Sweet Codeine, Bitter Responses, And Our Sour Problems!

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Sweet Codeine, Bitter Responses, And Our Sour Problems! By Demilade Osoteku

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Following the release of the BBC Africa Documentary ‘Sweet Sweet codeine: Nigeria Cough Syrup Crisis,’ there has been a loud outcry by the public. Drug and substance abuse is not a new problem in Nigeria; as far back as 1992, academic studies have shown that about 70% of school-aged children in Nigeria abuse drugs.

This piece was written by Demilade Osoteku. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

The Nigerian senate reported that about 3 million bottles of codeine were consumed daily in two Nigerian states (Kano and Jigawa) only and there was no outrage. We are grateful to the BBC Africa Eye team for finally bringing this ravaging menace to the agenda what the Senate committee couldn’t.

If the sights and sounds from the documentary were disturbing, the bitter response of the Nigerian government was more worrisome. Starting with the immediate ban on the importation and production of codeine in Nigeria, and subsequent closure of liquid line or production lines of implicated pharmaceuticals.  The government has addressed this deep-seated problem in a characteristic way – condemn the activity like it is novel, shake a few tables, punish a few scapegoats, and everyone goes to bed. The sour problem of addiction has not gone away and will not go away as quickly as the government wished, except a holistic approach is taken.

Codeine Ban: NAFDAC Wields Big Stick On Emzor, 2 Others

The ability of the government to enforce a ban is doubted. Cannabis is banned in Nigeria but we perceive the smell everywhere we turn whether in the high-end or low-end of the socioeconomic spectrum. To effectively ban the content, the regulators need to have a list of all pharmaceuticals in Nigeria and enforce through a mechanism I seriously doubt it’s efficacy. The short-term effect of the ban and closure will be a skyrocketing price of codeine-containing drugs especially for poor Nigerians who need the drug as we are already seeing, and a black-market supply chain for drug addicts who will still continue to take the drug.

The euphoric enthusiasm in the public will wane soon as we count the real cost of changing things, then another headline catching news takes over our conversations – what academics call the ‘Issue-attention cycle’


The starting point of any action should be quantifying the scale of the problem. The best data available in public space is the Senate committee report of consumption of 3 million bottles of codeine-containing syrup per day in Kano and Jigawa states. There isn’t a lot of clarity in the methodological soundness of arriving at that number. To tackle a problem, the government needs to be able to quantify the scale, by states and local government areas.

The supply, distribution, and demand sides then need to be considered. The (near) exact number of codeine-based syrup bottles in circulation, who produces them and how they are distributed need to be estimated on the supply side. This should not only be limited to codeine but to other addictive prescription drugs like tramadol and others. Applying pressure through monitoring of suppliers has a better chance of controlling the quantity of the drug in circulation than an ineffective outright ban.

On the distribution side, regulators like NAFDAC and NDLEA need to incorporate other actors like the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN). PCN’s responsibility should be beyond getting registration and licence renewal fees, but also hold its members more accountable. Funding may be a problem for non-revenue generating organizations like the NDLEA but not the PCN. The PCN leadership should be questioned regularly by the national assembly and held responsible for the conduct of pharmacists and patent medical vendors it certifies.

How Codeine Is Creating A Generation Of Addicts In Nigeria

On the demand side, a probe to find the contemporary reasons why people resort to intoxication through ‘highness’ or ‘slow’ as it is referred to on the street matters. Peer pressure, experimenting, lack of parental care, easy access to drugs, or whatever the diagnostics find out, solutions to the demand side problems need to be localized as much as possible. Blanket solutions that legislation or bans give may not solve the problem entirely, we need a more behavioural driven approach.

Above all, this demand, distribution, and supply-side initiatives need to be institutionalized beyond the euphoria of the moment.


