#BBnaija 2018 Day 48: All The Secrets Of The Housemates Revealed

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Every single one of the #bbnaija housemate, like every other person has a sevret of two that they would rather not have revealed; either because they’re too embarrassing, or simply because they would prefer a certain degree of anonymity.

Despite the fact that some of such secrets are not gory and overly embarrassing, here are some of the secret details about each remaining #bbnaija Housemate that they may or may not have revealed in the House and which might help to shed a light on why they behave the way they do.

Teddy A’s overall demeanor in the #bbnaija House has been somewhat cool, calm and collected. Never raising his voice and seldom caught in quarrelsome situations but, he had mentioned in his profile prior to the show that he jad a hot temper but no one has been able to see that so far.

It isn’t shocking that Alex absolutely hates washing spoons because she hasn’t really displayed any level of enjoying house chores. According to her, the act of washing spoons makes her feel like she’s literally putting her hands in people’s mouths.

Tobi had made it known prior to the #bbnaija show that the worst thing that could happen is being rejected by a girl he likes which maybe why he persists towards Cee-C, despite the rejection Basically, his less than forth coming behaviour towards his game was fueled by the fact that Cee-C had rejected him and he just needed to calm that storm.

Although having revealed a few dimensions to herself, Bambam’s school of thought seems to be influenced by philosophic ideas and overly thought through opinions. According to her, if there is anything she desires in or outside the #bbnaija house, it would be immortality!

Cee-C’s personality seems to be the most misunderstood in the #bbnaija House, which makes her seem controversial. When asked what she’d leave behind before stepping into the #BBNaija House, she mentioned ‘being naïve’ and ‘her bullying ways’.

Anto said that she’d stopped consuming alcohol a couple of years ago and almost swore that she wouldn’t touch any liquor in the #bbnaija House. She definitely broke her promise, as she has been seen more than a few times holding a bottle of legend.

Lolu seems to be the king of accents because much like Angel and Bitto, he seems to be gifted in talking.

Nina had made it known in her profile video that she has a fear for men with big frames, and that perhaps is responsible for the level of discomfort she showed when she was paired with Teddy A. She feels like she’s too small and they might just break her.

You probably haven’t heard Rico Swavey speaking without his Caribbean-pidgin accent. Well, his pre-House profile video is free flowing and without an accent and he does seem to have a neutral accent.

The #bbnaija Housemates haven’t quite revealed all that is to be revealed about them but, with the stakes getting higher by the week, they are sure to break and reveal all their deepest secrets.

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