Things You Must Vow To Do To Your Wife Before You Say “I Do”

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We can all agree that marriage is no longer what it used to be. Year after year, we find the essence of marriage being lost and people getting married for the wrong reasons. People getting married to fulfill societal righteousness, please their family, have kids, etc. And so, it is easy to break a marriage off as soon as they can no longer “cope” with the person they married. There is no longer the need to stay committed to one’s spouse, to weather the storm together; once they get tired of each other or things get “too tough”, they are quick to call it quits.


Divorce lawyers are on the rise daily and people no longer want to stay till death separates them but till “irreconcilable differences” tear them apart. This is so because people no longer understand what it is to be in a relationship with another person, to truly commit to another person; even at the most difficult times. We all get so easily carried away with the physical attraction and superficial emotions that we do not take our time to think about what marriage is about before popping the question or agreeing to marry someone.


So, if you’re planning to settle down soon (even if it is not so soon) or you’re already married (it is never too late to have a fresh attitude towards your marriage and partner), make a vow to do these things to your wife always:


#1. Vow To Stick By Her “In Sickness And In Health”: there is a reason this part of your original vows because it is actually not easy to stick by someone when they are sick. Sick in this context does not mean when she is down with premenstrual cramps, or menstrual cramps, cold or early morning sickness; it means even the days when she is very moody and cranky, when she is going through a life altering challenge at work, with her family or even when is having issues. Vow to stand by her at her toughest times and weather the storm together. The true test of your love is when you can stand by that person when the cloud is the darkest, not when it is the sunniest.


#2. Vow To Make Her A Priority: negligence has destroyed more homes than we can ever imagine. A man who focuses on his business more than he does on his home will have a split marriage in no time. I’m not saying you should not pursue your dreams and achieve your goals (please do, as you need the money to keep your family alive) but do not go overboard that your family will suffer. In fact, I’ve come to know that men who put family as number 1 always tend to be not only successful but happy. So, always try to find a balance between your work and your home.


#3. Vow To Always Show Her How Much She Means To You: it can get really crazy sometimes especially in a country like ours where you have to deal with waking up early, battling with traffic to get to work and then coming back late, tired and very sleepy. So, it is very easy to just forget to appreciate your spouse or do something special for her. Every now and then, try and do something for her to show her much you are grateful to have her in your life and how much you love her. It may not be buying her shiny diamond jewelry or bringing breakfast to her in bed, it may just be as easy as staring deep into her eyes and telling her you love her. Just make sure you show it her as often as possible so that she will never forget it.


#4. Vow To Always Take Care Of Yourself: okay, this is very important. It is not only women that should take care of their bodies; men should too. Don’t because you’ve finally gotten married, you should stop taking care of yourself. Of course, she loves and accepts you for your flaws and she is not into you for the physical attributes but we can all agree that something physical may have attracted her to you at first before the deep qualities started coming to play. Don’t lose the packs, the beards or the “swag”. I know you’re getting old and all these things are hard to “maintain” but come on, you want her to still be sexy even after 2-4kids, right? So, pay attention to yourself, eat healthy, drink healthy, be healthy and fit too.


#5. Vow To Do Your Best For Your Children: so many are fathers but not worthy to be used the title for. As you’ve vowed to make her your priority, vow to do everything possible to always give the best to her (your) children. And by best, I’m not talking about things only money can buy, even the things money can’t afford like morals, love, care, attention, support, give to them. Even the bible admonishes that you train your child in the best way possible so he/she will never depart from it as they grow and they can pass on the good lessons to their own kids.


#6. Vow To Make Her Better Person Than She Was Before You Married Her: I’ve seen so many women losing it just after months of being married. They look so sad, worn out, confused and you wonder what the hell is going on in her home. As a man, never make your wife a ghost of what she used to be. Don’t because she’s tied to you make her lose her identity. You should vow to make her a better person than she was before you married her. Support her, comfort her, pamper, love her as she deserves (or more than she deserves). An unhappy and frustrated wife will only make your home hell for you. Don’t turn her into a slave in the name of being submissive. Always put in mind that your wife is a reflection of everything you are about. If your wife is shabby and tattered, it tells a lot about you and your upbringing.


#7. Vow Never To Abuse Her: okay, I had to put this because some Africans see it as a normal thing to beat their wives. They see it as a form of instilling discipline and respect. If you are of this class, please stop and rethink. It is very abnormal to beat a woman and it doesn’t instill anything, it only makes her even more rebellious and stubborn. Don’t curse or abuse her verbally all in the name of talking sense into her. Never withdraw cash from her to teach her a lesson. There are plenty ways a mature man can get his wife to do things he wants without being vulgar or violent, the trick is called “communication”.


#8. Vow To Stay Till The Very End: if your very end means till you’re tired, you can’t stand her anymore or you’ve found a better option, please delete those meanings from your dictionary and insert “till death actually do you both part”. I know it may seem so scary; the thought of spending forever with one person scares me too but hey true love conquers all fears. When you truly love someone deeply for the right reasons, staying committed to them till the end of time is the only gift you can give them. Be ready to cross every bridge, to build, to grow with them. No matter how tough the journey may be (because every relationship has its ups and downs), always make a promise to stick around.


I did not put “vow not to cheat on your wife” on the list because a man who vows to do all the above listed things to his wife will not want to hurt her. She is a priority and her happiness will be your joy. I know these things sound so difficult to do but once your mind is made up, it becomes a habit. Will it be worth it? Definitely. You will be reaping the fruits of your good labour for many years to come.


Note that this is not limited to guys alone, women should also vow to do these things to the men in their lives. One sided effort will only destroy the marriage. And you don’t have to be married before you start doing these things, if you really love the girl or the guy and you’re certain you want them to be part of your future, please start with your relationship; practicing will bring about perfection when you eventually get married.



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Style Crush! Mocheddah Serves It HOT With Her Style

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Gone are those days when all we could call Mocheddah was an artist because right now she goes beyond just a singer to a big fashion inspiration.

Mocheddah may not be your regular music star but i bet you cannot overlook her recent stylish looks. With a style that favors distressed denim, body-conscious dresses and lots more in soft hues, I stalk Mocheddah’s instagram feed in total admiration while hoping that in my next world her entire closet would be mine.