Behavioural change communication designed to tackle the root cause of why people resort to addictive drugs should be implemented for a more sustainable solution. Every communication avenue from radio, TV, social media, short drama, posters, flyers, community-based organizations, youth group, schools, religious organizations, and youth gathering points need to be explored.  The communication must be to encourage substance abusers and those already addicted to seek proper care. People addicted do not need to be stigmatized but viewed as ordinary people who made mistakes like the rest of us do.

To accommodate the inflow of people expected to seek care, the government and NGOs need to rise to the occasion. The gory sight of the Kano State Relief and Rehabilitation Board centre filmed in the documentary was sufficient to scare addicts needing help away. Who would want to be tied to a tree, chained to the floor like an animal when they can still live their ‘normal lives’ with a steady supply of codeine, tramadol or others? The government needs more and better rehabilitation centres. Underfunding is painted on the walls and doors of those rehabilitation centres and the tertiary mental health facilities will not be able to handle the volume of new clients needing all kinds of care if the problem is tackled head-on. The private sector and non-profit and voluntary sector organizations need to offer complementary or supplementary services to the government provided services.


Davido’s music video “Assurance” was released around when the BBC documentary was released. While “Assurance” has assuredly gotten over 4.5 million views on YouTube, the BBC documentary just crossed 800,000 views.  “Science student”, a song by rapper Olamide which was initially banned for promoting drug abuse but had a video with “Say no 2 Drug Abuse” painted over it had been viewed 6.8 million times since its release in February 2018. This points to how far and wide Nigerian music can travel especially among the youth. The music scene which has been credited with contributing to the rise in the adoption of codeine, tramadol and other addictive drugs can also play a role in campaigning against it.

The current way business is approached with profit as the sole objective needs to also evolve rapidly. Entrepreneurship comes with a bigger burden than just making a profit, it comes with a great dose of responsibility. Business development executives of companies shown in the BBC video were willing to sell the addictive drugs even to sellers who confessed they were selling it to students as long as some profit for their companies was in the offing. The success of the business development executive is judged by their sales volume with ethical concerns being downplayed. Businesses and their employees need to see themselves more as responsible citizens and not just profit-making behemoth.

Codeine Ban: Lagos Unveils New Strategy To Tackle Drug Abuse

Overall, tackling the addiction challenge of codeine, tramadol, and other prescription drugs is not just a regulatory or legislation affair, a holistic package of hard and soft power involving all stakeholders need to be exerted to see the end of addiction from all prescription drugs. Behavioural changes through ‘nudges’ will be necessary as there are still several addiction avenues apart from prescription drugs

Demilade is a public policy analyst studying at the University College London. He can be reached via Twitter @DemiladeOsoteku.

This piece was written by Demilade Osoteku. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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#WorldCupWith360nobs – FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums: Full Stadium Guide To Where Your Favorite Nations Will Play

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With the 2018 FIFA World Cup right around the corner, all of Russia’s state-of-the-art stadiums are in place

This year’s host stadium will be Moscow’s 81,000 capacity Luzhniki, which has been around since the 1950s.

There are so many new stadiums built form ground up, in fact, that the home grounds of some of Russia’s biggest clubs, such as CSKA Moscow’s VEB Arena (opened in 2016) and Dynamo Moscow’s VTB Arena (opened this year), have not been included.

However, there are plenty of newer, more modern designs that will see action in this summer’s tournament.

Luzhniki Stadium

City: Moscow
Capacity: 81,000
Status: Complete

Group games: Russia vs Saudi Arabia, Germany vs Mexico, Portugal vs Morocco, Denmark vs France

Knockout games: Round of 16, semi-final, final


Otkritie Arena (Spartak Stadium)

City: Moscow
Capacity: 45,360
Status: Complete

Group games: Argentina vs Iceland, Poland vs Senegal, Belgium vs Tunisia, Serbia vs Brazil

Knockout games: Round of 16


Krestovsky Stadium (Saint Petersburg Stadium)

City: Saint Petersburg
Capacity: 68,134
Status: Complete

Group games: Morocco vs Iran, Russia vs Egypt, Brazil vs Costa Rica, Nigeria vs Argentina

