#BringBackOurGirls And The Fourth Wall Of Aso Rock

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Bring Back Our Girls And The Fourth Wall Of Aso Rock By Emmanuel Ugwu

On Monday, a peaceful and orderly group of Nigerians, comprising Bring Back Our Girls advocates and some parents of the 200 Chibok girls, assembled at the Unity Fountain, Abuja. They set out for Aso Rock thereafter.  Their aim was to reach the Nigerian presidency with their presence and to prick the conscience of the Nigerian state with the frustration, anguish and pain of their two years old campaign. They fell short of that destination and dream.

This piece was written by Emmanuel Ugwu. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Before the protesters could inch close to a shouting distance of the Villa, they ran into the impenetrably solid wall of partition between the Nigerian citizen and the Nigerian leadership.

On Thursday, the protesters repeated the drill. They gathered at their fixed point of departure and marched towards Aso Rock. Their tenacity saw no new reward. They met the selfsame blockade they couldn’t break through three days back.

Now, the media reported the above incidents a little differently. All the reports chorused that the BBOG vanguard was stopped on their way to the Villa by a detachment of policemen. And that’s factually correct. The placard-carrying Nigerians in red were, indeed, blocked by arms-bearing men in black.

But here’s a corrective to the account of the truncation of the marches: The protesters did not really run into a cordon of policemen. They ran into the fourth wall of Aso Rock, the thickest invisible wall in Nigeria.

In the world of theater, a fourth wall is a virtual barrier between the space of the actors and the room of the audience. This imaginary wall runs along the edge of the stage. Its essence is separation; to demarcate the putative accommodations of the cast and the spectators in such a way that there is an ample interspace between the two groups and an unmistakable distinction between domains of the characters and the non-characters.

The fourth wall is a boundary that neither of both parties can cross.  It forbids contact and interaction between actors and non-actors. It clarifies and amplifies the existence of a professional long distance relationship. And it is mutual respect for the span of estrangement that makes for order. An order whose nature hinges on the performance of the cast and the passivity of the spectators.

In barring BBOG and parents of the girls from moving too close for comfort twice in one week, Aso Rock was protecting the sanctity of its fourth wall, affirming the territoriality of the powers that be and stressing that the Nigerian seat of power does not entertain the trespass of commoners…even if the commoners presume to have a right to access Nigeria’s president and a valid reason to remind him of a longstanding grievance the Nigerian state has been remiss to resolve.

During the Monday outing, the police informed the group that they would not be permitted to proceed in the direction of Aso Rock because they lacked ”security clearance”. The protesters didn’t turn back at the rebuff. They sat on the access road to the Villa and waited for three hours, hoping that some authority figure would emerge to, at least, acknowledge them. They had a letter to deliver to President Buhari or Vice President Osibanjo.

All of that was wasted time and expectation. No Buhari or Osibanjo aide or any Nigerian official came out to address them. Nobody was delegated to engage them in the name of the government of their country. They were absolutely ignored.

There was a fourth wall. The Buhari presidency made expressly clear that it would not condescend to cross it to relate with the protesters. And the people got the message.

To be sure, the snobbish fourth wall of Aso Rock predates Buhari. Its history goes all the way back to the conceptualization of Aso Rock itself. The edifice that now houses the Nigerian presidency was designed to be a mystery inaccessible to the everyday Nigerian. It was built to be a secret that doesn’t lend itself to casual Mungo Park discovery. And decades after its erection, Nigerians still know less of its architecture than they do the looks of the offices of heads of government of other countries halfway across the world!

But asking the Nigerian government to reveal the structure of Aso Rock is too big a request to make for a start. The government would have to first define the location of the office of the president of Nigeria. Where is Aso Rock sited? What is its address?

The office and residence of the President of the United States is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC. The office and residence of the British prime minister is 10 Downing Street, London. The office and residence of the president of Nigeria has no address. It is a neverland.

And it was deliberately situated in a literal nowhere so that it would be a neighborhood by itself. It was constructed to exist as a heaven. A space defined, not by its contiguity with another place, but by its aloneness, its alienation, its self ostracism.