Need I say more, She always steps out looking like a walking mannequin, leaving us drooling.

Check out some of my favorite looks!



mo3 in aprilbykunbi
























Images: Instagram/ @mocheddah

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PHOTOS: Nollywood Starlet Linda Ejiofor Is Stunning In Themed Photo Shoot

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Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards 2015 Best Supporting Actress; Linda Ejiofor is a stunning muse in this themed photo shoot by emerging photographer Sunmisola Olorunnisola.

Linda Ejiofor is known for her recurring role as Bimpe in MNET Africa’s leading soapie Tinsel and Ejura in the award winning Nollywood movie The Meeting, switches effortlessly between intense pain, goofy and sweet.

With several exciting new projects lined up for release later this year, Linda Ejiofor is definitely one to watch in the coming months.

Linda-Ejiofor-(8) Linda-Ejiofor-(7) Linda-Ejiofor-(6) Linda-Ejiofor-(1)


Linda-Ejiofor -(9) Linda-Ejiofor -(3) Linda-Ejiofor -(2)

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Mariah Carey Almost Flashes Butt In Sexy Black Dress

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Mariah Carey was almost a victim of a serious wardrobe malfunction when she stepped out of her hotel in Paris on Sunday to greet fans.

The singer’s choice of outfit which was a floor length black dress featured thigh-high slit and complimented the pop stars figure. But she managed to escape a wardrobe malfunction as the wind blew the dress near her bum thereby revealing too much skin.

45-year-old Carey completed her glam look with tons of diamond jewelry and sunglasses as she smiled and posed for fans.










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Weight Loss Struggles! Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Undergoes Liposuction Surgery

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Khloe Kardashian might be flaunting her new curves but the real secret of her weight loss remains hidden.

Reports making the rounds claim that the 30-year-old reality star  got a little help with achieving her newly curvaceous figure by undergoing serious lipo on her tummy, waistline and legs. She is impressed with the results that she is thinking of reducing her butt as it is starting to look enormous in comparison to her new small frame.

Around the time Khloe had the surgery, she was trying to chalk up her drastically changing body to diet and exercise.







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Kylie Jenner Posts Inappropriate Photo In Attempt To Promote Tanning Products

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Kylie Jenner might only be 17, but she doesn’t behave like a teenager!

The reality star is known for posting revealing snaps of herself on Instagram and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. On Sunday, she took to Instagram yet again to post a picture of herself in her gym wear while showing off a new range of tanning products.

She captioned the photo:

Love my @cocoabrowntan from @marissacarter when I want a fast tan #SelfTan #CocoaBrown #1HourTan’.












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See Adorable Photos Of Prince George & Baby Sister Princess Charlotte

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If these photos are not adorable, then nothing else can define that word!

The latest royal baby Princess Charlotte has made her second appearance since birth and this time it’s with her big brother Prince George. The adorable siblings were on Saturday June 6, captured by their mum Kate Middleton and the photos were shared on Social media by Kensington Palace.

In a series of snaps, Prince George hold on to his baby sister while sitting on a couch at their Anmer Hall countryside home. In other photos, the 22-months-old prince looks down at his baby sister, kisses her forehead while smiling for the camera.

Check out the lovely photos below!

prince george

prince george1

prince george3


prince george2







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As we experience fuel scarcity in Nigeria, everyone from banks to telecommunications companies have had to shut down business/operations at some point in time. Including Mr Bolly.

#360Nobs & #iCirculate have decided to bring you @BollyLomo’s tales past a 15 second #instagram video post. It’s only fair that we had Bolly give you the full gist of his daily encounters.

Here’s the second episode of BollyLomo’s tale


Click here to view the embedded video.

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It’s Another Saturday…#2

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The Lady In The Yellow Dress

The reception is a blast and so is the after-party. Bobby and Kate have retired for the night and it’s just us party animals left. Actually, it’s just Shady, I and some other friends. The married men have gone home to their families. Shady is with me because he is having this major fight with his wife over dominance.

“She won’t let me just be the man in the house,” he whines for the fifth time. Like I am interested. My mind and eyes are elsewhere.

There’s a lady in a yellow dress who is seated detachedly from everything else. She has had my attention since the reception. She is light-skinned and slim. I don’t like my women with too much flesh on them. If a lady’s waist size measures more than twenty-seven inches, I’m not touching her with a ten meter pole. I don’t care who the hell she is; I just don’t do fat chicks, sorry. I want a woman I can flip all ways in bed but the thing is she has to be curvaceous as well. And that’s where the problem lies. There are very few of such girls around. They are either chubby or bony. So you see my issues? This is one of the reasons I haven’t settled down. I’m looking for a Halle Berry but all I see are Kim Kardashians and Beyoncés.

On the other hand, this lady in the yellow dress… she has caught my eyes bad. I can see the thigh gap and the curves and the waist so slim. Then she tops it up with a feisty look. I so want to eat her up. But not just because she looks good. You see, I have a thing for ladies in yellow dresses. It started five years ago when I got hit by a truck while parked by the side of a lonely road, making out with my ex-fiancée. The crash put me in the hospital for months and I wasn’t expected to survive. But one evening, stoned out of my senses by pain medication, I watched this beautiful yellow dress float into my room. The legs beneath it were smooth and creamy. I tried to look up to see who it was but my neck was broken, so instead I breathed in the scent of her and left it stamped in my memory. She came closer and held my hand and prayed for me. Her touch was gentle and soothing and I didn’t want to let go. Her voice, although unclear in my head, lulled me to sleep with ‘amen’ being the last thing on my lips. I dreamt about her that night. She was walking down an aisle arched with white blossoms, wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of yellow flowers. She was coming towards me, my bride. And her smile, it was the best part of the dream. It was so familiar that I could have sworn I had seen it before.

I woke up the next morning, miraculously improved. A week later I was taken home. The lady in yellow, still a mystery till today. Nobody had seen her come in or leave. Nobody knew her. Some say she’s an angel but I know she was as real as day, and I have been searching for her since.

Could she be the one seated across the room right now?

“Look, Shady, you knew who Celia was before you married her. You met her campaigning against female genital mutilation, for Christ’s sakes. She’s a feminist.”

