Aggrieved Man Burns Employer’s Credentials For Refusing To Increase His Salary

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Aggrieved Man Burns Employer’s Credentials For Refusing To Increase His Salary

A Kubwa Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Tuesday, September 11, sentenced a 25-year-old store keeper, Abubakar Hussaini, to 12 months imprisonment for burning the credentials of his employer who refused to increase his salary.

Hussaini said the complainant, Jack Jiang, a Chinese, promised to increase his salary, but failed to do so.‎

The accused who pleaded guilty to charges of criminal trespass, mischief by fire and theft, begged the court for leniency.

But the presiding judge, Abdulwahab Mohammed, sentenced him to 12 months imprisonment, and then gave him N20,000 option of fine.

The judge further warned Hussaini to be of good behaviour and to also desist from committing crime.

The prosecutor, John Okpa, had told the court that Jiang reported the matter at the area command, Life Camp, Abuja on August 26.

He said Hussaini criminally trespassed into the complainant’s house and stole a traveling bag containing five wrist watches, two bangles, four T -shirts and credentials.

Okpa said all the said items were valued at N1.5 million.

The prosecutor said four wrist watches, two bangles, two T-shirts and the traveling bag were recovered from Hussaini during police investigations.

He added that Hussaini burnt the complainant’s credentials, an act which contravenes sections 348, 336 and 288 of the penal code.

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20,336 Persons Murdered In South Africa In 365 Days

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20,336 Persons Murdered In South Africa In 365 Days

South African Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, has revealed that 20,336 murders were recorded in the country from 2017 to 2018 period.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted Cele as saying that South Africa is close to being a war zone while commenting on the trend.

“Never again can we come here to give such statistics. It cannot be that South Africans are put under such fear, such stress and such murder,” he was quoted to have said while presenting the statistics.

According to him, murders of women and children had also increased.

The minister also said rape was up 0.5 per cent, with 40,035 recorded instances compared to 39,828 in 2017.

South Africa is known internationally for its violent crime, but annual statistics are often disputed, especially rape figures.

Nigerians are among those who were murdered in the country, with over 100 killed in the period under review.

When he visited Nigeria in July, President Cyril Ramaphosa, blamed the persistent killing on “criminals”, vowing to bring perpetrators to book.

Ramaphosa said it would be wrong to assume that Nigerians were being targeted as a result of xenophobia.

“There has been quite a number of incident in our country where foreign nationals some of whom are Nigerians have lost their lives and are being attacked,” he had said.

“I will like to say here and now that, that has been as a result of criminal activity among our own people which we are focusing on from a criminal element point of view.

“I want to state here and now that South Africans do not have any form of negative disposition or hatred towards Nigerians and in the main Nigerians in South Africa and a number of places of our country live side by side, they cooperate very well and some are in the corporate structures of our various companies and some are traders and some are into a number of things.

“So, I want to dispel this notion that when a Nigerian looses his or her life in South Africa, it is as a result of an intentional action by South Africans against Nigerians. That is simply not true.”

Newsmen also reported that 19,016 murders were recorded between April 2016 to March 2017.

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Ambode ‘Faces Impeachment’ For Declaring For Second Term

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Ambode ‘Faces Impeachment’ For Declaring For Second Term

Although stakeholders of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos state have dismissed reports on the plot to stop the State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s second term bid, strong indications are emerging that he is fighting for his political life.

The governor, on Monday, September 10, made a public declaration for re-election in 2019 on the platform of the ruling party, while addressing party faithful who thronged the place, telling them there was more to be done and he was not tired.

“With your support, we have made Lagos a better place and changed the face of our state. I did not do it alone; we did it together, because you believed,” he had said.

“So, I humbly call you again, to give me your support as I seek to continue with your mandate to steer the affairs of our state. I ask you to believe again and together, let’s achieve more.”

Barely less than 24 hours after his declaration, credible sources have informed TheCable that there is a threat to impeach Ambode if he does not drop his second term bid.

Yobe Signs Bill Against Rape, Homosexuality – Culprits To Be Jailed For 25 Years

The news outlet further quoted APC insiders as saying that no less than 50 council chairmen loyal to Bola Tinubu, his estranged godfather, have met and pledged their support for Jide Sanwonolu, who is believed to be Tinubu’s preferred choice.

The council chairmen are the most influential grassroots mobilisers under the direct primary system adopted by APC to pick governorship candidates.

