Mourinho: United Lose Like A Big Team

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Manchester United manager, José Mourinho has taken a swipe at Manchester City, following their conduct after the FA Cup loss to Wigan.

Manchester City lost the chance to win the quadruple, after losing 1-0 to Wigan following the sending off of Delph.

There was a clash between the players after Delph was sent off, with Guardiola and Cook also sharing views after the interval.

At fulltime, the field was encroached by Wigan fans looking to celebrate with their players, one of such fans clashed with Aguero.

The Argentine was not charged, with Wigan and City charged for failing to control their players after Delph’s sending off.

And Mourinho has taken a swipe at City for their conduct after the loss.

“Of course, we would like to be better in the Premier League, but we are where we are,” Mourinho told BT Sport ahead of United’s Champions League match at Sevilla.

“In the Champions League we are alive. In the FA Cup we are alive.

“In the EFL Cup, after winning last season, we lost in the quarter-final but we lost like Manchester United likes to lose.

“I would say, as a Manchester United manager, that way of behaving as a big team, even in defeat we were a big team.”

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R Kelly Evicted From Two Of His Atlanta Homes Over $31K Unpaid Rent

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Court documents show R&B singer R. Kelly has been evicted from two Atlanta-area homes over unpaid rent.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported on Monday that February 13 filings with the Fulton County magistrate court show Kelly owes more than $31,000 in past due payments to SB Property Management Global.

Court filings show Kelly paid $3,000 a month and $11,542 a month, respectively, for two homes just 2 miles (3 kilometers) apart.

Records don’t show criminal filings related to the matter. Neither the property company’s Edmond Green nor Kelly spokesman Trevian Kutti would comment to the newspaper.

Last week, the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office said it’s still reviewing a file from Johns Creek police following July 2017 allegations that the Grammy winner was holding women against their will as part of a cult.

Source: The Associated Press.

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Sule Lamido On President Buhari: The Death Of Nigeria

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Sule Lamido On President Buhari: The Death Of Nigeria, By Pius Adesanmi

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I have on occasion chastised the Nigerian media, especially PREMIUM TIMES and Channels TV, for offering prestigious platforms to EFCC graduates and assorted political recidivists to wade in on national affairs, interviewing and seeking their opinion on national issues, thereby normalising and legitimising them. Sule Lamido is a career EFCC indictee with an illustrious legacy of looting under his cap. He finished off Jigawa as Lamido & Sons. He should not be receiving national airtime and his presidential declaration on Saturday ought to be treated as a marginal joke to be discussed only in the warrens of Dutse. To be fair to PREMIUM TIMES, they mentioned his EFFCC rap sheet this time in their coverage of his presidential declaration. Allah be praised.

This piece was written by Pius Adesanmi. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Given my sentiments about political recidivists on national stage, it would appear odd that I am devoting an entire op-ed, even if negative, to Sule Lamido. I plead guilty. I crave your indulgence to make this one exception and reflect on Sule Lamido before we consign him once and for all – if PREMIUM TIMES and Channels TV allow us – to the bottom of the dustbin of history. What he had to say at his presidential declaration rally on Saturday is of national significance and should be taken seriously as a teachable moment, if we are ever to understand the deleterious instincts and perverse mental universe which continue to make it impossible for Nigeria to quit the state of nature and make baby steps towards civilisation.

Listen to Sule Lamido, speaking to the crowd at his presidential declaration. He is establishing why he is infinitely more qualified than the incumbent, Muhammadu Buhari, to be president:

“The 2019 presidential election is undoubtedly going to be between an original Fulani man and a fake Fulani man who was governor and minister at different times.”

The original Fulani man, the pure blood, is, of course, Sule Lamido. The fake Fulani man is Muhammadu Buhari. Lamido is not done yet. He is a thorough man. According to PREMIUM TIMES, to leave nobody in any doubt about Buhari’s ethnic impurity and, therefore, his unworthiness of the Presidency, Lamido spoke in Fulfulde and challenged Buhari to translate his sentences, guaranteeing his audience that Buhari could not do it because he is not a real Fulani man.

Lamido is also, of course, implying that Buhari is not a pure Fulani man because he is from Katsina and there has been a lot of blood mixture along the way. Lamido is performing the one-drop rule on Buhari and Buhari has been found wanting. Buhari’s blood has most probably mixed with one drop of inferior Hausa blood along the way – something unacceptable to this Fulani ethnic and racial-supremacist moron. (Wikipedia is your friend. Check out the terrible history of the one-drop rule in segregationist and racial supremacist USA).

No adult Nigerian can claim not to be familiar with the Fulani ethnic superiorist discourse, which at various times in our chequered postcolonial history has often dovetailed into outright racist condescension for every other ethnicity, starting with the Hausa, their favourite punching bag. No adult Nigerian can claim not to have been marked by the political consequences of these ethno-superiorist inclinations for the intractable fault lines of our national being and experience have been fed since 1960 by the will to domination (fed by unquenchable racism as expressed by Lamido) and the will to resistance. The tension generated is of course further fed by Igbo and Yoruba ethnic supremacist discourse for those too must be acknowledged and condemned.

