NFF Affirms Pinnick As President, Re-Absorbs Giwa’s Club Into NNL, Orders Domestic Leagues To Resume

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NFF Affirms Pinnick As President, Re-absorbs Giwa’s Club Into NNL, Orders Domestic Leagues To Resume

In what appears to be moves to resolve the crisis among the leadership of the country’s football federation, the Executive Committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), on Thursday passed a vote of confidence on the Amaju Pinnick-led Executive Committee, affirming that it remained the duly elected committee recognised by FIFA.

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Arising from an extraordinary general assembly congress, the NFF also resolved to lift the ban on Chris Giwa and his collaborators on the condition that they withdraw their court case against the NFF.

The congress also mandated the NFF to reabsorb Giwa FC back into the Nigeria National League (NNL) after the club was expelled from the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) for breaching the regulations of the League Management Company (LMC).

Scared Of FIFA Ban? DSS Storms NFF Secretariat, Ejects Chris Giwa

Bear in mind that Pinnick is facing a challenge to his position from Giwa, who claims he was elected on August 2014 and, acting on the basis of an interim court order, has taken control of the NFF.

But while speaking during an interview with pressmen on July 13, FIFA President, Gianni Infantino, didn’t mince his words as he stated vehemently that FIFA recognises only Pinnick as the NFF president.

Meanwhile, see full copy of the communique below:

1. The NFF Extra Ordinary General Assembly (Congress) was convened pursuant to the provisions of Article 29 (Extra Ordinary General Assembly) of the NFF Statutes, 2010; with the sole agenda to review the current situation of Nigerian Football and come up with recommendations and solutions to protect and promote the integrity of Association Football in Nigeria.

2. In attendance at the Congress were representatives of the 44 affiliates of the NFF, comprising of chairmen and secretaries of the affiliates.

3. The Congress, having been briefed by the NFF Executive Committee on the current situation of Nigeria Football, deliberated upon and reviewed all the issues, and arrived at the following resolutions:

a) The Congress expressed appreciation to the Federal Government and, in particular, President Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR), for the continuous support the Government has been giving football development, including the unequivocal endorsement of the applicability in Nigeria of the tenets of Association Football, in line with the best international practices. The Congress duly appreciates this support, as it is clearly the panacea that would drive sustainable football development in Nigeria.

b) Affirmed that Association Football is governed by Statutes (NFF and FIFA Statutes) and clearly set out rules and regulations, to which all members and participants in Association Football voluntarily subscribe and, are obligated to respect and uphold.

c) Emphasized that the adoption of the operation of the NFF Statutes in Nigeria (Management and Regulation of football activities in Nigeria) was duly approved and endorsed by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) at its meeting of Wednesday January 5th, 2005 Conclusion EC (2005) 1st Meeting. The National Assembly also duly approved and endorsed this decision of Federal Government. Furthermore, the Federal Government also duly provided a written undertaking to FIFA in 2007, as a condition for Nigeria’s further membership and participation in FIFA and its activities, to guarantee that NFF is strictly organized, administered and regulated in line with the NFF Statutes.

d) That, consequent upon a previous oral undertaking which culminated in the written one in the same terms by the Federal Government, since 2006, football in Nigeria has been administered in line with the Federation’s Statutes, which clearly prohibits any member or stakeholder from taking football matter to ordinary court of law.

e) Furthermore, the rules of Association Football (NFF and FIFA Statutes) which strictly forbids any member from taking football matters to ordinary courts of law, rather provides internal mechanisms within the football statutes to resolve any disputes and/ or grievances of any member. Indeed, it is a precondition and obligation for all FIFA members to agree to these simple principles as a condition for membership of FIFA and/or participation in FIFA events and programs. In view of this, every genuine stakeholder in Association Football has the obligation to abide by these rules and regulations and follow the laid out processes to ventilate any grievances.

f) Duly noted the current unwarranted happenings in Nigeria football occasioned by the fact that some stakeholders, flagrantly, and in clear violations of the football rules and regulations have taken football matters to ordinary courts of law, over election matters that have since been resolved by the Court of Arbitration for Sports, Switzerland, in line with the applicable football rules and regulations.

g) Affirmed, without equivocation, that the only valid NFF elections held in 2014 is the September 30th, 2014 elections in Warri, in which the entire stakeholders and Congress participated and voted in and, was won by Amaju Melvin Pinnick and other members of his Executive Committee, as endorsed by FIFA.