And its believed that most members of the Lagos house of assembly are also loyal to Tinubu.

“Meeting is over. Ambode is out. Jide Sanyaolu Sanwonolu is the new governor of Lagos. All 57 local government chairman have signed his form. It’s over,” the online newspaper quoted a source as saying.

To further buttress these claims, the online newspaper revealed that James Odunmbaku, an ally of Tinubu known as “Baba Eto” in the political circle, said “Sanwololu is the incoming governor of Lagos” at a meeting held after Sanwonolu picked up his nomination form.

There have been reports of a rift between Tinubu and Ambode. When the APC leader canvassed for direct primary in Lagos, rumors were rife that Ambode was one of the targets but both men have carried on as if all is well.

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Robinho Admits He Wanted To Sign For Chelsea Over Manchester City In 2008

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Robinho has now described how his transfer to Chelsea from Real Madrid collapsed back in 2008, citing bad relations between the two clubs.

After impressing with Brazilian club Santos early in his career, Robinho earned admiring glances from throughout Europe. Real Madrid eventually won the race for his signature, signing him in 2005.

Robinho impressed at Madrid but was eventually deemed surplus to requirements, and was heavily linked with a move to Chelsea under former Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari.

But Robinho himself has explained why the move ‘failed’, and why he joined Manchester City on a hectic summer 2008 deadline day instead.

“My main goal was to move to Chelsea,” he told FourFourTwo.

“Big Phil had said I could make the difference for him as his squad, according to him, was not creative enough.

“But Real Madrid had fallen out with Chelsea – they didn’t like them selling shirts with my name on before the deal had been done.

“I am pretty sure that this error was one of the main reasons why the transfer failed, as it was a matter of pride for Real Madrid.

“And they were also reluctant to let me move to a club that was playing in the Champions League the same season – Chelsea were, but City weren’t.

“I moved to a great club and they welcomed me in the best way. I had one-and-a-half years of joy in Manchester, despite the city being a lot colder than Madrid!”

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“GOCHI” Steals The Show On Week 2 Of Hennessy VS Class V

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Hennessy VS Class V kept up momentum on Thursday evening as judges; Vector, Douglas Jekan, Jimmie alongside guest judge for week 2, Zoro continued their search for the dopest emcees in the Nigerian Hip Hop scene.
Gochi emerged as the winner for week two, as his hilarious flows and punchlines were enough to convince judges and fans that he was the best rapper of the night. His consistency turned out to be key, after battling other contestants over three stages.
Hennessy VS Class V
The second radio show on The Beat 99.9 FM had eight emcees: KTEEN, Hot Ice, Whiteman, Soul Scrollz, Hitman, Dr Cardio, Iconbagz and Gochi who began with a 40 second freestyle, and moved on to a 2-part faceoff. Whiteman was disqualified in the semis after breaking the three strike rule & another culprit on the night was Hot Ice who got one strike for vulgarity in the first round.

Hennessy VS Class V

There were also close battles and heightened rivalries. KTEEN and Hitman tied to come out of their group and then, the classic one on one battle put things to bed with KTEEN walking into the semis.

For the final round, Gochi went on to battle with Soul Scrollz, and after the two-hour show; Vector, Zoro, Jimmie and host Douglas Jekan crowned Gochi as the winner of the night.
Hennessy VS Class V
The #HennessyVSClass2018 Radio Show returns this week with a fresh set of rappers who all want the top spot. The guest judge for this week is Rapper and Hip Hop connoisseur, Terry Tha Rapman.
Hennessy VS Class V
Tune in Thursday, September 13th at 10PM on The Beat 99.9 FM. Join the conversation on social media using the #HennessyArtistry2018 and #HennessyVSClass2018.

Facebook: @hennessynigeria

Twitter: @hennessynigeria

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FRSC To Bear Arms? Perish The Thought!

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FRSC To Bear Arms? Perish The Thought! – Olufemi Oluwaseye

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For some time now, the idea that the Federal Road Safety Corps officials need to bear arms in order to effectively discharge their duties has been flying in the air. As their duties often require law enforcement, and are mandated to deal with all manner of drivers, many of whom are tough and brutal themselves (partly due to the fact that a little bit of madness itself is required to even drive on our roads), it has been propounded that the FRSC officials need to be armed to be able to carry out their mandate appropriately.

