#BBNaija 2018: What Rico Swavey Said After His Eviction From The House

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Rico Swavey was on Sunday, April 8, evicted from Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) reality TV show as fans saved Nina and Omololu.

Around 7pm, Big Brother announced, “Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, this week’s #BBNaija Live Eviction show is now on… we hope you’re all Watching…”

Big Brother then went ahead to engage the housemates in discussions, with each of them sharing their experiences from the past week.

At the end of the light chats that seemed to help housemates to relax, Biggie announced the housemates saved from eviction this week: Lolu and Nina.

“Congratulations to Lolu, he’s safe after being saved by you the voting Audience…

“Congratulations to Nina, she’s safe after being saved by you the voting Audience…” BBNaija tweeted.

Those up for eviction were finally announced: Cee-C, Alex, Rico, and Miracle.

Rico Swavey was evicted.

Speaking shortly after his eviction, the young man during his chart with Ebuka revealed that he was not too surprised that he was evicted.

He further expressed his likeness for evicted former housemate, Ahneeka, adding that she really had an impact on him during their stay in the house.

He said, “I’m not disappointed because it’s a great opportunity, I will be going about with opportunity.”

On his attitude, he said, “I did not play safe but I was being myself. I was not hiding myself, I enjoyed the moment and had fun.”

On Ahneeka he said, “I grew some feelings for her, helped me grew stronger. I really like Ahneeka.”

On his next line of action following his eviction from the reality television show, Rico said he would pursue a career in music and enhance his acting skill.

“I will pay attention to music, make a lot of money and tell people my story through music.

“I have also come to love acting, I will be putting more energy to achieve more.

“I also will like to start a restaurant, though will not be doing the cooking myself but will breeze in occasionally to do one or two things for people,” he said.

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3 Boko Haram Fighters Killed As Nigerian Soldiers Rescue 149 Hostages

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The Nigerian Army on Sunday said its troops rescued 149 persons in the ongoing clearance operation against remnants of Boko Haram insurgents at Yerimari-Kura community in Sambisa axis.

Onyeama Nwachukwu, the Deputy Director, Army Public Relations, said in a statement that the troops killed three insurgents and captured five others in the encounter.

“Troops of Operation Lafiya Dole have continued to make progress in clearance operations to smoke out Boko Haram insurgents who escaped from their previous stronghold in the Sambisa Forest.

“On Saturday, the troops made further operational exploit into Boko Haram’s hideout at Yerimari-Kura, in a deliberate operation to extricate and rescue hostages held by the insurgents in their hideout.

“In the encounter, troops killed three Boko Haram insurgents and captured five,” he said, adding that the troops also destroyed insurgents’ logistics in the operation.

Mr Nwachukwu, a colonel, explained that the rescued persons included 54 women and 95 children, noting that they were being profiled and receiving medical attention at the 21 Brigade Medical Centre.

According to him, the troops also killed two suicide bombers at Mandanari community in Konduga, Borno, when they attempted to infiltrate the community on April 7.

Mr Nwachukwu disclosed that the suicide bombers strapped with Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) vests, attempted to sneak into the community at about 8:00 pm on Saturday.

“The suicide bombers were sighted by vigilant troops who challenged them from a safe distance. The patrol engaged them as they refused to halt and ran towards the community, detonating their IEDs.

“Only the suicide bombers were killed in the incident, while three persons who sustained minor injuries were receiving medical attention.”


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Oshiomhole Tells Buhari To Be Ruthless On Looters

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The former governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomhole, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government, to adopt a “ruthless” measure against alleged looters of the nation’s treasury.

Mr Oshiomhole, who disclosed this on Sunday in Benin, described as mindless the stealing by the then Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led Federal Government.

The former governor noted that it was the right of Nigerians to know the level of rot that transpired in former President Goodluck Jonathan’s government.

He said: “I think that if other Nigerians don’t understand the power of transparency, the right to know, the media should uphold that right and defend it.

“What was stolen was not from private purse; the house that was destroyed was not a private residence.

“We are talking of resources, which if it is distributed on basis of equality, divide by 180 million people you will be a lot richer.

“I think my only complaint is that the federal government should be more ruthless because there are lot of people who should be in court who are not there.

“When I was still in the office and I said the kind of money they stole was huge in dollars they paid hired writers to ask how I knew.

“I have interacted with power vertically and horizontally. I know that we cannot be lamenting today without understanding that the treasury was burgled yesterday.

“I think the promise of democracy is that good or bad, the people have the right to know and that is the starting point and particularly important.

“I think the people have the right to know and if any of them think that what has being said is not true, they can go to court.

“All of them who are involved and those who they are looking for, they should put everything in public domain and that is the promise of democracy and it is about you.

“Just by virtue of being in a winning party they helped themselves so much.

“One of the acting chairmen of PDP, Ahmed Makarfi, I used to respect him so much, I heard him saying that the reason they did not indict Diezani was that the money missing and everything that was done, Goodluck approved.