If we are on familiar terrain, why are Lamido’s statements so galling? Why does his stupidity merit evaluation? It is surprising that someone can still openly mount a podium in February 2018 (this is the 21st century for Allah’s sake!) and declare that ethnic purity – the purest Fulani blood line – is the first pre-condition for the Presidency of Nigeria! I was hoping that Sule Lamido would eventually meet his comeuppance and rot in jail after a fair corruption trial but now I think we should put him a zoo as an exhibit of the worst form of racism. It could be that he feels emboldened to come out now that we are in the age of Trump and white ethnic supremacists in the United States and Europe.

The real tragedy is that it must take extreme stupidity and mental laziness to run to ethno-racist politics as the basis for undermining Buhari’s potential run in 2019. Nobody has made the case against Buhari better than Buhari. He is a colossal failure, a nightmare from which Nigeria needs to awake in 2019, after sending him to Daura, never to be heard from again.

You can delegitimise Buhari because of his irredeemable clannishness, failure to fly, and failure to deliver. He has betrayed every promise he embodied and set Nigeria back by a century. He has failed on the economic, security, and socio-political fronts. He is also a failure on ethics, ethos, and morality, his words always in dissonance with his actions. His war on corruption is a sick joke. His integrity has turned out to be a puff of powder. He superintends a state of anomie. He set out on a foolish, self-destructive course the moment he won the election. He is supremely arrogant and doesn’t care. Nigeria is on autopilot with him. He has no clue. Buhari is hubris surrounded by hubris and corruption. The only sphere where Buhari is working is among the shrinking fundamentalist clan of Buharideens but one has nothing to say to them this late in the day.

I can unpack each of these statements with copious, empirical details and facts – as I will indeed be doing in several op-eds leading to 2019. These are arguments and submissions easily available to Sule Lamido to effectively demolish Buhari. But he is too mentally lazy, too intellectually shallow, and too sold on proto-Nazi, proto-fascist Fulani racial supremacist fantasies.

I have entitled this intervention the death of Nigeria for two principal reasons. First is the fact that this is 2018 but a man with an EFCC rap sheet as hefty as Lamido’s can still openly run for president. Boys born when our Senate president, Bukola Saraki, started building his own EFCC corruption portfolio are now producing spermatozoa and running after girls in our University campuses. People with active and expansive EFCC portfolios stroll casually from court appearances to run for office, the standard morality among the wretched citizens they steal from being, “he has not yet been found guilty.”

My father and his generation had other ideas about morality and ethics. “How did you even find yourself in a position or situation where you are accused of so and so in the first place”? This used to be my father’s question, the foundation of his morality. Today, we have a generation ready to die for looters because they are yet to be found guilty. Looters end up perorating on national TV. Recently, James Ibori weighed in on national affairs, advising Nigerians to register to vote because that is the only way they can hold their leaders accountable. And Jesus wept for Nigeria!

That they bear the stain of official indictment is not enough to disqualify them from aspiring to the solemnity of office, according to our regnant national morality. Once I grumbled on Twitter that James Ibori and Bode George are constantly being interviewed and normalised by our journalists. I was reprimanded by furious citizens who reminded me that the two men have done their time – one was pardoned – and they must now be allowed to regain their place and space in the scheme of things. Make dem no talk again? I shook my head and felt pity for this generation.

Second is the fact that a primitive Fulani ethnic supremacist is still openly canvassing Fulani blood purity as the most important qualification for the Nigerian presidency. If you are an adult Nigerian, you know that we are just lucky that Sule Lamido spoke openly. There are hundreds of thousands more in the closet where that came from. I should know. I am after all a northerner, a human pawn in the corrupt game of numbers that these ethnic supremacists play to have a larger share of the spoils of the centre in our sick unitary system.

I have only one message for Sule Lamido and his Fulani supremacist ilk. You guys are joking. This is 2018 – an age whose ethos are at variance with your primitive ethno-feudalist imaginaries of Nigerian nationhood. Guys like you will always have totally irreverent guys like me to contend with. There is no shortage of voices like me in the national sphere of discourse and you can’t do jack about us for we are not beholden to any Nigerian one percenter. One more bad news for you: We have a national audience that you also can do nothing about. We are always ready to treat your fuck up, transfer your stupidity to the intellectual public terrain and dissect it for the whole world to see.

You have two sons facing corruption charges with you. Continue to brandish Fulfulde and exclude Buhari from your puritanical Fulani imaginary. Continue to dream of a Nigerian vassaldom that you will hand over to your two boys and their generation, where every non-Fulani blood in Nigeria shall be inferior to them and be their slaves.

