1. Idahosa Trails


Idahosa Trails is a big bore. Nothing much happens and the pacing moves at a snail’s pace. The premise is fair enough but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. Liz Benson and Patrick Doyle are cast as parents of baby Idahosa but their roles seem to have slashed beyond recognition, leaving a single early scene that does nothing for the film.The primary disappointment with Idahosa Trails may be that it ultimately fails to inspire any sort of emotion whatsoever, beyond basic blandness.

  1. Lost in London


Producer Uduak Isong Oguamanam and her collaborator Anthony Kehinde Joseph make a misbegotten attempt to plug their film into the present national mood, one that has seen thousands fleeing the country on account of economic hardship. Nothing wrong about this but Lost in London has nothing intelligent to comment upon or no new body of knowledge to add to the discourse. it merely rehashes old gags and tired tropes and doesn’t even bother to make them refreshing.

  1. Blood in the Lagoon


The plot is leaden and plods along so heavily such that at the end when Mr Benson and his writer conjure up some form of suspense from nowhere, it immediately falls flat. The so-called twist is visible from a mile away and the hasty resolution would be laughable if it weren’t so woefully rendered.To make matters worse, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Okey Uzoeshi fail to sell their romance and watching both of them emote in the absence of any form of chemistry has to rank down there as one of the most unconvincing movie moments of the year.

  1. The Accidental Spy


Where to start with The Accidental Spy, AY’s latest unfunny comedy? The incoherent, insensible plot? The unforgivably bad acting by everyone involved, but especially the Caucasian actors? The desperate lack of laughs? The laziness of the whole process? The needlessly lengthy scenes? Tacky product placement? It feels like a terrible scam asking people to leave their homes, volunteer their time and money to come and watch such… unseriousness.

Do you agree?

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Crystal Palace Would Like To Sign Ruben Loftus-Cheek Permanently

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Roy Hodgson hopes Ross Barkley’s £15million move to Chelsea can boost Crystal Palace’s chances of signing loan star Ruben Loftus-Cheek permanently, according to reports in the Daily Mail.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek has been a revelation during his loan spell from Stamford Bridge and the former England boss hopes the 22-year-old will make the move to Selhurst Park on a permanent basis.

“The way Ruben’s been playing for us, he’s a player we’d like to have at our club, there’s no doubt about that,” Hodgson said.

“But it’s far too early to ask me that question – I didn’t know until this morning that Ross Barkley is possibly signing for Chelsea. Ruben’s a player we like very much, we’re very impressed with him, delighted with the way he’s developed as a player during the time he’s been here.

“I’m pretty sure that if he’s ever available for sale, we would certainly be in there with our hand up as one of the potential buyers. But it could well be that Chelsea would like to have both Ross Barkley and Ruben Loftus-Cheek in their team. I wouldn’t mind both in my team, anyway.”

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Celtic’s Defender Erik Sviatchenko Prefers Move To England

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Celtic’s Erik Sviatchenko has revealed he’d prefer a move to England in January rather than a return to Denmark, reports the Scottish Sun.

Erik Sviatchenko – a long-term target for FC Copenhagen – has been told he’s surplus to requirements by boss Brendan Rodgers, but the 26-year-old would prefer to stay in Britain, should he depart Parkhead.

“Copenhagen are a big club so I don’t want to rule anything out – but the priority for me is to stay abroad.

“I feel that I have a lot to contribute and it’s an exciting challenge to be abroad compared to the Super League. I can see myself at a Championship club, for example.

“It’s a bold league where there are a lot of cool matches. It could also be a springboard for the Premier League. I’m 26. I’m on my way to my best football age and I want to play somewhere where I can get responsibility.”

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Everton Announce Signing Of Besiktas Striker Cenk Tosun

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Everton have announced the signing of Cenk Tosun from Besiktas on a four-and-a-half-year deal.

Everton announced the deal for the Besiktas man at half-time of their FA Cup clash at local rivals Liverpool.

A fee of £27million has been reported and the player – who has scored 41 goals in 96 Turkish Super Lig games since the start of the 2014-15 season – says boss Sam Allardyce was a key factor.

“It feels great to be an Everton player,” Cenk Tosun told evertontv.

“I’m really happy to be here and happy that everything is done. I’m really excited to play for Everton as soon as possible. Everton is a great club with a big history and a big culture and I’m looking forward to showing the fans the kind of player I am.

“I bring my skills here and everybody is going to see what kind of player I am. I believe I can be a good player in the Premier League for Everton.

“The Premier League is a strong league, I know that, so my own physical strength will help me. Also I can use both feet the same and I believe I am a good striker in the box.

“I’m really excited to work with my new teammates because Everton has really, really big names, big players. I’m excited to play with them and to learn from them as well, players like Wayne Rooney and the very good creative players we have here, too. They can help me score goals.

“I know the guys as I’ve always watched Everton’s games from Turkey, so I know a bit about the team already. I hope they can make a lot of assists for me!

“Sam Allardyce was a big part of my decision. He said he really wanted me here and to feel that, of course, is another big reason to come to Everton.”

For his part, Allardyce does not feel he could have done a better deal.

He said: “This lad looks like he is strong mentally and has a good pedigree.

“He is Turkey’s number one striker and has scored goals in the Champions League and the Turkish League but he is desperate to play here in the Premier League.

“He is an all-rounder, with good movement. He is two-footed, perhaps not the biggest but he’s very efficient in the air and in the box he gets good space to get his head on the ball.