The hiding of Aso Rock from Nigerians was meant to perpetuate spatial and relational unfamiliarity between the Nigerian leadership and the Nigerian people. The namelessness of its bearing serves as an advertisement of Aso Rock as the unapproachable hideaway of power. And its subsistence for many years as an anonymous environment is proof positive of the institutionalization of governance by disconnect in Nigeria!

The treatment meted out to BBOG by the Buhari administration is similar to the condescension with which the Jonathan administration dealt with them. Jonathan and his allies ridiculed the campaigners for making a cause out of the captivity of the girls. They attacked the reputation of BBOG leaders with television ads. They pilloried and shamed the humanitarians, calling them entrepreneurial scavengers. They were ‘politicizing’ the kidnap of the girls for profit. They were opposition mercenaries.

Jonathan’s near-paranoid hostility to BBOG and his apathy for the girls cost him a lot of goodwill.  He had taken the ludicrous position that the kidnap was a fairy tale invented by his political adversaries to discredit him. So, in the spirit of spite, he elected to invest zero interest in the supposed ruse. That cost us the opportunity to rescue the girls within the early hours and days of their capture.

The scandalous unconcern outraged a good number of Nigerians. And Candidate Buhari and his party, the APC, cashed in on the situation. They cast Jonathan as a heartless leader and an inhumane person. They promised to prioritize the rescue of the girls. Buhari touted his experience as a general and head of state. He promised to bring back the girls in the quickest possible time. Give me your votes and I will give you back your girls!

When the BBOG protest was turned back at the junction that leads to the Villa, buyer’s remorse hit parents of the girls and members of Chibok community. One year after they had bought into Buhari’s pitch, they were yet to be reunited with their daughters. And worse, they were being disdainfully dismissed and humiliated as happened in the era of the man they voted out of office.

Just like Jonathan, Buhari now views them as a nuisance since he has separated them from their votes.  He sees them as an irritation and embarrassment. And if he wasn’t constrained by democratic strictures, he would order that the streets of Abuja be rid of the pests!

Like Jonathan, Buhari would rather that the BBOG people find some business instead of making the protest their preoccupation. He would have them wipe the abduction off their memory. If he could bare his mind, he would tell them to murmur wordlessly. They shouldn’t make him the villain. After all, he didn’t create the mess: he inherited it!

Only one of the abducted girls has returned since Buhari assumed office. And the ‘rescue’ of Amina Alli Nkeki was neither effected by Nigerian security officials nor tangentially associated with a purposeful state-sponsored redemption mission. The civilian JTF, a local vigilante, found her by chance.

Last year December, Buhari claimed that Nigeria had no credible intelligence on who to negotiate with for the release of the girls. Between that time and now, the identities of Nigerians with genuine and verifiable relationships with the Boko Haram leadership have been established. And they have declared that their link to Boko Haram is known by the top brass of the Nigerian military. Yet, Buhari is still invoking the excuse of lack of a plausible lead to this day.

Amina says 6 of the Chibok girls had died before her escape. No one knows if that’s all the loss that has happened till now. The young girls are under a regime of rape and deprivation. And they enjoy no decent medical care in the forest where they live.

18 mothers of the Chibok girls have died since the date of their abduction. Their death was caused, at least, in part, by heartbreak. Nobody can size the torment that stole their souls. Only a parent living the reality of their experience can know the full measure of the agony of a mother that encounters her two-years-gone-missing teenage girl only on ‘proof of life’ videos made by adult male lunatics!

Yet, the Nigerian government doesn’t feel any sense of obligation towards the parents of the Chibok girls. There is no official platform that caters to their trauma or their need to know what the state might be doing to secure the release of their kids. There is no system or method for communicating with them or relating with them.

Aso Rock thinks those parents are not worth state attention. They are nobodies. They are folks Nigeria owes nothing. You can update them –at your convenience! –on your ignorance about the whereabouts of their daughters on national TV!

And when parental love compels them to reach Aso Rock because the immobile mountain would not reach them, you stop them miles before they can sight your gate; as if they were vagabond tourists.

You tell them you are not disposed to granting them the favor of access. You ask them to keep to their side of the fourth wall. You tell them to go home and pray and wait… while you expect ‘credible intelligence’ to fall down like manna from heaven!

