9 Tips On How To Be A Modern Lady

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Being a lady shouldn’t just be wearing clothes, make ups or doing what other girls are doing, You need to be modern in order to attract modern opposite sex in the society. A modern lady is someone who is hardworking, sociable and humble, check out these tips to know if you are one.


 Never discuss private matters in public, when receiving calls in public let it be decent and not screaming on top of your voice. When in cinemas or meetings turn your phone to silent or off and avoid texting during face to face conversation. Texting is extremely rude when in the presence of others. Be orderly in your manners especially when dealing with people in public places. Be kind and polite to everyone you come across because you don’t know where you might meet again. To improve your awareness of etiquette or to achieve excellent manners, expose yourself to elegance.

Be Generous

Being selfish will never help you, be kind and willing to extend help to others. Be generous with your time, resources and wisdom. Be a generous listener and know how to effectively connect with others and communicate your message. Your words should be tactful and free of gossip. Although it could be very tempting a time to have a quiet gossip about a friend or acquaintance, it is not a good sign to others (even if they are joining in), they will begin to worry if you openly gossip about them to others as well.

Dress Well

You need to dress the way you want to be addressed. Know how to select clothing that is modest, age appropriate, within your budget, and perfect for every occasion. Be well-groomed. You need to understand that the personal appearance; the way you choose to dress, groom, and carry yourself communicates instantly to others who sees you.

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Be Educated

The most important aspect of being a modern lady is to be educated. Be aware of the current events in the world, politics, entertainments and so on. Continue to educate yourself no matter what your age is, because it is the gateway to freedom, and ultimately to living the life of your dreams. Look at it this way, you’re at a party  and you are able to hold a conversation with anyone in the room due to your knowledge of the network of people who are in attendance will not only give you confidence, but will also perpetuate more networking opportunities. The point here is you do need to know quite a bit so that you can get to know the right people. And on a different note, being aware of the world around you puts the reins in your hands.

Be Independent

A truly modern lady is someone who lives by her own means, a lady who while enjoying the company she finds in relationships isn’t reliant on them for survival financially. A modern lady is hardworking, disciplined and at the same time passionate which ultimately makes her an asset in the field or career she pursues. And while wanting to spend her time and life with someone special, doesn’t need them to make her life whole, she is already self­­made.

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Be a peacemaker

Fighting every tom dick and harry will never make you a decent modern lady. If you are the hot-tempered type try to hide your feelings especially in public places. Be a lady that doesn’t contribute to dissension, discord or even division among friends. Don’t stir up drama, be a vessel of mediation and peace.

Be Truthful

Lies will never make you a modern lady but a worthless one. Never boast of what you are not. Try to be truthful in all your dealings and refrain from negative talks that can tarnish your image. There’s nothing more welcomed than a woman of her word.  If you say you’ll call, follow through.  Don’t offer to do something that, while sounding great at the moment, isn’t something you’ll be able to actually do. Don’t boast of non existing wealth in your family.

Live A Healthy Life

Make your health your priority, health is wealth so practice good hygiene and maintain your health.  A lady who cannot be dynamic in her purpose if she is not making her health a priority. Always be sure to have breath mints, body spray, perfumes and deodorant in an effort not to be offensive.

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Be Teachable

Being Miss know-all around everyone will not make you a modern lady. Be constantly thirsty for wisdom and be open to learning.

Modern ladies attract the best set of guys in the society and they always get opportunities when in need of it. Be yourself and not someone who pretend to be someone you are not to impress others and be confident always. So try to be a modern lady and your life will definitely change for better.




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15 Things Our Girlfriends Should Never Tell Us For The Good Of Our Relationship (2)

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In the first part of 15 things our girlfriends shouldn’t tell us, we highlighted some salient things including what ladies think about our exes, how awesome their friends are in bed and how much they dislike a part of their body. The second part of this three part series will look at some other important things we men would rather not hear from our girlfriends, so that we can have a fruitful and loving relationship.

That you hate any of your exes

Irrespective of what crimes your exes may have committed, whether he humiliated you or broke your heart, it is best you keep your vindictive plans away from your boyfriend’s hearing. Your ex may have hurt you awfully and you have some set plans in your mind to get back at him which may include destroying some of his possessions or doing things that will cause him as much pain as you felt. Kindly keep those plans to yourself as irrespective of how bad things went with your exes, it’s never a good idea to let your partner in on how much you hate them. Your partner would most likely see the hate you feel for your exes as an indication of how passionate and intense your emotions can linger. In truth, hate may not be the direct opposite of love. Indifference seems more likely.

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That you’re browsing a ridiculously expensive store for fun

Oftentimes, your boyfriend would have called you to ask what you’re up to and if you ever do tell him you’re surfing internet stores that happen to have ridiculously expensive items, you just might be brewing trouble. You might see it as fun gawking at items worth thousands but he sees the hole such habits will drill in his pocket. It is perhaps wise to give a vague reply such as “I’m up to nothing” or “I’m at a store” which is way better than saying “I’m at Christian Dior” or “I’m surfi the net for some channel bags”. These sort of replies doesn’t set off an alarm in his head that you’re high maintenance.

That you understand what his mom sees (or saw) in his dad

This statement has a whole lot of hidden meanings. For instance, he could cringe at the thought of you saying this by imagining his parents making out or if he’s imagination is more weird, he might have a terrible image of you getting it on with his dad. As such, commenting on how attractive or sexual you find your boyfriend’s father to be could whip up some crazy image of some impossible sexual make out. It’s true that your intentions are noble and may be appreciated, but commenting on the physical and sexual similarities between your boyfriend and his dad may trigger thoughts that may do more harm than good.

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That you have some cash stashed away

It’s a good idea to have some amount of money stashed away just because some emergency situation might arise. It is nice to have something like a piggy bank where some form of cash can be easily gotten whenever the need arises to serve as a financial cushion which will help provide you with comfort whenever you get into a fight with your boyfriend. The point of such funds is for only you to know it exists and the moment your secret is out, the value of such funds decreases added to the fact that suspicions will begin to arise once the secret is out.

That you’re a flirt at work

Truth is almost everyone has double standards regarding acceptable sexual standards and issues affecting women and men. Men are mostly celebrated for indecent behaviour especially if they do so in the course of providing for their families. On the other hand, women are mostly demonised for acting flirty or using their sexuality as a tool for advancement at work. So, if you think you have a right to flirt as a means of advancing at work, it’s best you keep this away from your boyfriend. Truth is you and your boyfriend would benefit nothing by talking about this.


To be continued…

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It’s Another Saturday…#7

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I apologize for not posting this on Saturday for logistical reasons. Do enjoy the seventh episode of It’s Another Saturday!

The One He Kissed

When Honey told me she could handle my friends, I had laughed in my head because I underestimated her. But now, sitting here and watching her, I can see that she is doing just what she said she would – effortlessly. Using that powerful mechanism called attraction.

The men literally are cross-eyed as she engages them in conversation. Watching her touch on every topic of discussion without acting all-conversant, and at the same time, showing she is knowledgeable enough, leaves me in awe. It is a skill she has mastered fine, the way she makes every person feel like they’re important in the conversation. It’s all in her physical and verbal expressions; peppered by that endearing manner in which she twirls the tip of a lone braid that has fallen across her shoulder from behind her left ear. Pure sex appeal!

I sit back like a boss with my glass of Bacardi and coke and watch her with smugness as she charms the pants off my friends. They are all giving me that look like ‘where did you get this babe from?’ Earlier Shady had pulled me aside to ask for details but the answer I gave him was vague because I knew he was only being Celia’s messenger.

And Celia…hmmm…

Her and her crew have regrouped in the kitchen under the guise of fixing up the small chops but I know they are poisoning the darts they plan to fire at Honey.

Oddly, they have left Mary behind. And now she vacates her chair to join me on the three-sitter Honey and I are sharing. I have a feeling the extra space has been hers all along. For a while she acts like she’s interested in the topic the guys are discussing but deftly, she arrests my attention with a single line.