Knockout games: Round of 16, semi-final, third-place play-off


Fisht Olympic Stadium

City: Sochi
Capacity: 47,659
Status: Complete

Group games: Portugal vs Spain, Belgium vs Panama, Germany vs Sweden, Australia vs Peru

Knockout games: Round of 16, quarter-final


Kazan Arena

City: Kazan
Capacity: 45,379
Status: Complete

Group games:  France vs Australia, Iran vs Spain, Poland vs Colombia, South Korea vs Germany

Knockout games: Round of 16, quarter-final


Cosmos Arena (Samara Arena)

City: Samara
Capacity: 45,568
Status: Under construction (new)

Group games: Costa Rica vs Serbia, Denmark vs Australia, Uruguay vs Russia, Senegal vs Colombia

Knockout games: Round of 16, quarter final


Rostov Arena

City: Rostov
Capacity: 45,000
Status: Under construction (new)

Group games: Brazil vs Switzerland, Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia, South Korea vs Mexico, Iceland vs Croatia

Knockout games: Round of 16


Volgograd Arena

City: Volgograd
Capacity: 45,568
Status: Complete

Group games: Tunisia vs England, Nigeria vs Iceland, Saudi Arabia vs Egypt, Japan vs Poland

Knockout games: None


Nizhny Novgorod Stadium

City: Nizhny Novgorod
Capacity: 44,899
Status: Complete

Group games: Sweden vs South Korea, Argentina vs Croatia, England vs Panama, Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Knockout games: Round of 16, quarter-final


Mordovia Arena

City: Saransk
Capacity: 44,442
Status: Under construction (new)

Group games: Peru vs Denmark, Colombia vs Japan, Iran vs Portugal, Panama vs Tunisia

Knockout games: None


Ekaterinburg Arena

City: Yekaterinburg
Capacity: 35,696
Status: Complete

Group games: Egypt vs Uruguay, France, vs Peru, Japan vs Senegal, Mexico vs Sweden

Knockout games: None


Kaliningrad Stadium

City: Kaliningrad
Capacity: 35,212
Status: Under construction (new)

Group games: Croatia vs Nigeria, Serbia vs Switzerland, Spain vs Morocco, England vs Belgium

Knockout games: None

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2018 Recruitment: DIG Reveals Those Who Won’t Be Employed Into The Police

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Emmanuel Inyang, the Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), in charge of training and manpower developments, has revealed that the Police would not recruit armed robbers and cultists in ongoing recruitment exercise by the force.

Speaking with newsmen in Calabar, the Cross River capital, after monitoring the exercise, the DIG said that he was satisfied with the process but assured that the force would not recruit any armed robber or cultist.

His words: “We have done our homework checks in all the local government areas to make sure that we have not recruited armed robbers and cultists.

“We have also engaged a psychiatrist who will do mental and psychological evaluations of the candidates to diagnose if they are under any influence of drugs or not, we shall not be having accidental discharge any longer.

 “We have also arranged for three consultants: general medical practitioner who will examine them first including chest measurement, blood samples, hearts, health status, thereafter, will examining the eyes, vision etc to make sure they are in proper shape.”

“We had over 300, 000 applications and 132, 000 were successful, so these 132, 000 successful candidates who applied online are the ones to be screened now.

“We are doing this screening all over the country and out of 132, 000, we want to select 6, 000. As I am here, other Deputy Inspector General of Police have been directed to move round other geo-political zones to assist in monitoring the exercise to ensure that the exercise was transparent.

“We don’t want to hear complaint from anybody, that somebody was favoured or somebody was victimized.

“After the screening, the qualified people out of 132, 000 will be subjected to another test, aptitude test and to ensure transparency, this test will be conducted by JAMB.”

The DIG said that after the examinations, the names of successful candidates would be published and the training will start in June 8th 2018.

