Mane: My Parents Told Me To Drop Football

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Liverpool star Sadio Mane has revealed his parents did not support his football dream, urging him to drop the sport as a career move.

The Senegal international has developed into a household name at Liverpool, alongside Firmino and Salah.

But Mane said his parents did not believe in his dream and told him to try as a teacher instead.

“I was born in a village where there had never been a footballer who’d made it in the major championships,” Mane told Bleacher Report .

“I remember that when I was little, my parents felt that I should study to become a teacher. They thought football was a waste of time and I’d never succeed at it.

“I always said: ‘This is the only job that will enable me to help you. And I think I have a chance to become a footballer.’

“They weren’t sure about it because I was a long way from the capital and almost nobody from there had succeeded. So they were against the idea, and they never believed it, right up until the day when I signed my first professional contract.”

The winger said his parents eventually accepted his career choice and supported his decision.

“For them, it wasn’t possible. They weren’t exactly wrong because it really wasn’t straightforward, but I wanted to realise my dream of becoming a footballer,” Mane said.

“I gave it everything. It got to the point where they didn’t really have a choice, so they started helping me, and it worked. Today, they’re all proud.”

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