“She’s beautiful.”

I turn. “Who?”

“Honey. She’s beautiful.”

I don’t look at Honey. I admire Mary instead, from head to toe. “So are you.”

She pulls at her short gown.

“I’ve always told you to dress like this and you’ve always said it was slutty. What happened today? Who’s the lucky guy you’re doing it for? Is he coming?”

“Lucky guy keh. I don’t need a man to look sexy. I can do bad all by myself.”

I laugh in a low tone. She has just used my line. “Have fun with your vibrator tonight, then.”

She hits me playfully and Honey gets distracted from her gist as she gives us a glance. She turns back immediately, to continue listening to Reno blab about his recent visit to Germany where he went to view the concentration camps.

“That was how you didn’t come for the wedding yesterday,” Mary speaks.

“Sorry about that.”

“You were with Honey?”


“How come you didn’t talk about her last Sunday when you were with me or even on Friday when I came to your office and literally spent the whole day?”

“Um…slipped my mind.”

“So you had your own girlfriend but you went and slept with Mex’s own?”

I put a finger to my lips to hush her.

“She doesn’t know abi?”

“No one knows,” I say inaudibly, “now shut up.”

Mary seems upset. She opens her mouth to continue her interrogation but Celia and her horde emerge from the kitchen, trays of small chops in their hands.

“Food! Finally!” I exclaim and spring up to help Celia with the tray in her hand. She wouldn’t let me, as she places it on the center table. Then she takes my hand and leads me back into the kitchen.

“Jide, tell the truth and shame the devil.”

“I solemnly swear to,” I reply, placing my hand on my chest.

“That chick is not your girlfriend.”

I lift my lips in a smile.

“I know Shady called you and told you what happened at the wedding yesterday and you decided to crop this girl up from nowhere so you can foil our plans to hook you up with Mary.”

“Whoa! Slow down. Wait…what?”

I marvel at my own acting skill at times. For a man who beds a lot of women, you just have to learn a little theater.

But Celia is not fooled.


“Yes, sweetheart.” I try charm. Smartness can’t help me out this time. “I…”

She pauses. My charm is working. I press on. “Have I told you I like your hair? The curls are perfect on you.”

She angles her head in the direction of the sitting room. “Shady, your friend is hitting on me!”

“Kick his balls!” Shady replies.

“As I was saying,” she continues.

“No, I was saying,” I interrupt. “Repeat that part about hooking me up with Mary. That was what you guys planned yesterday in my absence? Have you all gone crazy?”

“Nope. Two of you fit each other.”

“How? Mary’s like a sister to me.”

“Well, brothers don’t kiss their sisters.”

“It was a harmless kiss, Celia. There was nothing to it.”

“Not according to Mary.”

“Look, Cee, Honey is my girlfriend and please, no matter what you do, try not to bring this whole kissing Mary incidence up this night. It will break her heart.”

“Jide, you’re still looking into my eyes and lying like this.”

“I am not.”

“Well, since you won’t tell the truth, I’ll get it from her myself.”

Celia begins to walk away but I stop her. “How?”

Her eyes twinkle and I see little demons dancing in them. “She’s going to be on the barstool.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“It’s tradition, Jide. Every wife-to-be must go on our barstool.”

“I never said anything about wife here.”

“Jide, you know it’s tradition. We have weaned out terrible girlfriends and boyfriends in the past using this stool. If Honey is the one for you, we’ll know this night.”

Didn’t I tell you about Celia and her bag of tricks? Now she has come up with this barstool trash and there’s nothing I can do about it, unless I want to get angry and walk out on all of them, which would be hypocritical since I’ve watched others face humiliation on the stool without doing anything to help them.

“Relax. It’s just a few innocent questions.” Celia giggles like a little rat.

I narrow my eyes at her. “Play nice.”

“Don’t worry, luv. Your Honey’s in safe hands.”

Celia heads back to the sitting room and I stand, watching her walk with swag in her steps. The mischief in the woman is getting out of hand. I wonder how Shady copes with her.

I join them in the sitting room. My former space has been occupied by Bimpe, Bright’s wife. I pick a plastic chair by the corner and try to join the hearty conversation they’re having about Game of Thrones. I have forgotten how my friends are so close-knit, that they and their wives watch the same movies and series. I leave a mental warning not to let my future missus be part of the gang.


An hour or so passes. Finger foods and alcohol have made their rounds. Everyone is in a chirpy mood now, apart from me. I pretend everything is fine but I’m dreading the moment Celia puts Honey in her hot seat. So far Honey has handled the air around her coolly. Can she take the heat that’s about to come?

From across the room, I catch her eye. She smiles; I wink without meaning to. It’s a hereditary glitch that occurs every now and then.

“Aww,” Peace, Reno’s wife coos with dove-like eyes.

“What is it?” Ajonoka asks.

“I just caught Jide winking at Honey,” Peace replies. “So romantic.”

The other women give her a look. It is not outwardly reprimanding but she gets the message that she’s not supposed to swing the way she just did. She sighs. Just like her name, she’s a peaceful soul, Holy Ghost sister, always head-in-the-clouds. It’s a shame she’s married to a serial cheat.

Pressed from all that drinking, I excuse myself to the restroom. When I return, I see that the food has been done away with and Ajonoka is now entertaining them with a sexy dance for her husband, Ibro. It’s nothing new to watch. Noka, knowing her competition is Ibro’s only true love, always does her best to keep him constantly attracted to her. Of all the women present, she is the most stylishly dressed but she pales in elegance when compared to Honey. That one has stolen the heart of every man present, mine inclusive.

Noka completes her dance and she gets applause. Her husband gives her a kiss, pulling her to sit on his laps. Celia disappears and returns with the scandalous barstool, which she places in the center of the room.

“Who’s going on the stool?” Shady asks. No one replies; he gets the message himself. He looks at me. I shrug.

“Okay,” Celia speaks up. “First of all, I want to welcome Honey to my humble, little house once more.”

“Thank you,” Honey replies.

“You must forgive us if we acted really shocked when Jide introduced you as his girlfriend. The thing is we’re his closest friends and he never told us anything about you. But you’re still welcome.”

“Very much so,” Reno quips.

“However, to be fully accepted as one of us—as you can see we’re practically family—you have to sit on our barstool.”

Honey stares at the stool. “Okay.”

“And we’ll ask you some personal questions.”

“Personal?” Honey scratches the side of her nose. “How personal?”

“Nothing that you can’t handle, sweetie,” Bimpe assures.

“Yeah, simple questions,” Noka adds.

“You’re game?” Celia asks Honey.


Everyone cheers. Bimpe takes it upon herself to lead her to the stool. “If you don’t want to answer any question, you simply say pass…”

“And we’ll pass you a shot of brandy,” Celia completes.

Honey pops her eyes out and laughs.

“That’s why it’s called the barstool,” Noka says.

“I hope this is not an attempt to get me drunk,” Honey states with a calm face but her eyes keep a steady stare at Celia.

“No. Why would I want to do that? You’re my guest. Relax, dear. Jide is here. He won’t let anything happen to you.”

“You got that right,” I answer as Honey takes the seat. She crosses her legs, giving the guys an eyeful of the long, spotless pair.

“So everyone, including, Jide, gets to ask you two questions. If you answer anyone’s question correctly, that person takes the brandy shot instead.”

“I’m game.”

“Alright, then!”

Reno clinks his glass for sound effects as they excitedly adjust their positions. I look at them with vigilant eyes; it’s as if I’m watching a bunch of old folks trying to revive their youth.

They begin. The questions are downright intrusive. They’re not even playing. It’s like they want to know everything about her in just one evening. They want to know about her first kiss, if sex the first time hurt, the most embarrassing thing she ever did, the one thing she wishes she can undo, the best sex scene she ever watched in a movie, if she loves erotica, if she can keep her body for marriage…

She tackles each question maturely, even the intimate ones. Finally, it gets to my turn and seriously I’m not prepared for the moment. I kill the flow with a long pause.