h) Affirmed that issue of 2014 NFF elections has been duly disposed of by the Court of Arbitration for Sports (CAS) in Switzerland with its ruling of May 18, 2015, upon a petition against FIFA and NFF by Chris Giwa and others. This clearly establishes that the matter has been disposed of from a legal perspective in line with the applicable and binding Association Football rules and regulations. Therefore, there is no basis or foundation for the current court actions in the Federal High Court, Jos in Suit no FHC/J/CS/177/2014 over the same matter as it is clearly ultra vires to football rules and regulations. It is simply an unnecessary distraction to and detraction from the sustainable growth of football in Nigeria and has the potential to get Nigeria suspended from being a member of the global football family, FIFA.

i) Affirmed that the NFF did not take any matter to ordinary courts but is obligated to file appeals, motions and applications to defend the suits filed against the NFF by these stakeholders. Indeed, the NFF has filed a Motion on Notice, since 2014, to challenge the jurisdiction of the courts to hear this suit since the matter is purely a football matter, subject to the rules and regulations of Association Football. This motion is still pending and yet to be decided. The Congress duly empowered the NFF Executive Committee to continue to explore all available legal means to protect Association Football against any affront.

a9) The Congress unanimously resolved that henceforth any member of the football family that takes any football matter to the ordinary courts of law would be automatically expelled from all football activities with immediate effect from the date of filing such proceedings or law suit.

aa) The foregoing notwithstanding, the Congress having duly deliberated on the current situation and, in view of the calls from all stakeholders to provide a lasting solution to the current situation, approved the provision of the following window for any stakeholder, including Chris Giwa and his collaborators, with a pending court case to retrace their steps and reconcile with the football family upon the fulfilment of following terms:

1) Ensure the dismissal of all pending Court cases against NFF and its leadership, within 2 weeks of this resolution.

2) File affidavits in court to affirm to be bound by and uphold the football statutes and, undertake not to take any football matter to court but, to resolve any disputes and/or grievances within the available alternative dispute resolutions mechanism enshrined in the football statutes.

3) Upon the fulfilment of 1 and 2 above, the Congress hereby empowers the NFF Executive Committee to immediately commence the process of unbanning and or removing any penalties on persons that are currently under sanctions for breaches of the NFF Statutes, provided they first comply fully by withdrawing the court cases and filing the required affidavits.

ab) The Congress also reviewed the matter of Giwa FC, that was expelled from the NPFL in 2016 and, affirmed that the club was expelled not on account of any crisis in Nigerian football and/or the claim or challenge by Chris Giwa to NFF leadership, but for multiple breaches of the framework and rules of the league (deliberately missing 3 cumulative matches within a season). Congress noted that Giwa FC had the opportunity to appeal the decision through the league rules and other football mechanisms but instead, approached the ordinary courts by filing a suit at the Jos High Court to challenge the league ruling, including contempt proceedings against the league leadership. Congress noted also that the matter was eventually decided by the Court of Appeal, Jos in favour of the League. However, the Congress further noted that Giwa FC was never expelled from participating in league football totally but relegated to the lower league as provided in the league rules. Consequently, as part of reconciliation, the Congress has mandated the Executive Committee to, upon application by Giwa FC, immediately permit the registration of Giwa FC to commence participation in the 2018 Nigeria National League. All matches are to be rescheduled in the league to accommodate the club and NFF shall provide reasonable support to the clubs in the division to accommodate these additional matches with Giwa FC, which are not captured in their budgets.

ac) The Congress as part of the wider reconciliation efforts, has mandated and approved for the NFF Electoral Committee elected by the Congress pursuant to the NFF Statutes at the NFF General Assembly in Jos, October19th 2017, to immediately take and acknowledge the following steps:

1) Review the ongoing NFF electoral processes, guidelines and reopen the process for any qualified interested stakeholder to participate, including those that may qualify after meeting the set conditions of taking football matters out of ordinary courts as outlined above.

2) Adjust the election calendar to a suitable date in view of the fact that CAF has fixed its Extra Ordinary General Assembly in Egypt on the same date as the proposed NFF Elective Congress (September 29th 2018).