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2019 Poll: PDP, ADC, SDP, 35 Other Parties Hold Alliance Talks To Unseat Buhari

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With less than a year to the 2019 presidential election, the major opposition parties and third force elements are expected to hold joint and separate talks in the coming days with a view to forging an alliance and supporting one presidential candidate with the sole aim to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Punch reports that some of the parties that will participate in the discussions include the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Olusegun Obasanjo-backed African Democratic Congress (ADC), and the Chief Olu Falae-led Social Democratic Party (SDP) among others.

It is understood that the Nigerian Intervention Movement (NIM), co-chaired by Dr. Olisa Agbakoba (SAN) and Dr. Abdujalil Tafawa-Balewa, has held alliance talks with the Coalition for New Nigeria, a coalition of 35 political parties.

The NIM said in a statement that it was holding separate and joint meetings with the Labour Party, United Progressive Party, Action Democratic Party, Action Alliance and several others.

It stated, “The NIM Coalition team has just ended a marathon coalition talks separately and jointly in Abuja at various locations with the Labour Party, United Progressive Party, Alliance for New Nigeria, Action Democratic Party, and Action Alliance in a process of setting up a national grand electoral alliance for 2019.

“All the parties have, by and large, agreed to the NIM’s terms and therefore asked to go and reaffirm the endorsement of their leadership organs and structures to avoid future problems.

“The MOU with the prospective coalition party and other parties in the electoral alliance will be signed next week after due consultations with their various leadership organs and the steering committee meeting of NIM must have given its nod and endorsement.”

It was learnt that the SDP was expected to hold talks with the NIM next week as well.

The Obasanjo-led Coalition for Nigeria Movement had adopted the ADC as its party.

The National Coordinator of the Obasanjo coalition, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, had told a gathering on Thursday that there was still room for the ADC to forge alliance with other interested parties to oust Buhari in the next general elections.

A source close to Obasanjo said on Saturday that the move had spurred others into action, not wanting to be left out.

The source added, “We have just nine months to the elections and the other groups, especially the NIM, were being slow about it. So, Obasanjo felt time was running out. With what he has done, others have woken up and the alliance talks are beginning to move quicker.

“In the coming days, you will see defections and re-alignments as the main opposition begins to take shape.”

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Man City Boss Pep Guardiola Hails Perfect End To Record-breaking Premier League Season

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola felt Gabriel Jesus’ stoppage-time winner at Southampton was a “perfect” end to a remarkable season as the became the first club to amass 100 Premier League points.

Substitute Gabriel Jesus lobbed the ball over Saints goalkeeper Alex McCarthy with virtually the last kick of the game at St Mary’s following a superb pass from Kevin De Bruyne.

The last-gasp goal – six years to the day since Sergio Aguero’s dramatic title-winning strike against QPR – sparked mayhem among City’s players and travelling support.

And coach Pep Guardiola hailed it as a fitting finale to a record-breaking campaign.

“100 points, still I cannot believe it,” said Guardiola. “100 points is a massive achievement.

“Of course nothing changed before or during the game (in terms of the title) so 97, 98 but we have to play for something.

“During the game we were focused and at the end an excellent pass from Kevin and amazing finish from Gabriel made the difference and achieved that record.

“100 points is a lot; 50 points at home, 50 points away so it means how stable, how good we were all the season.

“Our consistency once again showed up today and did it.

“A lot of goals, concede few, a lot of points, wins at home, wins away; everything was perfect this season and finished the way we deserved to finish.”

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We Deserved To Lose At Newcastle – Antonio Conte

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Antonio Conte has admitted that his Chelsea side were second best during their 3-0 defeat to Newcastle United on the final day of the Premier League season.

Antonio Conte conceded that the Magpies played with more determination than his team, and he took full responsibility for the reverse.

“We deserved to lose because our start wasn’t good and we suffered by losing every ball. Newcastle were more determined than us. We didn’t lose our Champions League place today, we had chances in the last two games, but to finish the season this way is not good for anyone connected to the club,” Conte told reporters in his post-match press conference.