“Jide, we’re waiting,” Bimpe urges impatiently.

I look at Honey and let out the one question nudging at the back of my mind that I’m uncomfortable to ask.

“Honey, what did you feel the first time you saw me?”

There is pin-drop silence as everyone stares at her. But her eyes are on me alone. She uncrosses her legs and takes a pose.

“I felt light like a feather, flushed and sweaty.” She dramatizes like an actress in a Shakespearean play. “Spots before my eyes…”

Her audience is amused.

“I was simply blown away.” She ends in a low volume after the laughter dies down. “I think it’s called love at first sight.”

She gets more than one ‘aww’ from Celia’s co-conspirators. Seems like the ‘Honeyofor’ bug is biting them all, save for Celia and Mary, who are trying their best not to show their displeasure.

“Did you do drama in school, Honey?” Mary queries.

“Is this part of the questions?” Honey replies. Mary goes shut. I smile at Honey’s cunning.

“We’re not done,” Celia arrests everybody’s attention once more. “Bright, time for your second question. This round is to test Honey’s knowledge on all things Jideofor. Are you ready?”


Bright asks, “Jide always does something whenever he’s in the shower. What is it?”

I hold my breath and try to catch Honey’s eyes. She should just take the shot of brandy…

“He sings Michael Jackson’s songs really loudly.”

I squeeze my brows together. How the hell did she know that?

“She’s right!” Bright accepts a shot passed to him by Reno, our designated barman.

“Honey,” Bimpe comes next, “does Jide have more boxers than briefs?”

“He has more briefs.”

Again, I’m stunned. How does she know this?

“I’m next!” Noka yells as if anyone is trying to stop her from speaking. “What is Jide’s English name that he’s so ashamed of?”


The whole room cracks up at her answer. My friends never get tired of making fun of my name. But I act like I’m deaf to their jeering. I now know where Honey has gotten all her info about me. I wonder how much my mom has shared with her. The one about the briefs, though, I’ll have to ask.

It’s Reno’s turn. The impish expression on his face makes me sick. “Do you guys have a sex tape we can download?”

His wife smacks the back of his head as the men laugh.

“Not yet,” Honey replies. She gets hoots from them. All I can do is smile from where I sit. I am yet to relax. I cringe as the next four questions come, but one after the other, Honey confronts them expertly, having only to take one shot of brandy for refusing to answer Ibro’s question about if she has ever been part of the mile high club. I jump in when I see her discomposure, and tell Ibro to ask another question that centers around me. Honey chooses to drink instead.

Celia and Mary and I are the only ones left. Mary goes first, after taking a long guzzle from the glass of liquor in her hand.

“If you found out Jide kissed one of his closest female friends, let’s say, just about a week ago, what would you do?”

I flash hostile eyes at Mary as I feel my patience which has been growing thin reach its elastic point. Nevertheless out of curiosity, I want to see how Honey takes this. All has gone silent.

“If he kissed someone else a week ago? It wouldn’t have bothered me because there was no us a week ago. What you see here,” she smiles at me, “is new…and amazing.”

I become uneasy as I take a mouthful of my drink. I’m either falling for this girl or scared of her. How else do I explain this restlessness in my guts?

“You guys want to make me fall in love again.” Peace blows wet eyes.

“Cee, your turn,” Mary tells Celia with as much poise as she can muster. Honey has just weakened their sinister alliance. Celia is their last card, but really what’s the worst she can do? They’ve laid out all their aces already.

“Honey, you know Jide is like our baby brother in this love and marriage business, so all of us here are looking out for him and we want him to have only the best, a woman who truly loves him. And that is why we want to know if you’re with him because you love him or because you heard he’s the Bridemaker and you want him to make a bride out of you.”

WT…F! Celia is such a bitch! What is wrong with her?!

“Excuse me? Come again.” Honey straightens up, her face puzzled.

“You mean you haven’t heard about the Bridemaker?” Noka asks. She laughs. “This is about to get interesting.”

I lose my good mood completely. They have simply gone too far. One stare at Shady’s apologetic eyes tells me he’s not in support.

“Ladies,” he speaks, “I think Jide should ask his question rather. Make una forget dis Bridemaker something abeg.”

Ibro concurs but Honey stops them. “No, it’s okay,” she counters. “Tell me about the Bridemaker, Noka.”

Noka is all happy to share. With so much glee on her face, she gives Honey the Bridemaker gist. While she speaks, Honey keeps an expressionless face but I watch her fingers silently drum on her knees. When Noka finishes, she bravely tells them she would pass on the question and takes some brandy. I am so not happy about this. Celia has a scathing remark waiting but one look from her husband makes her behave.

I stand up and clear my throat. It is my turn. I am annoyed and disappointed at the direction things have turned but I know I can’t react. The only thing I can do is obey the voice in my head. It wants to get even at all cost and silence the conniving wives permanently.

“Honey,” I walk to her, “can I kiss you?”

My question is as much a surprise to her as it is to the others.

“Like, right now?”

I don’t give her an answer. I steal her lips. They are moist and devastatingly soft but tremble at my rude invasion. Yet she doesn’t gasp or lose her composure. She responds to my intrusion by letting her tongue caress my upper lip before she allows me in. I kiss her softly, slowly, sensually, very aware of our audience. But I won’t lie; I am getting lost between those lips. I want so badly to go in hard and deep. I just realize I want to know this woman more.

“E don do!” Bimpe impolitely intrudes.

“No, let them continue.” Reno sounds annoyed at the intrusion. Honey and I pull apart. I search her eyes to see if I’ve done something wrong but her head is lowered.

“If that’s not the sweetest kiss I’ve seen in a while.” Peace sighs dreamily.

“So, Jide, you guys are serious?” Noka asks.

“Yeah.” I help Honey to her feet, wrap my arms around her from behind and peck her neck. I mean nothing by it; just making sure I’m nailing the coffin shut. After this night, they will never try to arrange any chick for me, let alone my closest female friend.

I look at Mary now. Her eyes are not on Honey and I. I hate to hurt her but she needs to set her brain right and find some other man. Celia takes her drink from her. I think she has consumed too much alcohol already. I hope someone has the commonsense to drive her home to make sure she’s safe.

“Cee, Shady, thanks for a fun night,” I announce.

“Are you guys leaving?” Celia protests. “We still have one more game to play.”

“It’s past ten, Celia.”

“It is?” Bright checks the time on his watch.

“Yep,” I reply, distractedly rubbing Honey’s arm. Her skin is warm as milk.

“You’re right. Some of us have work tomorrow but I don’t think an hour more will kill anyone.”

I shake my head. “We have to leave. Thanks, guys.”

“Yeah, thank you for the warm welcome and the fun questions,” Honey tells them. “Hopefully, we’ll do this again.”

We share hugs with them and leave the house. Outside, we meet a cold night. Now alone with Honey, I feel awkward. After all the affection I’ve displayed back at Shady’s, am I to stay away or keep up with the act until we’re well out of sight?

Honey helps me decide. She pulls closer and links her arm with mine, “I’m cold.”

I put an arm around her but under the brightness of a security lamp, I see goosebumps over her skin. I pull her to me and give her a full blanket wrap with both arms as I flag down a cab.

Lord help me, this woman is beginning to overrun my commonsense.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

I’m quiet in the taxi. All I’ve heard about Jide today has left me a bit unsure of how I feel about him. I stick close to my door, still cold and missing the warmth he offered a few minutes ago.

“Honey, I’m sorry if my friends made you feel uncomfortable.”

“No, it’s fine.” I give him a half smile.

I continue looking out the window.

“You have questions for me?” he asks.

I look at him. I’m liking the way he reads my mind easily.

“I have questions of my own,” he says when I don’t answer, “although I think I know half of the answers.”

“You want to know how I got my answers today.”

“My mom told you my English name, right?”

I nod.

“I hope to God she wasn’t the one who told you about the briefs and the Michael Jackson shower thing. Please, tell me you came up with that all on your own.”