“We looked at the qualities of the player, his talent and goal-scoring, and his resilience, too. I do not think you can look any more than we have done and, for the price, he is the best in Europe at the moment.”

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Yemi Alade. The Epitome of Black Magic By Ama Badu

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The last twelve months have been a whirlwind for Nigerian superstar Yemi Alade. From touring the world, to dropping an EP and a new album, 2017 held nothing but good things for the twenty eight year old. Not surprisingly, pinning her down to arrange her interview and chat for this feature was a herculean task; thanks to her extremely packed schedule. Between numerous performances, filming her new music video and filming the Nigerian version of hit TV talent show; ‘The Voice’, she took out some time to reflect on some of her most special moments with us, as well as walking us through her creative process.  

So many amazing opportunities have come before this twenty-eight year old musician that listing them was a process in itself. As she mentioned one, another would come up in her mind, followed by another and another.  “I went on my very first [international] tour last year. That was definitely a huge landmark for me,” she begins. Last April, Yemi sold out Le Trianon in Paris, making history as the very first African artist to perform on this Parisian stage. Following this, she worked with five other artists from around the world in the Gravity Light initiative by Shell- a project that widened her international appeal working with the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Steve Aoki (USA), Luan Santana (Brazil), Pixie Lott (UK), Tan WeiWei (China). Yemi was the artist chosen to represent Africa in a campaign seen by millions of people around the world.  “It was a huge project,” she recalls. “The whole idea was to reach out to regular people who have amazing ideas on how to provide green, clean, sustainable energy without any toxic stuff. I was very excited to be part of that one.”

Yemi’s rise to fame has been gradual. After winning a talent show in her native Nigeria in 2009, she released a number of songs, which enjoyed moderate success, but the one that propelled her to fame was the 2013 hitJohnny– a catchy tune which went on to become one of the top most played tracks that year in over 5 African countries. Her winning formula is a blend of Afro pop with a splash of soul, high life and everything thrown in (even dance hall). From her videos to her sense of style, Yemi is fiercely and proudly African. Even her lyrics usually portray everyday dialogues that take place in Africa. Where most African artists chose to shoot their music videos abroad to make it more appealing to a more diverse audience, Yemi has been a true champion of made in Africa, opting to shoot her videos mostly in an indigenous setting. It’s a formula that has served her well. Today she is regarded as one of the most authentic African artists on the scene.

“This year I’ve been the highest viewed female African artist online,” she says excitedly. At the time of our interview, she has had well over 76 million views for Johnny“That’s one million views away from the highest viewed video which is for Personally by P Square.” We’ve seen Yemi release music video after music video this year, all different in their story. Indeed, one of the characteristics that sets her apart is her unique sense of style- usually leaning towards the artistic. “It will be interesting for people to see the videos I’m shooting for Black Magic,” she tells me, ahead of the release of her third studio album (which will be out by the time you read this). “The script is super silly, but it’s so realistic because it happens in every community. Shooting the video for Tumbum (from Mama Africa), was interesting because I got the opportunity to play fight. I was in character and it was fun to play that role. It was exciting for me. It was different and very un-celebrity like. I got to be myself.” 

And there’s more reason to be excited. After the release of her EP ‘Mama Africa (which was released in 6 different languages including Portuguese, Swahili and French), her song Tumbum, will be going with the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry in the hit consul game Just Dance.

With each new project, Yemi’s fanbase diversifies. I wondered how it felt to perform on different stages around the world. “I personally believe that the minute I get on stage, it’s like a second home. It becomes my playground,” she says. “I’m there to have fun and fall in love with people who already love me.” But of course the reception is different; performing in Nigeria, is a different atmosphere to performing in New York. “At home they see you a lot. They know about you, they know where you’re from. When you’re outside your comfort zone, everyone is super excited and the energy is unbelievable. The love is always unfathomable. It’s always a beautiful thing to experience.”

Of course I had to find out more about her latest album, Black Magic; I asked what the meaning was behind the name? “Black Magic is the fearless version of anyone out there,” Yemi begins. “Magic is the manifestation of the unbelievable. I put black in front of that word, because it has been used so negatively. The word black doesn’t always denote something nice. But I see so much beauty in black. Black Magic is raw, uncut potential.”– This phrase correlates very closely to both the album and its composer. “This album is a link between me and my fans out there. I have been working on it for about a year; I was recording from the minute I dropped Mama Africa. I’ve put in so much emotion into this; my pain, my emotions, my struggle and my reality. I tried to paint a mirror reflection of every emotion I was feeling on every song. You cannot say no to good music. That’s exactly what this album is. It’s good for the soul and for the body. I’m very excited to share it.”

It doesn’t take a crystal ball to see where Yemi’s inspiration comes from, but I was curious to find out if she had any other musical influences? “For almost every girl, Beyoncé is an inspiration,” she says first. “Being able to have kids, married and run the game like you never left is a huge example. I’m also motivated by the regular woman out there. The market woman, the mother with seven kids, selling stuff on the roadside so that her kids can go to school and not face the same challenges she did.” This is why I think her fans really love her. Despite her fame, she’s shunned glamorous videos and lyrics in favour of well-produced videos nonetheless, which show the everyday struggles of African women in their natural setting- in the village, at a local cafeteria or even by the road side. It gives her a girl next door appeal, because she’s relatable. “No matter how busy I am, I still come across these people,” she says. “You can see their plight on their faces. They all come together to inspire me” . She also counts her mother as being one of her biggest sources of inspiration. “She’s been there since day one, through thick and thin. She helped to make the impossible possible.”