3) Accordingly, the Congress has unanimously approved and endorsed the suspension of all provision of the NFF Statutes, Electoral Code and Elections Guidelines that are time-bound to ensure the seamless implementation of the above directives and approval by the Electoral Committee.

4) All candidates for elections must undertake to work with the entire football family whether they are ultimately successful, or not, at the elections.

ad) The Congress implored all stakeholders interested in being part of NFF Executive Committee to subject themselves to and come through the legitimate electoral process as outlined in the statutes and, assures all parties of the support of the football family; provided they assume their positions through the legitimate process.

ae) The Congress further approved for the Executive Committee to take all necessary steps and actions where necessary to bring the entire football family together and ensure all parties are working for the overall interest of football.

af) The Congress implored the National Assembly to fast-track the conclusion of the NFF Bill, which has already passed third reading in both chambers and awaiting harmonization and transmittal to the President/C-in-C for assent. The Congress noted that the NFF Bill would provide the platform that would completely eliminate most of the current challenges being experienced and ensure the sustainable development of football in Nigeria. The Congress further noted that the NFF Statutes would consequently be duly amended to conform to the current realities of modern football management and the provisions of the NFF Bill as well as ensure inclusivity and optimization of service delivery at all levels

ag) The Congress expressed its unreserved apology to all the Football stakeholders, sponsors, partners, and all Nigerians for the current unwarranted situation of Nigerian Football and assures all parties that all necessary steps would be taken to resolve the issues, as outlined above and strategies implemented to ensure these issues never recur.

ah) The Congress mandated the Executive Committee to ensure the commencement of all football programs, including Leagues, Aiteo Cup, Zenith Bank U13 & U15 Future Eagles Championship, among others, and directed the relevant NFF standing committees to appropriate support in this regard.

ai) The Congress expressed its congratulations to the NFF President, Mr. Amaju Melvin Pinnick for his nomination as CAF 1st Vice-President, and enjoined all stakeholders to rally round him to provide all the support needed to ensure he successfully delivers on his mandate.

b9) Congress expressed appreciation to the Government and people of Edo State, particularly His Excellence, Governor Godwin Obaseki and Members of his cabinet, for the support given to the NFF Congress to hold its Extra-Ordinary General Assembly in Benin City.

ba) The Congress passed a vote of confidence on President Amaju Pinnick and the NFF Executive Committee under his headship for their laudable leadership and management of Nigerian Football.

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Gov Umahi Bans APC From Using Abakaliki Stadium For Rally

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In Ebonyi: Gov Umahi Bans APC From Using Abakaliki Stadium For Rally

Ebonyi State Governor, David Umahi, has barred members of the All Progressives Congress, Ebonyi State Chapter, from using the Abakaliki Township Stadium as venue for its forthcoming rally.

It is believed that the rally is scheduled to hold on Saturday.

Speaking through his Chief Press Secretary, Emmanuel Uzor, on Thursday, while addressing members of the State Chapter of the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria during a courtesy visit, the governor announced that the stadium was undergoing reconstruction work, including asphalting of the entire premises and installation of floodlights, The Punch reports.

“I urge the opposition All Progressives Congress in the state to look elsewhere for its proposed rally slated for Saturday.

“The Abakaliki Stadium it vowed to use for the rally is still undergoing reconstruction and renovation,” the governor said.

 “Abakaliki Stadium, as you all know, has been under reconstruction and as I am talking to you, the asphalt work at the back of the stadium is ongoing and the illumination of the floodlight and the popular stand are ongoing too.”

The Governor reiterated that any political activity in the stadium, especially by a particular party that is divided along different factions, will jeopardise the construction work in the stadium.

“We believe in accommodating all the different voices, especially different parties in the state.

“We don’t want to stifle any opposition. Any opposition with credible integrity that wants to do anything is free to do it; but as for the stadium, you’ll notice for some time that even the state government has not done anything in the stadium because of the work going on there”

“So, I want to use this opportunity to tell the faction of the APC to start looking for an alternative.

“Of course, they have their own stadium at Nkwegu Ugballa Grand Arena. The rally can be held there.”

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Remembering Fela Kuti 21 Years After His Death | Here Are What You Probably Didn’t Know About Him

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Remembering Fela Kuti 21 Years After His Death | Here Are Some Facts You Should Know About The Afrobeat Legend

Today, August 2, 2018 marks the 21st anniversary of the death of Afrobeat legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, also professionally known as Fela Kuti.