I fight back a grin and recall how last night when I slept over at his, I had strolled into the sitting room to pick my handbag and saw him asleep on the couch with nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. It had taken me great restrain to leave the place and not stare all night.

“I heard you singing The Girl Is Mine this morning while you were having your bath.”

“And the briefs?”

I turn away from his stare. “Just a guess.”

“Hmm. Okay o. So you want to know about the Bridemaker.”


“It’s just a stupid gist that has no origins whatsoever.”

“But does it really happen? That you sleep with a girl and next thing she gets married?”


“How many girls so far?”

He laughs. He won’t look at me.

“Can I pass on that question?”

“Are you still in the bride-making business?”

He’s even more tickled at this question. “Bride-making business.” He guffaws. I don’t think it’s funny. “My friends have given you this impression that I sleep around.”

“Do you?”

“No. There’s just this general opinion that once you’re not hooked, you’re a player.”

“Are you sleeping with someone presently? Mary, maybe?”

The laughter drains from his face. “Mary? Why would you think that?”

“Cos I saw the way she was looking at me. If someone had given her a gun, she would have shot me right there.”

“Wow. It was that obvious?”

“She’s a friend with benefits?”

“No. She has this crush on me that I just got to find out today and that was why I asked you to accompany me to Shady’s.”

“So she was the one you kissed a week ago.”

Jide smiles behind pressed lips. I feel I have gone too far but I can’t help it. I’m dying to know him more, dying to hear him tell me he’s not just another Georgey Porgy out there.

“Can we talk about something else, Honey?”

I’m upset but I have to respect his wishes. I apologize and try my best not to sulk. I will not come off looking like Mary. I let out deep breaths and bring up a different topic. He’s glad for the change. We maintain the discussion until we arrive at my hotel. He walks me to my suite and stops outside the door.

“So when do I see you again?” he enquires.

“I don’t know. Soon, maybe.”

“I hope so. Thanks for a wonderful weekend. You’re great company.”

“You too.”

“And the kiss…”

“Yes, the kiss…”

We both laugh.

“Let’s not talk about it,” I say, afraid to hear the words ‘it meant nothing’.

“Well, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed it despite it being an act.”

My insides mush up at his words. He looks like he wants to say more but he simply tells me goodnight and walks away. I stand by my door, watching him until he disappears. I enter my suite and fall on the bed. I ping Dele’s wife immediately but she doesn’t reply until minutes later. I use the time to relive the kiss.


I prop a pillow behind my head and ping back.

-How fa?

-I dey jare. How u dey?

-In cloud 9. He kissed me!



-How was it?

-Heaven! That’s why I’m in cloud 9

-Hahahaha! U no well. So he’s a good kisser

-I can’t even explain, babe. I wan2be kissin him 4eva

-Se jeje o

-Nothing like jeje for dis mata. I like dis guy die


I sigh. Dele’s wife can be a bitch sometimes.

-But nothing jor

-Okay o. Hapi 4u. Jus take it easy. U know how ibo guys are

I roll my eyes. I will not get into an argument with her about tribe right now. I won’t even share my fears with her and have her spoil my night. I want to drag that kiss into my dreams and have Jide take my lips over and over until I wake up.

-Babe, I hav to go

-Ah-ah. Jus lyk that? We neva finish gist na. what prompted the kiss. Was dat all u guys did. Gimme more

-Tomoro. I’m tired. I wan2sleep

-Ok o. oya, g.nite. sleep tight.


I put my phone away, take off my clothes and go for a warm shower. When I return, I slip into bed and fall asleep with my earphones in my ears, listening to love songs.

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

After I drop Honey, I head straight home. Ele is waiting for me. She doesn’t want sex; not like I am even in the mood for her. She wants some money. I don’t ask her what for. I just pass the notes to her and move away when she tries to kiss me. The taste of Honey is still on my lips.

I get into the house and head for my bedroom. The moment I hit the sheets, Mary calls. I hesitate before taking the call. When I eventually do, she is silent for the first few seconds.

“Boo, talk nau. This one that you’re quiet.”

“I want to come over so we can talk,” she speaks up. “It’s important. Is your girlfriend there?”

This is my turn to be quiet.


“She’s not here.”

“I’m coming over.”

I regret why I brought her over to visit two days ago.

“Can I come?”

“It’s late, boo.”

“Please. It’s important.”

“Okay o. I’m waiting.”

Sleep vacates my eyes. I move to the sitting room, pop open a canned beer and watch music videos while I wait for her. She arrives in good time. I open the door and let her in. She walks in and stands in the middle of my sitting room like a stranger.

“Sit down nau, madam.”

“No, I want to stand.”

I lock my door. “Stand keh. You said you wanted to talk. Now you’re here and you want to do the talking on your feet. You’ve been acting strange all day, shey you know. I don’t even want to bring up this evening and how you were sulking all through.”

“That’s what I actually came to explain.”

I take her hand and make her sit. I realize, from the way she can’t keep herself steady, how drunk she is. I occupy the space beside her.

“Talk. I’m listening.”

She heaves a couple of times before she builds up the courage to speak.

“I…” She brushes hair off her face. “I have feelings for you, Jide. I’ve always crushed on you, since from school days but I’ve been so scared to tell you. But when you kissed me last Sunday…”

Her eyes go moist.

“It was the best thing that ever happened to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I tried, Jide. I really tried.”


“But you came today with Honey and I… I just fell apart.”

She holds my eyes in hers.

“Jide, is there a chance for us?”

Chai. Na only me waka come? Dear Jesus, this is the second time I’m asking your help today concerning these women. Can you please handle my matter with urgency? The last time I broke a heart this devoted to me, I had to watch her almost take her life; then I had to suffer the pain of her losing her mind slowly. And from then on, things just went downhill for me.

Now, how do I get out of this present mess? No matter what I tell Mary, it won’t end well. And I love her to death. But not this way. Not just this way.

“Jide, you’re not saying anything.”

I pull closer and hold her hands in mine. I want her to listen to every word I say and understand me well.

“Mary, I love you. Very much. I’ve watched you grow and I’ve grown with you. You have been there for me through the years and you have become part of my history and now, my present. But Mary, boo… I… I don’t feel the same way…”

She bursts into a sob, cutting me off. Her deep alto tone thins out to a wretched whine that breaks my heart. I enclose her in an embrace to comfort her. She clings to me as if to life. I have no one but myself to blame. If a harmless, dispassionate kiss can lead to this, only God knows what the one I shared with Honey will produce.

For the third time, Jesus, please help me.


Se jeje o (Yoruba) – take it easy

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Ladies! 6 Ways To Cure Vaginal Itching

Featured Image

Vaginal itching simply refers to as an unwelcome situation where the skin of the vagina is irritated and tingly. It usually accompanies an unpleasant odor coming out from the affected area and often times discharge.

This is a serious problem for some women; especially when it is chronic; it causes discomfort. The common causes of vaginal itching include stress, yeast infections, dry skin, chlamydia, vaginitis and chemical reactions. The best ways to cure these include:

Salt Bath

Salt can effectively cure itching and bacteria due to its antibacterial properties. Wash your vagina with concentrated warm salt water whenever you feel the itching. This will give you great relief instantly and prevent further multiplication of bacteria. Alternately, you can fill half the bathtub with warm water and add half a cup of salt into it. Sit inside the tub in a squatting position. While sitting, open your vaginal walls using your finger so that the saline water goes inside and kills the bacterial action effectively.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Bath

Try to wash your vagina in a shallow water or bath with ½ cup of organic, raw apple cider vinegar. Keep your legs spread wide apart at all times when taking the apple cider bath, so that the water can flow freely around your vaginal region. If you do not have a bathtub, then try using a bath bowl tub intended for a baby. Apple cider bath brings out best results for women. Apple cider is able to inhibit the growth of yeast by killing them with its strong acidic pH level.