“When you are at the end of the season, this performance can happen, but the first person to answer for this must be the coach. I wasn’t able to convey that determination to my players.”

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CBN Tells Nigerian Bank Users To Reject Dirty Naira Notes

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has urged Nigerian bank customers to demand new naira notes from their respective banks and reject dirty ones.

Speaking in an interview with NAN in Lagos State on Thursday, Isaac Okorafor, CBN spokesman, said commercial banks are sabotaging its effort in replacing mutilated notes with new ones.

Okorafor said the apex bank is aware of the development and has taken several measures in addressing the issue of mutilated notes in the circulation.

“The [central] bank has already taken the new measure to Kano, Kaduna and Abuja and also intends to bring it to the south,” he said.

He advised customers to start rejecting the dirty notes from banks, saying they have the right to demand for new Naira notes from banks.

According to him, one of the steps taken to mop up the mutilated notes from the system was reduction in the amount CBN charges banks for sorting the dirty notes for clean ones from N12,000 to N1,000 per box.

Another measure, he said, was the reduction in charges for the commercial banks which lasted for three months from January 2 to March 28 was to encourage them to bring back more dirty notes.

According to him, the charges were raised to N2,000 per box after the March 28 deadline.

He explained that the opportunity was limited to lower denomination naira notes comprising N50, N20 N10 notes.

Mr Okorafor noted that the CBN also adopted the option of withdrawing the unfit notes from circulations rather than depending on the commercial banks, adding that the bank is now engaging various market associations to encourage traders change genuine dirty notes for new ones at no cost to the trader.

He said the issue was giving leadership of the apex bank serious concerns, but assured that it would soon become a thing of the past.

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‘Fayemi Will Suffer The Worst Political Defeat Of His Career In July’ – Fayose Boasts

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Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has told his predecessor, John Kayode Fayemi, not to celebrate yet as his victory at the rescheduled governorship primary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) held on Saturday is Pyrrhic victory.

Fayemi picked the APC ticket on Saturday, beating all comers to the highly-coveted prize at a rescheduled primary election.

But reacting to this on Sunday via a statement issued and signed by Idowu Adelusi, his Chief Press Secretary, Fayose said Fayemi’s victory had only positioned the Minister for Solid Minerals Development for a defeat that will land him in political oblivion.

“In 2014 when he was the sitting governor and I was not in power, I trounced him mercilessly. I gave him 16 – 0, defeating him in all the local governments, including in his home town. He did not win a single local government,” Fayose taunted his opponent.

“Now, I have been in power for more than three years and have served the people of Ekiti well. My legacy projects are there to speak for me, and for my party the PDP, as well as for our candidate in the July 14 governorship election, Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka.

“Fayemi will suffer the worst defeat of his political career. After the July 14 election, he will go into political oblivion. He has nothing to celebrate because of the electoral disaster awaiting him. The manner of his so-called victory also leaves much to be desired as it has turned many of their party leaders and followers against him.

“Fayemi’s victory has made the condition of APC worse in Ekiti. The party leaders and members know that Fayemi has no use for any of them beyond the July 14 election.”

Fayose appealed to aggrieved former PDP members who are now in the APC to return home, saying: “PDP is your natural habitat. This is the time for you to escape from the APC’s sinking boat and return home to a rousing welcome.

“We also invite other politicians not satisfied with the parlous state of affairs of our nation to join hands with PDP to rescue our nation.

“APC is falling apart everywhere. Fayemi is the final nail on APC’s coffin in Ekiti. He may deceive them in Abuja but he is a paperweight at home. His arrogance alienates Ekiti people and any serious politician from him. He will meet his political waterloo on July 14.”