“If president approved the money, should it be stolen and not go into the federation account or used for the intended purpose.

“Jonathan may have immunity against prosecution but he doesn’t have power to appropriate what the national assembly have not done.

“Right now, they are now saying the National Assembly should not approve the $1 billion the federal government is going to spend on security.

‘’This is a party that spent well above that without going to the national assembly at all.”

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You Be Thief! I No Be Thief!

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You Be Thief! I No Be Thief! By Afam Nkemdiche

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Issuing multiple lists of supposed looters of Nigeria’s treasury is the new political game in town. Nigerians now wake up one morning to be confronted with a list of supposed “looters”, crafted by the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), only to be confronted the next morning with another list of supposed “looters”, authored by the main opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The entire nation is consequently thrust into a “You be thief! I no be thief! You be robber! I no be robber!” macabre dance.

This piece was written by Afam Nkemdiche. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Hopefully, due royalties would accrue to the estate of the late Afro Beat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the originator of the accompanying song. And all of these indignities in the 21st century, when the leadership of even midget countries like North Korea is striving to match the political sophistication of global powers; yet, a continental power, and one of the world’s most populous nations, could field a leadership class that gleefully indulges in guttersnipe attitudes, as a variant of electioneering campaign? Nigerians should be very, very concerned.

Nigerians should be very concerned, not for any reason of what negative impact such unbecoming attitudes might make on prospective foreign investments in the country; although they should also worry about that too. But the real worry lay in the inadvertent revelations of such guttersnipe attitudes. Such cheap name-calling only reinforces the perception that our politicians are desperately bereft of ideas of how to resolve Nigeria’s myriad of challenges; principal of which is how to grow the national economy. If the two major political parties in the land could expend virtually all their energy and time, harping on a string about some looted monies and on how to recover them, onlookers are left with only one deduction from such attitudes: neither APC nor PDP has the foggiest idea of how to grow Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to parity level with the world’s leading economies. An empirical evidence of this alarming deficit was recently on offer when the Microsoft czar, Bill Gates issued a broad “F” to the APC federal government most comprehensive document on its plan to grow the national economy; namely, the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP). Having regard to the essentially Breton Woods Institutions-inspired economic policies of the respective PDP Federal Governments, it is a fair comment to suggest that the PDP variant of an economic recovery and growth plan might not have been radically different from the APC’s. This is all the more reason Nigerians should worry about the extant political landscape. More to the point, the voting public, the electorate, should pay unwavering attention to the fiction, and supposed facts and figures, which aspiring politicians spew out as the nation matches towards 2019.

The year 2019 could prove a significant watershed year for Nigeria if, and this is big if, the Nigerian electorate decides for once to put the collective health of the nation before personal gratification, tribe and religion. There couldn’t be a better time for the electorate to truly come of age than in 2019. In 2019 the grass (roots) will not be scathed when two elephants (APC & PDP) fight. As we are beginning to see from the ongoing cantankerous music, it is the two gluttonous elephants that will suffer. For one, the same “You be thief! I no be thief!” chorus has now emboldened many otherwise reluctant aspirants to aggressively seek elective offices, even as the “not-too-young-to-run” train quickly gains momentum towards 2019. For another, the country is presently witnessing novel politico-regional realignments; the Southeast and the Southwest; the Middle Belt and the South. And for the first time in our history the core North is speaking with multiplicity of voices. Interesting times, these.

Putin: Putting USSR back in place

It could well be said that these interesting political times are not confined within the bounds of Nigeria; they have, in fact, been sweeping across the globe since the U.S. 2016 presidential election and the United Kingdom’s leave or remain in the European Union (EU) referendum. The outcomes of both major events utterly defied conventional wisdom. Donald Trump, a political upstart, if an ultra non-conformist, and widely despised by the U.S. all-powerful establishment, convincingly won the 2016 election. And the UK voted to leave the EU. Expectedly, the elite classes in both countries were visibly wounded to the quick by those results. Two years on, the wounds rather than heal, appear to have festered. In the previous months those wounds have taken a gangrenous turn as the initial speculation that Russian meddling influenced both surprise results, assumes the status of a precise science. Both the U.S. and the UK have since expelled a number of Russian diplomats from their respective countries. Russia promptly picked up the gauntlet by expelling a commensurate number of British and U.S. diplomats. Could this be the 21st century variant of the Cold War? Interesting times, these.