On this day in 1997, the prominent Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, musician, composer, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre and human rights activist, passed away yet his influence on music all over the world still lives on.

His legacy in Afrobeat has set the pace for what we know Nigerian music as today, and it has become one of our biggest exports. Today, many of our most popping artists pay homage to him through their sound and style, from the likes of Wizkid, J.Cole and even Beyoncé.

We bring you some facts you thought you knew about the king of Afrobeat.

  • His dad, Israel Ransome Kuti was a founding member of both the Nigerian Union of Teachers and Nigerian Union of Students.
  • Fela stopped using his surname Ransome-Kuti because felt ‘Ransome’ was a slave name, so he adopted a Yoruba name Anikulapo which means “He who has death in his pocket.”
  • He formed his first band Koola Lobitos in 1963 but the name was later changed to ‘The Afrika 70’ and later to ‘Egypt 80 Band.’
  • When he returned to Nigeria in 1963, Fela trained with the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation as a radio producer.
  • Fela is a first cousin to the Nigerian writer and Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka, the first African to win the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • He formed the Movement of the People, a political party in 1979 and also sought to contest for the presidency that year but he was rejected.
  • His mother Olufunmilayo Ransome-Kuti was instrumental to the abolition of the separate taxes for women in 1953.
  • Fela set up a nightclub in the Empire Hotel, first named the Afro-Spot and then the Afrika Shrine, where he both performed regularly and officiated at personalized Yoruba traditional ceremonies in honour of his nation’s ancestral faith.
  • The late Afrobeat king was banned from Ghana in 1978 after a riot broke out during his concert in Accra while he was performing the song “Zombie”.
  • In 1978, Fela was named in the Guinness book of record for marrying 27 women in a single wedding ceremony.

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CBN Introduces New Security Strategy To Combat Internet Fraud In Nigeria

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CBN Introduces New Security Strategy To Curb Internet Fraud In Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) says it is developing a Risk Based Cyber Security Framework for banks and payment service providers to combat internet fraud in the country.

The Central Bank Governor, Mr Godwin Emefiele, said this on Thursday in Abuja at the 2018 Nigeria-JP Morgan Chase Cyber Security Conference.

Emefiele, who was represented by the Deputy-Governor, Financial System Stability, Mrs Aisha Ahmad, said the framework would ensure appropriate cyber security of data in Nigeria’s banking system.

“Technology has transformed the way we learn, communicate, deliver services, conduct financial transactions and even experience entertainment.

“However, these new conveniences of modern technology have ushered in complex security challenges and cybercrime.

“These range from identity and intellectual property theft, phishing, email spamming, virus dissemination to sophisticated hacking and theft by digital crime syndicates.

“A recent study by the IMF estimated global annual losses from cyber-attacks to be close to nine per cent of banks’ net income or around 100 billion dollars,” he said.

Emefiele reiterated the CBN’s commitment to strengthening the regulatory and supervisory framework for cyber risk in the country.

Mr John Ayoh, the Director, Information and Communication Technology Department in CBN, said that the CBN had a strong cyber-security model in place to protect its systems against attacks.

He said the CBN had improved its technology expertise to ensure that computers and other devices used by its staff could not be easily hacked.

In addition, he said that the payment system, particularly the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, had also been reviewed to ensure security of the financial system.

Mr Folashodun Shonubi, the Managing Director of Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System (NIBSS), assured Nigerians of the safety of the electronic payment system in Nigeria.

“Looking at the likelihood of fraud, it is actually lower if you use electronic means for transactions and payments.

“lmagine you are in a bus and someone took your wallet, it’s almost impossible to identify the culprit.

“However, if it’s your ATM card, every transaction made with the card can be traced which can lead to the arrest of the culprit,” he said.

According to the 2017 Nigeria Cyber Security Report, the country was losing about N127 billion yearly due to cybercrimes.


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Corps Members Sacked From Kebbi NYSC Camp For Smoking Weed

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Corps Members Sent Packing From Kebbi NYSC Camp For Smoking Weed

A group of corps members have been sent packing from the Kebbi camp of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) after they were allegedly caught smoking weed during the 3 weeks orientation course.

The corps members were also accused of making use of other drug substances, according to the caption of an Instagram post, in which they can be seen leaving the camp.