You can reach me at immaugwu@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @EmmaUgwuTheMan

This piece was written by Emmanuel Ugwu. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Romelu Lukaku Fully Focused On Everton 

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​Kevin Mirallas insists Romelu Lukaku has put all the speculation regarding his future behind him and is focused on Everton.

“I know there’s been a lot of speculation about him but Romelu’s focused with the team, focused with the club and I hope he scores this weekend,” Mirallas told Sky Sports.

Lukaku has been linked with a move back to former club Chelsea this summer

“Romelu is important for a lot of reasons. He’s the best striker at Everton and he’s scored a lot of goals, but he’s so important in the dressing room.

“He’s a good person, a good guy and he works a lot.”

“It’s all change at Everton,” the Belgium international said. “When you come to the training ground you can see it’s all changed.

“The squad has changed, then there’s the new chairman and the new manager. Last season wasn’t good but it’s all changed and I hope we can win something.

“When I started here the team was very good but every year we changed two or three players. This year I think it’s the best squad [we’ve had].”

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MUSIC: DotCom ft. DJ Speedsta x Da L.E.S – Too Many Girls

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Dotcom unleashes ‘Too Many Girls’ Wgich he features DJ Speedsta x Da L.E.S., as his latest single from his recent Mixtape LOVE & LIQUOR.

DC who has been on a heavy promotion for his project sees him team up with Speedsta and the North God on this record. Dancefloor filler if you ask us.

If you feel there are too many girls in the world that need to be loved you now have a soundtrack.

Enjoy below!

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Harry Kane : I’d Love To Stay At Tottenham Forever

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​Harry Kane insists he would love to stay at Tottenham Hotspur for the rest of his career.

“I’d love to stay here. The club is in great shape at the moment, and we’re going forward as a club, and that’s important.

“As long as there’s a vision with the club, and we’re not stale, we’re going forward as a club. At the moment, we’re an excited group of young players with a great manager, great training ground and a new stadium coming too.

“I’d love to stay here for the rest of my career. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Asked if he would settle for another top-four finish this season, Kane added: “No, I wouldn’t. Like I say we want to improve on last year, we want to get better. We’re not scared of anyone, not scared of any players or managers.

Source : Harry Kane Was Speaking Exclusively To Sky Sports 

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Manchester City’s Oleksandr Zinchenko Joins PSV On Loan 

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​PSV have confirmed the signing of Manchester City midfielder Oleksandr Zinchenko on a season-long loan.

The 19-year-old attacking midfielder joined City this summer from FC Ufa. He played 26 matches for the Russian Premier League side last season.

Zinchenko – Guardiola’s third signing after taking over as City manager – is a full Ukrainian international and became his country’s youngest ever goalscorer when he netted against Romania in a 4-3 win earlier this year.

Oleksandr Zinchenko is highly regarded by City and seen as one for the future by Guardiola and his coaching team.

He played in all three of Ukraine’s matches at Euro 2016 .

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Southampton Annouce Signing Of Former Arsenal Goalkeeper Stuart Taylor 

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​Southampton have announced goalkeeper Stuart Taylor has joined the club on a one-year deal. 

Taylor will provide back-up for England ‘keeper Fraser Forster and summer signing Alex McCarthy at St Mary’s.

The 35-year-old has been a professional since 1997, when he progressed from the youth ranks at Arsenal, but he has never been a regular starter in his career.

Taylor made 30 appearances for the Gunners but is yet to pass 100 senior games in all competitions and was without a club last season, having been released by Leeds United at the end of the 2014-15 campaign.

Stuart Taylor said: “It’s fantastic to be here. I was in contact with Dave Watson and he’s a fantastic goalkeeping coach. When I got a call from him asking to come down, I was over the moon.

“I know a couple of the lads who are already here, so it helps to settle in and I’m looking forward to getting on with it and enjoying it.”

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Inter Milan Confirm Signing Of Gabriel Barbosa And Joao Mario 

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​Inter Milan are set to sign Gabriel Barbosa from Santos and Joao Mario from Sporting.