The sly Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has never left observers of international politics in any doubt about his ultimate aim of seeking power. Putin, a thorough-bred Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) man, joined the politics of his country in the same year (1991) that the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) broke up. He had joined politics straight from a defunct KGB apparatus; and his ascension was meteoric. In less than ten years (2000), the former State Security Chief had become the democratically elected president of Russia. His unwritten, but cleverly prosecuted one-point agenda is: put the old USSR blocs back in place. (There is something in a name, after all)

It is therefore little wonder that the world is now witnessing the international recriminations that had typified the post-1945 to 1991 Cold War era. When the USSR fragmented in 1991, it was wrongly presumed that the Cold War had come to an end. That presumption soon proved to be a grand illusion. Any one acquainted with John Dobbins’ “Buying the same horse twice” theses on USSR would not have made such a presumption. That supremacy struggle between the West and the East would persist for eternity, albeit in variegated guises. Such is the nature of generic man. No culturally distinct tribe of people allows itself to be wholly assimilated into another culture. This is a recurring theme in world history. The apparent reemergence of the Cold War in the 21st century reaffirms that theme.

Therefore, all those overly ambitious cultural-cum-territorial-imperialists, be they in presidential palaces, or in some wild jungles, should draw the immutable lesson of history: the culture of a people CANNOT be extinguished. Thus, the world would be a harmonious place if its various inhabitants respectfully cultivated each other. May God grant humanity the wisdom to always act in the light of reason.

Nkemdiche is a consulting engineer, lives in Abuja.

This piece was written by Afam Nkemdiche and was first published on Nigerian Guardian. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Mavrodi’s Death: MMM Announces Final Closure Of Operations

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The authorities of the global ponzi scheme, Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox (MMM), on Friday, April 6, announced a final shut down of operations.

The ponzi scheme in a statement on its official global website said they were shutting down due to the death of the founder, Sergey Mavrodi.

Mr Mavrodi, an ex-convict, died of heart attack on March 26.

The statement reads, ” Dear participants, after much deliberation, we have made the conclusion that continuing the System operation, without our leader and ideological inspire, is impossible and makes no sense. We all carried out the tasks he assigned to us, since we had no doubt in his genius and rightness of the path he had chosen. We are firmly aware of the fact that none of us has a full view of his conception’s profoundness and sequence of all the actions to achieve a final goal, declared in the “MMM’s Ideology”.

”Sergey Mavrodi’s broadmindedness scale is unprecedented. Therefore any attempts to continue the System operation without him are bound to fail. We respect him immeasurably and cannot afford to allow that our unskilled actions may cause profanation of his concepts.

”In view of the above, with deep sadness, we have to announce the ultimate and irreversible MMM closure.”

”We also remind (as a matter of form) that all initially were fully aware of the risks and read the WARNING and confirmed that by checking the relevant box when registering.

”Hoping for your understanding, Administration.”


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Why I Quit Music For Photography And Film Making – Rapper 2Shotz Opens Up

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Ex-Nigerian rapper, 2shotz, has opened up on the reasons he dumped music for photography and film making in the United States of America.

In a chat with Sunday Scoop, the ace rapper said his contributions to the Nigerian music industry were never appreciated during his reign as a rapper in Nigeria.

In his words;

“My contributions to the Nigerian music industry were never publicly acknowledged; so, what is the point of talking about music in Nigeria.

Real people don’t go far in Nigeria. I really don’t care about what is going on in that industry anymore. The problem is the individuals.

“I am now a photographer and filmmaker. This is as much as you can get. I am not interested in attaining stardom again and I don’t care about it.”

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My Mother Always Check My Virginity Every 3 Months Till I Got Married – Tope Alabi

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In a recent interview with Tofarati Oge, renowned Gospel singer, Tope Alabi has spoken about her childhood, career, marriage, motherhood and other issues.

When asked if her mother support her music career, the Gospel singer said her mother has always been in support of her music career and a strict moral police.

In her words;

Yes, she did because she was also a singer. She always sang around the house. She believed that one didn’t have to be immoral simply because she is a singer.

Every other member of my family was not pleased with my music career but my mother never took offence.

While speaking about her upbringing as a girl child, Tope Alabi said;

She taught me that a female shouldn’t be too close to men. For example, I was never bathed at the same time with my male siblings.

My mother used to check if my virginity was intact every three months interval before I got married; especially whenever I returned from movie locations.

When I newly got married to my husband, we went to the National Theatre in Lagos to watch a movie and actors like Yinka Quadri, Ebun Oloyede, among others were there.

When they saw my husband, they congratulated him and told him that he had chosen a good and exemplary wife. That made my husband quite happy.

My mum was very strict and she never spared the rod. She also showed me a lot of motherly love.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Mr. Eazi And Sean Tizzle To Serenade At The Live Shows

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Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and we not only boast of an intereating array of dialects and cultural references, but we also boast of some of the best music artiste who have been serenading the #bbnaija stage.

Nigeria also has some of the world’s top entertainment producers and just as it’s been for the past 10 weeks, the #bbnaija stage will be blazed by two extremely hot acts, Mr Eazi and Sean Tizzle.

Nigerian born and Ghana groomed Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, popularly known as Mr Eazi grew up listening to music at the breakfast table, thanks to his father’s blooming records. Asides the common ‘choral’ beginnings, his passion for the drum and African symphony was shaped during his years as a mechanical engineering student. All these helped him form and become the pioneer of the Banku music that he is today.

