“Most Of Us Are Bush People” – Brymo Defends Going Semi-Nude In Music Video

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Nigerian singer, Brymo has finally reacted to the controversies surrounding his recently released music video, “Heya”.

While speaking in an interview with Sunday Scoop, the singer revealed that going semi-nude was his way to remind Nigerians that they are uncivilized.

On why he made the move, Brymo said;

“The song is an expression of my environment. I like to paint as much as I can and I think that most of us are bush people, even though we live in cities. The video portrayed a bush man living in the city. If you look around, you wouldn’t see much evidence of civilisation. We did not create most of the things that we use in this country and that’s not good. We need to think, he stated.”

In reaction to claims that going semi-nude was mere publicity stunt, he said;

“Even if it’s a publicity stunt, is there anything wrong with that? Singers spend a lot of time and energy in the studio. So is there anything absurd in them drawing some attention to their songs?”

On whether he feels underrated in the country, he said;

“No, I am not. People are used to a system and if you want to change them, you have to do it slowly. My albums are doing well and we found that most people, who download my music are in Europe and America. Right now, I have no complaints.”

While dismissing claims that he doesn’t perform at top concerts in the industry anymore, Brymo said;

“I only perform at top shows. Just this week, I have had two events. I will also be performing today (Sunday) as well. Generally, I get a lot of love in Africa, and as for the people who say they haven’t seen me perform on big stages lately, they are most likely looking in the wrong places. As much as I’m looking at having an international career, Africa will always be my root. I was once signed to an American company, EGM, and I released an album with them but things didn’t go as planned and we went our separate ways.”

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Antonio Conte Can’t Wait To Leave Chelsea- Gianluca Vialli

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte “can’t wait to leave the club” after becoming disillusioned with a lack of influence over the club’s transfer policy, according to friend and former Chelsea manager Gianluca Vialli.

Chelsea and Antonio Conte are widely expected to part ways at the end of this season amid escalating public tensions with the club hierarchy that date back to last summer’s troubled transfer window.

“Conte can’t wait to leave Chelsea,” Vialli told Sky Sport Italia in his role as a pundit on the match. “He can’t stand that they sell or buy players without consulting him. The truth is, Chelsea would like a manager who is more of a club man.”

Gianluca Vialli believes Conte will have no trouble finding a new job that fulfils his ambitions.

“Whether it’s the Nazionale [Italian national team] or Paris Saint-Germain, he’ll find a place where he can start winning something important again,” he added. “There will be a queue of contracts for him to sign.”

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Fayemi Announces Interest In Ekiti Governorship Election

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Former Ekiti state governor and current Minister of Mines and Steel Development, Dr Kayode Fayemi on Sunday says he will contest the July 14 gubernatorial election coming up soon in the state under the APC.

He made his ambition known at a news conference at his Isan-Ekiti country home in Oye Local Government Area of the state.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Fayemi had hosted leaders and scores of members of the party from all the 16 Local Government Areas and the 177 Wards of the state.

He said he was driven by his past records of positive achievements, especially for workers, retirees and pensioners while in office in the state.

He explained that his decision to seek re-election was to deliver the state from incompetent and dubious hands and take her to where its supposed to be.

NAN reports that the former governor becomes the 35th person to formally indicate interest in the governorship poll in the APC alone, aside from dozen others whose campaign posters and billboards are already out on the streets without formal declaration.

Fayemi said he would formally submit his letter of intent to the state secretariat of the APC as soon as the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) lifts ban on campaigns on April 15.

On the issue of a White Paper, indicting him for corruption and consequently banned him from seeking public office for 10 years, Fayemi said he was not bothered.

He declared that the said White Paper cannot stop his ambition, describing the document as final result of several months of political witchhunt launched against him by the Ayo Fayose-led administration that cannot stand the test of time.

“Regardless of whatever anybody may think, I know I am eminently qualified to contest the election, if I am not qualified, I would never have come to tell you I want to contest.

“Most of the negative things Fayose and his government said or alleged of me were deliberately concocted out of malice to either malign my character or score cheap political goal; but the truth will always prevail.

“Same goes for the manipulated debt profile of the state which was a clear case of exaggeration and distortions.

“Can you imagine, Fayose said he issued White Paper banning me from holding public office, but today, I am giving him red card. By the end of the gubernatorial poll exercise, we will know who is right between the two of us,” he said.

The Minister vowed to dislodge Fayose and his deputy in the poll if picked at the May 5, 2018 gubernatorial primary of the party in Ado Ekiti.

He advised other aspirants against divisive tendencies by their followers, stressing that whoever that eventually emerged from the coming primary must be embraced by all since the national secretariat of the party had promised that the whole exercise would be open, free and fair.

He promised to use his second-term to correct all past mistakes and improve on the good ones, saying he had learnt his lessons since leaving office about four years ago as governor.

Fayemi, therefore, asked all those he offended while in office as governor to forgive him, while also saying he had forgiven all those who erred against him, in the interest of the party.

He warned Fayose not to attempt to remove or destroy his campaign posters and billboards the way his government was currently doing to some opposition posters.

NAN reports that the minister was however silent on when he would be resigning his appointment as minister from the Federal Executive Council.

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Falcao Slams Officiating Of Cup Final

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Radamel Falcao has slammed the officiating of referee Clement Turpin in the 3-0 Coupe de la Ligue loss to PSG, branding it “a disgrace”.

Cavani scored a brace either side of Di Maria’s goal to secure the cup for the fifth consecutive year for the capital club.

Cavani opened the scoring from the spot, as Turpin awarded a penalty, changed his mind, but went back to his initial decision after a length VAR review.