 Taking Yogurt

Taking yogurt that contains live unsweetened culture can also be helpful and won’t hurt because the active culture in the yogurt contains lactobacillus acidophilus which helps to stop itching. This probiotic food contains good bacteria that are helpful in maintaining a balance of natural bacteria and microflora in the vagina. An overabundance of yeast and bacteria in the vagina can cause uncomfortable itching and the active cultures in yogurt may help balance the ratio. Taking antibiotics may help wipe out the good bacteria in the vagina and can allow an overgrowth of the bad bacteria that causes the itching. Eating yogurt with antibiotics helps reduce vaginal itching. You can also apply yogurt to the external genitalia area only. The yoghurt cultures help relieve the itching due to the probiotic strains found within, and if it has been kept in the fridge it will help soothe the area too.

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Increase Your Water Intake

Increase your normal intake of water because water helps to flush out infection from the body system. It helps increase the usual flow of urine and washes away bacteria from the body. Hence drink at least 8 glass of water in a day if you want to cure the vaginal itching. Make sure you are drinking clean, fresh, tap or bottled water. Do not drink from lakes, rivers or streams, as they can cause additional bacteria to your body. The water will also help to flush out the excess bacteria from your urinary tract and vaginal opening. Drink enough water so that your urine will be very pale yellow.

Apply Garlic

Garlic contains antibacterial as well as antibiotic properties that can help kill bacteria and yeast. It also improves the immune system to fight infections in the body. Take a clove of fresh garlic and peel off the natural white paper shell that covers it, leaving the clove intact. Before you go to sleep in the night, put the clove into the vagina. In the morning, remove the garlic clove and throw it in the toilet. The garlic often causes the vagina to have a watery discharge. One night’s treatment might be enough to kill the infection depending on the level, or it might have to be repeated the next night if the itching is serious. Continue one or two days until all itchiness is gone. The reason why the treatment is done at bedtime is that there is a connection between the mouth and the vagina. The moment the garlic is placed in the vagina, the taste of the garlic travels up to the mouth. Some ladies find the strong flavor of garlic annoying during the day, so the treatment is best recommended for the night time.

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Take Medications

If the itching is severe and persistent, don’t hesitate to take medications prescribed by a doctor. Yeast infections are treated with anti-fungal medications which are inserted into the vagina in the form of creams, ointments, or suppositories, or they can be taken orally. You can buy these medications over the counters in different doses. Menopause related itching may be treated with estrogen creams, tablets, or a vaginal ring insert. Vaginosis and STDs are treated with antibiotics or anti-parasitic medications.

When experiencing any kind of vaginal itching or irritation, avoid sexual intercourse during treatment. Intercourse will increase the irritation and it may spread microbes to your partner. Do not resume until after the symptoms have been cleared up and always wear loose-fitting underwears because it helps the area to breathe and dry quickly.

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5 Things That Can Destroy Your Sex Life

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Ever wondered why can destroy your sex life? Find out here and ways you can save it

  1. Poor Nutrition

people who don’t eat well are bound to have problem with their sex life. According to a journal that was published in the” Journal Of Sex And Marital Therapy”, a clinical study shows that nutritional supplement significantly increases sexual desire, satisfaction with sexual relationship and improves vaginal dryness. So, eating healthy balanced diet can boost your sex drive more than you can imagine. But really, who wants to have sex when they have had nothing good to eat in a long while; absolutely nobody. Poor nutrition is a sure way to destroy your sex life.

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  1. Stress:

Stress is a common factor when it comes to depletion of sex drive. It is hard to not be stressed when you have a lot on your mind especially how to survive the hustle of the day, create a better means of livelihood for yourself and deal with the various hectic conditions that come with living in a country like Nigeria where you have poor electricity supply, terrible roads that lead to even more terrible traffic, delay in the payment of salary, unemployment and so on.  Your mind is filled with truck load of worries and of course, sex is the least of those worries. In no time, your sex life will begin to suffer and your drive for sex will no longer be what it used to be. In order to counter stress, try calming exercises like deep breathing, meditation or yoga. You can also listen to music to calm you. Good health and nutrients are other ways you can battle stress.

  1. Low energy:

Sleep is one of the major causes of low energy and low energy is also one of the major things that can destroy your sex drive. When you’re tired, sex is the least thing on your mind and it feels like a burden. It is advisable to get enough sleep in order to boost sex drive. Go to bed earlier than you normally do, take a relaxing bath, light body massage or foot rub before you go to bed in order to improve your sleep quality. It is also a very great idea to have sex in the morning as the energy is always high then especially after a fitful night sleep.

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  1. Terrible Timing:

We can all agree that there are times when we are not in the mood for any form of  romance at all especially times when you are anxious, depressed or in a foul mood. It is hard to feel any passion at these times and so, when the partner meets them for sex, it often feels as if they are being cornered or pressured into doing what they are not meant to do. This will make you always cringe at the idea of sex and run completely from it. Lack of “us time” with your partner can also ruin you sex drive. Find time for your partner and always try to meet him halfway.

  1. Medical conditions:

Medical conditions like low hormone levels, erectile dysfunction, pelvic pains etc are also major things that can ruin your libido. As you grow older or when you start to notice your sex drive dropping and it is not any of the above, consult your doctor for a thorough medical checkup. Do not wait till it is totally bad before you go for a thorough examination at the hospital.

When you notice your partner’s sex drive dropping, you should be of help by asking them what is going on and be open to learn to get better. Lack of communication can also ruin your sex drive.


image source: blogjiji.ng

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A Touch Of Colour : 3 Colours We Are Currently Loving

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White may be the traditional colour for summer and we totally appreciate how it works well with most items irrespective of the trend. We are breaking away from the “traditional white for summer”,  and sharing our top 3 intense colour for summer 2015. These colours are vibrant and eye catching, so accessories can be kept to the minimal.  Here are the top 3 colours we think you should be adding to your wardrobe now.


Coral  – Probably influenced by “Orange is the new black”, we are loving the rise of happy colour Orange and our favourite shade has got to be whimsical and feminine coral.  Coral always strikes the right cord when paired with summer whites.


 Shop our coral picks  herehere, and here  


Cobalt    – You would not go wrong spotting something blu-ish this summer, but the bold shade of cobalt just does it for us. 


Itfactor.Cobalt Maxi Dress_4022

                                                Shop our cobalt picks  here and here 

Mustard  – A pop of yellow never fails to add the sunshine to any outfit , the mustard shade is a great pick for the season. Pair your mustards ensemble  with tan or brown for that understated elegance.



Michael Kors Celebrates The Opening Of New Robertson Boutique


 Shop our mustard pick here 

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Makeup On

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There’s no shame in admitting! We all do sleep with makeup once or twice due to exhausting work or maybe you see no reason of removing it. Leaving makeup on your skin after one late night might not seem like a major deal, but over an extended period of time, the results are pretty horrific.

Sleeping with makeup can increase your exposure to free radicals (which makeup attracts during the day) thereby leading to collagen breakdown and also makes the skin age faster. Mascara can clog the tiny hair follicles in your eyelids which could lead to irritation, inflammation or even an infection. So if you are really tired before going to bed, just try as much possible to use a facial wipe even though it may not likely remove every particles but its certainly better than not cleansing at all. Mascara can be rubbed on your pillow when you are deeply asleep and ends up entering your eyes and it could also cause the eyelashes to become brittle and break easily.

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Simple or little  makeup needs to be wiped off too because most modern day beauty products contain paraben and parabens are nearly 100% of all cancerous breast tumors. Sleeping with makeup on can make your pores become more clogged, thereby resulting to the formation of microcomedone which attracts the acne causing bacteria to your pores.

When you sleep with makeup on, You aren’t giving your skin the chance to recover from those insults which could lead to premature aging. Free radicals cause collagen breakdown over time which results in the development of fine lines and prematurely aged skin. Foundations and thick oil–based primers are the worst offenders because they prevent the skin from renewing itself naturally at nights, causes blackheads, acne and even dullness. Primers and foundations are always thick and are generally overlying other makeup products which have been on all day. The large particles break down over the day and have been metabolized by natural processes as well exposed to environmental pollutants.