Seeing as he was born into an entrepreneurial family, his love for music went far beyond just good sounds, as he discovered and exploited the business side of it. Despite having quit being a club promoter due to having been let down by an artist booked for the biggest event he’d attempted to host, Mr Eazi’s continued efforts saw him dropping his very first Mix tape ‘About to bow’.

He went on to collaborate with Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie amongst other giants of rhythm and thanks to his international recognition attributed to his hit ‘Skin tight’, Mr Eazi has since been signed to heavy weight artist Wiz Kid’s Star Boy entertainment, where he released his second mix tape ‘Life is Eazi vol. 1’.

He will be performing his hits and more on the #bbnaija stage, even as we have more to hear from him.

Morihanfen Oluwaseun Oluwabamidele, better known as Sean Tizzle to the world is another musical force to be reckoned with. The Ikeja born and Ikorodu raised singer and song writer is one of the few musicians whose academic backgrounds coincides with his current activities. Having majored in theatre arts, music and the arts have never been a mere avocation.

Having begun his journey as a rapper with a group called ‘3-Way Band’, his preferences quickly changed when he discovered how good he was at singing. Further fuelling his passion and staying true to the dream, he’s had to hustle like any other artist, so much so that he once slept in gate-man’s house.

All those sacrifices eventually paid off as he started making moves. Having been signed to two record labels, his current home ‘Difference Entertainment’ being one of them and bagging endorsement deals from commercial giants such as MTN and Barcadi Breezer, Sean Tizzle has proven his worth; and his albums ‘The journey; and electronic project ‘Moving Forward’ are testament to that fact.

With these two musical artists gracing the #bbnaija stage, a lot of fireworks and eclectic performances should be expected.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Housemates And Their Puzzle Problems

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The #bbnaija Housemates have all so far displayed their capabilities and what they’re good at, but for all of them, it appears puzzles are not their strong points.

The Legend’s puzzle game of day 69 had the #bbnaija housemates locking heads trying to crack how the puzzle should be, and they finished it more than an hour later.

The #bbnaija Housemates, on many occasions have failed dismally at completing a puzzle, let alone getting how it should look.

On the Arena games they’ve had puzzles and it has over and over proven that their struggle lies in putting and completing it.

For example, looking at the #bbnaija Housemates, Alex will never struggle when it comes to dancing and the same can be said about Rico Swavey when it comes to cooking.

Nina and Anto are good at doing the hair of the other #bbnaija Housemates’and Khloe can never go wrong with applying makeup.

Now the question is; why is it that a puzzles gives them a tough time? Or is it a good strategy for them to kill time?

Throughout the afternoon of day 69, the #bbnaija Housemates seemed to be in good spirits and the party vibe was within them. The excitement got even better when their party clothes (and in this case pyjamas) came and it was clear that they were ready to hit the dance floor.

However, the mood has since died down since the dragging time it took to complete the two puzzles presented to them courtesy of Legend Beer. With Big brother supplying the #bbnaija housemates with pyjamas and setting a party mood that they surely can’t wait for, an explosive setting is surely in the making.

Hopefully the new pyjamas will revive their partying spirit and they’ll dance the night away with DJ Ssnatch on the decks.

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Cardi B Confirms Pregnancy, Performs With Baby Bump On Stage (Watch Video)

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Popular female rapper, Cardi B’s pregnancy rumour has been confirmed after she flaunted her growing baby bump on Saturday Night while performing “Be Careful” live on stage.

The rapper who had been trying hard to conceal his pregnancy status from the public had no choice than to perform with the baby bump.

In a recent interview she had with Apple Music, Cardi addressed her pregnancy rumour saying;

“People cannot expect me to be open about everything.”

Meanwhile, rapper Offset who is expecting his first child with Cardi B tweeted to her after performance with baby bump. He wrote;

“Cardi and I look forward to our next chapter together.”


Meanwhile, Cardi has revealed why she stayed with Offset even after the cheating scandal.

According her, she is not without sin, and it is for this reason she continues to stay with her fiance, Offset.

Recall that the Migos rapper’s cheating scandal with a South African model broke the internet weeks, stirring major conversation.

The video made rounds on the internet for days, bringing Cardi a lot of embarrassment, and fans urged her to call off their relationship. But she stayed.

Now, in new interview with Cosmopolitan, she is explaining why she chose not to leave Offset.

In her words;

“It’s like everybody is coming down my neck like, ‘Why are you not leaving him? You have low self-esteem.’

I don’t have low self-esteem,” she told Cosmopolitan. “I know I look good. I know I’m rich, I know I’m talented.

I know I could get any man I want—any basketball player, football player. But, I want to work out my sh-t with my man, and I don’t got to explain why.”

“I’m not your property. This is my life…I’m going to take my time, and I’m going to decide on my decision.”However, she agreed that what Offset did was not right.

“It’s not right, what he f–king did—but people don’t know what I did, ’cause I ain’t no angel.”