This piece was written by Olufemi Oluwaseye. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

That should have been a straightforward argument. Except that this is Nigeria, where nothing is straightforward.

FRSC Personnel To Start Carrying Guns!

In Nigeria, the gun is seen as the ultimate symbol of power. With it, soldiers have taken control of government several times; with it, “bloody civilians” have been harassed, oppressed and suppressed. There are in fact two classes of Nigerian civilians: those protected by men with guns, and those persecuted by men with guns. Whereas, all Nigerians are supposed to be in the former category, the truth is that that rarely happens.

We live in a country where those who are supposed to protect us see us as people to be exploited. For months, citizens groaned and cried to the government about the excesses of the Special Anti Robbery Squad, an outfit of the police meant to prevent and attack robberies. SARS promptly turned itself into a monstrous agency oppressing the very people it was meant to protect. Because the squad was given a wide range of sweeping powers, all in the bid to make it brutally effective in dealing with robbers, who themselves are almost always brutal, SARS got power drunk. They molested at will, killed at will and went away with it. It was only when the outrage against the abuse reached alarming levels that the government felt something should be done.

Nigeria raises monsters against its own citizens. In developed democracies, the armed forces remain the citizens’ best friend. In Nigeria, no worse fate can befall a person who crosses the path of an armed official. When their vehicles approach behind ours, we swerve out of the way. When we mistakenly offend them, we’re made to frog-jump and profusely apologise. I witnessed some armed officers slapping a man in the presence of his wife and kids. His offence? He didn’t make way for their vehicle soon enough.

Armed officials do not see themselves as below the law, but above it. From the military to the police, from the DSS to the NDLEA, from Customs to the NSCDC, once you’re given the gun, you suddenly become above the law. You are permitted to drive against traffic, disobey all traffic laws, ignore financial obligations, and even until recently, refuse to pay electricity bills. A simple notice of “Military Zone, Keep Off” is all you need to ward off all those intruders.

To make matters worse, those who are supposed to change the unfortunate behaviour of our armed forces towards civilians are the greatest beneficiaries of the system. They are delighted when their hoardes of security aides scare the hell out of fellow road users. They are happy when their officers hold horsewhips and apply the same on citizens who are just going about their duties, all in the bid to “clear road for Oga”. They like it.

So, when I heard the FRSC is about to be added to the list of gun- wielding officers, I sighed. Because I know there can only be one end to it, and it won’t be good. Without weapons, the FRSC is already a fearsome unit. They have this unique way of instilling discipline, even if temporary, into even the harshest drivers. Whatever their strategy, which makes them even more feared, sometimes more than policemen, on the road, should be maintained.

We know the argument from government would be that the privilege won’t be abused, or that the lives of the FRSC officers on duty are always at risk without weapons. But the issue is that we would only be creating more power-drunk officers. And civilians, unfortunately, would be at the receiving end.

Olufemi Oluwaseye. Department of Communication and Language Arts, University of Ibadan.

This piece was written by Olufemi Oluwaseye. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Brace Yourselves, Lagos Comic-Con 2018 Is Coming And It Promises To Be Bigger!

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The seventh edition of the Lagos Comic Convention aka Lagos Comic-Con, widely regarded as Africa’s biggest geek and pop culture event, is set to hold on Saturday September 15, 2018 at the Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. This year’s event is themed: Aspire, Dream, Prosper.

The one day event which will feature masterclasses and exhibitions from various creative fields such as comics, animation, gaming, films, books, virtual reality and creative arts, serves as a platform for the exchange of ideas and business opportunities in a sector that is dominantly youthful and urban.

It is also an avenue to celebrate the success of practitioners in these industries and to encourage broader participation and support for the building of knowledge and capacity necessary to strengthen these sectors and create jobs.

Speaking about this year’s convention, Mr. Ayodele Elegba, Founder, Lagos Comic-Con said: “Being the seventh edition this year, we want to give every attendee an experience of a life time. The fun would be seven times bigger. At the end of the event all who attend will leave without a doubt they were in truly the biggest gathering of geeks and pop culture fans in Africa.”

Activities at the convention will include:


Popular media personality Toke Makinwa and some of Nollywood’s finest such as Juliana Olayode (Toyo baby), Mildred Okwo, Niyi Akinmolayan, Deyemi Okanlawon, Kemi Adesoye, Alexander Rideau from South Africa and other exciting speakers from various fields will be speaking at different seminar zones and master classes on comics, animation, film books and creative arts at the convention.