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Football Papers: All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossip Today

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  • Manchester United are lining up a sensational swoop for Paris Saint-Germain megastar Neymar.
  • Manchester United are in a panic over Marcus Rashford after he told Old Trafford pals he is unhappy at the club – and that will trigger a new deal for the young striker after the World Cup.
  • Wilfried Zaha is closing in on a £50m move to Manchester City.
  • Southampton keeper Alex McCarthy is being monitored by Arsenal, Liverpool and Premier League new boys Wolves.
  • Liverpool legend Dirk Kuyt says Steven Gerrard was the greatest player he ever lined up with – and he is backing him to excel as a manager too.
  • Wolves want Manchester United outcast Victor Lindelof on loan next season.
  • Arsenal are chasing Bayer Leverkusen keeper Bernd Leno.
  • Everton are hot on the heels of Tottenham’s Danny Rose.
  • Fulham want an incredible £100m for Manchester United target Ryan Sessegnon.
  • Unai Emery is the shock managerial name on West Ham’s radar.
  • Sam Allardyce is set to leave Everton in a matter of days as part of a dramatic shake-up by Farhad Moshiri.
  • Manchester City believe they have finally signed Riyad Mahrez from Leicester from £65m.
  • Massimiliano Allegri wants Arsenal to pledge a £200m transfer kitty before he becomes their boss.
  • Jack Wilshere is being urged to stay at Arsenal by pals after “underwhelming” interest from top clubs.
  • Pep Guardiola is taking on old club Barcelona to sign the ‘new Yaya Toure’ – teenager Moriba Kourouma.
  • Liverpool have been forced to pay extra for Naby Keita after RB Leipzig secured a spot in next season’s Europa League.
  • Manchester United are camped out at Fulham games to keep their file on Ryan Sessegnon up to date, but the Cottagers want £100m for the teenager.
  • Wolves will hold talks with Benik Afobe and parent club Bournemouth when they return from their Las Vegas trip tomorrow.
  • Crystal Palace are checking on Werder Bremen midfielder Thomas Delaney.
  • Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe has put Leicester winger Demarai Gray and Sheffield United striker David Brooks on his summer shopping list.
  • Mikel Arteta has emerged as the strongest rival to Max Allegri for the Arsenal job with the club moving closer to settling on a preferred candidate.
  • Chelsea are still deliberating between Maurizio Sarri and Luis Enrique as they weigh up how best to replace head coach Antonio Conte and try to convince Eden Hazard to stay at the club.
  • Liverpool are weighing up whether to report Borussia Monchengladbach for an illegal approach to Rhian Brewster, who now looks certain to join the Bundesliga club at the end of the season.
  • Joe Allen could leave relegated Stoke City for £25m this summer – if a top-six Premier League club comes in for him.
  • Joe Hart faces a crucial week in his career with the goalkeeper set to return to Manchester City for talks over his future and Gareth Southgate due to name his 23-man England World Cup squad.
  • Unai Emery has emerged as the clear favourite to replace Arsene Wenger who waves goodbye to Arsenal at Huddersfield.
  • Arsenal have pinpointed Napoli centre-back Kalidou Koulibaly as the man to improve their failing defence.
  • Manchester City are focusing their efforts on signing Jorginho and Riyad Mahrez for around £110m.
  • Everton have invited Wayne Rooney’s representatives for crisis talks over the former England captain’s future.
  • Mikel Arteta, Patrick Vieira and Hoffenheim manager Julian Nagelsmann are all due to be interviewed for the Arsenal job with a decision expected to be made in the next two weeks and announced before the World Cup starts.
  • David Moyes is set to leave West Ham after today’s game against Everton.
  • Rafa Benitez will meet Newcastle United managing director Lee Charnley tomorrow for talks which will determine his future on Tyneside.
  • Mikel Arteta has emerged as an increasingly strong contender to replace Arsene Wenger as the Arsenal manager, with members of staff at the club now expecting him to be offered the job.
  • Paris Saint-Germain will attempt to make Paul Pogba their marquee signing this summer if they lose Neymar to Real Madrid.
  • Wolves are chasing Sunderland teenager Joel Asoro.
  • Stuttgart want Manchester City right-back Pablo Maffeo and are prepared to offer £8m when the transfer window opens.
  • Celtic’s Mikael Lustig has slammed Scottish artificial pitches and urged the SPFL to punish clubs who don’t cut their grass.