Falcao had a goal disallowed for offside when it was 2-0, VAR showed it was a close call.

“Paris were more efficient,” he told Canal Plus . “After that, there was the referee.

“For the sake of French football, what the referee did tonight was a disgrace.”

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Laporte: City Must Take Opportunity To Win Title Against United

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Manchester City centre back, Aymeric Laporte believes they must take the opportunity to beat Manchester United and win the title come Saturday.

Guardiola’s men beat Everton 3-1 on Saturday, which means they need to win one more match to be mathematically uncatchable by the chasing pack.

The Etihad Stadium outfit has held the lead for most of the season, but Laporte knows beating United to gain an unassailable lead will be an icing on the cake.

“Obviously that is a very important game on Saturday,” the City centre-back said.

“I think it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and we must take advantage of it. We must try to win and get the Premier League we all want.”

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President Buhari’s Fake Award And The Bill Gates Rebuke – Reno Omokri

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President Buhari’s Fake Award And The Bill Gates Rebuke – Reno Omokri

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By now you must have heard that 17 groups from Northern Nigeria, including the Arewa Consultative Forum have told President Buhari point blank that he has failed and that they will not support his reelection.

I saw this coming way back on February 16, 2018, when Zamfara state Governor, Abdulaziz Yari lamented as follows after gunmen butchered his citizens like chicken in Zurmi.

This piece was written by Reno Omokri. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

On that day, Yari, previously a rabid Buharist, said:

“I feel let down facing the people of this state whenever I remember the promise I made to them that when they elect President Muhammadu Buhari into power, these killings will end. But unfortunately, things are now getting worse.”

This is just as Afenifere and Ohan’eze have both said ‘God forbid’ to a Buhari second term. When it seemed as though every strata of the Nigerian society, except the die hard serial sycophant, Nasir El-Rufai, has rejected the President, reprieve came his way when he was given a leadership award by the family of the late American civil rights hero, Martin Luther King Junior.

For good measure, MLK’s family also appealed to Nigerians to reelect President Buhari. But whatever reprieve the President got turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory because exactly two days after the MLK family endorsement, the real family of Martin Luther King Junior, comprising his biological children, denied the so called ‘family’ they came to give President Buhari his ‘award’ and issued a strong denial.

On March 28, 2018, the Martin Luther King Junior Center released a statement saying “The award given to President Buhari of Nigeria was not given by The King Center, at the request of The King Center or by the children of #MLK and #CorettaScottKing.”

What an embarrassment to Nigeria! But should we be surprised? Muhammadu Buhari, the man who makes fake promises, commissions fake projects, gives fake plagiarized speeches has now been exposed as a recipient of fake awards.

Nigerians should have known that a President who could not produce his WAEC certificate is susceptible to fakery! I was wondering how Martin Luther King Junior’s children will come to Nigeria to give an award to a tyrant! Their father had a dream and they came to Nigeria to associate with a nightmare?

For what? Thank God they have denounced the award as fake! It seems our President is now scandal prone because just before this incident, he had another scandal involving Bill Gates.

Apparently, President Buhari had invited Bill Gates to the Presidential Villa for the National Economic Council meeting, thinking Mr. Gates would praise him, but instead he got the shock of his life when his guest criticized his handling of the economy, saying it does not reflect the needs of Nigerians and that his economic blueprint lacks choreography.

He then went on to describe Nigeria as “one of the most dangerous places in the world to give birth”! But harsh as his statement may have been, Bill Gates did not say the whole truth. Yes, it is true that Nigeria, under Buhari, is the worst place in the world to be born. But it is only true if you are a human being. If you are a cow, then Nigeria is like paradise.

Humans can be killed so that you can live. Under Buhari, the value of human life has fallen and the value of cattle life has risen! In fact, the Buhari government loves cattle so much that they want to take land from human beings to give it to cattle to colonize! After reading Mr. Gates uncharacteristically blunt rebuke, I could not help but remember that it was just like yesterday that Buhari was crying in 2011 for Nigeria as if he knew the solutions to Nigeria’s problems.

He deceived Nigerians and they made him President only to discover that he himself was Nigeria’s problem. Just like PHCN, problem has changed name to Buhari! I have said it before and I will say it again, former President Jonathan might have made mistakes (tell me which human being does not make mistakes) but President Buhari himself is a mistake.

Jonathan may have faced one or two problems, especially with Boko Haram, but Buhari is himself a problem! Talking about Boko Haram, observant Nigerians cannot help but notice that these days, you read, hear and watch about Boko Haram’s plans from government officials. Does Boko Haram still need an official spokesman again?

It is from a government official that we learnt that Boko Haram would release or not #DapchiGirls. It is from their mouths we heard that Boko Haram is showing ‘goodwill’. It was the minister of information that was trying to convince us that Boko Haram released #DapchiGirls out of the goodness of their heart without insisting on a ransom or prisoner swap.

I am tempted to ask whose information minister Lai Mohammed is? Nigeria’s or Boko Haram? What an interesting time to be alive. And to show how low Nigeria has sunk under Buhari, the APC Governor of Lagos declared Thursday a public holiday to celebrate Buhari’s visit to Lagos on Thursday March 28, 2018. Lagos has a GDP of $100 billion per annum. By shutting the state down, Lagos loses $250 million. Do you now see why our economy collapsed under Buhari?

More attention is given to Buhari’s ego than to economic matters. It is behaviour like this that has caused 10 million Nigerians to lose their jobs under Buhari! Lagos state recently borrowed $200 million. Now she is losing $250 million because of the public holiday declared for Buhari’s visit. That money can build 10 new hospitals and 100 new schools and 10,000 bore holes.