Various zones at the convention include:

  1. NOLLYCON: Film Zone/Sessions: A Panel event with important conversations targeted at professionals and enthusiasts within the movie industry.


  1. COMICCON: Here, comic artists will display their works such as: comics, costumes, character and action figures, posters etc.


  1. GAMEZONE: This is the exclusive gaming area which boasts of gamers and enthusiast alike.


  1. RENDACON: Animation Zone/Sessions: This is the animation, here seminars and panel sessions will cover both the business and art of animation.


  1. BOOKICON: Book Zone/Sessions: The Fiction Book Zone of the event. Here seminars and panel sessions will cover celebrity book signings, author workshops, book reviews, publishing workshops, book discussion panels and more.



At this zone, children from ages 6-12 will be taken through special workshops on Illustration, Animation and creative writing. They would also be taken on guided tour of the exhibition hall while being educated on the different forms of creative arts. There will be numerous games and activities at this zone.

Lagos Comic-Con


Lagos Comic-Con will feature competitions like: The Book Pitch Competition, where aspiring authors compete before judges and the top three wins book publishing deals from Naphtali Books. The Comic Pitch competition, where comic creators enter and the top competitor wins an all-expense paid trip to South Africa to showcase their comics at the ICON gaming competition.

Other competitions include the Animation Pitch competition, Gaming Competition and the most fun of all, the Costume Competition (COSPLAY). All these competitions come with fantastic prizes and rewards.

For more information on these competitions, please visit


The largest and busiest location at the event will be the exhibition hall where dozens of brands in creative arts and outside it will be showcasing and selling their products and services to thousands of enthusiasts. Brands on display vary from comics, books, films, games, fashion items, foods, apps, IT services, Tech products, and financial services.

Other hotspots of Lagos Comic Con are; red carpet, stage performances, film screenings, book signings, awards and lots more.

Visit or for your tickets to the master class sessions and Kid Zone.

Also, for sponsorship, exhibitions, advert placements and more call 08039657506 or 08131978457. You can also send a mail to

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Yobe Signs Bill Against Rape, Homosexuality – Culprits To Be Jailed For 25 Years

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Yobe Signs Bill Against Rape, Homosexuality – Culprits To Be Jailed For 25 Years

Governor Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe State on Monday, September 10, signed into law the State Penal Code Amendment Law 2018, which prescribed punishment for rape, kidnapping and unnatural offences, which were becoming rampant in the state and other parts of the country.

During the signing of the bill into law, as passed by the state Assembly, the governor said:

“Our administration has taken measures to curtail them and ensure the protection of societal morality. Every society acknowledges the relevance of morality to the sustenance of societal discipline.”

The governor further said the bill he signed into law “made provision for the amendment of section 282 of the Penal Code to institute the maximum punishment for rapists, kidnappers and those who commit unnatural offences.

“The law stipulates clearly that whoever commits rape, where the victim is a minor, shall be punished with imprisonment for life and where the victim is an adult, shall be jailed for a term of 25 years.”

Gaidam also said that a register of convicted rape and related offenders will be kept by the court and “will be made accessible to the public to portray the shameful act committed by the culprits”.

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2 Africans Listed As FIFA Reveals 55 Nominees For World XI (See Full List)

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2 Africans Listed As FIFA Reveals 55 Nominees For World XI (See Full List)

Football’s governing body FIFA alongside, the worldwide players’ union FIFPro on Monday, announced the 55 nominees for the 2018 FIFA World XI, and the team will consist of one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards.

Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane were the only two Africans among the nominees, while Real Madrid have the most candidates (11 players) on the shortlist.