Everybody got different beliefs and different religions and were raised differently, yet you also supposed to be careful you don’t offend somebody. Everybody gets bothered about everything.

Everybody got a f–king opinion about you,” she told the magazine. “If I change myself, then I’m going to lose myself, and I won’t be who makes me happy.”

Watch Video Of Cardi B’s Performance Below;

She looks stunning

A post shared by Cardi B Source (@sheiscardi) on Apr 7, 2018 at 10:54pm PDT

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Van Dijk: Liverpool Will Not Defend At Etihad

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Liverpool centre back, Virgil van Dijk believes they will not sit back against Man City in the return leg of their UCL quarterfinal tie.

Klopp’s men hold the advantage, with a 3-0 win at home and travel on Tuesday to the Etihad.

Van Dijk insists they will play their game and look to attack away from home.

“We are going to discuss it over the next couple of days but I think we need to do our own thing,” he told Liverpool’s official website.

“We don’t need to go there and think we need to defend, we just need to play our game as we did in the first half against them. It’s going to be a very hard game but I’m looking forward to it.”

Van Dijk acknowledges his side must be better at the home of the Premier League leaders.

“It’s pretty hard to come [to Everton] anyway, but three days after the Champions League game it’s tough,” he said.

“We were sloppy – obviously we had our moments but it was hard. It was a tough pitch, I’m only happy with the clean sheet. For the rest, we need to recover well and prepare for Tuesday.

“Sometimes we need to play better – myself as well – but you can’t deny that some legs are a bit tired. But it’s part of the game and I’m happy that we kept a clean sheet – that’s the only thing.

“Maybe in one or two moments we were a bit lucky, but sometimes you need that as well. In the first half we had our moments, but in the second half it wasn’t good enough.

“We need to learn from it and be ready for Tuesday.”

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Ranieri: I Will Be At Nantes Next Year

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Claudio Ranieri, who has previously shown an interest in the Italy job, has stated he will not leave Nantes next season.

The former Leicester City manager is listed with, Conte, Ancelotti and Mancini, following the sacking of Gian Piero Ventura.

Ranieri had earlier stated he would quit his role at Nantes, if a role in Italy opened up.

“I’m under contract with Nantes,” he told Canal+ after a 2-1 defeat to Monaco.

“The media say one day I’m going to Italy, another to Nice.

“I’ll be at Nantes next year, because I have a two-year contract with them.”

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Paul Pogba’s Consistency Starting To Improve- Jose Mourinho

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho challenged Paul Pogba to replicate his display in the team’s second-half comeback against Manchester City every week.

Paul Pogba helped Manchester United spoil City’s title party with two goals as Mourinho’s side fought back from 2-0 down to win 3-2.

Pogba was at the centre of controversy the day before the game after Pep Guardiola claimed he was offered the chance to sign the midfielder by his agent, Mino Raiola, who declined speaking to the City manager.

Mourinho said he after the game he has not spoken to Pogba about Guardiola’s claim. But he did tell the 25-year-old he has now set the standard for himself after struggling for form at times this season.

“I didn’t even speak with him about what Pep told and what Raiola told,” Mourinho told a news conference. “I didn’t speak. I’m not interested in if it was Pep or Mino right, I’m not interested in that.

“I know that Paul played well against Swansea, I know he had a very good week of work, especially Tuesday and Wednesday, two fantastic training sessions and this game comes in that sequence.

“Of course, two goals for a midfield player in a big match like this one stays in the memory of the people, especially the fans.

“He needs that confidence because he knows, I know, he had some performances not at the level of expectation we have from Paul. But he’s improving.”

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Man City Winning The Title In Derby Would Have Been ‘Like Death’- Paul Pogba

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Paul Pogba has admitted that he was determined to prevent Manchester City from winning the Premier League title when the sides met at the Etihad Stadium for the Manchester Derby on Saturday

Paul Pogba scored a brace as Manchester United came from two goals down to win the contest 3-2.

Pogba said that allowing Manchester C6to wrap up the title under their noses would have been “like death”.

“I didn’t want to lose against City, the loss from last season is still in my mind. If they won they are champions, for all the fans it would be like death,” Pogba told Sky Sports News. “To lose against City and to see them celebrate, I couldn’t let that happen. At half time in the dressing room we said we have nothing to lose, 2-0 let’s make it.

“After a second half like this, we have to do that all the time. If we did we would be up there with City, and maybe even in front.”

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Real Madrid Have The Best Squad In The World- Diego Simeone

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Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has confessed that his team have a tough task on their hands as they come up against a Real Madrid side boasting “the best squad” in world football.

Los Blancos currently trail their city rivals by four points in the La Liga standings heading into Sunday afternoon’s clash at the Bernabeu.

Despite Atleti enjoying a better season than Real domestically, however, Simeone insists that no side on the planet can match the quality in the European champions’ ranks, including champions-elect Barcelona.

“On paper we have a squad that you have all seen; we are who we are,” he said at his pre-match presser. “We will try to win based on our collective work in an important match.