But instead, the APC prefers to waste it on a public holiday for Buhari! When Bill Gates said President Buhari prioritizes physical capital over human capital, people like Nasir El-Rufai, Buhari’s favourite court jester, came out to attack him. But just a week after Mr Gates apple truth to power, Buhari is going to Lagos and the APC government declared a public holiday tomorrow for him.

Does this not vindicate Bill Gates?

By preventing workers and businesses from opening for business for one day, the government is setting back human capital just for the physical capital of opening a bus stop. This is a pure example of why Bill Gates said Buhari prioritizes physical capital over human capital.

And this is the same Lagos state that is aggressively looking for funds, so much so that it has jacked up the Land Use Charges to ridiculous levels. This is the same state that is shutting itself down and losing the $250 million that it accrues to its GDP on a daily basis! I just hope Governor Ambode will not try to recoup these lost revenue by increasing other charges.

And to show you how backward Buhari is, 34 years ago he canceled an underground railway train project (metroline) for Lagos state as a military dictator, then 34 years later he returns to the same Lagos to commission a bus station? It is like putting your ₦1 million in fixed deposit for 34 years and returning to collect ₦1,000! I would have been so disappointed if Lagosians turned out to celebrate this retrogression passed off as progress. Thank God my Lagos peeps are smarter than that. In fact, the Buhari administration should be filmed and shown as a drama series on Africa Magic channel. Their hourly drama is more entertaining than any drama Africa Magic currently shows.

The infighting in the government and the APC will put Wrestle Mania to shame. The backstabbing and hypocrisy is another thing! The other day, it was the President himself who told us of the incompetency and insubordination of his own Inspector General of Police who refused his direct order to relocate to Benue State.

What punitive action did he take against IGP Idris?

None. Then on Wednesday March 28, 2019, Nigerians woke up to hear that suspected assassins who had allegedly ‘confessed’ to have been hired by Senator Dino Melaye had escaped from police detention. The reaction of the IGP was almost immediate.

He removed the Kogi state commissioner of police. The irony of an incompetent IGP sacking an incompetent commissioner of police for letting suspects escape though. At least, the IGP is doing what Buhari should have done to him but lacked the balls to do.

The most consistent things in Buhari’s government are incompetence and confusion. Just look at the inconsistencies of the Buhari administration with regards to the anti terror war. You claim you defeated Boko Haram, then try to borrow $1 billion to defeat the defeated Boko, then the defeated Boko Haram kidnap (allegedly) and release #DapchiGirls, you announce ceasefire with the defeated Boko Haram, following which you offer the defeated Boko Haram amnesty.

Your minister of information then goes on air to preside a defeated Boko Haram of showing ‘goodwill’. Is your head spinning yet? Well, let me spin your head some more by quoting a letter written by Lai Mohammed, the current minister of information.

He wrote this letter on April 18, 2013: : “We have been compelled to write a letter to the Lagos State governor asking him to please prevail on the President to reschedule his visit. But if his visit must go on, he should use another means of transportation such as the helicopter so that the whole town is not locked up. Anytime Mr President is coming to Lagos, our roads are closed, and traffic congestion is at its highest. The whole city is shut down for the entire day.

You can imagine when we’re expecting about 10,000 people from different parts of Nigeria to our convention, all heading for the same place. It’s going to be chaos. So, we’re appealing to Mr President, through the Governor, to please reconsider his visit. And if he must come, he should inflict the minimum pain and hardship on Nigerians.”-Lai Mohammed, National Publicity Secretary, of the All Progressive Congress.


PDP: We apologise for our mistakes.

FG: Return all stolen loot first.

PDP: OK.. we wish to start with those who served under the PDP during its 16 years in office beginning with Abdullahi Adams, Danjuma Goje, Timipre Sylva, Rotimi Amaechi, Aliyu Wammako, Nasir El Rufai, Audu Ogbeh, Murtala Nyako, Rochas Okorocha, Musiliu Obanikoro, Kwakwanso, Chris Ngige…

APC (Cuts in): Don’t bother again.

Reno Omokri Bestselling author of Facts Versus Fiction: The True Story of the Jonathan Years: Chibok, 2015 and Other Conspiracies.

This piece was written by Reno Omokri. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Hummels: Everyone Wanted To Avoid Liverpool

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Bayern Munich’s Mats Hummels believes every club still in the UCL were hoping to avoid Liverpool.

The Reds are not in the race for the PL title and have also crashed out of domestic cups, the Carabao Cup and FA Cup.

However, Liverpool are still going strong in the UCL and have a squad capable of going all the way to the final.

World Cup winner Hummels believes Bayern are not the only side relieved to have steered well clear of Jurgen Klopp’s men.

He told the Daily Mail, with Liverpool set to face Manchester City and Bayern paired with Sevilla: “I know how strong Klopp’s teams are.

“I know how good his teams are when they get to this level. Sometimes it is a bit more difficult against the teams in the lower half of the schedule.

“But his teams always perform at the highest when they face the best teams. That’s for certain.

“I don’t think there was a team remaining who wanted to face Liverpool. They work so hard, they play so intense and aggressively with the quality of players they have – especially up front.”

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: Korede Bello And Johnny Drills To Perform At The Live Shows

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The #bbnaija live stage will have the previledge of welcoming Nigerian heartthrob singer and songwriter Korede Bello and Johnny Drills on Day 63 of the live eviction show.

Singer and songwriter Korede Bello needs little or no introduction to keen followers of the #bbnaija show. The young Afro-pop act took the world by storm with his 2015 semi-gospel and pop hit single ‘Godwin’ which at a point went on to reach national anthem status.