May God spare your life and make you live long, very long, long enough to see that there shall be no such unfair, unjust, unfree, and unequal Nigeria for your sons to inherit. Those you crudely oppress today in the North and the rest of the country will never allow your children to have a future in an unfree Nigeria but you guys are simply too dumb to read the tea leaves. Yours is now effectively the case of the man who steals the King’s drum. Where will he beat it? Your only choice is to allow the free, just, and fair Nigeria that we are fighting for to emerge, where a man shall not be judged by the purity of his blood and the pursuit of happiness shall not be guaranteed only for one percenters and their children. Purge yourselves of your Fulani supremacist bullshit if you want Nigeria to augur well for your children.

Until you get it, we shall continue to enter the same trouser with you and your ilk. Pikin wey say im mama no go sleep…

Pius Adesanmi, a professor of English, is Director of the Institute of African Studies, Carleton University, Canada.

This piece was written by Pius Adesanmi. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Andreas Christensen Speaks On His Error In Chelsea’s Draw Vs Barcelona

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Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen insists he will not dwell on his mistake which cost Chelsea in their 1-1 draw with Barcelona

Willian had given Antonio Conte’s side the lead in the second half

But Christensen played a pass across his own box which was intercepted by Andreas Iniesta, and the Spanish midfielder cut the ball back to Lionel Messi who struck a low effort past Thibaut Courtois.

‘I had done all the hard work and kept the ball in play, but then I made a very bad decision, I should have kicked it out,’ Christensen told TV3 Sport.

As a centre-back, you get punished by your mistakes, however, it’s the position that I’ve chosen to play, so I won’t be dwelling too much on it and let it get to me.

‘I know I made a mistake, but there is not much else to do than to learn from it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.’

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Sammer: Bayern Made A Mistake Selling Kroos

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Former sporting director at Bayern Munich, Matthias Sammer has revealed he tried to keep Kroos, as he feels it was a mistake selling him.

The Germany international won three Bundesliga titles and the UCL, before leaving for Madrid in 2014.

Toni Kroos remains a key part of Madrid and Sammer believes the move did him good.

“Sometimes there are situations that you have to analyse honestly in retrospect,” the ex-Bayern sporting director said in an interview with Sport Bild , which hosted Kroos as a guest editor this week.

“Who can say they have done everything right in life? Maybe Bayern Munich would have won the Champions League more often with Toni or at least reached the final.

“I can say today that, in my role, it was a mistake to let Toni go. I was sitting on Toni’s couch trying to change his mind.

“I’ve been able to work with him for a long time and have known him since he was 16 or 17.

“His departure didn’t shake Bayern, but when you talk about whether it was good or bad to let Toni go, you have to say it was bad, very bad.

“But for Toni’s personal development and value, the change was definitely the right one.”

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Why Black Panther Included THAT Chibok Girls Scene

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Marvel’s Black Panther has been a massive hit in cinemas since it premiered and an even bigger hit with people of color all over the world.

The movie was also of significance to Nigerians as in an early scene, the writers and producers decided to go away from the comic book story and instead we got T’Challa and Okoye sabotaging a group of terrorists (presumed to be members of the Boko Haram sect) in the now famous Sambisa Forest and releasing some kidnapped girls (Chibok Girls).

During an interview on The Raro Lae Show, Black Panther executive producer, Nate Moore discussed the scene:

“The notion that Wakanda exists, has all these resources, and is in Africa — a continent that is plagued by conflict of different kinds — we knew we wanted to tell a story of whether or not they’d feel a sense of responsibility.

And [missing Chibok girls] is a conflict that is unfortunately still ongoing. We wanted them to come face to face with a real thing.

We would have been cheapening what Wakanda meant if we didn’t tackle that, because this is a real thing that people should be aware of if they are not. We didn’t want to exploit it, we wanted to shine a light on it.”

You can listen to the interview here




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Davido,Temple Management Partner For 30BG Francophone Africa Tour

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Pan-African talent agency and event firm, Temple Management Company (TMC) has thrown its full weight behind an African concert tour headlined by award-winning singer, Davido tagged 30 Billion Gang Tour.

Temple Management through its Francophone regional office based in Ivory Coast, Abidjan is coordinating with local partners to ensure a world-class concert.

Across Francophone Africa, the 30BG Tour is already generating keen anticipation among the fans of the Nigerian superstar musician. Rwandan fans will be the first to feel the 30BG Tour fever when they pack inside the Amahoro Stadium on March 3. The train continues in Kinshasha March 09, Brazzaville March 10, Douala March 17, Niamey March 21 and ends in Dakar on March 24.

Speaking ahead of the concert which holds in March, 2018, Hadja Kobele Keita, MD Temple Francophone noted that this is the first project to be embarked upon by the newly founded regional office.

According to her, the opportunity offers an avenue to actualize one of the cardinal goals of the company which is to be a vehicle that will help African talents to take their talents to every corner of the globe.