“I don’t know if Madrid have the best team in the world, but they do have the best squad, absolutely. They have done a great job as a club. Better than Paris Saint-Germain, better than Manchester City, better than Barcelona. That is the strength they have as a team.”

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Gerard Pique Responds To Real Madrid’s Refusal To Give Barcelona A Guard Of Honour

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has joked that he ‘will not sleep’ following Zinedine Zidane’s comments that Real Madrid do not intend to give Barcelona a guard of honour.

Barcelona will most likely have won the La Liga title prior to welcoming the reigning champions to Camp Nou on May 5, having yet to taste defeat in their opening 31 matches.

Zidane has said that Madrid will not recognise Barca’s achievement, though, as is customary in Spain, but Pique does not appear to be too concerned about the planned snub.

Asked about Zidane’s comments, the smiling Spanish centre-back told Movistar Partidazo: “I’m not going to sleep tonight!”

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Nina Draws Similarities With Isoken

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For a good while, the Mina (Miracle and Nina) love story in the #bbnaija house had a lot of people feeling some type of way and renewed our faith in the ‘love at first site’ philosophy.

However, the fact that Nina had mentioned having left a partner in the outside world left some people concluding that it was a mere strategy; one that worked well for the both of them.

The movie Big brother showed the #bbnaija Housemates today could possibly be used as an example to define the Miracle-Nina-Collins triangle, not that it really is a triangle, or could it be?!

Isoken finds herself in a relationship but destiny leads her on the same path as her ‘Onyibo’ love interest.

Seeing as this newly explored path doesn’t necessarily involve her legitimate partner, Isoken’s feelings find free reign and explore the shores of passion and comfort; not necessarily abandoning passion and comfort she felt before.

The Miracle and Nina ‘love story’ had all of us trying to redefine society’s sentiment-based expectations and talking about how the #bbnaija House was a completely different reality in relation to the outside, and how one was bound to gravitate towards whoever they found interesting, especially given the fact that they would be spending 85 days in the house.

During one of his diary sessions, Miracle did throw a hint of possibly having someone outside the #bbnaija House but he quickly shifted from that, so nothing can be concluded from the unknown.

Nina was however very open about her boyfriend and even when hanging on Miracle’s arm and looking a bit above smitten, she’s never shied away from talking about her beloved ‘Collins’. However, this never hindered the different and indirect display of affection between the two.

Basically, even with very noticeable contextual differences, there are obvious similarities from the movie Isoken and the real life realities of Nina in the #bbnaija house.

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Chelsea ‘Must Be Realistic’ About UEFA Champions League Hopes- Antonio Conte

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has told players and supporters to “understand the reality” as the club prepare for a season of Europa League football.

Chelsea have won just three top-flight matches in 2018 and now face missing out on a place in the Champions League for the second time in three years.

Antonio Conte concedes that his side will likely be competing in UEFA’s secondary competition in 2018-19, but is optimistic of better things to come in the future.

“I think that for a club like Chelsea, it is important to play in the Champions League and to play in the Europa League. We must be realistic to understand the reality,” he told reporters ahead of the West Ham match.

“It was my prediction [that we would struggle] and I now stop. Maybe next season, I will have another prediction that is better than this [season’s prediction]. I think that you become stronger after a defeat. When you win, you don’t see the real problems.

“I think that when you don’t win, you have a lot of strength to try to change your situation, to try to have a good answer. During a defeat it makes you stronger than weaker. I think now is not the right moment to speak about this topic [of plans for next season].

“The most important thing for us is to finish the season in the best possible way. To focus on the present and to go game-by-game. Then, if we arrive at the right moment, we will speak about the future.”

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Daily Roundup: Latest Football News Content Across Europe

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Jesus Vallejo had been expected to partner captain Sergio Ramos for Real Madrid against Atletico on Sunday but has been ruled out after pulling up in training. Nacho is already sidelined with a thigh problem meaning Raphael Varane, who had been set for a rest ahead of next week’s Champions League quarter-final second leg against Juventus, will play. (Marca)

Barcelona will attempt to sign Bayern Munich full-back David Alaba this summer with an offer of €50m plus midfielder Andre Gomes. (Don Balon)

Normally it’s Lionel Messi calling the shots when it comes to Barcelona’s recruitment. However, German goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen has become involved by imploring Barca director Robert Fernandez to snap up countryman Julian Draxler this summer. The playmaker is desperate to leave Paris Saint-Germain and reports suggest he would cost €60m. (Don Balon)

The future of one-time Real Madrid prospect Martin Odegaard is unclear ahead of the summer. The Norwegian, 19, has spent this season on loan in the Eredivisie with Heerenveen but will return to the Bernabeu this summer. He will only be a peripheral member of Zidane’s squad, if the Frenchman wants him around. (Don Balon)