When she’s not making hit music, she’s busy nurturing the next generation of artists on The Voice Nigeria, where she’s one of the judges. “It was super emotional,” she says about her time on the show. “First of all you go through the auditions, you have a team, and then one team member at a time starts going home. My team went from about eight to two in a short period of time. It was like losing a family member!” But of course there are countless advantages to being on a show of that magnitude. “We had spent so much time together, that we grew together. The experience was good. I got to sit down and watch other people shine. I got to pass on some knowledge from the little experience I have. It was very nostalgic for me. It kind of reminded me of the hustle and where I started. From the point, when I was trying to discover myself, trying to find out what kind of artist I wanted to be, how I would sound. I could see all of them trying to deal with that too, and you can tell them so much, but then experience is the biggest teacher, and I would definitely do it again.” 

With such a high precedence already set, what will another year of aiming high bring? “I definitely hope to be alive,” she says with a smile. “I hope the songs on my album will be number ones. I would love the opportunity to explore other genres of music. I always try my best to translate and include the stimuli I get from my environment into my music. I want to put more effort into making sure that that representation isn’t lost. Ultimately I also want to be more involved in charities. When you become a popular person you aren’t just called to do one thing. There are so many things that we can be involved in and it definitely begins and ends with humanity. I also pray to be able to have more business ventures. I’d like to work on super international collaborations and be higher than where I am right now.”

While African artists are being celebrated at home and abroad for the inroads being made onto the Global stage, it’s easy to forget that many artists are still operating in sometimes very challenging environments back at home. It isn’t a level playing field between them and their international counterparts, and more needs to be done to bring the African music industry in line with global practices, especially with regards to how artists are paid. “One of the biggest problems I see for all artists is in publishing and royalties- being able to get what is actually ours.” Yemi jumps right into explaining the various issues here. “Most of us only get returns for our concerts and show profits; that’s the only way we get paid. It shouldn’t be that way. It makes it difficult to balance what is profit and what is a loss. Unfortunately the media and people out there don’t consider that. They compare us to the likes of Beyoncé and Rihanna. These are people who can spend thousands of dollars on one music video alone. How is it right that such artists are compared to African artists, knowing the struggles we go through?” This is not the only issue that is on Yemi’s mind. The lack of infrastructure is a pressing problem too.  “Most of us are entrepreneurs. But it’s so difficult to do this when you don’t have power or transportation. I do know that there has been progress and things are getting better, but I think it’s the hope and the hustle that’s keeping us alive.”

As I’ve buggered our Glam Africa team for their New Year resolutions for this issue, I ask if she’s made any herself? “I’m always trying to be as close as I can to God,” she says. “I [want] to stay true to my spirituality, and not be easily distracted by the lights of this industry.” One of her tips for remaining grounded in an industry where one can easily get carried away with the fame is always carrying a book with her. “I’m still learning to tip the balance between celebrity and being a regular girl,” she confesses. “It’s easy for the regular girl in you to fade out and become a celebrity that’s untamed, wild, and unrooted. Thank God for technology and Bible apps. Whether celebrity or a regular person, the environment in which we find ourselves isn’t always going to be perfect. All we can do is to keep trying.”

Yemii Alade

With her years of experience and the priceless knowledge that comes with it, we could think of no better person to seek advice from for our readers who are hoping to pursue a career in music.

  • You need God all the way. There will be dark moments, where God will be the only person you can reach out to.
  • The most important thing is individuality and originality. It would be unfair to your originality to be a copy and paste of anyone else. The only way forward is to be unapologetically you. If you try to be a Beyoncéor a Yemi Alade, who is going to be you? Who is going to fill that void? You’ve been specially made. So stick to your true self.
  • Put your ears to the ground; be open to advice and constructive criticism. And sieve the grains from the shaft when people are talking to you. Some of the most amazing moves I’ve made in my career were inspired by those who had trash to say, but amidst that trash was one sentence that made everything right. You don’t need to absorb everything, but retain what is important. Have one person who will tell you the truth no matter what.

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Lingard In Form Of His Life At United

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Manchester United man, Jesse Lingard says he is currently in the form of his life at the club.

The England international has not been considered a star at the club, playing on the fringe.

However, after seven goals in his last nine appearances, he has earned a star status at the club and won the player of the month for December. And Lingard is happy with his season so far.

Pressed by MUTV on whether he considers himself to be in the form of his life, the England international said: “Yes, of course, I think I’m now coming into the team and it’s a great group of lads.

“It’s easy to play as a team with the performances we’ve been showing pretty much since last month. It’s good to keep working hard, pushing yourself and, by scoring goals, you get the reward.


“Obviously, I’ve been in and around the team and playing a lot of matches so it’s been great to add some goals as well to my performances.

“It’s about more hard work now, though, I’ve got to kick on a bit more and score more goals to help the team keep picking up three points.”

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Chelsea Complete Signing Of Ross Barkley From Everton

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Chelsea have announced the signing of Ross Barkley from Everton in a deal understood to be worth £15m.

Ross Barkley described the move as “unbelievable” and said one of his primary targets was to score more goals.

The 24-year-old, who has signed a five-and-a-half-year deal, told Chelsea’s website: “I’m overwhelmed, I’m looking forward to it and I’m really excited to get started. To be given a fresh start at a new club like Chelsea, it’s unbelievable for me. I’m looking forward to continuing where I left off at the end of last season and hoping to improve and add more goals to my game.”