Jose Mario starred for Portugal at Euro 2016, while Barbosa featured for Brazil as they won Olympic gold earlier this month.

Inter Milan’s Twitter page has shown the Brazilian starlet arriving in Milan ahead of a medical at the club.

Barbosa will not be arriving alone with the Portuguese international midfielder Joao Mario also set to join the club from Sporting Lisbon.

Barbosa is fresh off picking up an Olympic gold medal for Brazil at the Rio Games earlier this month and he now appears keen to get his future sorted out having put the matter on hold this summer.

The forward made his professional debut for Santos in 2013 after spending ten years in the club’s youth setup.

He has since gone on to make 83 league appearances for the club – he has scored 24 goals.
Barbosa has 2 international goals to his name in 4 games having made his debut for the Brazilian national team earlier this year.

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Jose Mourinho Admits Bastian Schweinsteiger Will Never Play For Him 

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​Jose Mourinho says it is unlikely Bastian Schweinsteiger will play for the club this season, even though the German midfielder insists he is ready to stay and fight for his place.

Mourinho said: “I’m not saying it’s impossible, I’m saying that it is very difficult because we have Pogba, Herrera, Schneiderlin, Fellaini and Michael Carrick.

“We have five players for two positions. It’s very difficult that an opportunity will arrive [for him].”

On possible transfers before the deadline, Mourinho added: “I think we are going to have a very quiet week. Not surrounded by helicopters waiting for someone to arrive or leave – I am more than happy with the squad I have.”

Schweinsteiger has two years left on his United contract, and in terms of the prospect of him staying despite not playing, Mourinho said: “I cannot answer for him. It’s his life. It’s his career. He has a contract with Man United and has the right to make that decision to stay.

Mourinho was speaking before Saturday’s trip to Hull, where United will be looking to make it three wins out of three. They are coming up against a promoted side who have caused a major surprise by also taking maximum points from their first two games – including against the champions Leicester – despite having a threadbare squad and no permanent manager.

The former United assistant manager Mike Phelan is the man in charge, and Mourinho feels he deserves to be given the job full-time. “I hope he gets the job despite losing the match,” Mourinho said. “I think it’s not intelligent to make a decision about a manager because he wins or loses a match.

“I think the reality is he’s one of the most successful assistant managers in the country, in the Premier League. Now he has this job and he has managed to motivate and organise the people. Are they defensive? Yes. But that’s the way they have found to get points. I think he deserves the job.”

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Guillem Balague : No Chelsea Bid For James Rodriguez 

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​Real Madrid are pushing James Rodriguez out of the club but won’t sell him cheaply amid Chelsea interest, says Guillem Balague.

In his Q&A session with Sky Sports this  afternoon Balague said: 

“”Chelsea have not made a bid. I don’t believe that they are willing to pay €70m as it has been published in the Spanish media. 

“But Real Madrid have opened the door to him should he want to leave – he is not expected to start at the weekend in La Liga. Zinedine Zidane wants him out but the player told Real he wants to stay. He is being pushed out but will not be sold on the cheap.”



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Chelsea Eye Move For Fiorentina Defender Marcos Alonso 

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​Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has looked to address his squad’s shortcomings in defence by moving for Fiorentina left-back Marcos Alonso.

According to Sky in Italy, Conte wants the former Bolton and Sunderland defender to provide cover for Cesar Azpilicueta and Branislav Ivanovic.

Real Madrid youth product Alonso can also play on the left of midfield or at centre back and is seen as a more-achievable transfer target.

He played 31 games in Serie A last season, scoring three goals and providing four assists as part of one of the Italian top flight’s meanest defences.

AC Milan have told Chelsea that their classy centre back Alessio Romagnoli is not for sale while the Blues’ summer-long pursuit of Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly is yet to bear fruit.

‘With this market, it’s very difficult to believe in something,’ Conte said on Friday. ‘I have some targets. These targets will be very difficult to buy.

‘[By the end of the window] I hope to have some more players than now.’


2008–2010 Real Madrid B 

2010 Real Madrid 

2010–2013 Bolton Wanderers 

2013– Fiorentina

2014  Sunderland  (loan) 

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Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates Premieres at Filmhouse Cinemas

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Romantic comedy “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” had its first screening in the presence of a Lagos audience on Friday August 19, 2016.