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Sleeping with any type of lipstick on can result to dryness and chapping. Try as much as possible to scrub the lips with a cleansing wipe to fully remove before bedtime and then you can apply lip balm to build moisture backup. The eye–shadow and eyebrows shouldn’t be left out because it has an occlusive effect (forms a barrier over the skin surface).

Makeup makes your pillow dirty and a dirty pillow itself is harmful to the skin. Effects of sleeping with makeup on leads to discoloration around the eyes and these could add years to your face and make you look much older than what you really are. Best alternative way to get your makeup off is applying baby oils because it removes makeup formulated around the eyes. Olive oil is another fantastic natural makeup removal because it not only effectively remove makeup but also does an incredible job of moisturizing the skin.

We all yearn for flawless, youthful complexions, right? Sleeping in makeup will only give you dull and dry skin. Your skin needs to breathe at night, and it needs to be able to produce the vitamins and minerals that promote healthy glowing skin.











imagecredit;www. tbn3.com

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Touch Her Here And Turn Her On; Women’s Top 5 Erogenous Zones

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The erogenous zones on women’s bodies are the areas that when touched or stimulated may result in sexual arousal. These areas are hyper sensitive to touch and feel. Compared to men, which erogenous zones mostly include the penis, testicles and anus. Discover  your woman’s sexual desire and stop being curious as to what turns her on and what spot to drive her crazy 


Every woman enjoys having her ears licked, sucked, or kissed. Roll your tongue round her ears, try to make it deep in the hole. Blowing her ear is acceptable and don’t actually forget to whisper sweet erotic words. This part of a woman’s body is a good place to start giving her that sensual massage.


Lots of women like it when you play around with their behinds. They tend to enjoy mild spanking and squeezing of the buttocks. Some women even like their anal passages licked and penetrated with fingers. This will definitely send shivers up and down her spine. This area is highly sensitive in women, although the touch women enjoy varies greatly. Experiment by rubbing this area lightly when she is still clothed. Make your touch firm but gentle, your goal is to arouse not tickle. If this brings pleasure, try it again when you’re between the sheets. Many women also enjoy stimulation that feels a little more naughty. In the heat of the moment try slapping this erogenous zone for the perfect blend of pleasure and pain.

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The breasts are very sexually sensitive and gentle fondling, squeezing, caressing, licking, and sucking of the nipples can be extremely arousing. Hold the two breasts once and cuddle gently. Many women like it when the breasts are been played with so find out how she wants it and give it to her the way she wants. Don’t give into your temptation to grope her like an awkward teenage boy. Some ladies have very sensitive breasts and being too rough may hurt her actually. Light caresses, kissing, as well as sucking of her nipples are better options and can go a long way.

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Feet and behind the knees

Many women enjoy having their feet touched, massaged, licked, sucked, caressed. Caress the toes, soles and ankles. The sole can be so pleasant to her body so try to be keen on the idea of giving her a good toe lashing. You’d be surprised at how your woman can be crazy when you gently lick or nibble on the back of her knees because the area is very sensitive so you have to be careful not to over–do it, the sensation can be annoying when it gets too rough or when tickling is too much.











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OmogeMuRa Releases The Omoge Summer Edit

Featured Image

The Omoge Summer Edit is a fun, flirty representation of the girl we write for, unafraid of big label brands and eager to promote boutique labels, creating niche fashion. She embraces all brands and marries them to unearth a style that is her own.

Our woman loves beauty, revels in its power to transform, elevate and complement. She is glam, goth and fresh faced. The OmogeMuRa woman is you.

Outfit Credits for Each Outfit

1 – Lagos LaidBac Tee

2 – Toju Foyeh Sundress

3 – LA.X Floral Skirt, Maju Eyes Tee

4 – MRP Tanktop and Eve and Tribe Palazzo Pants

5 – Maju Dress

6 – UMi-1 Sweater and TwentySix Skirt

7 – Grey Maxi Dress

8 – House of Marie statement blazer

9 – Kamokini one piece swimsuit

Jewelry – Accessories2die4

Edit Credits

Model – Fareeda Abdulkareem

Makeup – Barbara

Photography – Tunde Mason

Styling and Creative Direction – Deola Adebiyi and Edwin Okolo

Visit us at www.omogemura.com in the coming days for more images from the Omoge Summer Edit

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com
Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

Tunde K. Mason for omogemura.com

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#360DIY: Homemade Whipped Peppermint Body Butter

Featured Image

What You Need:

½ cup of coconut oil

½ cup of cocoa butter

½ cup of shea butter

½ cup of sweet almond oil

1 teaspoon of vitamin E oil

2-4 drops of peppermint essential oil


1.       Place coconut oil, cocoa butter and shea butter in a medium sized pot over low heat. Stir to mix combination until it melts completely. When it has melted, remove from fire.

2.       Mix in the sweet almond, vitamin E and peppermint oils thoroughly.

3.       Place in the refrigerator for an hour or two, just enough for the mixture to firm up without getting too hard.

4.       Remove from the fridge and use a stand or hand mixer to mix until you get a decadent whipped constituency. Scoop into a jar or a container.

For children, use lavender oil instead of peppermint oil which is more suitable and highly recommended to be used for kids. This homemade body butter can last for 6-12 months as long as you used quality oils in preparing it.

Additional Information:

Essential oils may seem very difficult to get in Nigeria (maybe it actually is). In order to help your search become easier, I’ve gone online to find some shops that sell these essential oils in Lagos and you can get your goods delivered everywhere else in Nigeria.

1.       You can also find the jiji.com.ng, jumia.com.ng and of course Konga.

2.       Vconnect.com and businesslist.com.ng also has a list of places, especially spas, where you can shop for your essential oils.

Tip: put in an attractive container and you can retail it off or give it out as gifts. This body butter soothes the skin and with the pleasant aroma, it is sure to lift your spirit, help you unwind especially after a hard day.  Don’t forget to store in a cool dry place but if it melts, just re-chill and whip it up again.


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Tutorial and Image Credit: Addiction bbm channel

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Featured Image

Ever tried picking up a girl on the side of the raid and then she turns into a food item in your car! Well, BollyLomo had his encounter with a girl (Saeon) who turns into amala and a banana after picking her up.

#360Nobs & #iCirculate have decided to bring you @BollyLomo’s tales past a 15 second #instagram video post. It’s only fair that we had Bolly give you the full gist of his daily encounters.

Here’s the fourth episode of BollyLomo’s tale


Click here to view the embedded video.

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New Study Claims You Cannot Get Addicted To Porn

Featured Image

This is definitely going to make the day of all those that like to watch… ahem… adult videos.

A new study carried out Sexual psycho-physiologist Nicole Prause has claimed that you cannot get addicted to porn the same way you can to drugs or alcohol.

Research published in the journal Biological Psychology has found that watching ‘blue movies’ does not elicit the same response in the brain as other addictive substances.

According to Prause, ‘The findings provide clear evidence that porn does not look like other addictions

122 men and women were examine – 55 of whom said they had a problem with pornography.

The volunteers were shown images that were categorised as pleasant, neutral and unpleasant.

Half of the pleasant photos were erotic.

Researchers found that ‘porn addicts’ showed a lower, not higher, preference for sexually explicit images.

‘The size of the “late positive potential” reflects the intensity of an emotional response,’ added co-author Dean Sabatinelli, associate professor at the University of Georgia.


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6 Actions That Can Lead To Male Infertility

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Male infertility refers to the inability to impregnate a woman and it’s a very serious issue that needs to be tackled. Here are the likely reasons behind why men can be infertile.

Excessive Drinking And Smoking

Excessive alcohol affects the body’s ability to absorb zinc which is a nutrient vital for healthy sperm. Stay away from excessive drinking of alcohol and quit smoking. Smoking damages sperm, making them less likely to fertilize eggs and making the embryos less likely to survive. It increases the concentration of free radicals in the seminal fluid so if you are seeking fertility, try to stop smoking or suspend it for three months because the sperm needs at least much time to be produced from germ cell to full sperm.