Roma sporting director Monchi has denied the Serie A side have been offered the chance to sign Mario Balotelli this summer. The former Manchester City and Liverpool striker will be available on a free when his contract at Nice expires. His agent, Mino Raiola, claimed Roma were one of the teams interested in the 27-year-old. (Corriere dello Sport)

However, one player who does appear to be on Roma’s wishlist is Manchester United’s Marouane Fellaini. The Belgian is out of contract at Old Trafford this summer and has already turned down the offer of a new deal. (Corriere dello Sport)

Memphis Depay is a Milan transfer target this summer. The 24-year-old has been in and out of the side at Lyon this season and, assuming Milan can strike a deal within Financial Fair Play regulations, they would like to bring the forward to San Siro. (Calciomercato)

The Emre Can saga looks to finally be close to conclusion. “We want to close the torment within ten days. The player is right to evaluate the opportunities, we wait and see his will,” Juve president Beppe Marotta said of the Juventus transfer target, who is out of contract at Liverpool this summer. (Calciomercato)


After clinching their sixth straight Bundesliga title with a 4-1 win at Augsburg on Saturday, Bayern Munich will quickly switch attention to planning for next season. Top of the agenda are the futures of veteran wide players Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery.

“There is not much against an extension,” chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said. “Since they are here, we have celebrated huge successes. They were always there, and we know that correctly. We said we’re doing it at the right time, it’s agreed with both. The key is how they play. And both play first-class.” (SportBild)


Paris Saint-Germain defender Presnel Kimpembe could leave the Ligue 1 giants this summer after growing disillusioned at his lack of minutes. Thiago Silva and Marquinhos have been coach Unai Emery’s preferred centre-back pairing this season, leaving the 22-year-old on the sidelines. (Le Parisien)

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde has dropped the biggest hint yet that France international Ousmane Dembele will remain at the Nou Camp despite a troubled first season. Speaking after Barca’s win over Leganes, Valverde said: “Dembele? I liked Ousmane offensively. He has a lot of talent. But also in its ability to go down, to press…it still has a huge margin of progress. Talent, he has it. The rest will come with the work.” (Le10Sport)


Borussia Dortmund, Galatasaray and Benfica are among the clubs chasing Portimonense winger Shoya Nakajima. The 23-year-old is under contract until 2020 but has a buy-out clause of just €20m. (Record)

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Housemates Rewarded With A Movie Screen After Miracle’s Win

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It appears big brother decided to change the narrative just a little bit and take it easy on the #bbnaija Housemates on day 69. After weeks of heavily demanding challenges on the #bbnaija housemates, they all had something to look forward to as big brother decided to entertain them.

Big brother decided to bring along a bouncy course which consisted of four kindergarten level challenges; climbing over, through and below inflatable barriers, throwing lasso balls with the aim of suspending them on a pole, placing stickers on air-founded pillars and lastly, kettlebell hopping to the finish line.

This was by far the lightest load the #bbnaija Housemates have ever had to carry for the Million Naira piggy bank that was earned by Miracle, which helped to compound his account for the second consecutive time.

Biggie might have lightened the load in terms of the challenges themselves but he’s certainly been consistent with his post-win niceties.

Following last week’s pizza-platters and topping-filled ice creams that the #bbnaija Housemates had been requesting for a while; big brother waved his wand once again and made their box office dreams come true.

After a rather dry morning of napping, the #bbnaija Housemates woke up to good news. Miracle’s effort certainly bore good fruit and saw the Housemates enjoying a 2 hour long block blaster movie.

The title of the movie was Isoken, and the #bbnaija housemates got the previledge of watching the movie courtesy of Africa Magic and Tribe 85 productions. Big brother also provided a number of niceties including  popcorn and donuts in a slushly decorated Arena in the #bbnaija house.

This was another one of the Housemates long overdue requests, so one can imagine the amount of excitement that swept through the House. It was two hours of pure bliss and unwinding showing that it definitely pays to win.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Housemates Burn The Dance Floor With DJ Ssnatch

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The Legend’s sponsored Saturday night party had the #bbnaija Housemates on their toes displaying all sorts of dance moves all thanks to DJ Ssnatch.

The pyjama themed party didn’t cater for any lazy individuals as the choices of songs played by the DJ demanded some sort of movement. However, the #bbnaija Housemates didn’t disappoint and jumped into the prerequisite of the party and they happily obliged.

If you are going to mention ‘rhythm’ in the Big Brother House the name that’s going to follow next is ‘Alex’ as she and dancing are inseparable. She, indeed went out of her way to display incredible dance moves and making it her prerogative to enjoy every moment.

At some point her fellow #bbnaija Housemates looked up to her to show them how certain dance moves were done and she didn’t hesitate.

The hotness from the DJ’s compilation had the #bbnaija Housemates sweating and only because the songs were too good and familiar to the Housemates to miss any beat.

The decision from most of the ladies not to wear any make up was a smart move from their side which could have been a ruin and gone to waste for the efforts they put into their dancing.