Here are all 55 nominees:

Goalkeepers (5):

Gianluigi Buffon – Italy, Juventus/Paris Saint-Germain
Thibaut Courtois – Belgium, Chelsea/Real Madrid CF
David de Gea – Spain, Manchester United FC
Keylor Navas – Costa Rica, Real Madrid CF
Marc-Andre ter Stegen – Germany, FC Barcelona

Defenders (20): 

Jordi Alba – Spain, FC Barcelona
Dani Alves – Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain
Daniel Carvajal – Spain, Real Madrid CF
Giorgio Chiellini – Italy, Juventus FC
Virgil van Dijk – The Netherlands, Southampton/Liverpool
Diego Godin – Uruguay, Atletico Madrid
Mats Hummels – Germany, FC Bayern Munchen
Joshua Kimmich – Germany, FC Bayern Munchen
Dejan Lovren – Croatia, Liverpool FC
Marcelo – Brazil, Real Madrid CF
Yerry Mina – Colombia, FC Barcelona/Everton FC
Benjamin Pavard – France, VfB Stuttgart
Gerard Pique – Spain, FC Barcelona
Sergio Ramos – Spain, Real Madrid CF
Thiago Silva – Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain
Kieran Trippier – England, Tottenham Hotspur
Samuel Umtiti – France, FC Barcelona
Raphael Varane – France, Real Madrid CF
Sime Vrsaljko – Croatia, Atletico Madrid/Inter Milan
Kyle Walker – England, Manchester City FC

Midfielders (15):

Sergio Busquets – Spain, FC Barcelona
Casemiro – Brazil, Real Madrid CF
Philippe Coutinho – Brazil, Liverpool/FC Barcelona
Kevin De Bruyne – Belgium, Manchester City FC
Eden Hazard – Belgium, Chelsea FC
Andres Iniesta – Spain, FC Barcelona/Vissel Kobe
Isco – Spain, Real Madrid CF
N’Golo Kante – France, Chelsea FC
Toni Kroos – Germany, Real Madrid CF
Nemanja Matic – Serbia, Manchester United FC
Luka Modric – Croatia, Real Madrid CF
Paul Pogba – France, Manchester United FC
Ivan Rakitic – Croatia, FC Barcelona
David Silva – Spain, Manchester City FC
Arturo Vidal – Chile, FC Bayern Munchen/FC Barcelona

Forwards (15)

Karim Benzema – France, Real Madrid CF
Edinson Cavani – Uruguay, Paris Saint-Germain
Paulo Dybala – Juventus FC, Argentina
Antoine Griezmann – France, Atletico Madrid
Harry Kane – England, Tottenham Hotspur
Robert Lewandowski – Poland, FC Bayern Munchen
Romelu Lukaku – Belgium, Manchester United FC
Mario Mandzukic – Croatia, Juventus FC
Sadio Mane – Senegal, Liverpool FC
Kylian Mbappe – France, Paris Saint-Germain
Lionel Messi – Argentina, FC Barcelona
Neymar Junior – Brazil, Paris Saint-Germain
Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal, Real Madrid CF/Juventus FC
Mohamed Salah – Egypt, Liverpool FC
Luis Suarez – Uruguay, FC Barcelona

The 2018 FIFPro FIFA World XI will announced during The Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony on 24 September in London.

This is the 14th edition of the World XI, having been established by FIFPro, the World Players’ Union, in 2005, and later merged with FIFA in 2009.

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Cholera Kills 18 Persons In Borno

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Cholera Kills 18 Persons In Borno

With the four more people that have died of cholera in Borno State, this takes the number of deaths from cholera outbreak in the North East state to 18 from 14, as 300 new cases were recorded from September 5 to 7, 2018.

This is just as the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA), said on Sunday that 680 cases of suspected Cholera were recorded in eight local government areas of the State.

The National public information officer, UN-OCHA, Abiodun Banire, in a statement in Maiduguri yesterday stated that the 300 additional cases were recorded in eight new councils.

According to the statement, the fatality rate stood at 2.6 per cent, after the state’s Ministry of Health had declared the outbreak on September 5, 2018.

On reported cases, Banire stated: “The first suspected cases were recorded on August 19, 2018 in the following councils: Jere (218 including two deaths), Magumeri (156 including four deaths) and Maiduguri Metropolitan Council (141 including five deaths).

“Others are Chibok (85 including three deaths), Konduga (38 including three deaths), Kaga (28 including one death), Damboa (eight) and Shani (six).

“The response health teams requested additional resource mobilisation to match the speed of the outbreak in other places.

“Additional resources are urgently needed to strengthen the response for timely containment of the outbreak.“

Health partners are using existing resources from regular emergency operations, which are not enough for a full-scale response and in case of a spread of the outbreak to other areas,” Banire explained.

