Makelele Slams Pogba’s Celebration As Disrespectful

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Former Chelsea midfielder, Claude Makelele has called Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba disrespectful for his dance celebrations.

The France international scored two goals on boxing day against Huddersfield, before adding another two against Bournemouth.

He has now scored more goals under Solksjaer than in his last 17 matches, however, his compatriot Makelele is unimpressed with his jubilation, which he finds disrespectful to the opponents.

The former Real Madrid and Chelsea midfielder revealed he would have spoken to Pogba had he been his team-mate.

“One example is Thierry Henry,” Makelele told Astro SuperSport. “When he scored a goal before, so many goals, he’s never happy.

“One day I ask Thierry, ‘Why?’ He said, ‘It’s the way I celebrate my goal. I know people don’t like this, but I’m like this. I can’t change this.

“For me, it means sometimes you don’t respect your opponent, you know?

“It’s frustrating. I’m fronting Pogba. If I was a player I would want to tell him, ‘Listen, do this in the dressing room, not now. It’s frustrating. You win 4-0, you’re dancing in front of me.’”

Makelele admitted he would often react angrily when a player did something similar during his career, including former Barcelona forward Ronaldinho.

“I have a lot of history, not just Ronaldinho,” added the 45-year-old.

“It’s football – sometimes you need to explain to the player in front of you, give a little bit of respect, also.”

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