Korede Bello started singing at age seven, performing under the stage name African Prince and it is during his high school days that he released a first single ‘Forever’.

With over a decade of award-winning songs such as ‘Do Like That’ and collaborations such as ‘My People’ with Lil Kesh, the 22-year old music crooner has amassed a huge following of fans from all corners of the world, whom he affectionately named ‘Bellovers’.

The second talented act that will be gracing the 9th #bbnaija live eviction show os John Ighodaro, whose stage name is Johnny Drille. This Mavin act is a self-taught folk singer, songwriter, producer, and sound engineer.

Johnny Drille draws his inspiration from international folk artists such as the American band Mumford & Sons, Owl City, Phillip Phillips, Passenger, Jon Bellion, Laura Mvula, Cobhams Asuquo.

As one of the few Nigerian artists who has chosen to develop the folk sound popular with Christian circles, Johnny Drille had first tried his hand at other styles including highlife, hip-hop, and even afro-pop.

He came to fame as a contestant of the 2013 MTN Project Fame Academy and thereafter broke into the musical scene with his rendition of Di’ja’s ‘Awww’, and has since consolidated his folksy love genre with hits like ‘Love Don’t Lie’, ‘Wait For Me’ or ‘My Beautiful Love’.

With both musical artist signed to the Nigerian house Mavin Records, one of the biggest record labels in Africa, the #bbnaija stage will surle light up with the performances of the two.

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How U.S. Consulate Swindles Nigerians In Visa Application Fees

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A report has emerged that the American Consulate in Nigeria exchanged N400 to a dollar in visa application fees for one fiscal year, until last Tuesday, March 27, even though the Federal Government had pegged the exchange rate at N305.25 to a dollar.

US Visa Applicants To Disclose Social Media Identities

The information was deduced from the visa fees and exchange rate published on the website of the American Consulate: http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ng/ng-niv-visafeeinfo.asp.

Read details of the report below as published by Nigerian Guardian.

Consequently, at the exchange rate of N400 to a dollar, a Nigerian applying for the non-immigrant U.S. visa at $160 fee was made to pay N64, 000 instead of N48, 840. The N400-to-a dollar exchange rate allowed the U.S. Consulate to cream off excess gain of N15, 200 per applicant. Even at the black market rate of N370 to a dollar, which was sustained for months, the consulate made an excess gain of N8, 400 on each visa granted Nigerians.

According to the U.S. Department of State, more than 163,000 immigrant and non-immigrant visas were issued to Nigerians between March 2017 and January 2018.

The number of applicants denied visa in 2017 were over 130,000, representing 44 per cent of the visas granted in the fiscal year.

Therefore, at the exchange rate of N400 to a dollar, the consulate made nearly N19 billion in 11 months instead of N14.5 billion it would have made at N305.25 to a dollar. The difference of N4.5 billion represents 23 per cent excess gain.

Considering that other visa types such as H, L, O, P, Q, R, K and E attract higher fees, ranging between $190 and $265, the embassy’s gross earnings increased by a significant amount.

For instance, a religious worker travelling to the U.S. had paid N76, 000 for P-type visa instead of N58, 000; the same for athletes, artists and entertainers.

Adam Alqali, a reporter with an online newspaper, African News Page, said he felt cheated when he realised he paid $160 at N400 to a dollar rate, more so, when he was eventually denied a visa.

Alqali was offered a fellowship to attend Federation of Science Conference in San Francisco in October 2017, all expenses paid by his sponsor.

“Despite the fact that all my papers were valid, I was still denied a visa. That was how I missed an opportunity to attend the fellowship,” he said.

A visa applicant, Kayode Bello, described the exchange rate as “extortion.”

Bello, who was denied U.S. visa early March 2018, said the ideal for which America is known globally did not support taking advantage of people who want to travel to the United States.

“Not all of us are running away from Nigeria as the U.S. consular officers always like to assume,” he said.

Bello said he had written to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking the authorities to wade into the matter but there was no response.

In a mail sent to The Guardian, Darcy Fyock Zotter, the Public Affairs Officer U.S. Consulate, Lagos justified the exchange rate of N400 to a dollar.

“We note that there are multiple exchange rates listed for Nigeria. The U.S. Mission Nigeria uses a market-based exchange rate for the payment of U.S. visa fees.”

But Zotter did not explain how the Consulate arrived at N400 to a dollar rate.

Notwithstanding, more Nigerians are being refused the chance to visit America in the last three years.

The statistics published by the U.S. Department of State show that the refusal rate for B-visa has increased from 32 per cent in 2015 to 44 per cent in 2017, despite the rip-off.

One of the applicants denied B-visa recently, Paul Oletu, said he had been twice denied the permit in 2015 and 2018.

“At the last time, I did not spend more than two minutes with the consular officer before I was dismissed. I could not believe it happened so fast. I don’t know what the visa officer saw that made him to make such a quick decision. It was a group visa, and only two applicants in the group were granted out of 50 of us.”

Oletu said the news of his denial sent him into depression. “I could not go to work for three days after they denied me. I paid a total of N190, 000, including consultancy fees, all for nothing,” he said.

The Guardian’s effort to get reaction from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was rebuffed.

Meanwhile, the exchange rate was lowered yesterday to N360 to a dollar.

In a mail sent to The Guardian yesterday, Information Officer at the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. embassy in Nigeria, Russell K. Brooks, confirmed the change.

He reiterated that naira-to-dollar rate changes periodically subject to market-based exchange rate established by commercial banks in concert with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Brooks also gave a hint that visa fees might increase soon.