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Atiku, Kwankwaso, Saraki Disagree Over PDP Presidential Ticket

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Atiku, Kwankwaso, Saraki Disagree Over PDP Presidential Ticket

While the Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has initiated a committee to liaise with all the presidential aspirants to discuss the possibility of having a consensus candidate, some of the aspirants have expressed confidence and revealed why they should emerge the sole candidate for the opposition party in the 2019 presidential election.

This is just as the BoT Chairman, Walid Jibrin, also warned its members against campaigning for any of the aspirants in order not to polarise the party after the meeting of the board, which was held in Abuja on Sunday night.

His words: “A committee has been set up to discuss with all presidential aspirants to come up with one of them as a consensus candidate.

“The meeting advised all members to always maintain their honour and integrity as the conscience of the party to remain neutral and never sponsor or lead aspirants to visits and rallies as was done during the last convention.”

“We have warned the party to manage the situation of new defectors to the party well and also consider the role played by old members.”

However, some presidential aspirants of the PDP, including ex-Vice-President Atiku Abubakar; the President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki, and a  former governor of Kano State, Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, on Monday disagreed on the presidential ticket of the party in the 2019 elections. At separate fora on Monday, the three of them expressed readiness to go for the primary.


The senate president, during a meeting with the Benue State Working Committee of the PDP in Makurdi, maintained that it was the turn of the North-Central zone to lead the country.

“As a geopolitical zone, we have paid our dues. It is the turn of our zone to lead Nigeria to stability. We have gone through bad times. The nation has become crises-ridden; the killings are uncalled for and the Benue valley is the worst hit. There should be justice to every citizen, regardless of geographical location.”

“Democracy entails freedom or rights of the people. Our rights should not be imprisoned.”

“My presidential ambition is a collective decision borne out of a desire to salvage the disunity that we are witnessing.


The spokesman for the Atiku Campaign Organisation, Mr Segun Sowunmi, said his principal was confident of emerging the PDP candidate and that since the PDP had not micro-zoned the Presidency to the North-Central, Atiku would not step down for anyone.

He said, “The business of zoning is a party matter, and the PDP, to the best of my knowledge, has not micro-zoned its Presidency. It was only zoned to the North.”

“Having said that, the former Vice-President has evolved beyond the candidacy of a tendency or even a zone.”

“He is a pan-Nigeria candidate but we recognise that this country has become extremely divided and it takes a pan-Nigerian, who has a relationship with every part of this country to be able to bring the nation together. This is one of the many reasons he is needed. “


Speaking via his Principal Secretary, Binta Spikin, the former governor stated that only he could defeat President Muhammadu Buhari and as such would prefer to go for the primary rather than backing down for anybody.

In her reaction to the claim that it was the turn of the North-Central to lead the country, she stated:

“No, we don’t agree and I don’t think we should agree. Why? It is because what we are looking at is that person who can deliver votes. And going by the happenings in Nigeria, Senator Kwankwaso is the only person who can beat President Muhammadu Buhari. That is if you are talking about mass followership.

“From whatever direction one is looking at it, the most interesting and obvious fact is, who can beat President Muhammadu Buhari in the next election, and that person is Senator Musa Rabi’u Kwankwaso.”

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Tuchel: Areola Poised To Be PSG No 1 Ahead Of Buffon

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Paris Saint Germain manager, Thomas Tuchel says Alphonse Areola is most likely to become the club’s number 1 ahead of Gianluigi Buffon.

Buffon joined the Ligue 1 giants on a free from Juventus and started the first three games.

However, young goalkeeper Areola has been a mainstay between the sticks for the past three games. And Tuchel believes he will continue there.

“Yes I chose. The decision is not final but I told Alphonse that he was in my opinion in pole position to be number 1,” Tuchel told RMC Sports.

“He comes from the academy. PSG is everything for him. And he absolutely wants to prove himself to PSG. This is a situation that must be respected and capitalised on. We must be proud to have players of this nature, we need this type of players who have the soul of PSG, who embody the club.

“We have a different situation with Gianluigi Buffon, a legend, an idol of Alphonse who is at his side. Both players have very strong personalities. We will have to fine-tune things. Gigi knows it, Alphonse knows it, if you get there, in this configuration, to be smart and generous with both, I’m sure we’ll be rewarded. And I’m sure that Alphonse will not be good despite Gigi but thanks to Gigi.”

Tuchel added: “Gigi is not just a player on the bench. On a daily basis, he is a player who has a very big influence on the team, he played brilliantly against Guingamp for example, he saved us in the second half, he is on the bench because Alphonse needs to take minutes.