On the contrary however, Khloe was the only one who surely put an effort in doing her face, and even though she danced a couple times, she had on and off moments at the party.

Her little corner in the party room accommodated her more than the ground on the dance floor and her unbothered face showed how ready she was to be out of the party.

It would be unfair to mention how good the #bbnaija Housemates looked in their pyjamas without pointing out how the in-House couple were the only ones with matching outfits.

Even though the duo hardly danced together, the animal printed, green and silky pyjamas shouted ‘couple goals’ more than anything else.

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#BBNaija 2018 Day 69: Nina, Every Housemates Favourite

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The #bbnaija housemates have reassured Nina that they would do all they can to ensure that she remains the sweet young woman that she is. This assertion came after she told her Housemates that, apart from losing her boyfriend from outside, Collins, her biggest fear is people criticising her.

Anto advised her to not change but put a lot of effort in doing things. She added that Nina still has a lot to learn about life, she should improve her listening skills and must always listen to understand instead of rushing to answer.

Like big sisters would do, Khloe emphasised on Anto’s points adding that she never thought she would get to like her when they initially met, but her sweet heart has changed her perception of how she feels. Khloe continued to let her know that she should know when to draw the lines, as she tends to get carried away.

While the #bbnaija Housemates were enjoying heart to heart discussions in the Jacuzzi, Cee-C also took the time to let Anto know on how they missed the friendship train.

She told her that they could have been friends, if not for Anto’s misconceived perception of her person, which has hindered those efforts. Anto agreed with Cee-C and it wasn’t long before Tobi learned that Cee-C blames Anto and Alex for their failed attempt at Love.

As always, Khloe gave her own thoughts and by the looks of it, she seemed out to get Tobi. While he and Anto lay comfortably on his bed, Khloe made mention of the fact that Tobi was getting touchy and was all in his feelings with Anto’s canvas worthy backside.

While all this wasn’t much of an issue, she let Lolu know about it and he extinguished it calmly, saying he believed that Tobi is a respectful man, sarcastically pushing Tobi back to the other side of the line he’d crossed.

While it seems like all is not well, the #bbnaija Housemates retired and let another day dawn on them.

The morning wasn’t all sunshine and blue skies for Rico Swavey, Cee-C and Khloe because due to having missed a session, Lawrence stopped by to force a healthy catch up on them. It appears that is what the #bbnaija housemates needed to blow away the pre-Eviction steam.

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We Deserved To Beat Manchester City- Chris Smalling

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Chris Smalling has insisted that Manchester United deserved their 3-2 victory in Saturday’s crunch local derby against Manchester City.

Smalling scored the winner as Manchester United overturned a two-goal deficit to postpone their neighbours’ title celebrations, and the England international said that he was proud of his team’s second-half fightback.

“At half time we were feeling sorry for ourselves, we wanted to go out there and play with pride and thought we full deserved it in the end,” he told Sky Sports News.

“The first half was terrible, we dropped off didn’t play our game, and could have been out of sight.

“The manager didn’t have to say much at half time as we knew ourselves as players it was a poor performance. He said that we didn’t want to be the clowns standing there watching them get their title.

“City have been fantastic here all season, but we stepped up and won the game.”

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Pep Guardiola Refuses To Criticise His Players After Defeat Vs Manchester United

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has decided not to criticise his players following their 3-2 defeat to Manchester United in .

Manchester City were forced to wait another week to wrap up the league title after squandering a two-goal lead at the Etihad Stadium, but the Spaniard felt that his team’s performance was satisfactory.

“We did everything, the quality was really good. The first half the game was almost won we were almost there, in 10 minutes they recovered,” Guardiola told Sky Sports News.

“A little sad for fans and players, we will try to be in a good mood next Tuesday.”

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Football Papers: All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

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  • Manchester United will demand Neymar in exchange if Paris Saint-Germain try to sign Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial.
  • Real Madrid want Jurgen Klopp if they axe manager Zinedine Zidane at the end of the season.
  • Leicester are ready to buy James Maddison from Norwich – as Riyad Mahrez’s replacement.
  • Russian and Argentinian hooligans are plotting to target England fans at this summer’s World Cup, according to information found on football forums.
  • Newcastle’s takeover by financier Amanda Staveley’s Middle-East backed PCP partners group is back on.
  • UEFA are set to order Liverpool to take action on fans lining the streets around Anfield to “greet” team buses before European games.
  • Pep Guardiola has landed a whopping £20m-a-year new deal at Manchester City.
  • Everton have made Paulo Fonseca their top target to replace Sam Allardyce this summer – with Marco Silva second choice.
  • Newcastle have stepped up their attempt to hijack Everton’s move for Besiktas midfielder Oguzhan Ozyakup.
  • West Ham manager David Moyes watched summer target Ryan Fredericks in midweek.
  • Inter Milan are ready to reignite their interest in Man Utd’s Anthony Martial after doubts were cast over his long-term future at Old Trafford.

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