“We are excited to collaborate with Davido and the 30BG and we believe this presents a unique opportunity to clearly showcase what Temple Management is about; which is to push the African agenda within and beyond the continent,” Kobele said.

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Football Papers: All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Evening

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Bordeaux manager Gus Poyet has conceded that Malcom will leave “sooner or later” as Arsenal and Tottenham track the in-demand forward.
Antonio Conte has appeared to warn Chelsea that he will get plenty of job offers should they get rid of him at the end of the season.
Belgium head coach Roberto Martinez has pronounced himself happy with Tottenham’s management of Toby Alderweireld.
A march by fans against the way West Ham are run will go ahead despite a meeting with club vice‑chairman Karren Brady.
Highly-rated young striker Tyreece John-Jules has signed his first professional contract with Arsenal.

Everton striker Cenk Tosun has been tipped to shine in the Premier League – by a Chelsea coach who admitted scouting him for the Stamford Bridge club.
Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed how he helped coax Sadio Mane back to his best – by leaving him alone.

Manchester United may have a huge Champions League clash against Sevilla on Wednesday night – but Nemanja Matic’s Instagram activity has sent eagle-eyed supporters wild after he followed compatriot Sergej Milinkovic-Savic, who is highly sought after at Lazio.
Stefan de Vrij is ready to leave Lazio and is keen on joining United according to reports.
He has not started in the Premier League since the New Year’s Day win at Everton and Victor Lindelof wants reassurances from Jose Mourinho over his future according to reports.
There has been plenty of criticism about Paul Pogba recently but French boss Didier Deschamps has been defending the midfielder.
Former Manchester City manager Peter Reid has opened up on his peacemaking role during the tunnel bust-up at Wigan.

Newcastle United’s January transfer target Nicolai Jorgensen admits it has been a “hectic few months” for him – and accepts that the Magpies’ interest may have affected his form.

Chris Coleman was disappointed with Sunderland’s lack of cutting edge in their defeat to relegation rivals Bolton Wanderers – and he has put it down to a lack of confidence.

Colorado Rapids boss Anthony Hudson has confirmed that the MLS club and Wolverhampton Wanderers have reached an agreement over the transfer of striker Joe Mason.

Florin Gardos has joined Romanian side Clubul Sportiv Universitatea Craiova on loan until the end of the season.
Nathan Redmond has saved himself from the Saints scrapheap and will now be plotting to help Mauricio Pellegrino’s men avoid relegation from the Premier League.

Simon Francis insisted he had no immediate plans to hang up his boots – but revealed he was preparing for the eventuality.

Harry Maguire says Leicester City are a club on the rise and wants to be a part of it for a long time to come.

Derby County manager Gary Rowett reckons this season’s promotion race is a good advert for the Championship.

Nile Ranger will not be “pursued” by Notts County, says club owner Alan Hardy.

Crystal Palace are reportedly set to battle it out with Premier League rivals West Ham and Huddersfield Town in the race to sign St Etienne starlet Jonathan Bamba.

Neil Lennon believes Celtic are capable of going all the way to the Europa League final – if they can overcome Zenit Saint Petersburg in the second leg of their last-32 tie on Thursday.

Chris Hughton has reassured skipper Bruno he still has a big role to play in Albion’s season.

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Niniola Bags Glazia NG ‘Breakthrough Person Of The Year’ Award (PHOTO)

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Nigerian singer, Niniola has been awarded “Breakthrough Person Of The Year” by Glazia Nigeria.

The singer who was excited about the achievement took to Instagram to share photo of the award and also expressed gratitude to Glazia Nigeria for the recognition.

She wrote;

Thanks to the Good guys @glaziang for this recognition, i never joke with stuff like this…
Thank God and Thank you guys, the year is getting warm.

See her post Below;

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Arsene Wenger Confirms Aaron Ramsey Will Miss Second Leg Match Vs Ostersunds

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed that Aaron Ramsey will not be available for the Europa League second leg with Ostersunds.

Aaron Ramsey’s last contribution for Arse was a hat-trick against Everton on February 3, but Ramsey has been out with a groin strain since that match.

Wenger, who has confirmed that the 27-year-old is out for the clash with their Swedish opponents on Thursday, did not rule out Ramsey’s participation in the EFL Cup final on Sunday.

“Ramsey is not in the squad for tomorrow,” the Frenchman told reporters at a press conference. “He had a good training session but he’s not available for tomorrow.

“We will see how his evolution goes between now and Sunday. I don’t rule him out. It depends how well he can improve the intensity of training.”

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Francis Coquelin Explains His Decision To Leave Arsenal For Valencia

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Former Arsenal midfielder Francis Coquelin has talked of being in a comfort zone at his former club before sealing his move to Valencia.