Antonio Conte explained on Friday why he wanted to bring Barkley to Chelsea. “We are talking about an English player, a young player,” the manager said. “He has good prospects for Chelsea. I think the club decided for this investment also for his contract. I think this is a good opportunity for the club to buy this player. For sure he is a good prospect for Chelsea.”

Barkley has been at Everton since he was 11 years old, having been spotted by the club’s late and prolific former scout Sid Benson, and made 150 Premier League appearances.

The Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia added: ‘Ross is a player we have long admired and are certain he will prove to be an important player for Chelsea.

“He possesses outstanding technical and physical attributes, matched with good experience of the Premier League and a strong desire to succeed at the highest level. We welcome him to the club and look forward to seeing him in action.”

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Why I Didn’t Perform At CAF Awards – Shatta Wale Reveals

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Controversial Ghanaian act, Shatta Wale has explained the reason behind his absence on Stage at the Just concluded Confederation of African Football (CAF) Awards, which held at the Accra International Centre (AICC), on Thursday, January 4, 2018.

In an interview with Sammy Flex on Zylofon FM’s “ShowBiz Agenda”, Shatta Wale disclosed that there was no contract between him and CAF. He alleged that someone tried defraud him by engaging the organisers without the consent of his management.

According to him, the fellow whose identity is unknwon to him, told his management that CAF was offering him $30,000 for the performance which he thought was a disrectful offer to his brand but took the money as a gift.

In his words;

“I don’t have a contract with CAF. Nobody had contacted me. Two days to the event, then someone contacted me that CAF is offering $30,000. I have worked with CAF before and I know they don’t do things like that. Some of us should be very careful in this country. We are killing ourselves. I need to be paid well. This is my home. I have taken the money and nobody can take it from me because I didn’t sign any contract with anybody. I don’t know why somebody can just go and collect $30,000, come and give it to me and tell me to go and perform while I’ve not seen my contract,” he said.

“When they (CAF) wanted me in Nigeria last year, they wrote emails two months to the event before we were able to seal a deal. We had a schedule. Here in Ghana, two days to the event, someone will call me and say he has $30,000, rush and come meet my manager. As a smart man, I’ll save the $30,000 first and that’s what I did. I then asked them to go and bring the contract to show who agreed that I take such an amount for a show of that nature. So disrespectful!” he fumed.

Shatta Wale further stated that his manager managed to convince him to perform despite the situation but he got angry about the fact that he was not allowed to do sound-check.

“We were told we can’t have our sound check because they had closed. Meanwhile, the Nigerian acts had been allowed to do theirs. I drove my car and came back home. I don’t like nonsense!” he fumed again.

Despite the fact that the event held in Ghana, about five Nigerian artistes performed while Efya and KiDi opened and closed the show respectively. Even though it was advertised that Shatta Wale would perform on the night, he was conspicuously missing.

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Tekno Hits Hard At A Follower Who Corrected His Spelling On Social Media (SEE PHOTO)

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Self-acclaimed Slim Daddy, Tekno could not keep it cool with a follower who attempted to make him look like a half-baked scholar on social media.

The singer posted a backview photo of himself on a top surface area believed to be a stage while huge number of fans are gathered to enjoy his performance.

He posted the photo with caption;

“T E M P R E T U R E”

See post below;


A post shared by C A R T E L W A Y (@teknoofficial) on Jan 4, 2018 at 8:20am PST

Meanwhile, one his follower identified as “@Washamspappi” could not ignore Tekno’s incorrect spelling as he dropped a comment to blast the singer. But the Pana crooner, Tekno clapped back by asking the follower to embrace suicide if he is not pleased with the misspelt caption.

@Washamspappi Kill your self na”- Tekno responded

See screenshot below;

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Arsene Wenger Banned For Three Matches And Fined £40,000

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will serve a three-match touchline ban after he was charged with misconduct by the FA.

Arsene Wenger has also fined £40,000 after admitting that his language and behaviour in the match officials’ changing room after the 1-1 Premier League draw at West Brom last Sunday was abusive, improper and questioned the integrity of the match referee.

The manager was angry with Mike Dean’s decision to award West Brom a late penalty, which Jay Rodriguez scored to deny the Gunners all three points.

Wenger has separately also been asked for his observations for comments made both before and after Arsenal’s 2-2 draw with Chelsea on Wednesday night, for which he has until Tuesday 9 January to respond, and could face further punishment.

The ban means Wenger will miss the Gunners’ FA Cup trip to Nottingham Forest on Sunday, next week’s EFL Cup semi-final first leg against Chelsea and the Premier League game at Bournemouth on Sunday 14 January.

A statement from the FA read: “Arsene Wenger will serve a touchline ban for Arsenal’s next three matches after he was charged with misconduct.

“It follows an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing today at which the Arsenal manager admitted that his language and behaviour in the match officials’ changing room after the West Brom game on Sunday was abusive, improper and questioned the integrity of the match referee. He was also fined £40,000.”

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Football Papers: All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Evening

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Manchester United have switched their left-back focus from Spurs’ Danny Rose to Celtic youngster Kieran Tierney, according to reports in Scotland.
Manchester City are reportedly weighing up four possible January transfer targets, including Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez, Real Sociedad defender Inigo Martinez, West Brom centre-back Jonny Evans and Barcelona central defender Samuel Umtiti.
Manchester United have triggered 12-month contract extensions with Juan Mata, Ander Herrera, Ashley Young and Daley Blind, according to reports.