Shady’s eyes shoot out. “No, she’s not.”

I’m impatient with this idiot. After three years of marriage and a kid he doesn’t still see the testicles under his wife’s privates?

“See, it’s simple. She doesn’t have to wash your clothes.”

Shady is stunned by my words. His long facial features somehow have come together in a round knot. It’s not a pleasant sight.

“Buy a washing machine and during the weekend, both of you can do the laundry together. You don’t expect a working mother, with all the load she has at work and at home to still do your laundry, in addition to cooking and sex.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“Who was washing your clothes before you got married?”

It is this side of me my friends don’t like. I don’t give a shit.

I rise up and straighten my shirt.

“Where you dey go?”

I don’t reply. I head straight for the woman who has kept me distracted all evening. As I approach her, I realize she is more beautiful when you get closer. She is seated at a table, all alone, sipping on wine and watching the partying throng with no real interest. I pick the only other seat at the table and she gives me a good look. I catch her eyes and hold it in an audacious stare and for some reason she can’t seem to break away.

“The look in your eyes tells me you don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

This is the worst pickup line in my list of pickup lines but it works all the time, except that one time when I got punched in the face.

“Wow. I can’t believe someone as put-together as you can open your mouth and such trash comes out.”

I smile. Lady in yellow doesn’t. I want her to.

“Forgive my manners. I think in trash and sometimes things get lost in translation when I try to convert to English. What I wanted to actually say was ‘of all the yellow dresses I’ve seen today, yours is by far the most complimenting’.”

I see a smile well-hidden. “Thank you.”

“Friend of the bride or groom?”

“Bride. An old friend.”

I let out my hand for a shake. “I’m Jide.”


“So Tola,” my eyes sweep across the room and back to her, “you want to dance?”

She shakes her head. “Not to this…whatever is playing. I’m too old to shake my booty. Besides, the groom did enough of that already.”

I laugh. “So you like old school. Well, I have all the old school songs you can ever think of in my phone.”

“Then let’s pass it on to the DJ and change the mood.”

I grin and get to my feet, walking all the way to the DJ’s booth. He agrees to change the music for a small fee. I pay smaller and head back to my table. Before I get there, the music dies. The crowd is not so pleased but the moment Whitney Houston blasts through the air with I Wanna Dance With Somebody, the mood is restored and my partner for the night gets to her feet.

Yet she doesn’t smile. I’m desperate to see her thirty-two but she won’t even flash a rabbit grin. We dance, nonetheless, the dancefloor getting smaller by the minute. And oh boy, can she burst some moves. She’s all over me, I’m all over her. I catch Shady’s eyes from across the room and he gives me the “go get a room” look. I reply in our non-verbal language to book one at the hotel’s reception for me. He disappears shortly and returns. He brushes past me on the dancefloor and slips the room key into my back pocket and calls it a night. While he does this, I don’t break my contact with Tola. She’s pressed into me now and I hold her from behind. We’re dancing to Next’s Too Close. Things are heating up really fast. I hear a warning voice telling me to stop but I damn well ignore it.

You’re breaking your vow already, the voice reminds me. I pretend not to hear. I had actually made a vow to be celibate until I find the lady in yellow or my ex-fiancée who has mysteriously disappeared. One of them is my wife and I’m supposed to keep my body for her. But here I am, already out of control with this total stranger.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” Tola tells me. I gladly oblige and take her straight to the room booked for us. The moment we get in, we tear at each other like raging lions. I find out dancing is not her only skill as she takes me and makes me feel like an apprentice in the game of lust. Afterwards, we both lie in bed facing each other, and I kiss her fingers one by one and tell her she has the hands of a surgeon.

She smiles. Finally!

But I am let down. She’s just another stranger in a yellow dress, not my lady in yellow.

I see her drift off and turn on my back and face the ceiling above. I’m weighed with guilt, having been here countless times before. I would then turn to God for forgiveness and live a chaste life for a week or so but before long I’m here again. Isn’t this the reason why I came back home to start afresh? Why did I let the Bridemaker curse come with me?

My mom believes my case is spiritual. She always does well to remind me about my accident and how I was wheeled into the emergency room almost lifeless but with my pants down. If that can’t change me, she can’t see what else can. My dad thinks there’s just something off about me, that I shouldn’t even have been born into this world entirely. Me, I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m sure God is tired of me. What explanation would I give him this time for having carnal knowledge of a woman I barely know?

I shut my eyes and try to sleep. I can’t. As much as I feel this heavy guilt weighing upon me, I can’t help but want more of Tola who has now cuddled up to me.

I cover my face with a pillow and groan my dilemma into it before I face her and take her lips. She responds with a sleepy moan but doesn’t stop me when I settle between her legs.

My prayer to God can wait. I reach for a condom. This urge is strong; it can’t wait.

making out

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

I wake up late, so says the clock on my Samsung S3 Mini. Not good.

Tola is gone. She has left no trace of her presence. Even her side of the bed is erased of all evidence of her being there. Talk about the 21st century woman. They no longer want to cuddle after sex or have you whisper sweet nothings to them. They sleep off immediately after the act and are out of door faster than you can blink, and if they stay back, it’s to take after-sex selfies to show the world how much they can enjoy hollow sex like the men do.

Shady pings me. He tells me I got him laid last night. I ask how. He relates how he threw in the idea of a washing machine to Celia and them doing the laundry together. Her response was to strip him naked to do things to him she hadn’t done in a while. He goes on to describe it all in detail. I read none of it.

I hurriedly take a shower. I need to go to church and wash off this guilt I’m feeling. I also need to sow a seed of faith, believing God to deliver me from this flesh of sin.

I reach for my wallet in one of the pockets of my suit but find it empty. I tap the other pockets and they’re empty as well. That’s odd.

I check my pants. Nothing. I lift the pillows and sheets; check the dressing table, the nightstand, the floor, wardrobe and bathroom but it’s nowhere to be found. A growing dread begins to fill me as I realize that my iPhone 6 is also missing.

“Please, God, no…”

I go on all fours to peer under the bed. I find nothing there as well. I’m so dead. Even my Hublot white gold wristwatch is gone! “Arghhh!” I am mad at myself. I call reception and inquire about Tola. They say she left around 6am. Did she drop anything for me? No, they reply.

