No Marriage Is Perfect – Actors Guild Warns Tonto Dikeh, Threaten To Sanction Her

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The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has threatened to sanction actress, Tonto Dikeh over her face-off with ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill.

The board said her utterances were unbecoming, adding that the separation issue was being over stretched.

Recall King Tonto revealed how she caught her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchhill on a red pant, with red candles and laptop at night, describing him as a Yahoo boy and scammer.

She has continued to lash out at critics and those who made jokes about her situation.

Speaking to NewstimesAfrica, Prince Ifeanyi Dike, Chairman, AGN BoT, said:

“Tonto Dike is exhibiting bad behavior that we will no longer condone. What she should realize is that every marriage has its own issue. No one’s marriage is perfect.

“Issues like that are private. It is very unbecoming of her to portray us in bad light. There are so many actors who have issues with their marriages without getting the public involved. Her actions does not speak well of the industry.

“We are not interested in her private matters; rather we are concerned about her attitude which is rubbing off negatively on other actresses.

“Actions like this portray the industry as having unserious ladies. That is why men are scared of marrying actresses.

“Thank God that we have good examples in the industry. If she is looking for sensation, she should look for something else to use.

“Honestly, the Board of Trustees is not happy with her and if she continues this way, we will sanction her. We do not encourage bad behavior.”

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Ronaldinho Turns Rapper, Releases Song Against Corruption

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Brazil’s Ronaldinho has found a second calling after retiring from professional football: rapper.

The former Brazil national and FC Barcelona megastar — full name Ronaldinho Gaucho — has released a song along with Brazilian singer Jorge Vercillo decrying corruption in their country.

The 2005 Golden Ball award winner appears in a video, recorded in a studio, wearing a black beret and a white tank top emblazoned with the image of Saint George slaying a dragon.

Halfway through the duet, he plays drums, then breaks out in a 30-second rap solo.

“Love is our game, from start to finish, in my heart there are no longer enemies,” he raps.

He then asks the armor-clad Christian saint to slay “the dragon of greed” and corruption, while a chorus bemoans the squandering of public funds in detriment of “schools and hospitals.”

This is not the first musical outing for Ronaldinho, 39, who hung up his football cleats in January 2018.

He has also performed with Tunisian rapper K2rhym, and was featured in the official World Cup 2018 song performed by Will Smith, Nicky Jam and Era Istrefi.

Ronaldinho even made a surprise appearance playing drums at the World Cup closing ceremony at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium.

The famous midfielder however is not free of controversy: in November 2018, a court ordered that his passport and that of his brother Roberto be withheld for failing to pay a $2.3 million fine for environmental damage incurred during the building of property in Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil.

And during last year’s presidential campaign, he joined the far-right PRB party and threw his support behind their candidate Jair Bolsonaro.

Bolsonaro, who was elected on a sweeping promise to fight corruption, has faced his own scandals since taking office in January.

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Paul Pogba Is A Manchester United Player – Zinedine Zidane

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Zinedine Zidane is adopting a patient approach to the transfer market, even as Paul Pogba continues to be linked with Real Madrid.

After a disappointing season in which Madrid have only won the Club World Cup, they are expected to be extremely active in the upcoming window – with Pogba and Eden Hazard at the forefront of speculation.

Zidane has acknowledged his appreciation of Manchester United midfielder Pogba in the past and the name was again put to him ahead of the LaLiga clash with Villarreal.

However, the Madrid coach would not be drawn on the possibility of a big-money move.

“Pogba is a good player, a player I know, but that’s it,” Zidane told a news conference. “I’m not going to get into these things, this nonsense.

“If you ask me about Pogba, I’ll tell you he’s a Manchester United player. He’s very good but he’s a Manchester United player.

“When the season is over, we’ll see what transfers there will be.”

Zidane was not able to assure supporters that business will be swift in the coming months, suggesting Madrid will be willing to wait to get the right players.

“I do not know if it will be possible,” he said. “You know how things are. We have to take one step at a time. Things are done quietly.

“Players will play games with their national team and then we will have time to prepare for the season until August 31 and anything can happen. We will see.”

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Liverpool Defeat Proves Mo Salah Is Far Behind Lionel Messi – Paul Merson

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Arsenal legend Paul Merson spoke about Mohamed Salah’s performance in Liverpool’s 3-0 first leg semi-final Uefa Champions League defeat to Barcelona on Wednesday.