Sponsored by Amstel Malta, the exclusive premiere was witnessed by Afro Soul Diva Aramide and Chocolate City’s Dice alongside movie lovers.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is Distributed by FilmOne- Nigeria’s foremost independent film distributors, The movie tells the story of two guys who are in dire need of wedding dates that they put up online adverts.



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MUSIC: Mr Moi Ft. Flavour, D-Black & Toni Tones – Nwata Di Nma (Remix)

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Mr Moi celebrates his Birthday with a befitting remix to his smash hit Nwata di nma featuring Toni Tones, Flavour and D-Black from Ghana.

The song was produced by Selebobo, mixed & mastered by Jay Stuntz. Enjoy and share with loved ones and lovers!

Follow on Twitter/ Instagram / SnapChat: – @IamMrMoi

Enjoy below!

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Arsenal vs Watford Preview: Gunners Continue Search For First Win

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Arsenal vs Watford Preview – Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is hoping for his first Premier League win of the new campaign as they travel to Vicarage Road to face Watford.

Having conceded 4 goals in their first two games, Wenger is hoping that the team’s defense will be able to hold firm against Watford’s attacking duo of Odion Ighalo and Troy Deeney.

“They [Ighalo and Deeney] were very efficient last year with the two strikers up front together,” Wenger told Arsenal’s website. “One of the keys for us will be to keep them quiet.”

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Wenger had special praise for Deeney, who is described as physically and technically gifted. “He’s very strong in the challenges, the duels, and in the link play as well. I was impressed by him last year.”

Watford have not yet won any points this season, and manager Walter Mazzarri will be hoping that new signings Roberto Pereyra, Younès Kaboul and Daryl Janmaat can give the team a much needed lift.

The Gunners still have a number of injury concerns including Aaron Ramsey and centre back Gabriel, and Watford will be hoping to take advantage of the lack of depth in the Gunners ranks.


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Governor Yahaya Bello Assaulted In Lokoja

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Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State was on Friday reportedly assaulted with stones by some aggrieved residents in the state as he emerged from a mosque where he observed Jumat prayer in Lokoja, the state capital.

Premium Times gathered that the incident occurred at the Lokoja Central Mosque in the old market area of the capital.

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The motives behind the intention of the disgruntled persons, who were seen carrying few placards while chanting anti-government slogans, remained vague.

However, a source disclosed that Mr. Bello was also pelted with rotten fruits and vegetables before the intervention of the police, who dispersed the crowd with teargas.

“The situation in this state is even worse than what the residents are doing. The situation is pathetic,” the source said.

An official in the state said that was the second time in two weeks the governor would be so attacked as complaints mount about the depreciating living conditions in the state.

“He recently attended an event in Ankpa, and residents there defied heavy security to stone him,” the official said. “We don’t understand what’s going on.”

Efforts made to reach the spokespersons of the State Government, Kingsley Fanwo and Gbenga Olorunpomi, proved unsuccessful.

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Mourinho: Man Utd Have CL Like Group In Europa League

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Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho is welcoming the challenge he will face in the Europa League group stages.

United were grouped with Fenerbache, Feyernoord and FC Zorya in the difficult group A.

And Mourinho believes the pool is one that would normally appear in the Champions League due to the quality of the teams and feels United fans will relish such games.

“It’s good for us because we think we’re in the Champions League. There are very similar groups in the Champions League,” he said.

“We know it’s difficult but I think it’s good. It’s good for those who maybe weren’t looking forward to Thursday nights at Old Trafford.

“It’s good for the competition, which doesn’t have the glamour of the Champions League, that Manchester United are playing against clubs of the history of Feyenoord and Fenerbahce. It’s big to play in Rotterdam, Istanbul.”

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Kenyan Olympic Captain Wesley Korir Laments After Team Is Stranded In Rio

Featured Image

The Kenyan Olympic team is facing challenging situations after they were left stranded in Rio De Janeiro despite the 2016 Games coming to an end. 

The team was kicked out of the Olympic village on Wednesday, August 24, which added to their already complicated situation.