Ah, God!

I end the call and scratch my head in frustration when I recall how stupidly I fell prey to her thieving fingers. I knew there was something peculiar about them. Chai! What have I done? I should have just said that prayer yesterday.

I fall back on the bed and start to think of how I’ll get myself out of this mess but my phone rings, interrupting me. I stare at a stranger number on my screen and hope to God it is Tola. I take the call.

“Hi Jideofor.”

It is her. I sit up.

“Tola!” I can’t control my anger.


“Tola, get back here right now with my phone, wristwatch and wallet. Like, I’m not even joking with you! How do you have sex with a guy and then steal from him?! What are you? One of those cheap prostitutes off the streets?”

“That’s not nice.” She sounds calm. I’m miffed beyond words.

“Return my stuff right now!”

“Calm down, Jideofor. I took those things for a reason.”

“What possible reason could there be except that you’re a thief?!”

“If I was a thief would I be calling you? Relax and listen to me.”

“I’m listening.”

“Aren’t you called the Bridemaker?”

Something awful dings somewhere in my head. How the hell did this madness follow me all the way here?

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about Jideofor. You sleep with a girl and then bam! like magic, she gets married. I’m too smart to believe rubbish like this but my grandmother always warns me about Nigerian voodoo and its power, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

I’m beginning to realize Tola’s strange accent. She doesn’t sound like she’s from these parts. Who the hell is she and what does she want from me?

“Not that I’m totally relying on it. And that’s why I took your phone, wallet and wristwatch, plus the six hundred dollars I found in your pocket. I’ll give them to you when my fiancé of two years finally fixes a date for our wedding.”

I feel like slapping a bitch when I hear those words.

“What is my business with you and your man and when he decides to fix a wedding date?! What has that got to do with me?!”

Tola laughs. “Everything, Jideofor. Everything. Blood runs thicker than water, they say. My fiancé is Emeka, your baby brother.”

I almost drop the phone to the floor. “What?” I ask in a whisper because my voice bails out on me. This is a nightmare. I didn’t just hear the words I just heard.

“Mex is my fiancé. You ought to know this, Jideofor, if you read all those emails we sent to you when you went AWOL.”

I close my eyes and bend my head. I had read none of Emeka’s emails. I had dumped them in a junk folder with all the other emails sent to me by family and friends.

“We sent pictures of our lives because Emeka thought the world of you and was worried about you. When we moved to Arizona and he had a heatstroke because of the weather, I emailed you pictures of him in the hospital.”

My closest brother was hospitalized? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

“When we moved back to Queens, he emailed you more pictures. Even when he proposed to me but you never replied. After a while, all the emails returned to us. We were told that the address no longer existed. Oh well, that’s all water under bridge. Mex just has to get married to me. Tell him that.”

“What type of woman are you, Tola? How can you sleep with your fiancé’s brother?”

“You didn’t seem to have any issues with that last night.”

“I didn’t know who you were!”

“Well, now you do and there’s only one thing we can do about it. Make your magic happen.”

“I can’t. I will never allow a girl like you get married to my brother…”

“Oh, you will.”


“You will, Jide, because I’m five weeks pregnant for Mex. He’ll either take responsibility or you do. All the same, I’m keeping your stuff as proof that you slept with me if you ever deny it.”

A shiver runs through my spine. The line disconnects and I’m left staring at the phone with my mouth wide open.

Lord, why me? Who have I wronged in this life to deserve this?

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Amber Rose Debuts New Look

Featured Image

Amber rose is never one to shy away from making new fashion statements and she has done it again!

The 31-year-old mother of one debuted a new beauty look with her bizarrely bleached brows and shared photos with her over 6 million fans. The ex-stripper and model has been sharing several shots one of which she captioned “Sweet Cherry Pie”.





What do you think about this look? We think it’s an attempt to match her already blonde hair and it suits her perfectly well!







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6 Problems Only Girls With Big Boobs Understand

Featured Image

Everyone has some physical traits and attributes they love in humans. Ladies rank high in these attributes that attract men. Some men have been found to be extremely attracted to the arse while others have seeming love for the boobs. Of course, the boobs has great power to attract and keep guys in check but it also comes with its own share of responsibilities.

Ladies that have big boobs face a certain level of problems. This may range from the simple to the serious. Some of the problems ladies with big boobs face are discussed below.

Difficulty in exercise
Ladies with big boobs can relate to the fact that exercises can be a traumatic experience for them. Most would require some materials including sport bras and safety pins to help keep their boobs in a comfortable place. The absence of this makes routine exercises such as jogging and certain aerobic exercise difficult. More so, other exercise routines such as jumping jacks could be a nightmarish experience for women with big boobs who might need to hold their boobs while performing the routines.

Difficulty in choosing blouses
It is pretty difficult for ladies with big boobs to put on blouses that are buttoned up all way up in the front. This is evident from the stretchy button and button holes as a result of the boobs stretching the blouse to its limits. Such blouses could accidentally have the buttons bust off and the lady grappling to hide the holes visible through the blouse.
There really is no in-between in clothes for the clothes women with big boobs wear. it’s either women with big boobs choose to wear clothes that are 2 sizes big or you wear one that would make you rock your cleavage but suffer the possibility of looking like a prostitute.

Unwanted attention
Obviously, the attention the big boobs women get is second to none but it could also be a problem when the attention such women get is not desired. It becomes problematic for such women when the gaze on the boobs are held longer than normal and thus become stares. That is mostly creepy and uncomfortable for them.

Stupid comments
A major problem for women with big boobs is the terrible comments that most get from some guys and skinny girls that are jealous of her. Some comments can be hurting for these women but overtime, they get to take such snide comments in their stride and see such comments from fellow women as nothing more than jealousy and those from guys as appreciative lust. It is however important that women that have big boobs take it in their stride and enjoy the attention.

Cute bras stop at a certain size
I once dated a woman with big boobs and she had so much issues with getting the fancy bras she loved. She was quite upset with wearing undergarments and went to great lengths to get bras that suited her.