“It isn’t that easy when you’ve spent 10 years somewhere, but I needed a new challenge,” the midfielder told Spanish outlet Clicanoo.

“You tend to get into a comfort zone when you stay several years in the same clubs. You try and challenge yourself, but it’s a bit harder. Here, I’m starting from scratch.

“It’s a new experience, a new training method, new teammates and a new environment. All that means I was thrilled by the project.”

There’s interesting goals to accomplish. I’m focused on that.”

As well as talking about his transfer, Coquelin also opened up on his relationship with Arsene Wenger.

“He’s someone I have a lot of respect for,” added the Frenchman.

“If I’m here in my career, it’s because of him. We left on good terms.

“I wish him the best, and I hope Arsenal will finish the season well. Like us.”

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Luis Suarez Believes Barcelona Will Beat Chelsea At Camp Nou

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Luis Suarez insists that Barcelona’s equaliser against Chelsea on Wednesday night will provide the team with ‘more space to play’ in the second leg of their Champions League last-16 tie.

Willian had given Chelsea a second-half lead, only for Lionel Messi’s leveller to provide the Catalan giants with an away goal ahead of the reverse fixture at Camp Nou.

Suarez has suggested that Messi’s strike will lead to Chelsea being forced to play with more offensive tactics, rather than sitting deep and allowing Barcelona to have the majority of possession like they did at Stamford Bridge.

Luis Suarez told Marca: “It was a beneficial goal for the second leg to have more space at the Camp Nou.

“Our strength is being better at home, that’s why it was important to score today. Now they have to try to score at the Camp Nou and we’ll have more space.”

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Alonso: Chelsea Will Be Fearless At Camp Nou

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Marcos Alonso is confident in Chelsea’s chances, and says they will attack without fear at Camp Nou, after a draw at home.

Chelsea went ahead courtesy of Willian, but Messi scored the equaliser before fulltime.

The draw means Chelsea need a win or a high scoring draw to qualify and Alonso believes it possible.

“We have no fear,” Alonso said. “We have important games now in the Premier League, we have to focus on that but then we have to prepare for this game well. We must try to play another good game there and see what happens.

“I think we controlled the game well. We defended very well and I am a bit disappointed to not take the victory, but we take away the positive stuff. We showed we can play and we can win against a big team like Barcelona.

“With the draw, it is disappointing. We did the perfect game apart from that mistake but it can happen to anyone. It has happened and now we have to think of the next game and not what has happened.

“We will have to take all the positive things and put in an extra shift in Barcelona because it will be even more difficult. But we definitely can do it and we will fight until the end.”

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Presidency Dismisses Yusuf Buhari’s Death Rumour

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The Presidency on Wednesday, February 21, dismissed the rumours making the rounds of the death of President Muhammadu Buhari’s son Yusuf.

“The evil news making the rounds regarding Yusuf Buhari, son of President Buhari and Aisha Buhari, is fake,” President Buhari’s assistant on social media Lauretta Onochie said.

“He is very much alive to their shame.”

Yusuf Buhari was involved in an accident on December 26 in Abuja when he, along with a friend, was racing in the Nigerian capital and he veered off the road in the process.

According to the Presidency, Yusuf broke a limb and had an injury to the head. He later underwent surgery at Cedarcrest Hospital in Abuja.

While there were rumours that he was flown abroad for further treatment, sources at the Presidency insisted the surgery done in Nigeria was enough.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: Biggie Pranks The Housemates

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The theme of the week, which happens to be the fourth week for the #bbnaija housemates is “Not Afraid.” Big brother decided to gather the #bbnaija Housemates in the lounge to assign them with the latest Task, and he was doing it to teach them something about being responsible adults.

A Ninja walked to centre of the circle, spreading fourteen envelopes across the coffee table, even as the Housemates looked suspiciously. After what seemed like a long silence, big brother instructed them to pick an envelope.

When they did, many were up for a big surprise as their envelopes contained the odd congratulatory message “You Have A Baby”.

Anto, Ahneeka and Alex were asked to step forward and acknowledge the gift of a child, and a moment later, three Ninjas emerged out of the elevator with three tiny baby cots, inside of which were three baby dolls.

Biggie soon announced to the trio again that the baby dolls needed to be bathed, soothed, sung lullabies to and cared for like human babies. The #bbnaija Housemates looked like they had lost their bearings, and when the first baby cries filled the air, the entire room burst into a hearty laugh at the realisation of Biggie’s prank.

Despite the fact that they had crying babies in their arms, the joyous interlude didn’t last long. Anto was evidently frustrated and repeated several times that it was not funny.

It was obvious that she didnt enjoy the forced motherhood game. Ahneeka on the other side never dropped her baby, she walked to the bedroom with it and was joined by her new male pair Angel into a lullaby.

Perhaps Alex’s handling of her baby doll revealed more than expected. Despite the fact that she was paired with Tobi, it was Leo who while chatting with Nina jumped from his bed when Alex’s baby cried.