“Gigi would have the right to cross his arms on the bench and watch the game but he does not support it! It’s frenetic! He is present, he communicates with the players, tries to help me… and you understand why he is at the top and has such a career.”

Ligue 1 titleholders PSG are back in action against Saint-Etienne after the international break on Friday.

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Rakitic: This Is Modric’s Year, But Messi Is The Best Ever

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Ivan Rakitic has stated that Lionel Messi remains the best ever, however this year belongs to Modric.

The Croatia midfielder claimed the gong for best UEFA player, and is also a favourite for the FIFA award.

Modric has been nominated alongside Ronaldo and Salah, despite Messi’s omission, Rakitic insists he remains the best.

“There are seasons that you can be better or not,” Rakitic told reporters ahead of Croatia’s Nations League clash against Spain on Tuesday.

“For me in general the best player of the world and maybe the greatest of all time is Leo Messi. It’s easy, you take a boy, and nine of 10 boys are gonna say the same.

“But I think it was the year of Luka, sincerely, I think it’s something that Leo and all the people know, he [Modric] deserves all the awards.


“Sincerely if he received the award of the best European player… I don’t know what he has to do to be the best player of the world, with all he did.

“I don’t need to help him as a good friend of him as I’m, he made everything on himself, nobody gave him anything. For me it’s clear that he has to be Luka [for The Best award].”

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Wizkid’s ‘N30,000’ Nike ‘Star Boy’ Jersey ‘Sells Out In 10 Minutes’

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Wizkid’s N30,000′ Nike ‘Star Boy’ Jersey ‘Sells Out In 10 Minutes’

Popular Nigerian singer, Ayodeji Balogun a.k.a Wizkid is on top of the world as his new creation jersey, designed by athletic apparel giant `Nike’ sold out 10 minutes after launch.

The partnership is the first between the sports/active wear giant and a Nigerian entertainer.

The co-creation stadium shirt, which costs £64.95 and when converted to Naira costs around N30,000, is now available on Nike’s website.

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The `Soco’ crooner had announced and shared on his instagram handle @Wizkidayo that his Star Boy wears, a collaboration with Nike was coming out.

@Wizkidayo said: “Nike X Star Boy out worldwide! It was all a dream’.

After a much-anticipated wait, the `Star Boy’ jersey, which was released on Monday at selected Nike stores sold out in 10 minutes.

It only took minutes for the pop star to return to his instagram handle and write:

Wizkid's Nike 'Star Boy' Jersey 'Sells Out In 10 Minutes'“That was fast! Sold out in 10 minutes! Love you all like crazy! God is working harder than the devil!’’.

According to Nike, the collaboration shirt is a celebration of Wizkid’s Nigerian roots and also a representation of the things that caught the fancy of Star Boy; football and fashion.

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The logo of Starboy Entertainment, his record label, is printed across the front of the jersey.

Also in Surulere, Lagos where Wizkid was born and brought up is inscribed on the lower back of the jersey.

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Mancini Demands More From Italy Strikers

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Roberto Mancini has admonished the forwards at Italy to make more impact, following their 1-0 loss to Portugal in the Nations League.

The Italy gaffer started with two strikers, but Simone Zaza and Ciro Immobile failed to effect a positive.

Andre Silva scored early in the second half to give Portugal the win over Mancini’s men.

The result leaves Italy with a single point from two Nations League games, and Mancini accepts their problem lies in attack.

“Unfortunately, we are making errors and need to try to reduce them,” Mancini told Rai Sport after the game.


“But the boys gave everything they had. We have to score goals in order to win, so we must find new solutions and do more in attack.

“In the first half we had a lot more of the ball with the two forwards, as at least they can play between themselves up there, so it can be an important option.”

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Busquets: Messi The Best Until He Hangs Boot

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Sergio Busquets has classified Luka Modric as a spectacular player, but believes he is not in the same category as Lionel Messi.

Debate has ensued following the Argentine’s omission from the FIFA Award, with the Real Madrid midfielder a favourite for the gong.

Modric already claimed UEFA’s best player and his UCL and Golden Ball win at the World Cup makes him a favourite for the the FIFA piece.

Busquets will get another reminder of the 33-year-old’s talents when Spain host Croatia in the Nations League on Friday, but his opinion as to the game’s finest player is already settled.