Cleavage at times is just unavoidable
People should learn not to blame women with big boobs if they show more than a little cleavage. A lot of them don’t enjoy wearing “maternity gowns” and want to look quite sexy too. This may result in them showing a bit of cleavage and they shouldn’t be criticised for doing so.

Well, these are some of the problems women with big boobs face and it is important that you love your body if you are one. Added with the fact that a lot of men enjoy women with big boobs, such women should enjoy the attention. Even though there are men that dig women with small boobs, there are others who love big boobs as beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. All round, men enjoy boobs and despite the problems women face with big boobs, we are just happy that the boobs are there irrespective of the size they are.

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Ladies, Say Goodbye Sanitary Pads And Tampons! Welcome Period Panties!

Featured Image

Three feminists have invented a means to change the way women handle that time of the month. Radha and Miki Agrawal who are twin sisters and a friend Antonia Dunbar have designed a self-absorbing underwear called THINX which eliminates the need for tampons or pads.


THINX inventors

THINX inventors


THINX QuadTECH has four layers.



First is a moisture-removing layer, then a stain-resistant anti-microbial layer, then the equivalent of a pad, which “can hold up to 2 to 6 teaspoons of blood, followed lastly by a leak-resistant layer. 

THINX comes in Thong, Cheeky or Hiphugger, ranging from N4,7000 to N5,700. Phew! Butthe good thing is they are reusable. They just have to be, for that amount. They can go into the cold cycle of the washing machine (with a recommended hand-rinse beforehand).


The idea behind the product is to change the way people view and converse about menstruation; and also to provide women in parts of the world who suffer from a lack of access to sanitary products and the shame associated with menstruation.

THINX is working together up with AFRIpads, an NGO in Uganda specializing in distributing washable, reusable pads. The deal is for every pair of period panties sold, THINX donates the money for seven pads to AFRIpads.



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Willow Smith Is The New Face Of Marc Jacobs!

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Move over, It’s about to be Willow’s season!

The Jenner girls are not the only youngsters doing great as Willow Smith who already has a budding music career is about to take over. The 14-year old daughter of actor Will Smith has posed for several fashion shoots and now she has been named the face of major fashion house, Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs announced that Willow was chosen to join Cher as the face of his Fall/Winter 2015 collection on his Instagram account earlier, citing Willow as one of his inspirations.

The designer said:

Ever since our first Juergen Teller ad in 1998 which featured Kim Gordon on stage wearing my dress, I have always preferred collaborating with the people who inspire me to give new life to the clothes we show on our runway.

Over the years we have photographed an incredibly diverse and exceptional group of talented friends and individuals who I greatly admire: Victoria Beckham, Jamie Bochert, Jarvis Cocker, Sofia Coppola, Miley Cyrus, Dakota Fanning, William Eggleston, Jessica Lange, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Stephen Malkmus, Samantha Morton, Kate Moss, Charlotte Rampling, Winona Ryder, Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Sherman, Michael Stipe, and Rufus Wainwright, just to name a few. Beauty, style and talent know no age. It is those individuals whose creativity, unique vision, and voice inspire all of us here to create and express ourselves through our medium: fashion.

Photographed by David Sims, this season’s ads feature friends, each of whom evoke a sense of intrigue and inspiration and collectively provoke a true consideration for individuality.

Here today I would like to share (not CHER) with you first, the talented, stylish and charming Willow Smith @gweelos

Congrats to Willow on adding this to her list of accomplishments!





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Style Focus! Noble Igwe ‘Takes New York’ With His Eccentric Style

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Noble Igwe is one male fashion lover that a lot people look up to in the industry and He is never one to shy away from creating his own style. If you have been following Him on Instagram then this should not be news to you.

What’s new is that Noble has taken over New York with Arik and we can’t seem to get enough of his irrepressible and very exceptional style

Check out some of our favorite pictures from what we choose to call a stylish trip!

noble day1









Instagram-picks-Noble-in-New-York-St-Patricks  Instagram-Picks-Noble-New-York-noble_igwe-1


Keep refreshing for more amazing styles!!!







Images: Instagram/ @noble_igwe



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Ankara Rebirth! Fabulous Pieces You Can Make From The Amazing Fabric

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Ankara is a popular patterned fabric mostly used in Africa especially in Nigerian and Ghana. It can be sewn into different styles.

In early times, Ankara can be made into formal, casual and traditional wears but in recent times, it has been used to make shoes, bags and even jewelries. This very diverse nature of the Ankara fabric truly knows no bound. It is one of the many reasons why the demand for Ankara in Nigeria is very high.

What’s more is that you can choose to accessorize or just keep it simple pending the occasion.

Checkout the various ways you can make use of the Ankara fabric below!


This is the most common way to use the Ankara fabric. You can use the fabric to make different styles of clothes ranging from a dress to skirts, crop tops, trousers, shirts etc. depending on what suits your body structure and your personal choice.

Ankara trouser and top
Ankara made into trouser and matching top




Solange Knowles made hers into a bustier
Solange Knowles made hers into a bustier
Ankara used to make skirt paired with a casual top


ankara sneakers

ankara shoes

ankara sandals


ankara bagss

ankara bag

ankara bags1


anakara accesory
Ankara Necklace and Earrings
ankara earrings
Ankara Earrings
ankara tie
Ankara bow-tie
Ankara Sunglasses
Ankara Sunglasses
Ankara belts



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You Want More Sex, More Women? Become A Single Dad

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Being a single dad is not for the faint-hearted, the heart breakers or the players. It is for grown ass men who understand what responsibility and love are. It might have been pretty easy to knock a woman up but it gets darn serious when your baby takes its first breath and you become saddled with the responsibility of parenting.

We’re talking about diapers, sleepless nights, visits to the ER, school fees, and a list of other duties that don’t end until you die. Your life is literally snatched from you the day your baby is born and you never get to recover it. You simply learn to re-invent yourself and become a new being, growing and learning alongside your child. That is why in Africa, a parent loses their name and becomes Papa so and so and Mama so and so. Very apt.

single dad
Photo Credit:

Now, some people are lucky to have their better halves with them to raise their kids together. While others are blessed to do it all alone. It becomes more difficult if you’re a man and you have to become both mom and dad for your little one. This automatically means no guys night out, very few or nil dates and basically no time for yourself. If you want to be a good father, that is.