Chelsea are trying to rush through a deal for Everton midfielder Ross Barkley.
Meanwhile, Spurs have ended their interest in Barkley as the England international nears a switch to Stamford Bridge.
Eden Hazard has dropped a hint that he is set to sign a contract extension at Chelsea, similar to goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

Liverpool have not approached Monaco over the transfer of midfielder Thomas Lemar, according to reports.
Barcelona’s £142m bid for Philippe Coutinho is reportedly “no longer linked to unrealistic bonus payments”.
Liverpool remain hopeful they can convince midfielder Emre Can to stay at Anfield next season, despite the German’s contract expiring this summer.
Talks are still ongoing between Everton and Chelsea regarding the sale of midfielder Ross Barkley.

Sunderland have been linked with a move for former Wigan and Reading goalkeeper Ali Al-Habsi.
Sunderland are reportedly lining up moves for Ghanaian forward Edwin Gyasi, Derby forward Chris Martin, as well as Liverpool youngster Ben Woodburn on loan.
Newcastle are keen on Las Palmas midfielder Jonathan Viera, according to reports.

Sunderland boss Chris Coleman will not make any permanent signings in January unless players leave the club first.

Stoke City are eyeing up a January move for an overseas midfielder.

Southampton are trying to sign out-of-favour Arsenal forward Theo Walcott as they look to bring in a number of new players in January in order to boost their survival hopes.

Hull boss Nigel Adkins wants the Tigers to make early moves in the January transfer window.

Burnley boss Sean Dyche has a “good amount” to work to do during January as he looks to strengthen his team.

Liverpool reportedly want Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez to replace Philippe Coutinho if the Brazilian joins Barca in January.

PSG are the latest side to show an interest in Fulham left-back Ryan Sessegnon, according to reports.

Sunderland, Fulham and Reading all reportedly want to sign Derby forward Chris Martin.

Norwich are closely monitoring Nottingham Forest midfielder Jorge Grant, according to reports.

Swansea look like switching their attention from West Ham striker Diafra Sakho to out-of-favour Liverpool forward Danny Ings, say reports, who they want to take on loan until the end of the season.

Newcastle striker Adam Armstrong may be heading to Blackburn Rovers until the end of the season after his loan spell at Bolton came to an end.

Hearts striker Jamie Walker is set to become Wigan’s first signing of the January window.

Sean Longstaff says regular playing time was the main factor behind his decision to extend his loan spell at Blackpool until the summer.

Brighton manager Chris Hughton has confirmed there has been no contact with Celtic over their France striker Moussa Dembele.
Brighton plan to send defender Connor Goldson out on loan after he plays in Monday’s FA Cup tie at home to Crystal Palace.

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Oritshefemi’s Wife, Nabila Fash Pens A Heartfelt Message To Celebrate Husband’s Birthday (READ)

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Today 5th January 2018, Nigerian Singer, Oritshefemi turns a year older and his wife, Nabila Fash shared a heartfelt message to celebrate him on his special day.

Nabila Fash who got married to Oritshefemi December last year took to her Instagram page to share a photo of her husband with a lovely caption.

She wrote;

“Happy Birthday OLUWAFEMI. I’m blessed to call you my husband. I’m glad I see beyond what others see. No matter the storm, you will overcome, because you are destined for greatness. Continue to show love, that’s who you are, don’t let anyone/anything change that. I’m excited about the amazing things, the Lord has in store for you. Now, go out there and rule, cos you are a leader. Happy Birthday my darling husband, Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele I love you #OurBirthday #JanuaryBaby #Jan5 #MyHeart #MrO”

See Photo Below;

Happy Birthday to the Musican Taliban!! Drop Your Birthday Wishes

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Brighton Manager Chris Hughton Reveals The Club Haven’t Made A Bid For Celtic Striker Moussa Dembele

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Brighton manager Chris Hughton has “categorically” dismissed rumours of a Brighton bid for Celtic striker Moussa Dembele.

“There’s been huge speculation, certainly on this particular one,” Hughton said about former Fulham man Dembele.

“There were certainly some quotes going back a little while ago about figures and about some communication between the two clubs.

“Categorically, there hasn’t been any communication between the two clubs.

“Hence he is a name, along with lots of other names.”

Brighton are expected to add a striker to their squad in January, having scored 17 goals in 22 games so far this season – the third lowest tally in England’s Premier League.

Moussa Dembele has been linked with a move to England’s top flight since making a stunning start to his Celtic career

Top-scorer Glenn Murray and Tomer Hemed have been the only strikers available to Hughton for much of the season, although Sam Baldock has returned to fitness in recent weeks following injury to increase his options.

When asked whether he planned to make a move for Dembele later this month, Hughton, whose team host bitter rivals Crystal Palace in the FA Cup on Monday, hesitated before replying: “Pure speculation.

“If I look at players that we might have an interest in then there would be numerous names and of course this is one name that’s consistently been linked but there could be numerous other names.

“We’ll continue to work as hard as we can on anybody that we might want to bring in but certainly names that have been mentioned at this moment are very much speculation.”

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Antonio Conte Confirms Chelsea Are Close To Signing Ross Barkley

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Chelsea head coach Antonio Conte has confirmed Everton midfielder Ross Barkley is near to completing a move to Stamford Bridge, but the Italian would not confirm the deal.

“If there is news, the club will inform you. This is the right way,” Conte said.

Conte was prepared to discuss Barkley’s qualities, though.

“We are talking about an English player, a young player. He has good prospects for Chelsea. I think the club decided for this investment also for his contract.