The Egypt international has often been compared with Barcelona star Lionel Messi.

Messi was in brilliant form against Liverpool, scoring twice after Luis Suarez’s first-half strike, to hand the Spanish champions a massive advantage ahead of the second leg.

Salah had an opportunity to reduce the deficit in the encounter but missed the glorious chance.

“You’re always judged on how you play in the big games, and this week just proved how far he is behind Lionel Messi,” he told the Daily Star.

“Messi never lets you down when it matters. That’s why he’s the best player in the world. Only Cristiano Ronaldo can rival him for that crown.”

Salah currently leads the Premier League goalscorers’ chart with 21 strikes despite a slow start to the season.

Merson is confident that the Egyptian forward will place this failure behind him against Newcastle United on Saturday night.

“I’ve been there. You lie in bed at the hotel after a miss like that and it just keeps on going through your head. It’s a horrible feeling,” he continued.

“But you miss chances sometimes. Everyone does. It just proves he’s human. People say he’s had a bad season but he’s the Premier League’s top scorer!

“He doesn’t seem the type to dwell on it. He seems quite laid back. He could make four mistakes in a game but still not lose his confidence and end up doing something special.

“So I think he will bounce back against Newcastle. He is a strong character and Liverpool need him firing if they’re going to win the league.”

On the international scene, Salah will hope to impress for Egypt in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, scheduled for June and July.

The Pharaohs are in Group A along with DR Congo, Uganda and Zimbabwe.

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Charles Awurum Finally Reacts After Bobrisky Called Him Broke

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Veteran Nollywood Actor, Charles Awurum has finally reacted to Bobrisky’s bashing after the former made a video condmening Nollywood producers who feature him in movies.

His reaction was in an interview with, where he noted that he made that video to state his displeasure with the situation and for posterity sake.

“I don’t even want to make further statements about this issue. What I said was for posterity sake. When they started producing pornographic movies in Asaba, I was one of the people who cried out about it. I don’t want to make further statements about Bobrisky; I just aired my opinion about the movie industry. Our movie industry is turning into something else.

“People now want to make money anyhow because there isn’t much money in the industry anymore. The industry is not making money; instead of being paid for their services; they pay to render their services,” the actor said.

He further identified some of the implications of featuring a cross-dresser in movies, something he described as totally unacceptable.

“Featuring a cross-dresser in a movie can be a comic way of achieving a storyline. The viewers would understand that the individual is a man who is trying to play the role of deceit in the movie. Another instance is writing a script that preaches that being gay is a sin. These kinds of storylines are acceptable. However, it is not acceptable to feature someone who used to be a man and disfigured himself into a woman,” he said.

However, in Bobrisky’s reply, he stated that the Nollywood actor was one of the poorest men in the movie industry. Reacting to this statement, Anwurum said he laughed about it when he saw it.

“I was very happy with his reply because it shows that he felt bad about the video. When you feel bad about an issue, it shows you know what you are doing is not good. I was laughing when I read what he said about me being the poorest actor in Nollywood.

“I am trying to create a future for the generation yet unborn. Movies are the eyes of the society. I am happy that over 90 per cent of my followers supported my view. It is my opinion; I am not forcing everyone to agree with it. I just decided to do it in a comic way. If Bobrisky feels pained, let him go into his house and cry. I didn’t want to talk about it because doing that will mean giving him more attention.

“I am only bothered about the future of the movie industry. The sentence he made about me not being successful as a man may encourage other young men to toe that path. Even if he claims he is not gay, he is encouraging people who have the tendency of being gay. If he is not gay, he should use his platform to tell people that being gay is bad,” he said.

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Seun Kuti Comes Down Hard On Yahoo Boys And Corrupt Politicians

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Grammy-nominated Nigerian artist, Seun Kuti has taken to Instagram to slam internet fraudsters better known as ‘Yahoo boys,’. In his words, they are the legitimate children of corrupt politicians.

Kuti who is the son of the late iconic singer, activist and social critic, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti in his post lamented the fact that Nigerians appear to be paying more attention into criticising the works of Yahoo boys but the same level of energy is not directed at the corrupt activities of politicians in the country.

In one post, he writes,

“The yahoo boy is the legitimate child of the political and business elites. Our ability as Nigerians to pick and choose what criminals to hate and what criminals to jump and dance for is the reason we can’t develop especially when the criminals we shuck and jive for are the real devils.”