What will be the end game of biggie’s prank?

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“You Were Just A One Nightstand” – CDQ Clears The Air On Relationship With BBNaija Housemate, Ifu Enada (VIDEO)

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One of the ongoing BBNaija Housemates, Ifu Enada has said she spent her money on rapper, CDQ only to be abandoned by him. She made this statement in a video recording currently circulating all over social media.

However, CDQ was quick to respond to her claim with a social media post. The Rapper cleared the air on his relationship with Ifu Enada saying she was just a one night stand and he never took seriously.

Watch Video Below;

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ICYMI: Idrissa Gueye Signs New Long-term Contract With Everton

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Idrissa Gueye has signed a new long-term contract at Everton through to 2022.

The Senegal international arrived on Merseyside from Aston Villa in 2016 and has gone on to distinguish himself as a tough-tackling, industrious defensive midfieler.

Idrissa Gueye has scored three goals in 64 appearances for the Toffees.

Idrissa Gueye issued this message to the Everton faithful…

“Everton is the right place for me and this is why I have signed my new deal,” the 28-year-old said.

“I am very happy to sign a new contract with Everton. It is great for me and for the Club and I am very happy.

“I love the fans here. They have been great to me. They made it easy for me to sign this contract.

“Of course, I spoke with my family and my agent, but the love of the fans was really important and this is a really good thing for me.”

Everton manager Sam Allardyce said: “I’m really pleased that Idrissa has signed a new deal at the Club. He’s been terrific since I’ve been here and it’s fantastic for the Club.

“I love his attitude, the way he enjoys his football, the dedication and focus with which he trains every day and always with a smile on his face.

“It’s great that he’s committed long-term to Everton and he will enjoy some of his best football here in the years ahead.”

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Andres Iniesta’s Father Speaks About The Possibility Of His Son Moving To China

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Andres Iniesta’s father believes the Barcelona fans will understand if the Spain playmaker decides to end his career away from the Camp Nou.

The Barcelona captain, according to sources in Spain, is reportedly considering leaving the LaLiga leaders in the summer as he has received a lucrative offer to play in China.

The 33-year-old’s father Jose Antonio discussed the possibility on Spanish radio show El Larguero and said: “Nothing would happen if he went to China. When he decides to go the fans will applaud him. He’s had a lot of offers and if he decides to end his career elsewhere, he will do it.

“He has a lot to be grateful to Barcelona for. His heart has a Barcelona badge on it.”

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Efe Releases Tracklist Of “Am Sorry, Am Winning” EP (PHOTO)

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Following the revelation of his EP title and release date, Warri born rapper and BBNaija ‘See Gobe’ winner, Efe has unveiled the track-lists of his forthcoming EP dubbed “Am Sorry, Am Winning”

The rapper took to Instagram to unveil the 7 tracks EP featuring Olamide, Lasisi Elenu, Oristefemi and DJ Neptune. The EP is expected to drop on the 25th February, 2018.

See His Post Below;

After releasing back to back hit singles like Based on Logistics, Somebody, I Love You and Warri featuring Olamide in the year 2017, Nigerian rapper, Efe is scheduled to dish out his first body of work for the year 2018, an EP titled “Am Sorry Am Winning”. The Matrix Music Nation act plans to release this 7 Track EP on his birthday, the 25th of February, 2018 as a birthday gift to all his loyal fans. This very dedicated indigenous rapper has shown no sign of slowing down and wants to use this new body of work to show appreciation to all his fans across the world. “Am Sorry, Am Winning” EP features @baddosneh, @Oritsefemi, @DeejayNeptune and a surprise feature from Nigeria’s Number 1 Social Media Ranter; @Lasisielenu. With production credits from @DuktorSett, @YoungJonn, and @iam_TUC. Be rest assured this EP will blow your mind away because Efe nailed every song. Pre-order available on Boomplay Music Art by @jayorha1

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Jorginho’s Agent Confirms He Could Leave Napoli Very Soon

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Jorginho could be allowed to leave Napoli – opening the door for a move to Manchester United, says his agent Joao Santos.

“I think we’ll discuss a renewal at the end of the season, as it’s not the moment to talk about that, because he still has a long contract,” he told Radio CRC.

“He wants to stay, although we’ll have to see if Napoli agree with that. If a player like Torreira arrives from Sampdoria, then that will require an important investment and Jorginho could be sacrificed to make way.

“I think they’d rather sell Jorginho than Amadou Diawara, who is younger.

“It’s an issue of mentality, it’s a family at Napoli and they all play for each other. Right now everyone is concentrated on the Scudetto, an objective they’ve been missing.

“He has been there for four years now and feels Neapolitan.”

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Daily Roundup: Latest Football News Content Across Europe

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Barcelona defender Samuel Umtiti is unhappy with his current contract at the Camp Nou, which includes a £53m release clause. Lionel Messi’s recent new deal means the Catalan giants’ wage budget is already stretched.