“I think this is a good opportunity for the club to buy this player. For sure he is a good prospect for Chelsea. But I repeat: for news, the club will inform you.”

He had a bad injury and has not played for seven months. We have to hope to recover him very quickly and have him for the rest of the season.”

Barkley hasn’t played a minute of football for Everton this season due to a hamstring injury.

But the England international is almost back to full fitness and Conte will be hoping to use him in the second half of the campaign.

And Conte admits he cannot afford to rush the midfielder back too quickly.

He is very strong physically with great technique,” Conte added.

“It is important to understand when he can recover from his injury.

“He has had a long injury with surgery, he’s not played for seven months.”

Barkley came close to joining Chelsea last summer but pulled out of a move at the last minute to focus on his recovery from injury.

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D’banj Honoured With A Chieftaincy Title In Imo State (PHOTOS)

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Nigerian Singer, D’Banj started the year 2018 on a positive note as he has been honoured with a Chieftaincy title in Imo State.

The Koko Master himself was declared as “Ezi Enyi Ka Nwanne of Amuzi”, Obowo in Imo State, joining the league of Nigerian Public Figures that have been honoured with a traditional title outside their Land of origin.

See Photos Below;


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Daily Roundup: Latest Football News Content Across Europe

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Sporting Lisbon winger Gelson Martins is a Liverpool transfer target. The Portuguese club have ruled out a January deal but, should Philippe Coutinho leave for Barcelona, the Reds may come back with an offer that could test their resolve. (Record)

Sporting Lisbon are set to sign Fluminense midfielder Wendel for €7m (£6.2m). The player had a deal in place to sign for Paris Saint-Germain, but the French club had to pull out to meet financial fair play criteria. (Record)


Cristiano Ronaldo will be a Paris Saint-Germain transfer target in the summer. Signing the Portuguese superstar is a big dream of PSG’s owners, but they acknowledge they will not be able to meet his buyout clause of €1bn (£889m), so will have to deal with Real Madrid, who are not thought to be too keen on selling. The French side believe they can tempt Ronaldo economically, which may be enough for him to force through a deal. (El Confidencial)

Liverpool are resisting selling Barcelona transfer target Philippe Coutinho, despite their offer on the table of €110m (£97.8m), potentially rising to €150m (£133m). The Reds are annoyed with Nike for advertising Barca shirts with the player’s name on it on New Year’s Eve. (Mundo Deportivo)

Kepa Arrizabalaga has moved closer to becoming a Real Madrid player, having undergone a medical with the club on Thursday. The goalkeeper is set to join from Athletic Bilbao for €20m (£17.7m), which is his buyout clause, despite having just six months left on his contract. (Marca)

Lionel Messi has a clause in his contract at Barcelona that could see him leave the club if Catalonia became an independent state. The Argentine superstar’s contract, signed in November, says he would stay if independence meant Barcelona were playing in the Spanish, French, English or German league. If not, he would be able to exit for free. (El Mundo)

Barcelona could sign Colombia defender Yerry Mina on Friday. The club made an offer of €12m (£10.6m) to Palmeiras to sign him this summer, despite having a deal in place to bringing him in for €9m (£8m) this summer.

Atletico Madrid defender Lucas Hernandez has applied for a Spanish passport with the hope of playing for Spain. The 21-year-old was born in Marseille and has represented France from U16 to U21 level. (Marca)


Guangzhou Evergrande want to sign Radja Nainggolan and are set to make a €40m (£35.6m) bid for the Roma midfielder. The Italian club are set to hold out for at least €50m (£44.5m) after turning down bids from Chelsea and Juventus in recent transfer windows. (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

Simone Verdi is a Napoli transfer target for January. They have been given guarantees to the forward that he will get game time before now and the end of the season. (Corriere dello Sport)

AC Milan want Werder Bremen left-back Ludwig Augustinsson. The German side are likely to want around €15m (£13.3m) for the 23-year-old. (Tuttosport)


Leicester are set to seal a deal for Gazalec Ajaacio’s forward Fousseni Diabate. The 22-year-old, who is mainly a forward but can also play on the wing, had attracted interest from various clubs but the Foxes made the biggest offer. (RMC Sport)

Fiorentina want Guingamp midfielder Yannis Salibur, who has a €7m (£6.2m) asking price. (L’Equipe)

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Wizkid Reacts To Shatta Wale’s Threat As He Finally Touched-Down Ghana (WATCH VIDEO)

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Few weeks after Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale mocked him on Twitter and threatened to attack him anytime he steps foot on Ghanaian territory, Wizkid arrived Ghana for the CAF Awards show held in Accra, Ghana yesterday.

Meanwhile, Wizkid rendered Shatta Wale’s threat empty when he made a video on social media saying;

“Guy man no fit guy Guy man”

This gallant statement is however believed to be directed at Shatta-Wale who failed to carry out his threat on Wizkid’s arrival in Ghana.

Watch Video Below;

A post shared by Instablog9ja (@instablog9ja) on Jan 4, 2018 at 10:09am PST

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Buhari’s Controversial Appointments: FG Commences Process To Replace Dead Appointees

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In the aftermath of the backlashes and outrage that trailed President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent controversial appointments of dead people into the boards of Federal Government’s agencies, the President has ordered the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Mr. Boss Mustapha, to review the entire list.

It is understood that the review is aimed to ascertain all nominees that need replacement on the list released last Friday.