 Stress Unattended To

Being stressed maybe due to overworking and not having enough time to rest and taking medications are inadvertently killing your manhood. Researchers found out that men with anxiety issues tend to have abnormally shaped sperm and sperm with mobility issues. An immobile sperm is useless because they have to swim far to marry an egg for conception. Treat any kind of sickness with urgency and prescribed drugs.

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Obese and over-weight men are likely to experience infertility. The heavier a man is, the higher the chances of low sperm count. In fact the central cause of infertility is over-weight. Try to maintain good overall height in order to reduce the risk of infertility. Obesity can affect male fertility directly and indirectly. Men who are significantly overweight can suffer alterations in sleep behaviors, sexual behaviors, hormonal profiles, scrotal temperatures and the quality of semen. Scientists believe that in morbidly obese men, gastric bypass surgery and the successful management of hormones can be a helpful intervention in reversing infertility which is directly caused by obesity. Obese males may also suffer from higher than normal levels of estrogen which can change the makeup of the sperm and lead to low testosterone levels.


Not eating nutritious food can cause infertility. Malnutrition  lead to deficiencies in certain vitamins, such as vitamin C, folic acid, selenium, and zinc can contribute to male infertility. In addition, when malnutrition leads to being severely underweight. Men may have issues with low sperm counts or diminished sperm quality and motility (the ability to effectively move through the women’s reproductive system and implant into an egg.) Excessive exercise in men, leading to being underweight, may also increase the temperature of a man’s testicles and damage sperm.

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Keeping Phones In Front Pocket

Keeping mobile phones in the pocket could affect sperm quality. Exposure to cell phone radiation lowers sperm motility by 8% and viability by 9%. This finding is still a controversial one but it would be safer to keep away mobile phones from the pocket as much as possible. Keep your phone out of your trouser pocket, do not text holding your phone at your waist level and never put it close to your penis while sleeping.


Most Infections in the male reproductive organs are caused by sexually transmitted diseases such as staphylococcus and gonorrhea. Men may have infections of the reproductive tract, these may include infections of the prostate (prostatitis), of the epididymis (epididymitis), or of the testis (orchitis). Unless noticeable symptoms occur, these infections can go untreated. Severe infections can cause scarring, blockages  or other damage to the male reproductive organs. Medications  such as antibiotics can be effective in treating infections of the male reproductive disorders. However, it is important to treat them early to avoid permanent damage. Surgery may be required in cases where infection has resulted in scarring or blockages that affect sperm production and ejaculation.

Male infertility can also occur when there are problems with ejaculation such as retrograde ejaculation which occurs when the semen is forced back into the bladder, premature ejaculation and erection dysfunction complication from radiation therapy or surgery.


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imagecredit aliexpress.com


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Reasons Why No One Wants To Have Sex with You

Featured Image

Ever wondered why it’s hard to get laid? Here’s why no one wants to have sex with you.

Having sex may seem like what everybody is doing but trust me, there are people out there not getting any action at all. This may not be entirely because the person is not attractive enough (although being attractive is one of the sure ways to get laid. When you pay attention to yourself, take good care of your body and always make an effort took your best no matter where you’re going, people will always notice you and be interested in you) to get someone to hook up with; it may because of the following reasons listed below:

1.      You’re Not Approachable:

Being approachable is not the same as being attractive. You may be the finest person in the room and still be the loneliest. If you’re not getting enough sex as you should, ask yourself if you really “put yourself out there enough” to be approached by a prospective partner. It is not about wearing revealing clothes or being overly flirtatious either. It is about the way you present yourself, interact with people around you. If you’re rude, aloof and carry yourself like you’re too good for anybody, you’re definitely going to have a lot of people running from you rather than coming to you.

READ Men Only: 5 Reasons Your Sex Game Is Weak [18+]

2.      Your Expectations:

Sometimes, we are so conscious of our values that we do not get to actually know a person before we write them off. Because you often dream about tall, dark and handsome guys doesn’t mean a short, fair and cute guy won’t work for you. And of course, when you’re so rigid about such values, it is very hard to convince you to change them and then you will start having people run from you because you’re centered on meeting a person with specifics rather than making do with what you have. I’m not saying it is a terrible thing to want specific things from someone but sometimes, those rigid values may end up pushing to the wrong person or to “lonedom”.

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3.      Wrong Signals:

When you send out the wrong signals, it is hard for people to know what you really want or who you really are. Don’t dress like you’re gay when you’re not. I mean, when you are dressed like the opposite sex, complete with boyish haircut and accessories, people wont definitely see you as someone they can bang. They will see you as a buddy they can discuss soccer with over pizza and beer.

You Have Bad Hygiene:

You can’t expect to have a stinking breath and terrible body odour and think you can get laid. Clean yourself up nicely, have a good bath, use a strong deodorant and add a dash of mild cologne and you’re good to go. Never approach someone when you stink.

4.      You’re All Shades Of Screwed Up:

Having sex to most people means you have to be committed to that person and once you’re sensed as the type of person with too many issues, people will flee from you. If you project yourself as a depressed, broken, angry young person, no one will want to come close to you. Until you get your act together, you will have no one coming to your side much less having sex with you.

Sometimes, people don’t stay away from you because of the way you look. Most times, it is about the way you act, how you present yourself and treat others around you. In order to get laid or get someone to be fully interested in you, you have to work on yourself so you can be at least 80% acceptable; that’s what makes you attractive the most to everybody that comes your way.

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12 Things To Remember That Can Help Someone With Depression (2)

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In the first part of this article we talked about what depression is and some very important titbits that can help you assist and help depressed people out of the state they are in. These tips include realising that depression is not a choice and knowing that you are allowed to get frustrated if your attempt at helping is not yielding fruits. Other essential tips are discussed as follows.

They can become easily overwhelmed with emotions and their troubles

Being almost permanently tired and exhausted is a side effect of being depressed. Day to day activities become very exhausting and overwhelming for such people and they may appear to be very much okay one minute and look completely tired the next. Their emotional state may make them bail on pre-scheduled events or cancelling on plans. Just have it at the back of your mind that it’s not about what you did to them but the side effects of being depressed.

It’s not about you

It is usual to have problems understanding the things your depressed friend is going through and knowing how how their sadness affects your relationship with them. If they become distant or appear to need time alone, don’t blame yourself or try to understand how maybe if you’d acted differently they would have healed better. Instead, understand that it is no fault of yours they are depressed.

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Avoid giving ultimatums or making demands

Giving a person an ultimatum or using the “tough-love” approach such as threatening to break up with them or not talk to them if they don’t get out of the state they are in would do little to make them better than they are.The fact that you’re tired of dealing with their issues won’t make them miraculously become the person you want them to be.The “tough-love” approach is not only unrealistic but also manipulative.

They don’t always want to do this alone

Often times, we assume that people dealing with everyday issues would rather do so alone but that is not always the case. In truth, there ate times depressed people want their space but that is not to say they would want to face their fears completely alone. You can help by offering to take them out for a meal, to the movies, for a walk or just a drive around. One on one encounters with them will help bring them out of their routine, especially when you take them to a memorable place that would aid them in talking about their fears freely. Reach out to them when they least expect and remind them from time to time that you’re there for them and they don’t have to go through their problems alone.

Try the much you can, not to compare your experiences with theirs

It is common to want to share similar experiences with someone you know who is going through a rough patch as a way of telling them you can relate to and empathise with them. Saying things like ” yeah, there was a time I was depressed too…” will only make them feel like you’re trying to belittle their pain. Express empathy but don’t suppress their feelings. The greatest thing to share with someone in this situation is to listen to them. That’s what they need the most.

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It’s alright to ask your friend where they are in their feelings

Asking questions like how they are really feeling and coping with their depression is the way to go. It is quite common for depressed people to have suicidal tendencies and it is good to try to ask them directly the ways they are taking care of themselves and to try and come up with a safety plan for their depression whenever it may overwhelm them.