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My Players Have Been Unbelievable This Season – Jurgen Klopp

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has described his players as “unbelievable” and backed them to go from strength to strength next season.

Liverpool secured a top-four spot on the final day of the Premier League campaign thanks to their 4-0 win over Brighton & Hove Albion at Anfield.

Jurgen Klopp acknowledged that Manchester City were effectively in a league of their own this term and was pleased to have edged Liverpool into the Champions League places.

In addition, the former Borussia Dortmund coach paid tribute to Mohamed Salah, who won the Golden Boot with 32 goals and set a new Premier League record for the highest number of goals by one player in a single 38-game campaign.

“What the boys did this season was unbelievable,” the German told Sky Sports News at full time.

“We missed Adam Lallana for the whole year and I can’t believe we have achieved this without him. I’m really proud of the boys, a nearly perfect season. We had no chance to challenge Man City so the only thing you can go for is a Champions League spot. It is a big thing.

“When everyone tells you you are fantastic all season it is hard to stay on track so I am pleased with Mohamed Salah. Congratulations to Man City, it is incredible to get 100 pionts, Thoroughly deserved. We need more consistency to challenge and a little bit more luck with injuries.

“We have got a lot of experience from this season. We have matured and we will do that again. In our good moments it is not easy to play better football. We will add to the squad, we need more players but I’m a big believer in developing the team. These boys made a big step.”

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Bride Bolts As Groom Fails To Provide Traditional Marriage Items

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The police in Suleja, Niger State, have confirmed the arrest of the parents and relation of a bride, who disappeared after her wedding, refusing to go to her husband’s home.

The arrest of the trio followed a complaint to the police by their son in-law, Shuaib Dauda, for the sudden disappearance of their daughter few hours after wedding.

Mr Dauda earns a living as an auto mechanic.

Aliyu Lawal, officer-in-charge of Kaduna-Road police outpost in Suleja, gave the confirmation to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday.

Mr Lawal, a police inspector, said the incident occurred on May 6 when the bridegroom complained to the police that the people he sent to the bride’s home to fetch her, in accordance with the tradition, did not see her.

Mr Lawal said the footdragging by the brides’ family to deliver the bride to the bridegroom led to the disruption of peace in the area, hence the arrest of the parents and the marriage guardian.

“They were arrested on Sunday, May 6, and granted bail on Monday May 7,” he said.

But Abubakar Haruna, popularly known as Zakiru and a resident of Hayi along Kaduna Road, told NAN that he gave out two daughters same day, Fiddausi to Mr Dauda and Saliha to one Muhammadu Murtala.

He said before the marriage, Mr Dauda and Mr Murtala promised to comply with all the religious and traditional obligations for the marriage such as the dowry and buying of clothes and boxes for the brides.

“After the wedding ceremony, Dauda said he could not afford to buy the clothes and boxes to the bride as promised earlier.

“Fiddausi, realising that Murtala (the husband to Saliha) had redeemed his promise and presented the traditional gifts and Dauda did not, ran away to the neighbouring house until her bridegroom fulfilled his own promise,’’ he said.

Mr Haruna said already beddings, traditional kitchen wares, furniture and other domestic utensils had been taken to Dauda’s home, ahead of the conveyance of Fiddausi to her new home.

He explained that while they were searching for Fiddausi, the team sent by the bridegroom to fetch Fiddausi to the matrimonial home hinted Mr Dauda of the sudden disappearance of the bride.

He claimed Mr Dauda mobilised his friends who stormed his compound, insisting that Fiddausi must be produced. In the process they molested him and brutalised his wife, named Bayi.

“Some other female guests from Kano were also brutalised, food items and other valuables they brought for the wedding ceremony were stolen by the hoodlums who attacked us for our alleged failure to produce the bride,’’ Mr Haruna said.

Mr Haruna said while the hoodlums were molesting his family and his guests, the police officers from Kaduna Road outpost arrested him, his wife and his younger brother who is also the marriage guardian. The latter was identified as Umar Musa.