Following the review, the inauguration of the “living” appointees by the relevant ministers are expected to be put on hold as they may not get their appointment letters until after the revised list must have been approved.

The Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) had announced the appointment of 209 board chairpersons and 1,258 board members.

It is understood that names of at least three deceased persons were included, others duplicated and a few non-members of the ruling APC included in the said appointments.

Buhari Appoints 209 Chairmen, 1,258 Board Members For Govt Agencies (See Full List)

While the presidency has since admitted to the anomalies in the list, adding that these will be corrected, the development was met with outrage, even the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) lamented that the situation has further exposed why the nation’s economy has been in shambles under the APC.

However, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, confirmed the President’s directive for a review of the entire list to newsmen on Friday.

According to Shehu, the review of the list is to replace the dead appointees and ensure compliance with the acts establishing the agencies.

He said, “Yes, I can confirm to you that the process to replace the dead ones has started. We have listened to the concerns raised.

“The entire list is being scrutinised all over again. They have gone very far and they will be reporting to the President very soon.

“Even after the list was published, one nominee died. They need to take a second look at the entire list.

“There were also complaints about some persons who had left the party but made the list. We are looking at those ones too with a view to replacing them.”

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“NNPC Loses N900 Million Per Day To Sell Petrol At N145 Per Litre”

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The Minister of State For Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu, on Thursday said the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, has incurred a cumulative loss of N85.5 billion in importing petrol and selling at the current retail price of N145 per litre.

Kachikwu said the price was fixed in the first quarter of 2016, when crude oil was selling for $49 and pointed out that with crude price rising to $67 a barrel, the pump price, may no longer be sustainable.

Mr. Kachickwu made the explanation to the National Assembly joint committee on Petroleum Resources ( Downstream).

According to Mr. Kachikwu, the landing cost of PMS which was N133.28 per litre in 2016, is now N171 per litre, which has resulted into stoppage of importation of the product by independent marketers.

This, he said had made the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC ) to be the 100 per cent importer of the product.

The minister disclosed further that as a result of the N26 difference per litre between the current landing cost of the product ( N171) and pump price of N145, NNPC which had been singularly importing the product at the volume of 25 million litres per day since October last year, has been incurring a daily loss of about N800-N900million, cumulatively reaching N85.5billion today, in just three months.

According to him, already government has mandated him and along with a committee set up to find ways out of the problem which he said requires emergency of about 18 months before the local refineries are expected to be in good shape.

He said three solutions are being considered.

“One , is for the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) to allow the marketers access forex at the rate of N204 to a dollar as against the official rate of N305 to keep the pump price of fuel per litre at N145.

 ”Two , to give room for modulated deregulation where NNPC would be allowed to continue selling at N145 per litre in all its mega stations across the country while the independent marketers should be allowed to sell at whatever price is profitable to them in all their outlets.

” Three, to look at the direction of blanket subsidy for all the importers in bridging the gap which would be like going back to a problem that had earlier been solved “, he said .

He, however, stressed that the final solution to the problem was for the nation to put her refineries in good shape in a way that 80 per cent of local consumption of the product should be provided for locally.

In his submission , the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Maikanti Baru, said the just ended fuel scarcity was caused by combination of factors ranging from diversion of the product from depots by tanker drivers to neighbouring countries where it sold between N300 to N400 per litre to outright hoarding of the product by unscrupulous marketers at home.

According to him, the NNPC had prior to the scarcity, had 1.9 billion litres in reserve, which was emptied as a result of panic buying arising from rumour earlier made on social media about price increase, the one day strike action embarked upon by PENGASSAN, hoarding and diversion by some dubious players in the sector .

On his part, Director General of the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) Dantani Ladan, revealed that most of the filling stations in the country were found wanting in hoarding and diversion during the scarcity.

He said some of the stations’ personnel who were involved in storing of the petroleum project had been arrested.

While calling on the general public to contact the agency with any useful information on anyone hoarding fuel, he disclosed that the agency had charged individual marketers to comply with Government pump price.

“For now NNPC is the sole distributor, individual marketers can help and one marketer has been charged 127 million for going against the rules.”

In his closing remarks, the Chairman of the joint committee, Kabiru Marafa, said the various submissions made by all the stakeholders would be looked into.

He called for an urgent solution to resolve the wide gap existing between the current landing cost and the pump price .


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Real Madrid Manager Happy With Players Performances Vs Numancia

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Zinedine Zidane has insisted he is “happy” with Real Madrid’s display in their 3-0 victory over Numancia in the Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid scored twice in the closing stages of the last-16 first-leg tie against Numancia to make the scoreline look more respectable, having taken the lead through a Gareth Bale penalty.

Bale was the star name in Madrid’s starting lineup, which also included Dani Carvajal among the first-team regulars, and Zidane admits that he intends to get the Welshman back up to full speed as soon as possible following a stop-start campaign to date.

“It was important to see how he felt. In the end he played an hour, without problems, feeling physically well,” he told reporters. “So we will continue like this. We want him to play regularly now.

“This was not an easy place to come, they have been playing well. They made it tough for us, but we got a good result. Many of these are players who do not play so often. And they did very well, against a team who did not give up.

“I am happy for the players who played a serious game and achieved something good. The tie is never over, we must play another serious game in the second leg. In the second half we had some problems, above all when they were down to 10. But in general I am happy.”

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Ousmane Dembele Not Ready To Start A Match For Barcelona- Ernesto Valverde

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Ernesto Valverde has revealed that he played Ousmane Dembele in a central-attacking position against Celta Vigo in an attempt to ease the forward back into action.