“U.S. policy requires reciprocity with regard to visa fees. Discussions have been underway to ensure that the fees paid by U.S. citizens match those paid by Nigerians,” he said.

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Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

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Separating The Wheat From The Chaff – Simon Kolawole

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You knew there would be serious trouble when Lagos state had to be shut down – apparently for security reasons – to allow President Muhammadu Buhari visit. Life was made unbearable for millions of Lagosians whose livelihoods were put on hold for the visit. It needs to be said that Lagos is a city where there are real economic activities and where real people make real money doing real business. If Nigeria was a country that appreciates productivity, we would have calculated the losses to the economy before the lockdown. And for Lagos state that is preaching fiscal federalism and what-not, the government needs to know that people have to work extra hard to be able to pay the taxes being piled on them.

This piece was written by Simon Kolawole and was first published on TheCable. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

In the end, the Lagos fiasco was totally avoidable. Day by day, Buhari is handing out well-sharpened daggers to his opponents. Sycophants, paid and unpaid, will tell the president to ignore his critics. They will tell him it is corruption that is fighting back. That is the first line of defence/attack usually thrown around by some out-of-control Buhari supporters. But those who wish the president well will be honest enough to tell him something is not connecting properly. With the state of play, every single step of the president is under intense scrutiny. Although much of it is political and influenced by 2019 calculations, that should take nothing away from the substance of the message.

There is an argument I always make: politicians must politick. That is what they do for a living. So if the PDP and its sympathisers are nitpicking over every move of the president, that is to be expected. Lest we forget, that was how APC came into power. President Goodluck Jonathan could do nothing right. If he laughed a little, he laughed too much. If he cried hard, he cried too little. If he laughed a bit and cried a bit, it was an unacceptable mixture and evidence that he was clueless. After making Aso Rock too hot for Jonathan and taking over power, APC has no right to grumble that they are now being paid back in their own coin as PDP and their supporters become pedantic over Buhari’s steps and missteps.

I always believe there is some value in opposition criticism – even if the motive is malicious. However, it would be unwise to lump all critics together. Recent issues raised by General TY Danjuma and Mr. Bill Gates should not be downplayed. We need to separate the wheat from the chaff. Danjuma, to the best of my knowledge, is not an enemy of Buhari. Gates, from what we know, is not an enemy of Nigeria. He is a well wisher. You can accuse former President Olusegun Obasanjo of being highly political or pursuing personal agenda; you can say General Ibrahim Babangida is gloating, having been portrayed as a devil, but even at that you can’t ignore their views, much less the opinions of Danjuma and Gates.

As a matter of fact, I was shocked by what Danjuma said about Nigerians having to defend themselves because of a loss of faith in the security agencies. I was not just shocked, I was frightened. For Danjuma, a retired general, former chief of army staff and former minister of defence, to make such a pronouncement so openly, there is serious trouble. Something is not right somewhere. My worry also stemmed from the fact that he has direct access to Buhari. If he chose to vent his anger and misgivings publicly, then Buhari needs to take another look at the issues. To lump Danjuma with Buhari’s enemies, as the sycophants are struggling to do, is very unhelpful.

Let’s not play games – the security agencies have not really endeared themselves to Nigerians. The pronouncements by security chiefs tend to suggest they have taken sides in the violent clashes ravaging Nigeria. When a minister of defence addresses the press and blames one side to the conflicts, when the police spokesman describes a governor as a drowning man, it is very difficult for even neutral observers to assume that the security agencies are disinterested in these conflicts. And when the Supreme Council for Shariah comes out to attack Danjuma and praise the army, it can only play into the narrative that the security agencies have been favouring one side above the other. Just saying.

For all you care, though, the security agencies may not be taking sides in the conflicts. It may just be a lack of capacity to effectively tackle these conflicts and a case of pure incompetence in managing public information. Our intelligence gathering, to me as a layman, is either too weak or the security hierarchy is clueless on what to do. The average Nigerian in conflict-prone zones does not feel safe and secure. That is a fact. When people do not feel that the state can protect them fairly and assuredly, they resort to self-help. At the height of the Badoo killings in Ikorodu, Lagos, residents resorted to self-help. They formed vigilantes. They lynched and burnt suspects at will.

But Danjuma’s self-help solution is no solution. It is a recipe for anarchy. The herdsmen killings, from what I can see, are not unconnected to the fact that when their cattle were being rustled, the police did nothing. They ended up buying guns to protect their assets, and the consequence is that we now have a militia with multi-purpose functions beyond protecting their cattle. A state government, with little or no control over the security agencies, tries to counter them by setting up its own militia. That is self-defence at another level. By the time everybody forms militias for self-defence, Nigeria will become Somalia or Libya. I would rather we tackle the security problem holistically and systemically.

When the state does not seem neutral or competent in the management of conflicts, it is only natural for us to say: what else can we do but protect ourselves? Self-help sounds logical. Survival is a basic instinct. But there are consequences. We used to have OPC and Bakassi boys doing self-help by offering “security services” in southern Nigeria because of the failure of the system. The result was anarchy. Only God knows how many innocent Nigerians lost their lives under that arrangement. I remember vividly how people were being burnt alive in Onitsha in the early 2000s in broad daylight over flimsy allegations. It was not pretty. But then, we were only paying the price for a shambolic security system.

Meanwhile, I am also uncomfortable with the way the Buhari administration is joining issues with Gates over his comments that the Economic Recovery and Growth Programme (ERGP) is lacking in human capital development. The government is very right to defend itself and project its programme as positively as it can, more so because Gates’ comments can give ammunition to the opposition (ahead of 2019, what else?) But what Gates was campaigning for was “inclusion” of the vulnerable groups in the government agenda. Build the human being, he was saying, and the human being will build the country. That is why he emphasised education and healthcare.