Mr Haruna dismissed the allegation by the police that he was arrested for disrupting public peace in the community. Rather, he explained that the police asked him to refund N260,000 to Dauda, being the amount he spent on the marriage.

Mr Haruna said when he failed to pay the money as demanded, he was detained together with his wife and his younger brother by the police.

According to him, they were detained overnight at the police outpost and were granted bail following the intervention of his lawyer, Aliyu Musa.

He said the bail was obtained on the condition that they would bring the money the following day or risk prosecution.

Meanwhile, Fiddausi has returned to her father’s house. (NAN)

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It Will Feel Strange At Arsenal Next Season Without Arsene Wenger – Aaron Ramsey

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Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey has admitted that it will feel “strange” at the club without Arsene Wenger next season.

Arsene Wenger , who has been at the helm of the Gunners since 1996, saw out his final game in charge of the North Londoners in Sunday’s 1-0 victory at Huddersfield Town.

Ramsey admitted that Arsenal’s players were desperate to secure a first Premier League away win of 2018 and bid farewell to their boss on a high note.

“We wanted that away win,” the Welshman told BBC Sport at full time. “We hadn’t managed to do that yet so it was important and end Arsene’s final game with a win.

“He told us to go out, play how we wanted and win. It is going to be strange without him next season but he has been brilliant and we will forever be thankful.

“He has been monumental for the club and leaves it in a much, much better place than when he took over. He has won many games, many trophies and gone through a season unbeaten. He is a legend in this league.

“It will be strange not seeing him around in pre-season but change happens. I am sure whoever comes in, this club is in a fantastic place for them to put their stamp on it. Arsene has created a fantastic team here that is capable of going on with a few tweaks.”

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Arsene Wenger Revelas Sadness As His Arsenal Reign Ends

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Departing Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has admitted to feeling “sad” rather than relieved as his tenure at the club came to an end after 22 years at the helm.

Arsene Wenger, who has managed the Gunners since 1996, oversaw his final game in charge of the club in Sunday’s 1-0 win at Huddersfield Town.

Speaking to BBC Sport at full time, Wenger expressed his delight at ending his reign on a winning note and was also pleased for the opposition, who will enjoy a second season in the Premier League next term.

“Of course it is very emotional after 1,235 games for the same club,” said Wenger. “To enjoy it we had to win it, winning football games is what makes me happy and the boys did it. It was a good day for everyone with Huddersfield staying up too.

“Do I feel relief? Not really, I’m sad. At some stage it has to end, I wish everyone well, the fans have been great until the end and I wish the club well for the future.

“It will be hard to adjust of course but I will have to deal with that. I want to wish this group of players well and the staff coming in, I will remain an Arsenal fan above everything else.”


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Simi Reveals How She Truly Felt When Her Mum Remarried

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Nigerian Singer who was the Chief bride’s maid on her mother’s wedding has revealed how she felt when her mother finally made decision to remarry.

In a recent interview with Saturday beats, Simi expressed a feeling of happiness and joy as her mother found love again after her father passed away in 2014.

She said;

“I am very happy for my mother and her marriage, I am happy she has found love and I wish them a lifetime of happiness,” she said.

Slowly and gradually, her mother is becoming a sensation online as most of her Instagram posts go viral mostly because she makes them hilarious. The singer told Saturday Beats that she was the one that created an Instagram account for her mother a long while ago.

“I was the one that created an Instagram account for my mother but I did it to canvass for votes for a particular project at the time. She never used it after that and she never really had the password, so I do not know how she got a hold of the account.

My mother is a very funny person and the life of every party. I have always known this about her but everyone around me is just noticing that about her.

Most times, I don’t see her posts on time so my friends would call my attention to something she must have posted.

I feel it is cool that everyone is seeing that side of her. My mum has always been active on Facebook, so I am not surprised that she is now active on Instagram. She is a very funny person,”

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