Ousmane Dembele was given a 20-minute runout in Thursday’s Copa del Rey last-16 tie,

Dembele picked up a hamstring injury on his first La Liga start for the Catalan giants and has been made to wait for his comeback, which came at Balaidos in the 1-1 first-leg draw.

Rather than stick the Frenchman out wide, though, Valverde instead played him in the role usually associated with the rested Luis Suarez.

“It was so that he could play in a position where he was released of defensive obligations, which were a bit stressful at that time of the match,” Valverde told reporters.

“When we know that this was the first game of this player after almost four months without playing, I preferred that he be in a position where he can gradually get used to the game.

“We must take into account that the pace of a whole match against a first division team. For Ousmane, it would have been excessive.”

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Serena Williams Withdraws From Australian Open

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Serena Williams has announced that she will not defend her Australian Open title in Melbourne later this month as she has yet to return to full fitness.

Serena Williams, 36,returned to action against French Open champion Jelena Ostapenko in Abu Dhabi last week, just four months after giving birth to daughter Alexis Olympia.

Williams has been in full training for just a month, though, and the 23-time Grand Slam winner has decided to delay her return to the big stage until she regains her sharpness.

“After competing in Abu Dhabi I realised that, although I am super close, I’m not where I personally want to be,” she said in a statement. “My coach and team always said ‘only go to tournaments when you are prepared to go all the way’.

“I can compete – but I don’t want to just compete, I want to do far better than that and, to do so, I will need a little more time.”

Serena Williams was eight weeks pregnant last year when she triumphed for a seventh time at Melbourne Park to claim an Open-era record 23rd Grand Slam title.

Tournament director Craig Tiley called Williams’ efforts to try and be ready for a title defence at the Australian Open “Herculean” and said she transcended the sport.

“It was never going to be good enough for her to just compete, she wants to give herself the best chance to win.

“I’ve been in constant contact with Serena and her team and know this is why she has pushed it and pushed it until the eleventh hour to make her final decision,” Tiley said.

Williams is the latest tennis star to withdraw from the year’s opening Grand Slam, which will be played from Jan. 15 to Jan. 28.

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Palmeiras Confirm Barcelona’s Interest In Signing Yerry Mina

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Palmeiras sporting director Alexandre Mattos has confirmed that Barcelona are very interested in signing defender Yerry Mina and a deal could be agreed this month.

Barcelona are expected to pay a fee of around £10.7m to sign Mina – £1.7m of which will be in performance-related add-ons.

Yerry Mina is seen as a possible replacement for the soon-to-depart Javier Mascherano.

Following weeks of speculation, Mattos has revealed that contact has been made between the two clubs, but Palmeiras would rather keep hold of the Colombia international until the end of the season.

“It’s true that Barcelona came for Mina with another offer but also that Palmeiras want Mina to stay here,” he told reporters. “We are going to wait for him to arrive in Sao Paulo and we will talk.

“If Palmeiras is satisfied with any situation so that he leaves before, we will do it. Otherwise, he will stay with us.”

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David Moyes Confused By Rumors Linking Andy Carroll To Chelsea

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David Moyes has insisted that he has “no idea” where talk of Chelsea being interested in Andy Carroll originated from.

Andy Carroll emerged as a surprise rumoured target for the Blues earlier this week

Moyes is bemused by suggestions that Chelsea are ready to make a formal approach for Carroll, and the Scotsman is instead focused on bringing in some new recruits before the winter transfer window closes later this month.

“I have no idea about that,” he told Sky Sports News when asked about the champions’ interest in Carroll. “The big thing is we try to make sure we get away from the bottom of the table – we don’t want to fall back in.

“We need some extra players, we’re quite well endowed in certain areas – upfront we’ve got a lot of players to choose from – but we don’t have it in other areas.”

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It’s All About That Black Magic With Yemi Alade As She Discusses Her New Album Release In Glam Africa Magazine’s Brand New You Edition

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Yemi Alade’s ‘Black Magic’ album has been blowing the airwaves since its release less than two weeks ago. Now on the cover of Glam Africa magazine, she shares her 2017 journey, why she chose the name ‘Black Magic’ for her latest album, and the hidden truths of the music industry.

From being named ‘the highest viewed female African artist online’ last year, to touring the world and featuring on Nigeria’s version of The Voice, Yemi Alade has had a very busy year, so we had to ask how she remains grounded as well as her advice to fans pursuing a career in music.

This edition is all about YOU, so you’ll find tips on making positive affirmations, the best natural remedies for looking after yourself, tips for decluttering your closet as you start off the New Year, healthy living and fitness tips from footballer’s wife Amara Kanu, as well as the New Year resolutions the Glam Africa team members will be keeping this year.

Glam Africa magazine is available in UK, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa across newsstands (including Shoprite, W H Smith, Checkers, Spar, shell petrol stations and more.)


Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade


Photo:  Justin Dingwall

Styling:  Chloe Andrea

MUA:  Artistry by Tolani

Hair:  Kabelo Leroy


Look 1- (Black dress & Green Jacket)

Dress & Jacket: Marianne Fassler

Jewellery: Stylists Own by Nola

Glasses: Dolce & Gabbana at Styling Concepts

Bag & Shoes: Charles & Keith


Look 2- (Eye top – black and white)

Top: Suzaan Heyns

Jewellery: Stylist’s Own by Nola


Look 3- (Mesh colourful dress)

Dress: Mariana Fassler

Bag & Shoes: Charles & Keith

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