You put in your entire time, savings and devotion in your child and this actually builds something in you that makes you attractive to the female folk. It’s not the same as being a single mother. The society is less judgmental towards you and you don’t have this desperate need to find a spouse just because you are considered to be out of the market. In fact for being a single dad, your market has just opened and you find that you have become more eligible to be bedded, dated and wedded than any other guy out there.

Here are the reasons why women will want to have more sex with and date you.

1. You understand your role as a leader and role model. Leadership qualities in men turn women on. And these are most seen in single fathers.

2. You value character and commitment over shallower qualities. A single father is committed to his child, this invariable means you keep your promises and you’ll always be there for those you cherish. Women are attracted to this.

3. You are playful and have a great sense of humor. To be a great father you have to be childlike, let go and take a joke at your own expense. Single dads don’t just overdose on chill pills, they are chill pills. And what woman doesn’t want a man that will ease the stress off her shoulders?

4. You are protective and think of the safety of your loved ones first. Growing up with my dad, I remember how every night, he’d come into our rooms to be sure the fan is not too high or we were sleeping well or we have locked the backdoor properly. He was our guardian angel. Single dads are all their children have in terms of protection, and protection is an important factor for women looking for a man to love whether for just a night, a few days or for a lifetime.

5. You’re emotionally mature. A single dad is not allowed to be emotionally deficient because he already has someone filling up that position in his life already. He has to step up in emotional maturity and find a balance when tackling both motherly and fatherly roles. Hence, he is more sensitive and stable with his feelings and this is a plus for him when it comes to women. A man who can put his shit together at all times will never run out of dates.

6. You love kids. You’re good with them. Women naturally have baby blues whether they are mothers already or are yet to conceive. Hence you become a chick magnet when spotted with a child. The moment they see you and your kid(s) together, the first expression is “awwww, aren’t they so cute together?” Well, you know what will happen next.

7. You attract help. Women always want to help out a single dad with chores and childcare. “Can i cook for you?” “let me help you braid your daughter’s hair” “is it okay if i do your laundry?” You can never run out of help once you have a kid with you.

8. You are patient. Try helping a child in kindergarten with their homework and have your first taste of what patience means or try babysitting a two year old who is pumped with sugar. Single dads who can go through these phases and still come out smiling can face anything with a woman. Ladies know this and they want a man who can comfortably handle them.

9. You are gentle. It started from the day you were handed your newborn and you panicked over how you would carry the fragile soul but somehow you managed through it. Days, weeks and months later, you have become conversant with doing things gently. Your rough manly nature is toned down and you develop tender and caring hands. Now,what woman doesn’t want those hands to handle her?

10. You can keep house. Yes, single dads learn how to take care of a home. For a woman, it’s a sign that he won’t be so difficult and demanding to live with. He already understand the stress that comes with housekeeping and will appreciate every effort she makes if they eventually move in together or get married, and will be hands-on with house chores.

11. You’re unavailable. The fact that you have a little one to care for makes you unavailable and this, in turn, makes you attractive to women. You pose as a challenge to them and trust me, women love the chase as much as the men do.

12. You are married but without the ring. We all know how attractive married men are to single women. Now imagine a man who possesses same qualities as a married man but is not bound to any woman. The possibilities are endless!


What I’m trying to say here is that it is not a bad thing to be a single dad at all. Once you can put your act together, ladies will flock to you like moths to a flame.

Do you believe this is true? As compared to single mothers and baby mamas, do single dads have it easy?



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4 Ways Your Girl Can Help Keep Your Penis Working Right

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A lot of guys can relate to the pain that comes with ejaculating and reaching orgasm before their partners even have a chance to break a sweat. If we have to go by recent research, there is a lot to worry over given that it is estimated that about 25% of men of all races suffer one form of erectile dysfunction or the other. It can be quite embarrassing if you get to cross the finish line even before your partner is off the starting blocs and even more so when you can’t get an erection when she’s raring to go.

Even though there are times when no matter what your woman does you’re not just in the mood. It is however essential to make sure you’re giving your best as the man and the woman is helping in whatever way she can. For these reasons, we bring to you four excellent things that you and your partner can do to get out of this logjam. The man should keep these things in mind while the woman should strive to help him out in whatever way possible. Also remember to pass these tips along too.

Tell Him To Get As Much Exercise As Possible
The importance of exercising can never be overemphasised. A recent research on erections published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine was of the conclusion that there is a significant level of correlation between exercising and male erections. The study also related good and regular exercises to the ability to have and sustain erections including the quality and frequency of occurrence of erections. It came to the conclusion that regular exercises has an effect on the overall sexual performance of male subjects saying that men who engaged themselves in strenuous exercises for 2 hours in a day reported having better sex.
Also, those that engaged in moderate exercises for three to four hours and those that had light exercises of six hours a week all reported having better sex and a healthy sexual relationship overall. Thus, if you really want him to sustain that erection for long, get him to work out. You can encourage him by participating as it will be worthwhile later on in the bedroom.

Have Him Pop Some Vitamin D
Research has shown that there is a relationship between a lack of vitamin D and an inability to get or sustain erection. It is essential to have a good level of vitamin D which helps with even blow flow to the veins and muscles of the Penis. Good blood flow will ensure the erection stays longer. Thus, if you want him performing optimally, you might want him to take some vitamin D supplements or go the hard way by jogging in the mornings when the sun is low so as to tap from the sunshine which helps in breaking the vitamin down in the body. In all, these are way better than reaching out for Viagra.

Encourage Him To Drop His Smoking Habit
Almost everyone knows that smoking is bad in every way possible and as such, you shouldn’t be surprised to discover that it also has a bad effect on the penis. First hand smokers are liable to having smaller penises and problems getting and sustaining erections. More so, research has also shown that second hand smokers who just inhale the tobacco smoke may also have reduced penis function. Thus, if you have a boyfriend that likes lighting up on a regular, get him to drop the habit as soon as possible. Further research has also shown that men that drop smoking reported firmer penises and sustaining longer erections than when they were smokers.