Agreed, Gates missed a point by making it look like health and education are exclusive to the federal government. That apparently made him conclude that the ERGP does not adequately address these two areas. Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state, rightly pointed this out and said the state governments have a role to play. But el-Rufai too was being technical: Gates was addressing the National Economic Council (NEC) of which the 36 state governors are members. For practical purposes, therefore, are the states addressing health and education adequately? Do government policies outside ERGP prioritise health and education? That is the crux of the matter.

As someone who has taken keen interest in public schools and public hospitals, I can say for free that no governor or commissioner or minister or any public servant for that matter can confidently send their children to a public primary or secondary school in Nigeria. It does not matter if it is state or federal. I can also say for free that no government official can confidently take a treatment bed at any government-owned hospital, except it is a case of extreme emergency after which they will be airlifted to some European country for “further” treatment. And that is the point Gates was making. The quality of healthcare and education in Nigeria is not up to scratch. The ordinary people deserve attention.

If I were Buhari, I would be thinking: what would be my legacy? We are still celebrating the exploits of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Chief Michael Okpara and Sir Ahmadu Bello decades after their tenures as premiers. Buhari should pick the things he wants as his legacies and focus all his calories on them. He can never go wrong focusing on health and education. Everything cannot be treated as politics. Although Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo has threatened to keep talking about Jonathan till thy kingdom come, he would soon realise that people remember Awolowo, his grandfather-in-law, more for his legacies in health and education than his obsession with Chief SL Akintola. Fact.



Remember Senator Ibrahim Mantu? He was the deputy senate president accused by Mallam Nasir el-Rufai of demanding N50 million to facilitate his clearance as ministerial nominee in 2003. He was the man who grounded a British Airways flight from Abuja to London because they couldn’t get him a first class seat. He was the chairman of the constitution review committee that tried to gift President Olusegun Obasanjo a third term in 2007. He has now confessed, on video, how he helped the PDP to rig elections in the past. If not that Nigeria is the way it is, he should be in police net by now; rigging, according to our electoral laws, is a criminal offence. But it is not Nigeria? Disgusting.


Did Pope Francis just say there is no hell? Well, the Vatican has said he was misinterpreted or misquoted. When I first heard the news, I laughed. There must be hell. Otherwise, you mean the troublers of Nigeria will go scot-free after all the damage they have done to this country? I don’t believe that those who have piled misery on the poor people of this country should get away with it just like that. Africa, in any case, is a foretaste of hell. Just take a look around you and you will understand my drift. Poverty and diseases everywhere because of misrule and greed! In 2018, Africans are still fighting tribal wars and butchering one another like there would be no tomorrow. No, there must be hell. Please.


At the burial of the French police officer who died fighting terrorists, the whole country stood still to honour his gallantry. Tears welled up in my eyes as French President Emmanuel Macron put his hands on the coffin of the slain officer in agony. Let’s now come home to Nigeria. Eleven young soldiers were killed by a gang of bandits in Kaduna. They were buried on Thursday. Their commander-in-chief was in Lagos to inaugurate a bus station. The chief of army staff was nowhere to be seen. If it was a wedding party, all the governors and ministers would chatter flights to attend. Our soldiers would be asking themselves: Is Nigeria really worth dying for? Pathetic.


Are you seeing what I’m seeing? The PDP and APC are engaged in a dirty street fight over who can loot better. PDP is a party of looters, APC said. We have offloaded our looters to you, PDP fought back. Release the list of looters, PDP demanded. Here is the shortlist, APC fired back. We will expose your own looters too, PDP replied. It reminded me of Fela’s song – you be thief/I no be thief/You be rogue/I no be rouge/You be armu robber/I no be armu robber. I am secretly praying that one day, Nigerians will come to adopt a common position that most of these characters called politicians in Nigeria are not better than motor park touts. Wallahi.

This piece was written by Simon Kolawole and was first published on TheCable. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Buhari, Ambode Disagree Over Eko Atlantic City

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The Presidency and the Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, have disagreed over the mission of President Muhammadu Buhari at the Eko Atlantic City during his two-day working visit to the state.

The governor had earlier used his official Twitter account to say that the President went to the Eko Atlantic City to inaugurate the project.

The tweet read, “We took a tour of the Eko Atlantic City with Mr. President as he officially commissioned (sic) the project. Eko Atlantic is a good example of what Public and Private Partnership can do to the Nigerian economy.”

Muhammadu Buhari, Akinwunmi Ambode, Eko Atlantic CityThe governor’s tweet did not go down well with many Nigerians on Twitter as they quickly pointed out that it was former President Goodluck Jonathan who in company with the then Governor, Babatunde Fashola, and former United States President, Bill Clinton, that inaugurated the project in 2013.

Reacting to this also on Twitter, the Presidency, however disagreed with Ambode, stating that Buhari only went to inspect the project.

Using the handle, @NGRPresident, he said, “The President did not commission (sic) or launch Eko Atlantic City. His visit was a tour as part of a two-day offical visit to Lagos State and the plaque he unveiled was to commemorate his visit to the site.”

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: Of Art Crafts And The Super Eagles Of Nigeria

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In the spirit of connecting with greatness, the #bbnaija Housemates spent the afternoon of day 62making art work as a way of showing support to the Nigerian National Football team, the super eagles.

The Nigerian National football team, affectionately known as the super eagles will be representing the country in the upcoming World Cup in June and big brother decided that the #bbnaija housemates show support through an art presentation.