In the video, which was shared by Instablog9ja on Wednesday, August 1, with the caption “Corps members decamped after allegedly being caught smoking weed and other drugs at the Kebbi State NYSC camp,” the decamped corps members can be seen leaving the camp premises.

The apparently unremorseful corps members can also be seen waving at other corps members – who were lined up in their platoons – as they responded to the “bye, bye” gesture from their colleagues.

Glance below what the NYSC said in its Bye-Laws, with respect to this:

1. Not smoke, chew anything whatsoever, make or answer calls, while on parade and at any other time, not smoke in a prohibited area or throw lighted cigarette butts or lighted matches about the premises carelessly.

Any member who flouts this rule shall be tried by the Camp Court and, if found guilty, be liable to extra drill for thirty (30) minutes.

2. Not be in possession of Hard drugs like cocaine, Indian hemp, heroine etc.

Any member who is in possession of Hard drugs shall be reported to the police for prosecution.

Click here to watch video

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Jim Ovia’s Book, Africa Rise And Shine And The Changing African Narrative

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Almost two decades ago, Africa was tagged the “Hopeless Continent” in the May 2000 issue of The Economist. Hitherto, the continent was portrayed as ravaged by wars and coups, poverty and famine. It was a general negative narrative of Africa in the media.

However, a decade later from this time, the paradigm began to change. The world began to see the bright future of Africa.

To this effect, The Economist went on to categorically reverse its position in a new cover story for its 2011 issue called “Africa Rising”. The story revealed that Africa had never been hopeless.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV, the Founder/Chairman of Zenith Bank Plc, Mr. Jim Ovia explained that this perception of Africa from a hopeless continent to a continent now rising inspired the title of his book, Africa Rise and Shine.

According to him, African economies are beginning to do extremely well. With democratically elected governments and thriving businesses, which was not obtainable 25 – 30 years ago, African economies are now rising and shining. Hence, his book, Africa Rise and Shine would further contribute to the positive narrative of the international community and media perception on Africa.

Africa Rise and Shine is now available on Amazon at

Watch and Listen to Jim Ovia in his interview with Bloomberg below:

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Daily Roundup: Latest Football News Content Across Europe

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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has reportedly met with Barcelona’s technical director Eric Abidal in the United States to discuss a potential move. The France midfielder has reportedly decided he wants to leave the Premier League club and La Liga champions Barcelona are keen to sign him. Pogba has a long-term contract at Old Trafford but his fractious relationship with Jose Mourinho has resulted in him considering his future (Tuttosport)

Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric could be on the move with the Inter Milan transfer target highly sought after following his exceptional form for Croatia at the World Cup. Modric won the Golden Ball for his performances as Croatia reached the final in Russia. The 32-year-old has attracted the interest of Inter and will reportedly consider his future after six years at Real Madrid (Gazzetta Della Sport).

Roma are closing in on a move for Sevilla midfielder Steven Nzonzi. The Arsenal transfer target has attracted the interest of a number of clubs and Roma have prioritised bringing him to Italy. Roma sporting director Monchi is confident about clinching a deal for the 29-year-old France international (Gazzetta Della Sport).


Russia World Cup star Denis Cheryshev could be leaving Villarreal this summer with the Everton transfer target in demand. The 27-year-old was one of the surprise success stories during the hosts’ tournament, scoring four goals as Russia reached the quarter-finals. The attacking midfielder has only just returned to training with the Spanish club but could be heading for the exit door with Everton keen to bring him to Goodison Park (Marca).


Thierry Henry is being lined up as the new Egypt coach. The former Sky Sports analyst worked as Belgium’s assistant coach during their run to the semi-finals of the World Cup but he is reportedly close to taking the Egypt job. Hector Cuper left the position after the team failed to qualify from their group at this summer’s World Cup (L’Equipe).


Bayern Munich defensive midfielder Sebastian Rudy is a transfer target for RB Leipzig. Julian Nagelsmann, who is joining Leipzig next year, worked with Rudy at Hoffenheim and it appears the midfielder could be reunited with the coach in a potential deal. The 28-year-old could be heading to Leipzig although they may have to alter their wage structure to bring him in (Sport Bild)


Joao Palhinha looks set to leave Sporting with the 23-year-old midfielder wanted by several clubs. Getafe and Lille have both expressed an interest with Palhinha reportedly favouring a move to the Spanish club (O Jogo).

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