#BBNaija 2018 Day 77: Anto, Khloe And Lolu Are Evicted From The House

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Anto and Khloe who had been voted back into the #bbnaija House to great acclaim by the #BBBringBack campaign had their dreams come to an end, including that of fellow housemate, Lolu. Just a few days ago, the two had been speculating about the possibility of not making it to the Finale, just as Lolu also had fears of not making it to the finale.

For Khloe, the night of day 77 marked her first Eviction. Khloe one of the two #bbnaija Housemates to have been Disqualified earlier in the season and Anto had returned into the House determined to give the best of themselves.

While Khloe’s sensible and caring side came out more, Anto’s leadership and vulnerability will remain in the #BBNaija chronicles.

For some reason, Lolu had also anticipated his own Eviction having confessed an unusual nervousness. The self-effaced geeky #bbnaija Housemate had entered the House with his simple and unpretentious manners that could nonetheless not be discarded by any of the other more flamboyant characters.

If anything, thanks to his irresistible brains, Lolu has all but offered some sort of sweet revenge to all those whose need for love has gone unfulfilled by winning the minds and hearts of his peers.

While it is hard to see some of these housemates leave the house, especially since it is juat a week to the grand finale, it is hoped that they can take their experiences from the #bbnaija house to have a happier and brigther future.

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