Toivonen: Swedish Racists Brought Us Together

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Sweden attacker, Ola Toivonen has revelead that the action of racist Swedish fans against Jimmy Durmaz in Russia, played a role in their success.

Durmaz caused the foul that resulted in Kroos netting the winner for Germany in the 2-1 World Cup loss, the Swede was attacked on social media.

Durmaz denounced the attack and his teammates stood with him, Toivonen believes it played a role in their win over Mexico.

“My biggest [World Cup] memory is when Germany beat us 2-1 and one team-mate got a lot of racist abuse after the game,” Toivonen said in his first press conference after joining Australian A-League side Melbourne Victory.

“We had a decisive game three or four days later against Mexico, we did a terrific game, we won 3-0 and advanced to the final 16. I think those four days will be in my memories for a long time.

“As a group we came together and did an amazing performance against Mexico.”

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