Among the team’s challenges include the fear of Zika virus, the world javelin champion Julius Yego missing his flight following a mistake with his ticket and two Kenyan managers getting dismissed from the game and repatriated from the country over doping allegations.

According to Rio Team Kenya captain Wesley Korir, the Kenyan government didn’t make plans for their return home and possibly booked them for a cheaper flight for Thursday, August 25 – which was why they were left stranded.

Those stranded include, Cherangany MP. Korir and three others.

On Wednesday night, there was complaints about being moved to an inhabitable accommodation after their dismissal from the Olympic village.

Korir tweeted with a video of the new accommodation, “This is unbelievable. This is where the rest of the Kenyan team will spend their night today, after the Olympic village is closed.”

Read Korir’s series of distressing tweets after the cut…

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After Getting Davido, Sony Music Worldwide Goes After Wizkid

Featured Image

Sony Music Worldwide Goes After Wizkid – After signing their first ever African act earlier this year, Sony Music Worldwide is set to sign yet another Nigerian superstar.

According to Nigerian Entertainment Today, Sony Music Worldwide is reportedly putting the final touches on a deal with singer Wizkid.

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“Wizkid’s new deal with Sony is a done deal, the news should be out couple of days,” the website quoted a source as saying. “Wizkid is going to be in the same building as Davido at Sony Music’s New York office.”

Sony Music Worldwide began their foray into the African market when they signed Davido in January, and will now be adding the self-acclaimed Star Boy to their ranks.

Wizkid has had a phenomenal 2016 outside the shores of Nigeria, recording with a bunch of international stars and getting his first Billboard number 1 as a featured artiste on Drake’s One Dance.


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VIDEO: Adekunle Gold – Gold the Intro

Featured Image

Adekunle Gold Releases the video to ‘Gold the Intro’ The tune off his album, telling his story and what he has gone through in summary.

Arguably the finest singer on the YBNL label Adekunle Gold who is absolutely loving the success of his album against all odds is taking no step back from his craft which has always shown how hardworking he is.

Check out more sounds Off Adekunle Gold’s album “Gold” available on the Streets, Itunes, Spotify and other stores.

Watch Adekunle Gold ‘Gold the Intro’ Video Below!

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Sirigu Joins Sevilla On Loan

Featured Image

Sevilla have completed the season long loan signing of Salvatore Sirigu from Paris Saint Germain.

Sampaoli has completed the signing of the Italian, in a deal both clubs insist does not include an option to buy.

Sirigu, 29, will have to battle Sergio Rico for the starting spot at Sevilla after becoming their 10th signing for the 2016-17 campaign.

PSG’s statement read: “The club wishes Salva all the best for the new challenge that awaits him in Spain.”

Sevilla began the new La Liga season under new head coach Sampaoli with a thrilling 6-4 victory at home to Espanyol and face an away trip to Villarreal on Sunday.

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Europa League Draw: Manchester United Face Fenerbache, Southampton Draw Inter

Featured Image

Manchester United will play their former striker in the Europa League after drawing Fenerbache in the group stages.

The Dutchman was at the Old Trafford club for three years before moving to Turkey in July 2015.

Southampton will be playing in the Europa League for the first time, and they will meet Inter Milan.

Champions League Draw: Manchester City To Face Barcelona, Arsenal Get PSG

The full Europa League draw as follows:

Group A: Manchester United, Fenerbahce, Feyenoord, Zorya

Group B: Olympiacos, APOEL, Young Boys, Astana

Group C: Anderlecht, Saint-Etienne, Mainz, Qabala

Group D: Zenit, AZ Alkmaar, Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Dundalk

Group E: Viktoria Plzen, Roma, Austria Vienna, Astra

Group F: Athletic Bilbao, Genk, Rapid Vienna, Sassuolo

Group G: Ajax, Standard Liege, Celta Vigo, Panathinaikos

Group H: Shakhtar Donetsk, Braga, Gent, Konyaspor

Group I: Schalke, RB Salzburg, Kuban Krasnodar, Nice

Group J: Fiorentina, PAOK, Slovan Liberec, Qarabag

Group K: Inter, Sparta Prague, Southampton, Hapoel Be’er Sheva

Group L: Villarreal, Steaua Bucharest, FC Zurich, Osmanlispor

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Nigerian Wonderkid Henry Onyekuru Hoping To Play For Arsenal 

Featured Image

​Promising Nigerian winger Henry Onyekuru has revealed his dream is to play for Arsenal in the future.

