#BBNaija 2018 Day 43: The House In Disarray

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Day 43 saw the entire #bbnaija house in disarray, laying credence to the common saying that ‘change is the only constant’, even as the housemates proved this in every way.

In what seemed like a complete change, big brother made it known that the pairs have been dissolved and the #bbnaija Housemates get to stand alone and balance their own bridges.

They were all clearly hit hard by the almost completely random pairing. With each focused on their individual games and low key backdoor plotting; having to tone it down and share both the grace and the disgrace threw them off and put them in some sort of comfort zones from which they refused to exit in the past few weeks.

The weaker of the #bbnaija housates depended on their strong links and this whole dynamic was the reason for the internal wars the Housemates have been having. Now that they’ve been freed from the burden of being ‘their brothers’ keepers’, the Nomination promises to be more strategic than empathetic.

While it is hard to tell whether the fast pace at which the Nominations took place is owed to the #bbnaija Housemates’ release from the pair prison or to the fact that Biggie wanted to exhibit control, all the housemates seemed prepared for it as they nominated their adversaries except for Rico swavey.

Seeing as the process wasn’t coordinated, the results came as a shocker and the #bbnaija Housemates were finally given the right of passage to reveal what they thought of each other through their nominations.

The results saw more than three thirds of the entire #bbnaija House closer to the chopping boarder. All but Head of House Nina and Rico Swavey are up for Eviction. This is how the nominations went down:

Anto nominated Teddy A + Alex, Rico Swavey went for Cee-C + Miracle, Cee-C chose Anto + Alex, while Lolu went for Rico Swavey + Bambam.

Bambam on her part chose Tobi + Anto, Tobi nominated Teddy A + Bambam and Alex chose Bambam + Cee-C. Teddy A went for Tobi + Miracle, Miracle chose Cee-C + Lolu and Nina completed things by choosing Bambam + Lolu. Big brother also made it known that there will be No Save and Replace for the week.

The #bbnaija Head of House privileges has also been sifted and awarded in very small portions. Instead of the normal Save and Replace, reigning queen Nina had to make do with just the Immunity. She owed this to the Chance Card she picked, ‘Immunity from Nominations Only – No Save and Replace’.

The games have finally begun.

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