Schedule time to spend together

Try and map out time to spend with them. This could be once or twice a week when you hang around with them either by going to the movies, shopping or just playing around. Perhaps the hardest part of being depressed is the exhaustion that doesn’t permit the person to cook or do any serious activity. You can help them out by cooking them a meal they can store to eat later.
Lastly, everyone should know that depression is not something to be ashamed of and experiencing it doesn’t mean the person is weak but surviving it is what’s most important.


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Yemi Alade Is A Badass Chick For The #RoadToMAMAs

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Yemi Alade is not going to the #RoadToMAMAs conference to smile with anybody.


The singer, who will be performing at the main event on July 16, attended the press conference dressed like a total badass.

With her braids made into a bun on her head, the Johnny singer sports a studded black jacket with a pair of very distressed jeans.

And of course, reflective shades. Boom! Check her out below!


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Mariah Carey Squeezes Her Boobs Into Tight Black Dress As She Enjoys Date Night With Billionaire Boyfriend

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Mariah Carey may have fallen down a few days ago while her new beau watched on, but that has not stopped their love from growing stronger.

The singer pulled out all the stops to impress her new love interest as they both stepped out for a late night party in Spain.





Oozing heaps of sex appeal and drawing loads of attention to her ample assets, Mariah was clad in a revealing black number which featured a semi-sheer skirt and plunging neckline.

The 45-year-old singer looked glamorous in her all black ensemble teamed with strappy heels and black clutch.

Her 47-year-old billionaire boyfriend, James Packer was not left out as he cut a handsome figure in a two-piece suit paired with white shirt and smart  black shoes.


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mariah carey


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Kylie Jenner Smoulders In Ripped Denim & Off-The-Shoulder Top While Filming KUWTK

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Kylie may have moved out of the family house but she is still keeping up with the Kardashians.

The 17-year-old reality star looked glamorous as she joined her half-sisters Kourtney, Kim and Khloe for the filming of their reality show in Los Angeles.






Kylie was clad in her signature look of ripped jeans teamed with an off-the-shoulder T-shirt and a pair of polished heels. She finished off the look with a pair of oversize sunglasses.

The rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan (with Kendall missing) also looked lovely in front of the cameras as they filmed the 11th season of their reality TV programme.











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Lupita Nyong’O Spotted In Maki Oh At Homecoming Events In Kenya

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First it was the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, then Solange Knowles and now it’s the super star Lupita!

Leading fashion label, Maki Oh continues to prove a hit amongst Hollywood’s fashion elite as Lupita Nyong’o has joined the league of stars spotted in the brand’s design.




The Kenyan beauty was spotted wearing two classic hand-painted and hand-dyed pieces by the designer and champion of Adire.

The Oscar-award winning actress is currently on a ‘Homecoming Tour’ in Kenya, her first visit since winning the movie industry’s top award for her  breakout role in 12 Years A Slave.

And at two of her public outings, the actress made fashion forward choices including a silk scarf blouse and silk cotton skirt ensemble to a mentor-ship talk. Later at a press conference, she wore a silk satin and velvet vest teamed with silk cotton wide leg pants.



unnamed (1)


Maki Oh is the first African designer Lupita has worn at an event.  And we are not surprised as Maki Oh’s increasing creative success continues to earn the brand a star-studded cast of fans and startling reviews both in Nigeria and on the international fashion scene.






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Now Listening and Loving – Rihanna’s BBHMM

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We are currently listening to this song on the replay.

The video dropped today and it’s quite heavy on explicit content,  if you want to see the official video, then watch it here.

We think Rihanna is super talented and a fun, fearless female and we love her for that. 

Listen and share your thoughts.


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Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posts Nudie On Instagram. Look Here To See, If You’re Interested Of Course

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Marc Jacobs might remind you of high class labels all the time, but he is about to remind you of something else in the next few days (at leas)t and it’s got nothing to do with clothes.

In fact, it’s got to do with him without clothes.

The popular designer who wanted to send the image via his direct message, posted it on Instagram for the world to see.

And even though it was deleted almost immediately, like most of the things that go online, it was documented.

Marc Jacobs

Nice ass though.


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Looks We Love – Toyosi Phillips in A Skater Dress

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Media  Personality Toyosi Phillips looks undoubtedly the picture of chic perfection in this white skater dress. Beautifully accessorised with a tribal inspired bold necklace, she’s a picture of sheer perfection in her recent photoshot to celebrate her birthday.


Steal her style in our Fever London skater dress, pair with a statement necklace to glam it up for semi formal occasions, and for Formal gatherings throw on a blazer or pair with a blouse underneath for that trendy pinafore look.



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Shot by Tobbie of TCD Photography

source – www.bellanaija.com


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4 Simple Workouts You Can Do To Get The Perfect Butt

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For the perfect butt that will enhance your appearance in any kind of dress, bikini and swimsuit without the help of butt lifters and butt pads, these are some of the exercises you can do:

1.       Squats:

Squatting helps to strengthen and tone the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, hips and lower backs. The exercise is easy to do and can be done almost anywhere. All you need to do is stand with your feet spread slightly than your hips and keep your toes pointed slightly outward. Keep your spine straight out in front of you parallel to the ground. Then you breathe in, bend at your hips and push your butt back while keeping your entire body tight. Squat down slowly until your hips are lower than your knees and then breathe out, push up off your heels and slowly rise back up. For the best result, perform 2 sets of 20 repetitions once daily. You can equally try other forms of squatting like one-legged squats, kickback squats, barbell squats or jumping squats.

2.       Butt Lift (Bridge):

Lie flat on your back on the floor with your hands by your sides and your knees bent. Keep your feet about shoulder-width apart and flat on the floor. Then you slowly raise your hips off the floor while keeping your back straight. Breathe out during this step and hold your hips at the top floor one second. Then you slowly lower your hips down to the lying position as you breathe in. repeat this 8-10 times. This exercise will target the muscles of your back and buttocks to keep them toned.

3.       Swimming:

Swimming is highly effective in slimming and toning the entire body including the legs, thighs and butt. Use strokes that will target the lower body like the kick used in breaststroke targets the upper butt and hips. You can also try treading water with only your legs or sprinting 200 yards of the butterfly to get the desired result. Always keep your butt muscles tight while doing any style of swimming. Try swimming every 30 minutes every 5 days in a week.

4.       Running:

Running can also be useful in toning the muscles of your butt as it involves the heavy use of your legs and this in turn tone your glutes. All you need to do is incorporate certain changes in the incline like trying uphill running rather than running on a flat surface. You can also take the stairs rather than the elevators.

To get the perfect result, include fat burning foods like cayenne pepper, grapefruit, lemon and ginger in your diet. You should also follow a low calorie, low carbohydrate diet plan. Also avoid drinks and foods that have high sugar content. Drink few cups of green tea daily to aid weight loss and get a good night’s sleep every night in order to achieve your goals. With determination, you can get the perfect butt you desire in no time without any artificial aid.


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This Track made us happy, made us laugh and made us talk about the days of the dreaded JAMB exams.

 We love the soulfulness, just the right tempo for this wet and gloomy day….Listen and share your thoughts.

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Jada Pinkett Smith Serves It Hot In Sheer Top & Denim Hotpants

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Haven’t seen any 43-year-old look so HOT!!!

Jada Pinkett Smith put on a very confident parade as she heat up Los Angeles LAX airport on Sunday in her rather daring outfit.

The wife of one of  the world’s best-known action movie stars and mother to two successful children, flaunted her toned figure in a semi-sheer top with a sweet heart motif, while flashing her lithe pins in a pair of teeny denim hotpants.





She paired the daring ensemble with a pair of white lace-up trainers and finished off with a pair of large-framed sunglasses.

We must admit that amidst all the outfits put together, we can’t till get over such banging body, It can awaken the inner lesbian in anyone!











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