Dressed in their Supersport t-shirts the #bbnaija Housemates really went out of their way to ensure the message that translates from their art pieces demonstrated the Nigerian pride and reflected the deep and interesting cultural views of the Nigerian people.

In their efforts to conveying a very special message to their fellow countrymen, the #bbnaija Housemates all but turned the Big Brother House into an art studio.

Papers, scissors and paintings were all they concentrated on and despite the fact that they had a party to attend later in the evening, they have made sure that their show of support for the Super Eagles takes priority.

It however wasn’t all seriousness in the House, as the #bbnaija Housemates took out time to dance in between their display of creativity, which of course is sparked by the thought of having to enjoy a few cold ones after their work.

What seemed to make it more interesting is the fact that, for the first time, apart from partying with only the DJ, Ebuka is expected to grace the party with his presence. Also, a live band is expected to replace the DJ and this will surely make for an interesting party.

With all the effort that they’ve shown, the outcome of the arty crafts will be interesting to see. More so, with April fool’s day by the corner, what surprises will big brother spring up for the housemates and the #bbnaija universe?

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Anthony Joshua Defeats Parker On Points In World Heavyweight Title Fight

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British professional boxer, Anthony Joshua, was taken the distance for the first time in his professional career before winning a unanimous points decision in his world heavyweight title unification fight with Joseph Parker in Cardiff on Saturday.

After 12 rounds, Joshua triumphed 118-110, 118-110, 119-109 on the three judges’ scorecards.

Victory extended the London 2012 Olympic champion’ perfect pro record to 21 wins from as many bouts but was the first in which he’d failed to do so by a knockout.

It also saw International Boxing Federation and World Boxing Association champion Joshua add Parker’s World Boxing Organisation belt to his collection.

This result was New Zealand boxer Parker’s first defeat in his 25-fight pro career.

Saturday’s contest in front of a 78,000 capacity crowd at the Principality Stadium was the first time two previously undefeated heavyweight champions had met for a world title in Britain.

Joshua’s win should move him closer to a bout against Deontay Wilder, the American who holds the World Boxing Council’s version of the heavyweight title.

Wilder had been due at ringside but didn’t show and a confident Joshua, speaking to Sky Sports, after his win was confirmed:

“Wilder, let’s go baby.

“Bring him here and I’ll knock him spark out.”

Parker added:

“Remember that I am the unified heavyweight champion of the world.

“That is 21 professional fights with six world title fights in it.

“My strategy was to stick behind the jab and that secured me another world title belt.”

With Joshua earning a reported £15 million and Parker £7 million, this was easily the biggest fight of the beaten boxer’s career.

“I lost to the better champion tonight,” said Parker.

“We will back again stronger and I’m happy I went the twelve rounds.”

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: Shock As Bambam Gets Evicted At The Saturday Night Party

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The night of day 62 in the #bbnaija house was a pretty surprising one as Big brother soon turned the euphoria of the saturday night party to shock as BamBam ended up getting Evicted.

Big brother seemed all but ready to switch things up on the night of day 62, right from the time the #bbnaija housates were preparing, but the pinnacle moment of shock came after Ebuka partied with the Housemates and went into the House with them.

Not long afterwards, he asked all the #bbnaija housemates to sit down in the lounge, after telling them that they were going to have a special guest. In a few minutes, the mystery of the special guest was put to rest when Steve, the auditor from Deloitte rang the doorbell.

He handed Ebuka the envelope and in an instant it was all over for Bambam. She looked utterly shocked, as did everyone else in the room. It was a sudden and brutal end to her journey in the #bbnaija House.

In what has become a regular fixture in the #bbnaija house, BamBam did not have much time to leave the House and only had a swift moment to say goodbye to her lover. Teddy A and Bambam shared a kiss and said goodbye but after she left he was pieces.

He could be seen crying in the bedroom, just as Alex tried to console him. He kept his sunglasses on but the shock was written all over his face and he was visibly distraught at the exit of the woman he had come to rely heavily on.

The night of day 62 saw one twist after another. The first teist of the night was a change in the location of the party which was moved into the arena. The next change had to do with Saxokay, the live act that absolutely killed it for the night as opposed to a DJ.

Ebuka, looking dapper as ever, as he joined to party with the #bbnaija Housemates and then proceeded to enter the House. All in all, very few peraons woyld have expected the turn around of events as everything took a wild turn.

However, since day 63 is the first day of April, we would have to wait to find out if big brother played an April fools day prank on us all.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: The Alex Disturbance

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For the past 62 days of being in the #bbnaija house, the Housemates have had time to enjoy their sleep on weekends without being woken up by Big Brother’s strange sounding alarm.

Day 62 was however a little different as Alex took the initiative of replacing Biggie’s alarm and being the alarm itself.

Much to the amazement of the #bbnaija housemates, they had no option but to wake up as Alex wasn’t backing down until she got the satisfaction that everyone was awake.

Known for being unapologetically loud, the pestering of her fellow #bbnaija Housemates seems to have being something they expect from her. As if banging the spoon against the bowl wasn’t enough, Alex made it a point that she reached each and every individual’s ear as she walked from bed to bed.

Tobi seemed to bear the brunt of the alarm more as the pestering from the Shaku Shaku queen continued.

However, things flipped in the morning of day 62 when the #bbnaija Housemates opted to talk about the benefits of the workouts instead of going to the Arena and working out.

Normally, the weekends are all about rest for the #bbnaija Housemates and waking up for their daily workout isn’t something they worry about. Cee-C, Teddy A and BamBam spoke highly of the workouts Biggie makes them do every day.