If they are unable to offer Umtiti what he is looking for, Jose Mourinho is waiting in the wings, ready to activate the Frenchman’s release clause to take him to Manchester United. (Don Balon)

One man who could be on his way out of Old Trafford is David de Gea. The Spanish goalkeeper, a long-time Real Madrid transfer target, has told friends that Mourinho is willing to let him leave for the Bernabeu at the end of the season, provided Madrid offer German midfielder Toni Kroos in exchange. (Don Balon)

Luka Modric will leave Real Madrid this summer if Los Blancos secure a third successive Champions League title this term. The former Tottenham playmaker has offers from Italy, but Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is also monitoring the situation. (Don Balon)Italy

With his current deal expiring in the summer and having reached an impasse in talks over new terms, Lazio defender Stefan De Vrij, reportedly a Manchester United transfer target, confirmed he will be leaving the Roman club at the end of the season via an Instagram statement. “I understand the disappointment of the Lazio fans very well and it hurts me leaving in this way,” the Dutchman wrote. (Instagram)

Liverpool have received a boost in their pursuit of highly-rated Roma goalkeeper Alisson, as the Italian club are already lining up a replacement for the 25-year-old Brazilian in the form of Malmo’s teenager keeper Marko Johansson. (Gianluca Di Marzio)

Milan are desperate to sign a new striker this summer, with ex-Liverpool winger Suso their current top scorer in Serie A with just six goals. The Rossoneri have identified former Manchester City centre-forward Edin Dzeko as their top target and have already made contact with a view to a deal. (Tuttosport)


Liverpool are lining up a summer move for 18-year-old Lyon midfielder Mohamed Bahlouli. The teenager, who is the latest on a long line of prospects to come through the French club’s prolific academy – which has moulded Anthony Martial and Alexandre Lacazette – is yet to make his senior debut but has impressed for Lyon’s U19s. (French Football)

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Banky W Announces Dissolution Of EME As Record Label, Redevelops Brand Into Media Agency

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Prominent Nigerian singer Banky W has announced the dissolution of the record label arm of Empire Mates Entertainment (EME), which he co-founded, adding that the label has been dissolved since January 2017 as a result of the structuring that is ongoing.

The singer made this known a few days after he revealed that he is currently working on an album titled, “The Bank Statement”. 

The singer cum actor said the dissolution came after nine years of “helping discover/boost the careers” of many artistes in the music business.

According to him, while the EME brand remains, the company will now be a ‘full-fledged media agency’ focusing on Creative Marketing, Advertising, PR, Brand Events/Activations and talent management.

Banky W also disclosed that DJ Xclusive, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Tolu Oniru, and Adesua Etomi are the first set of clients of the rebranded outfit.

Announcing the new business venture on Tuesday on his Instagram account, Banky W wrote:

“Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) was started by @captdemuren & I, way back in 2001/2002 – in my dorm room at my University in NY. The reason we used the word “Empire” was because Tunde and I were crazy enough to dream that we could build a company that would eventually become an Empire.. one that would serve as the launching pad for not only my career goals in music, movies and other interests… but one that would also serve as a stepping stone for other talents to become more successful and achieve their goals as well. We started the record label part of it right there in my room, which we relocated to Lagos around Vals day 2008 – and we thank God for guiding and crowning our efforts thus far; we’ve played our little part in helping discover/boost the careers of a number of talents in the Music business (some of your favourite Artists, Producers & Engineers..) and we are forever grateful for the opportunity to live out our dreams by giving others a platform to shine as well. In January of 2017, after 9 years of being in the Nigerian Music Industry, we decided it was time to quietly close the Record Label Arm of our business.

Essentially we have restructured our business.. and instead of operating just as a record label, we have expanded and changed our focus a bit… we are now a full fledged Media Agency that focuses on Creative Marketing, Advertising, PR, Brand Events/Activations AND a talent management firm. This switch in focus has been amazing and fulfilling.. behind the scenes, we have been able to impact the launching and marketing of a number of brands and companies the way we did artists.. but even in the talent management side, we are no longer restricted to working with just Music Artistes. We still work with Musicians, but we also work with OAP’s, Actors and are evaluating sports management as well.

The goal was always to find talents and brands we believe in, and partner with them to help them become more successful… now we have expanded to do that for more than just the Music business. We are excited about our client portfolio: the corporate brands we rep, as well as the talents. At the moment, our clients are: @djxclusive83@ebuka@toolzo@adesuaetomi, and of course yours truly Mr W. (And a few corporate brands as well)

Talk to us for all things Marketing/Advertising/PR/Media/Entertainment. We shoot tvc’s and documentaries just as great as we do music videos. We launch brands and products as well as we have launched Artists. Need some help with your digital marketing? Need an ad campaign? Influencers for your next launch? Finding the right brand ambassadors for your product? We are your one stop shop for the marriage between corporate Africa and Entertainment. For a simple reference, it’s kind of like how Jay went from Rocafella to Roc Nation. Just.. same name, new targets.
@theofficialeme_ is our IG page, and for booking any of our clients pls holla at us directly.
Grateful for our past, and excited about our future.. this is EME. God bless you all and thanks for the support.”