Get Him To Join You In Kegels
This one might be a shock to you but yes! men too can do Kegel exercises. Just as it aids firmer vaginas in females, it can also help improve male stamina. Male Kegels involves the man squeezing the muscles (perineal muscles) between the genitals and the anus. Yet another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men that suffered premature ejaculation and weak erections were able to improve their stamina after doing these pelvic floor exercises for a few months.

You can help him get his erection in a way that will satisfy you and if you are a man and having erectile dysfunction problems, do these things and see improvements in your sexual life. Lastly, remember to share with friends and let us all be happy.

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Who Wore The Bandeau Dress Better? Kim Kardashian Or Kylie Jenner

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Feel free to call Kim Kardashian, Kylie’s fashion Idol!

Kylie Jenner has admitted openly on several occasions that she takes fashion cues from her big sister, Kim and we do believe every word she says. The 17-year old reality star stepped out on a date with her boyfriend Tyga in a bandeau dress similar to the one previously spotted on Kim in 2012.






kimmy kylie



Although the dress looked gorgeous on both sisters,  we would love to know who rocked it best.

kim and kylie


Note: There is a poll embedded within this post, please visit the site to participate in this post’s poll.
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7 Things Men Do In Private That Women Will Never Know

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Just like women, we men do certain things privately that are exclusively known to us only. Before I go on further, I want to issue a disclaimer that the things inherent in this article is not performed or done by every man. Some men might do one or two of these things while others might have a combination of more than a few. Moreover, the ones that actually do them will hardly admit they do anyways, or will they?

Get Naked
Women are known for enjoying walking around naked when they are home alone. Well, men also enjoy this. The reason for this isn’t far fetched given the fact that being unclad gives an air of freedom.

Spend Quite Sometime In The Toilet
The reason we do this is majorly because we take our phones, tablets and sometimes laptop along with us to the toilet. This form of distraction makes time pass by and we barely even notice. That’s because we become enthralled with games, instant messaging and other social applications. Some of us use that time to scan dating sites in the hope that we can meet our life partners.

Watch Porn
We’d never admit this but we watch quite a bit of porn in private. At times, the porn is strange to us giving the fact that we stumble on it through the numerous internet pages we surf. We find ourselves in a logjam in the adult entertainment hole and we emerge later from it with a sort of unsettled and disturbed mind based on the weird things we saw. The thoughts disturb us as we wonder if we can live up to the acting we witnessed.

Talk To Our Moms
Almost every man does this! We mostly talk about the women in our lives with our mothers in the hope that they will tell us when we are in the right or wrong. Mothers will still mostly question our stories of being right when we put our women in the wrong. In all, they make us feel better no matter how terrible the situation may appear to be.

Regularly Check Up On Ex-girlfriends
We actually obsess over this up to a point. Guys do this to monitor the progress of their exes. We want to know how they are doing, if they are more successful than when they were with us or if they are now dating a guy worse off than us. In a way, we hope our exes are no longer as beautiful as when they were with us, so we can laugh and smile about the fact.

Sulk and Cry
For whatever reason it is, the society believes that men should keep the emotional outbursts to a minimum. This has put some sort of pressure on men to always appear strong no matter what the situation calls for. That is the way it is and in order not to appear weak, we would rather cry in private most of the time. Be it an emotional scene from a movie, a heart break or the loss of a loved one, we will show the world our strong side and secretly shed tears in private.

Sing At The Top Of Our Voices
The crazy part about this is that we sing out loud in croaky voice to absurd music. We do this in private in order to shield ourselves from criticisms. We do this while carrying out a variety of activities including taking our bath, cooking, cleaning or while engaging in any form of idle activity. Funny enough, we sing to music you have no idea we actually like. The songs coupled with the singing activity actually has a way of improving our moods and general outlook to life.

Miss You
We privately miss the ones we love, especially our girlfriends. We get to only truly have fabulous private moments because we know our partners understand and are always there for us.

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Rihanna Looks All Shade Of Gorgeous In Eighties Inspired Leather Jacket & Jeans

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Even the rain could not get in the way of a fun night as Superstar Rihanna stepped out in the rain on Monday night to let her head down.

The 27-year-old hit-maker stepped out under her Umbrella as She made her way to Griffin nightclub in the Meatpacking district in New York. She kept warm in an eighties inspired leather jacket teamed with a pair of ripped skinny jeans and she added a bit of glamour with a pair of black court shoes.

Riri kept her make-up simple but Gothic with dark smoky eyes accompanied by a slick of dark berry lipstick and she could not have looked any better!











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Another KIMYE BABY! Checkout Kim Kardashian’s First Pregnancy Style

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If you haven’t heard the news of another Kimye baby, then you probably do not live in this part of the world!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West broke the news last night that they are expecting baby no 2 which means famous North West will be a big sister soon. Kim 34,who has struggled with fertility issues since June 2013 after giving birth to North seemed so elated about the pregnancy news.

Just like the first time, we can’t wait to see all her gorgeous maternity styles but in the main time, check out chic looks from her first pregnancy!

Clad In Bikini



kim pregs1




Keeping It Casual & Simple












Black was obviously her favorite













LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 18: Kim Kardashian launches 'QuickTrim' the US weight management product to the UK market at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel on May 18, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Fred Duval/FilmMagic)



Something Colorful











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Obsession With Sex And 6 Other Things People Think About Single Guys That Are Totally True

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It is absolutely normal for people to have stereotypes despite the fact that almost all of us hate being stereotyped. Trying as much as possible not to stereotype people is the right thing to do but this cannot be avoided in our world as certain facts always seem to hold true. Just as certain things are common to the female personality, there are others that are part of the male personality.
You will find out that some things are equally part of the nature of every single guy. It is however important to note that despite the fact that a lot of guys do it, not all single guys do these things. Here are seven things which we have found out to be mostly true about single guys.

Obsession With Sex
Given the fact that there’s no woman in the home of a bachelor that would readily provide sex every now and then, there is that obsession with getting laid. More often than not, you’d see a single guy circling around females like a lion encircling his prey all in the hope of getting his sexual needs satisfied. Some others make up for their lack of women by having erotic magazines and pornography to satisfy their urges. Don’t blame them though, the hormones are at full blast at their time.