“The best in the world now and for many years is Messi, who is the greatest and will continue to be until he retires,” Busquets told a news conference.

“Modric is spectacular, but Messi has no comparison with Luka or anyone.”

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Teebillz Finally Speaks On Wizkid And Tiwa Savage’s Sexual Relationship

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Teebillz Speaks On Wizkid And Tiwa Savage’s Sexual Relationship For The 1st Time

Tiwa Savage’s estranged husband, Tee Billz, has dismissed rumours of the singer’s sexual relationship with fellow music artiste, Wizkid.

The music executive, who his speaking about this matter for the first time, took to his Instagram page on Monday, September 10, 2018, where he posted a photo of Wizkid and himself.

(Listen To Audio): Tiwa Savage Breaks Silence On Rumoured Romance With Wizkid – Talks Teebillz

He went on to refer to Wizkid as his “little brother who cannot cross the line” by having sex with his ex-wife.

“Whether you like it or not Ayo is my little brother and he knows not to cross me on blood Gang. We don’t play that shit on 400 blocks! That’s my little Nigga,” he wrote.

“My Big Homie Sauce kid aka Sinzu guaranteed me on that even though he’s my blood. I’m just saying this to the general public that tends to come at me on some disrespectful Shit!!!

“For your information! Thank you Titi for respecting me! Your opinions on her and my lil bro (Wizkid) is bullshit! Don Jazzy will never allow that!

“Tiwa gets mad me at me on my own P but she will never put me down like that! So F**K your opinion @tiwasavage @wizkidayo keep giving us that vibe Musically. It’s all Entertainment and Style.”

“Show me your evidence that Tiwa f**ked Wizkid. She better be f**king with Femi Otedola, Aliko Dangote, Or Mr Adeleke Aka Baba Olowo!!!. If you are not in that category then F**K YOU..and at the the end of the day my hustle will match on with my responsibilities in my kids names !!! But 4real on Jamil#!!!!! Tiwa will never disrespect me like That!!! F**K your opinion on them!!!! @tiwasavage@wizkidayo keep giving us that. Congratulations blood @wizkidayoon The NIKE thanks for putting Naija On the Map’ #Blessings”

TeeBilz subsequently deleted the post from his Instagram handle.

The marriage between Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz hit the rocks after five years, in 2016, when the singer came out to reveal that her husband was cheating on her with a certain lady, and that he had a child outside wedlock.

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Ambode Declares For 2nd Term, Gives Lagos Retirees N720.5million

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Ambode Declares For 2nd Term, Releases N720.5m For Lagos Retirees In August

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode of Lagos State on Monday made a public declaration for re-election in 2019 on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Ambode spoke at the open ground in Alausa, while addressing party faithful who thronged the place, telling them there was more to be done and he was not tired.

This was after he had picked his nomination form for a second term at the APC Headquarters in Abuja.

“In these three and a half years as your governor, I have seen visible proof that we can achieve unbelievable things when we all come together with no more than our belief in our dreams.

“We achieved because you believed. But there is still a lot more to be done. But I am not daunted. I am not tired and I am sure you feel the same way because we all envision a better Lagos, a Lagos of our dreams,” he said.

The governor said he had collected his nomination form earlier in the day, and asked for support as he sought to continue with the mandate to steer the affairs of the state.

“I ask you to believe again, and together, let’s achieve more.

“Exactly four years ago, I called on you to join me in a journey of selfless service to build a secure and prosperous Lagos State driven by a vibrant economy and supported by quality service, equity and justice.

“You believed in me and gave me your support,” Ambode said.

Meanwhile, the State Governor also released about N720.5 million to settle backlogs of 190 pensioners’ entitlements under the Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS).

Mrs Folashade Onanuga, Director-General, Lagos State Pension Commission (LASPEC), made the disclosure yesterday in Lagos.

Onanuga said the total pension fund released by Gov. Akinwunmi Ambode’s administration from August 2015 stood at N39.5 billion.

According to her, “9,591 retirees have had accrued rights of N39,450 billion paid into their Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA) from August 2015, when Ambode assumed the office, till date.’’

Onanuga said that pensioners were on the payroll priority of the state, hence the monthly release of pension payments by the state government.

“Lagos is happy that the backlog which was on ground at the beginning of the administration of Governor Ambode has been cleared,’’ she said.

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