A record label that launched Wizkid‘s music career, EME was founded by Banky W and his best friend, Tunde Demuren in 2002 while they were at the university in New York.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: Housemates Get New Rules

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On day 23, big brother decided to turn things a notch higher by shocking the #bbnaija housemates with new sets of rules perhaps in a move to make everyone reaponsible.

In Biggie’s words, this week is “all about being responsible adults” and even though all the #bbnaija Housemates are adults, they have done a number of things that required big brother to scold them for behaving badly.

From cleaning up after themselves to provocation, there have definitely been more than a few childish moments among them. From the minute Miracle read out the rule and told the #bbnaija Housemates that they could not swear this week, a look of shock spread through the room.

It is a known fact that many of the #bbnaija Housemates enjoy dropping verbal bombs left, right and centre and having Waged 50% this week, the Housemates will have to be vigilant. A swear jar has been provided and a BB coin will have to be put in the jar for each swear word.

Last week saw the #bbnaija Housemates spend much of their Wager on cigarettes and alcohol but that won’t be possible this week as Biggie has said that no smoking or drinking in the House this week.

Another thing biggie decided to nip in the bud is conspiring among the #bbnaija housemates. It has proved to be one of the Housemates favourite activities and it is going to be quite difficult for them, considering the fact that hushed tones and whispering have also been banned this week.

This has already proven to be difficult in the case of Miracle and Anto who were speaking in low tones about Nina and her jealousy upstairs, Nina actually over heard them and told them to stop gossiping about her.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: A New Love Triangle In The Making

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The new pairs that big brother created in the #bbnaija house have shifted the dynamic in the House and some are finding it hard to deal with the apparent change. Nina and Cee-C came off worse after the reshuffling and the former seems to be caught up in her feelings since Miracle got paired with Anto.

Emotions have become quite wild since the new pairs formed but this afternoon things got even wilder when Anto decided to act as a mediator between Miracle and Nina in light of their constant arguing.

All three of the #bbnaija Housemates placed themselves comfortably on the bed and began what appeared to be a couple’s counselling session, with Anto playing the psychologist. With patience and grace she tried to allow both of them to speak their piece, before interjecting sparingly with her wise words. While it appeared to be working at some point, Nina soon left the conversation with a look that betrayed the fact that she wasn’t convinced.

It is apparent that Nina is extremely jealous over the time that Miracle spends with Anto and how he is with her in general. She has tried in almost all ways possible to get his attention and caused quite a few scenes but even in the midst of all the Drama, Anto has not shown any signs of being bothered.

On the morning of day 23, she was wearing Miracle’s red and white jacket in a brazen fashion even after the two of them are all loved up one minute and then fighting the next.

It is no wonder Nina has been blowing hot with emotion since Miracle won the #bbnaija Head of House crown and he didn’t choose her to share the luxury bedroom with him, he instead chose his new partner and now, the bedroom has become their place of reflection.

After the couples counselling session that took place earlier in the day, both Miracle and Anto took to talking about Nina, and it almost seemed like they were gossiping about her jealousy.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 23: What Strategies Do The Housemates Have?

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The last Live Show was a reality check for the #bbnaija housemates and it helped to solidify the fact that Big Brother Naija is actually a game to the Housemates. The Eviction was what it took to make it real and has had all of them talking about their strategies ever since.

Anto is one of the #bbnaija housemates that has never made a secret of the fact that she is playing a game. From the first time Alex started weeping over the concept that someone may leave, she was blunt and said that she needed to accept that this is how it was going to go.

After the Evictions on Sunday she was not shook at all and was even laughing and joking with Leo and others very shortly after. Her direct words about some of the other #bbnaija Housemates’ strategies were “people are playing candycrush when they should be playing chess.”

Ifu Ennada is another #bbnaija Housemate who believes that her strategy will take her far in the game due to that fact that she is independent and doesn’t get attached to people, telling Nina that her problem is the fact that she is easily attached and it will work to her detriment.

However, a few of the #bbnaija Housemates were visibly shaken on Sunday and Nina was one of them. When Miracle went to cheer her up, he expressed his thoughts on the game, saying that “Everyone can see everything that you do so there is no point in having a strategy, all you can do is be yourself” to which Nina agreed.

Cee-C is of the opinion that she understands the game too. She has a theory that the four Evictees are not actually out of the game at all and this is just another stunt from Big Brother to throw them off.

BamBam has also made it known that she feels her and Teddy A were good as a pair, she theorised that their match made them strong contenders.

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