In another post, he shares an image with the words,]


“Now you will make these oppressors use the people as an excuse to oppress the people. When police starts harassing all young people , na una go shout END SARS!!! I won’t let these people create an atmosphere where the harassment of young people will become acceptable!! Let’s go after the people creating the criminality!! Politicians and bankers and oil workers ROB ALL OF US EVERYDAY!! EVERY EFFING DAY. WE ARE ALL VICTIMS.#getthesax Why is this conversation hard to start. UNA DEY FEAR?”

He shares yet another image with the caption,

He goes on to write,

“Stigmatize all Nigerian criminals, not just the yahoo boys. We’re criticizing yahoo boys but haven’t used our influence to ask all our bank MDs how Nigeria’s money is leaving the country.

Removing their titles and watching how they live can tell you the difference between a Nigerian political or business elite and a yahoo boy. Without political and corporate oppression, Yahoo Boys cant oppress us!.”

It would be recalled that he had recently alleged that westerners birthed social vices like female child subjugation and jungle justice in the country.

“We didn’t know anything about subjugating women until the whites came to teach us. They say we are male sovereignists, we hate our women, all with no historical backing.”

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It Hurts When People Say I Look Older Than My Age – Vandora

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Vandora took to her Instagram page to share her ordeal, revealed that it really hurts when people say she looks older than her age.

The reality show star who stated that she is not petite but wears a lot of makeup, dress older, act older, added that she has been through her own little stress in life. Vandora who revealed how much it hurts when people say she looks older than her age, further revealed that she has come to terms with it. She wrote;

Treat me like a joke I will leave you like it’s funny…😀😀😀😀
TRUTH… it does hurt me when people say I look older than I am …. I am not petite… I wear a lot of makeup…. I dress older… act older…. and I have been through my own little stress in life….
I have come to terms with it… and I am happy with all of it…
#vandora #alittlebitextra#vandora_vandora

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Even Churchill Knows I Don’t Want Him Back Except Maybe To Kill Him — Tonto Dikeh

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Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page this morning to pen a note, amidst the drama between herself and her ex-husband.

The Actress and mother of one, Tonto Dikeh has continued to talk about her failed relationship with estranged husband, Olakunle Churchill.

The duo have for a while now, been embroiled in a messy controversial feud since they called off their marriage – they both have soiled each other’s name on social media and also in interviews.

Taking to her Instagram, this morning, she wrote;

Read Below;

You see i think alot of you are missing the point here, NO ONE I MEAN ABSOLUTELY NO ONE CAN MAKE ME STOP SPEAKING MY TRUTH!!

I already said it i am totally shameless especially when i am fighting for my life!!

So you can send in all the comic skits i will help repost!!Make we all laugh together!

NoOne married with me,No one was beaten with me,No one enjoyed with me etc


#Facts is if i hear PIM again from this man on any interview again, I will be up again doing exactly this same thing BUT this time even worse using more documented proofs!!


#PSA:- AM I HURT? FUCK YES! (dont use me then come out to the world and lie on me,Use me and keep walking(NEVER PUBLICLY FOUGHT AN EX B4)

DO I WANT HIM BACK? ???Even him knows the answer, Only maybe to KILL him(which i will never DO cause my baby gonno Holdup on me + Im better than Murder)..

DO I WANT CHILD SUPPORT? ??HELL NO, with my son im too selfish!! If He is able to afford child support constantly he will have the right to hold my child as long as he cant afford that(which is the case here) he has no right to come close to my child!! And thats exacyly what i want)
If i love and respect you pls dont call my phone on this subject you will be totally DISRESPECTED!

You can how ever call to PRAY!!


More recently, the actress sat down with the folks at Plus TV, where she talked, among other things, about her failed marriage and why she continues to feud with Churchill.

“I am doing this because I want to clarify a lot of things, she said, and went ahead to add, “The first day I met him, he told me he was Obasanjo’s son. His father was a gardener for Obasanjo.”

She continued,

“This man said we did not have a wedding. When I can prove to you that we had over two hundred people in attendance.”

She also noted that her pregnancy was never something she wanted to keep. However, she added that “My problem is: you don’t do shit for your son. [So] don’t discredit the woman who does it.”

