#BBNaija 2018 Day 16: Housemates Gets Punished With Water For Breaking Yet Another Rule

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Big Brother is certainly not up for any sort of playful games with the #bbnaija housemates perhaps due to the fact that he himself, is the game!

So far, all the stunt biggie has pilled on the #bbnaija housemates seem justified and we bet more than a few of them would wish they could go back in time to make better decisions which would have being enough to change their often unpredictable and negative fate.

After the #bbnaija housemates got bonded for the third time, they were given strict instructions about how they were to behave.

They were to limit their conversations to their bond partners and completely avoid other Housemates. In true rebelliois style, the #bbnaija housemates totally disregarded the rules and Big brother decided to bring out the big guns and make them pay for their actions.

He summoned the #bbnaija Housemates to the garden and called all of the bonded pairs except for Bambam and Tobi; and Khloe and Anto to the center. He made them freeze while his ninjas pulled out the hose pipes and hosted a sprinkle party on the Housemates.

The ninjas didn’t even pity the ladies and their wigs, ensuring they were all completely soaked. Ifu Ennada screeched like old tires and Ahneeka fidgeted as if an insect or something wriggly had fallen on her.

Vandora and Princess were literally begging for tears to come but none came. There wasn’t much drama with the guys except Rico Swavey’s meme worthy facial expressions and Teddy A falling like a bag of heavy mass. It was both sad and comedic to see the #bbnaija housemates pay for their disobedience.

Despite the fact that they had lost their wager twice in a row; having Biggie repeat himself regarding the rules; and the pep talk Khloe gave about sticking to the rules after emerging head of house, the #bbnaija Housemates utterly refuse to regroup, align and abide.

This has definitely undermined their individual games and brought them back to where they started, without shape or form.

This behavioral pattern has left us wondering if the Housemates really have game plans in place because they seem to be less concerned about the game and more concerned about every other irrelevant thing they can think of.

After the turn of events, it appears the #bbnaija housemates will think twice before they break or flaunt any of biggie’s rules, or would they?

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