With less than four weeks to the end of this season, the trio have vowed to keep on exercising, with Teddy A mentioning that if someone becomes a public figure, they should at least make an effort to look good.

While others were preparing food, Tobi and Alex had their workout moment in the garden. Though unaware of the others’ chat, they unconsciously confirmed that working out is good.

The treats from Biggie in the afternoon of day 62 rewarding Miracle for winning the Arena games, seem to have triggered an already existing hype from Alex. If any of the housemates want some peace and rest, they literally have to wait for Alex to go to sleep which would be wishful thinking at this point.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: Sweet Treats For The Win

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The #bbnaija Housemates had a rather slow start of the weekend, and so it came as a delightful surprise when two Ninjas enter the House with huge trays of colourful individual cups that they laid on the coffee table.

Biggie had sent the ninjas with a number of sweet treats for the #bbnaija housemates to celebrate their victory of the night before at the payporte arena games.

Earlier in the day, Alex had taken it upon herself to wake up everyone in the #bbnaija House as she walked from room to room beating a metallic spoon against a dish very much to the annoyance of her peers. Almost all of the #bbnaija housemates were angry, even as some showed visible signs of irritation at Alex’s disturbance of their much needed rest.

The somewhat unusual alarm-clock left all the #bbnaija housemates with no other choice than to begrudgingly leave their beds and keep themselves busy.

Yet even after breakfast, the #bbnaija Housemates were still lazing around wearing pyjamas. Even Miracle who had won with flying colours had to be dragged out of bed by the feet and escorted by the Ninja to the lounge to unveil his prize.

The sight and smell of the cups of ice-creams, chocolate and all-sugary desserts quickly got the #bbnaija Housemates back on their feet as they needed no persuasion to let the sweet storm sweep through their bodies.

Judging by the sparkle in their eyes, and satisfaction on their faces, the #bbnaija Housemates made no attempt at hiding their sweet tooth. All of them were soon happily munching, licking spoons, chewing and making crunchy noises of contentment.

Soon enough, the sugar kicked in and the chit-chats started again, as if no one seemed to remember that Evictions were just around the corner of the Double Wahala House.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 62: Housemates Drink To Miracle’s Win

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Miracle’s win at the #bbnaija payporte arena games is one of the reasons to celebrate but there was very little doubt that the other housemates were happy about his last minute victory.

The sudden turn around of events that saw him emerge winner was somewhat similar to Lolu’s triumph last week. While all the #bbnaija housemates thought the game had ended and could have sworn Miracle had banked the win, Lolu came, raced and conquered. Unsurpeisingly, Nina, Tobi and Alex were the most excited of the #bbnaija housemates about Miracle’s win.

In what has somewhat become a norm, Big brother rewarded the #bbnaija Housemates with a few bottles of liquid courage and had the House buzzing with celebratory wails. While the ladies negotiated their bath prices and prepared themselves for good wash ups, the guys popped bottles and gulped away at their courage.

Perhaps due to their very intense closet conversation, Anto and Lolu appear to have found their ‘good’ place as she voluntarily massaged his head and judging by the way he sweetly declared her his girl, Lolu couldn’t have been in better hands.

The sudden turn of events had Tobi questioning Anto’s motives and trying to find out what was going on because not more than a night ago, Anto seemed cosy beside him while Lolu found solace in the bath tub.

Khloe caught on to the narrative and offered her unsolicited advice, reminding Tobi just how much Cee-C was into him, in case he’d forgotten.

When everyone was mud free and ready, the #bbnaija Housemates gathered in the kitchen and had a mini feast, even as they enjoyed a game of beer pong. With different sources of entertainment all around them, the #bbnaija Housemates prepared themselves for a long night of fun, despite the fact that they had a cloud of eviction hanging over their heads.

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Football Papers: All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

Featured Image
  • Manchester United will sacrifice Anthony Martial to fund a mega Gareth Bale transfer this summer.
  • Chelsea are planning a £30m transfer swoop to make Newcastle’s Jamaal Lascelles their new John Terry this summer.
  • Dele Alli is “blowing” his England World Cup place with Gareth Southgate losing trust in the Tottenham star.
  • England are set to ditch Joe Hart altogether for the World Cup finals after years as first-choice goalkeeper.
  • Arsenal are eyeing a transfer swoop for Ajax rising-star Matthijs de Ligt as part of a defensive revamp.
  • Liverpool have received a huge transfer boost as Real Madrid and Barcelona cool their interest in Mohamed Salah.
  • Real Madrid could offer Alvaro Morata the chance to end his Stamford Bridge nightmare with a sensational return to the Bernabeu this summer.
  • Arsenal are bolstering security as CSKA Moscow fans prepare for their Europa League clash.
  • Adam Lallana’s dream of going to the World Cup is in the balance after he suffered a serious hamstring injury at Selhurst Park.
  • Crystal Palace defender Pape Souare has gone bust despite earning £30k a week with the Premier League side.
  • Antonio Conte has admitted for the first time he has no idea whether he will be Chelsea manager next season.
  • Vincent Kompany admits it would “mean the world” to Manchester City’s fans if they claim the Premier League title against rivals United.
  • Antoine Griezmann has snubbed a Manchester United transfer and agreed on a £88m switch to Barcelona.
  • Arsenal are holding their nerve over contract talks with Jack Wilshere – as clubs are not queuing up to take him.
  • Arsenal and Liverpool have been put on alert after Schalke confirmed Max Meyer will be leaving the club this summer.
  • Arsenal have reportedly made an offer to bring in Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas to replace Petr Cech.
  • Marcus Rashford could be used as a bargaining tool for Jose Mourinho to lure Real Madrid star Isco to Old Trafford.

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