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Barcelona Defeat Won’t Affect Liverpool In Title Race – Pep Guardiola

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola believes Liverpool’s crushing defeat to Barcelona in the Champions League will have no bearing on the Premier League title race.

Jurgen Klopp’s men were beaten 3-0 at Camp Nou on Wednesday as Lionel Messi’s late brace put Barca in complete control of the semi-final tie.

The Reds must quickly bounce back, however, as a loss at Newcastle United on Saturday would open the door for City to retain their crown with a win over Leicester City two days later.

Liverpool face the daunting task of trying to overhaul their European first-leg deficit at Anfield next week, but Guardiola does not expect their continental commitments to affect their final two domestic fixtures at St James’ Park and at home to Wolves.

“I don’t think so, the game was incredibly good, both sides. Liverpool were outstanding and a good performance from both. I enjoyed watching it,” Guardiola said.

“I don’t think it will affect them, I think it will be not easy at Newcastle but they’ll be well prepared to win there.

“I think Barca defended really well, they beat an incredible team.

“Liverpool must be proud of what they did in the most difficult stadium, they played with personality and courage. Both teams played the way they did and they deserve it.”

Guardiola confirmed Kevin De Bruyne will remain on the sidelines for the visit of Leicester because of a hamstring issue but is unsure over the availability of Fernandinho (knee).

Quizzed on De Bruyne’s progress, the Blues boss said: “I don’t know, he’s not available on Monday.”

City may have been knocked from the top of the Premier League table by the time they next take to the field.

They only boast a one-point advantage over Liverpool as things stand.

With the Reds in action two days earlier than City in the latest round of fixtures, Jurgen Klopp’s side will have the chance to put down the latest title marker.

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Liverpool Fans Petition To Get Lionel Messi Banned For ‘Punching’ Fabinho

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A Liverpool fan has launched an online petition to have Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi banned for next week’s Champions League semi-final second leg – claiming match officials did not punish him for “clearly punching Fabinho in the head”.

The 31-year-old starred with two goals during Wednesday’s 3-0 first leg win at Camp Nou, including a 30-yard free-kick to bring up his landmark 600th goal for Barca.

Messi won the set-piece himself after being blocked off the ball by Fabinho, but replays showed the forward catching the Brazil midfielder with a flailing arm as they came together.

In an almost certainly vain attempt to get Messi suspended for the return leg at Anfield next Tuesday, Reds supporter Callum Brydges has set up a petition on that has ticked past 6,000 signatures.

“So basically Messi gets a free-kick for punching Fabinho in the head and scores it. I feel like this needs to be looked at by UEFA,” the petition reads.

Liverpool fans started a similar poll last year that called for Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos to be handed a retrospective ban following his challenge on Mohamed Salah in the Champions League final, which left the Egypt forward with a dislocated shoulder.

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City FM Sacks OAP, Benny Ark After Calling Out Chidinma On Air

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City FM On-air personality, Benny Ark was sacked today by the management of the radio station just weeks after he sparked a controversy online.

Reports say he was allegedly sacked by the MD of City FM, Mrs Adedoja Allen, over his issues with colleagues.

The OAP was seen weeks ago in a video stating that singer, Chidinma was the reason why Kizz Daniel decided to start his #Fuckyouchallenge simply because they broke up.

However, the information by Benny Ark didn’t sit well with Chidinma’s camp which later forced the OAP to tender an apology.

According to Chidinma’s manager, Rasheed Ogunsanwo:

“When she heard the news, Chidinma was just laughing. Left to her, she would not have said a word or written a letter to the radio station or the OAP. It was her management that decided to take the issue up because it was blatant rubbish. If the story was true, Chidinma would have lost her cool.

“Chidinma is an artiste who doesn’t interfere in public issues; she just focuses on her music. It was annoying when an OAP came out to say what he wasn’t sure of. And he said it with so much confidence; that pissed everyone off.

On Tuesday, we wrote to the management of the radio station. We asked them to tell us where they got the information from. I think he (Benny Ark) has tendered an apology. But despite the apology, we would still look at the situation and decide if we should take the matter up legally. It was obvious the OAP was lying.”

However, this is not the presenter’s first run with stirring controversies.

The popular Abuja-based OAP was tongue-lashed on social media few months ago after he stated that Tiwa Savage only shouts and can’t sing on stage.

However, the OAP reacted to the call out by Tiwa Savage’s fans by stating that his opinion is unbiased regardless of whose ox was gored.

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