They Get Aroused Easily
A lot of single guys can relate to this and it can be blamed on the hormones. If a lady gets to stare at them a little longer than normal in a sensual way, they are bound to reach under the table and adjust their erection up to the waistband of their trousers. This mostly happens when single men haven’t had any lady to quench their thirst. A lack of sex could make men become maniacs- those that get aroused by the look of any discerning female.

They Are Scared Of Commitment
One of the crazy truths about a lot of single men is the hesitation and fear to commit to anything serious. Even though this is not limited to men only, single men have a fear for what the future holds and if they are actually doing the right thing by committing to that one person. And one of the crazy things is that men are more willing to commit to women who are not ready even as the same holds for women too.

They Hardly Discuss How They Feel
A lot of men find it difficult to talk about their innermost feelings. It does take a while and a bit of trust for single men to open up since they have it ingrained in them that men should be tough and any betrayal of emotions portray them as weak.

They Have A Tendency To Go Blank
It is common for single guys to go blank and fade away than face the arduous task of having a conversation that might lead to them being rejected.

Marriage and Children Aren’t Top of Their Priorities
Single men tend not to put marriage and having kids as top priorities simply because the biological clock isn’t really ticking fast for them. It is common for men to misunderstand the urgency women have when they get to a certain age when she knows it begins to get difficult, especially if she really wants to have kids.

They can be Total Jerks
Some single men live in fear that they may end up settling down with a woman way too easily and early. When you add this fact with some of the factors above, you’d realise why some single men are total jerks. This will probably lead to some crazy behaviour.

Being single is fun but there comes a time when you’ve got to man up and face the challenges ahead. Hopefully, that will be done with little or no damage perpetrated.

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Ladies, Here Are 6 Things You Should Never Wait For A Man To Do For You

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A man that is in love with you or admires you will always go an extra mile to prove this to you. In fact, one of the ways to show that a man cares about you is when he invests in your future, cater to some of your needs and spoil you silly with gifts and treats. However, it is common sense that you don’t wait around for a man to answer to your every need. Apart from the fact that it makes you look cheap and “thirsty”, it chases good men from you. So, it is advisable that you don’t expect a man to carry every of your burden.


Here are six things you can do for yourself:


#1. Take Yourself Out: don’t be like those girls that wait for men to buy them the sharwama or pizza or fancy dish they are craving, take yourself out. You come off as ratchet and hungry when you can’t even afford to buy yourself a good meal. So, take out cash from your purse, dress up and go out. You can take your friends along with you so you can have a really wonderful time.


#2. Give Yourself A Nice And Expensive Treat: you don’t need to wait for a man to take you to a spa or a massage parlour or beauty shop, do those things yourself. It doesn’t matter how much dent the money will cause to your purse afterwards, if you like going on a vacation, go on a vacation. You don’t need to have a man in your life to visit places or get your nails done, give yourself a nice and expensive treat, by yourself.


#3. Buy Gifts For Yourself: girl, if you need those shoes, buy them and whatever things you want. Change your whole wardrobe if you want. Don’t wait for a man before you get new clothes or make-up or shoes or whatever it is you need. If you want a new phone, buy it. It is a good attitude to spoil yourself with gifts by yourself; you often feel good afterwards.


#4. Buy Your Own Airtime: some Nigerian girls feel it is a guy’s responsibility to recharge their phones especially once the guy starts showing interest in them. If you’re one of those people, please stop it. You don’t need a man to buy you airtime. Take money from your purse and buy the recharge card you need for whatever purpose you need it. Don’t expect a man to buy you recharge card to make calls, to buy data, to subscribe or for whatever. Do it yourself.


#5. Compliment Yourself: before a man tells you you’re beautiful, make sure you have told yourself this a million and one times. Always tell yourself good things about yourself. You don’t need to wait for a man to tell you how good you look, how intelligent you are, how smart you speak; always make sure you tell yourself nice things. No better way to up your self-esteem than this.


#6. Be Your Happy Pill: waiting around all the time to find someone who will make you happy is like waiting around to catch a ghost at noon. Nobody can make you happy except you. So do everything that makes you happy. Don’t wait for a man to make you happy, you will only be disappointed more than half of the time.


Doing these things and more for yourself will boost your confidence and esteem. It portrays you as a woman who doesn’t need a man to validate her existence or fulfill her every desire. A woman should be able to do at least 80% of so many things for herself. So, get off your ass, work hard and do things for yourself without waiting for any man to come your way before you can get them. There’s nothing more attractive than an independent woman who’s not looking to “chop” a man’s money but to make him a better man than he was.


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Learn A Recipe: Fried Rice With Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad And Chicken

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For the Fried Rice

1 quart of Rice,

1 chunk unsalted butter,

2 teaspoons salt,

green peas,

diced carrots,

1/3 cup soy sauce,

3 tablespoons sesame oil

1 egg
For the Potato Salad

4 potatoes

1 yellow bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

Mustard Celery Onions (if wanted)


For the Macaroni Salad



Shredded Carrots

1 Green bell pepper.

For the chicken





Black peppers,


Barbeque seasoning,

Paprika ( to color chicken),


And ginger.

For the fried rice

Boil the rice. Cool the rice and allow to sit for two hours. Put some oil in a pan and fry eggs and add rice. Whenn done add soy sauce and stir till rice is evenly colored and add veggies and mix till they are cooked.

Mac salad

Cook macaroni and shred carrots and dice green peppers in small bits add mayo to the macaroni with peppers and carrots and put in fridge
Potato salad

Cool potatoes dice them in bits dice celery and red bell peeps in small bits and add mustard (yellow) mix and place in fridge.

Mix marinade peppers coriander parsley thyme curry bbq seasoning allow to sit for four hours then bake for 40 mins in a 300 degrees heated oven
Food Recipe And Photo Credit: Tobi Smith…


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FIFA 16 To Feature Women’s Teams

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Finally, it is possible for the feminist gamers to enjoy a video game soccer as EA sports announced this week that 12 female national teams have been added to the list of playable teams on its upcoming soccer game, FIFA 16

FIFA 16 is the 2016 installation of the popular soccer franchise and marks the first time Female teams would feature. Below are a few screenshots of the female players from the game

fifa 16 (2) fifa 16 fifa 16 (3)

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