The 19-year-old KAS Eupen star has made quite the impact during the opening matches of his club’s first season in the Jupiler Pro League following promotion.

Having scored once and provided two assists in the first four games and after putting in a series of impressive performances in Belgium’s second division in 2015/16, Onyekuru is making quite a name for himself in Belgium.

While he’s refusing to get carried away, the versatile forward does hold lofty ambitions and he believes he could be a success in the Premier League.

And he would love to follow in his idol Thierry Henry’s footsteps and play for Arsenal.

‘I hope to find myself one day in a top club in Europe and to play for my national team,’ he said.

‘The shirt I dream of wearing is Arsenal’s because I’ve always had Thierry Henry as a role model since I was little.’


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David Moyes Confirms Bid For Sevilla’s Vincente Iborra 

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​Sevilla president Jose Castro has revealed that the club have received an “important offer” for Sunderland target Vicente Iborra.

Recent reports from Spain have claimed that Sunderland tabled a £7m bid for midfielder Iborra.

“Iborra? We have [received] an important offer for him. We are unclear about whether to accept it or not,” Castro is quoted as saying in AS.

David Moyes has also  confirmed Sunderland have made a bid for £7million-rated Sevilla defensive midfielder Vicente Iborra, who has been on the club’s radar all summer.

Iborra, who only signed a new deal until 2020 last summer, has made 83 appearances for Sevilla, scoring 17 goals, since moving from Levante in 2013.

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Report : Joe Hart Willing To Take Pay Cut To Join Liverpool 

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​Man City goalkeeper Joe Hart is willing to take a pay cut to join Liverpool, according to The Sun.

Joe Hart, who has been snubbed by Everton, is set to leave the Etihad following the arrival of Claudio Bravo from Barcelona.

He’s reportedly keen on a move to Anfield, but manager Jurgen Klopp has so far not indicated he wants the former City No 1.

The report claims he’s on £150,000-a-week at City, which is proving a little pricey for potential suitors.

Joe Hart was recently  snubbed by the Reds’ Merseyside neighbours Everton.

Goodison boss Ronald Koeman insisted: “No, no, there’s no interest.”

Hart’s hopes of moving to Liverpool look slim as Klopp already has Simon Mignolet as his No 1.

And the German also signed £4.7m Loris Karius at the end of last season from Mainz as back-up.

Hart is desperate for the move not only to play first-team football but to keep his England place

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Barcelona’s Sergi Samper To Join Granada On Loan 

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​Barcelona and Granada have reached an agreement over the loan of Sergi Samper, reports Marca.

Samper, who came through the ranks at the Nou Camp, will spend the rest of the 2016/17 season on loan at Granada.

He signed a new deal at Barca earlier this summer but the arrival of new midfielders, including Denis Suarez and Andre Gomes, has heightened competition for places under Luis Enrique and he will continue his short-term development elsewhere.

Paco Jemez has been key in recent days to convince the 20-year-old to join Granada and the opportunity for substantial game time this season will be vital in his continued development, with the deal expected to be finalised in the coming hours.

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Slaven Bilic Confirms Simone Zaza Is Close To Signing For West Ham 

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​West Ham boss Slaven Bilic has confirmed the club expects to sign Juventus forward Simone Zaza.

Speaking in his press conference, Bilic said: “The personal terms are agreed and he is due in London today, so we hope it will be done.

“It’s very positive and is a boost. We’ve been trying for a long time to get a top-quality striker and he was always mentioned.”

Zaza was in and out of the Juventus team last season but still scored eight goals in 24 appearances and has spent one campaign with them after a previous loan spell there when he was at Sampdoria.

Zaza has already played at the London Stadium this season, scoring Juventus’ winner in their 3-2 friendly victory against West Ham earlier this month

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