An Ode To My First Love (Episode 6)

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I graduated top of my class with Lydia coming really close but you know what they say; almost never counts. Till date, me and Lydia remain friends. Not just her. There’s Coco, Puffy, Geisha, Ann Tequila, Tope Brad (their nicknames of course!).

All of us would get together at my place after graduation and plot our future. Omo Ode would be a part of this list but we had a falling out so bad(now that I look back, I would have done better) I checked out of our friendship. Who is Omo ode, you would wonder? At the time, my personal person; the we lived together from my second year through to my final year and we were very close-till I checked out of the friendship like it was some hotel.

I remember what we fell out over and how we fell out. It would later form one of the odes I would write to the best friends I have lost. So far, I have had three and they all ended up breaking my heart. Akanji, my first and beloved. Tosin, my second and most heart wrenching and Omo Ode, the final straw that broke the camel or is it my back/heart?

Post my relationship with Imoh and graduation, I swore not to get involved but live my life vicariously through others. ‘You are using people’ may be the first thing that comes to your mind. Get in line! You’re not the first to tell me but I had suffered too much heartbreaks I wasn’t sure I could stand another one.

Tife, a guy that I almost dated nagged this in my memory every day. For once in my life, I remember how we met. Sheila, a then classmate had asked that I please help give something to her friend since I was going to the island. It was one of those rainy days and the Island was as always, flooded. Since there was no Moses to come part this red sea, I decided to use my leg as a navigator. I jumped out of the cab and called Tife. He said he was waiting patiently for me outside his office. Ehn ehn! So this one is forming porche and cannot come and collect his ‘package’ from me abi? Is not kuku his fault. If I did not turn myself to Fedex/the transporter, all this rubbish will not be happening. Good riddance.

I was still fuming when I arrived Tife’s office with my wet foot/shoes. He was very pleasant and had a very flirty eyes (or was I out of a relationship for that long and any eyes could have been flirty?). He was really apologetic for my ordeal and offered to take me to dinner.

During dinner, we talked like we had known each other a long time and when I started shivering, he was right beside me; offering his jacket and body to warm me up. See gobe! I also turned up my flirt heat.

We decided his car should not travel in the red sea and so we decided to share a cab.

Tife and I were attracted to each other and we knew it! Everything we said to each other, every physical contact made was so sexual! Still, we both choose not to act on it.

When we both reached our various homes, Tife called to say goodnight. We finally did that at way past midnight. When I clicked my red button, I questioned the attraction. Even with Gabriel, it wasn’t this heated. Was Tife my soul mate and I was only fooling myself with Gabriel?

Tife’s call woke me the next morning. And the next morning and more mornings to come after that.

‘The number you have dialed is switched off. Please try again later. Thank you’ I had tried Gabriel’s number again and I was still getting the same response. I returned Tife’s phone to him in anger and explained about Gabriel to him. By now, we had started visiting each other and made a point to have lunch at least three times a week.

‘Maybe he lost his phone and couldn’t find your number?’ Tife said. I asked Tife to close his eyes and recite my number. He did. As far as I am concerned, Gabriel doesn’t have an excuse.

As I and Tife became inseparable, Sheila got concerned and decided to report me to Tife’s ex.

Tife and I had just finished dinner and were lying in his apartment in the dark, each with our own thoughts, when his phone rang. It was his ex and she opined that based on her findings about me, I was just out to use and dump Tife-everyone knew that was my style.

Tife thanked her and promised to avoid me. I stood up and was on my way out when Tife asked where I was going. ‘Home’ I responded. I was close to the door when he got in front of me. He asked why. I told him I didn’t want to ruin his life as his ex thinks and I just wanted to disa… I didn’t even finish the statement. Tife was in my mouth. He held my tongue captive with his lips as he gently whispered in my ear to shut the hell up. I had no plans to complain. This was a welcomed development. The kiss was so passionate and I started to relax. I heard the hook of my bra pop. That’s when the guilt started to rush in. I felt like I was cheating on Gabriel. I pushed Tife off me and hooked my bra.

Tife calmed down and told me how attracted he is to me. It’s a miracle he hasn’t kissed me till now. As he talked, he got close again and kissed me. I responded so naturally. Tife asked me to give us a chance. I took off. No response. I was torn.

I would later meet Tife a few years down the line. We talked at length and he explained to me that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. How about friends with benefit? That was the last day I spoke to him.

Even Gabriel would never suggest a thing like this. ‘The number you have dialed is switched off. Please try again later. Thank you’.

Its been nearly two years since I last spoke to the love of my life. Oh Gabriel! Where are you?


Surely as I blossomed into this smart, beautiful (inner beauty) and charming young lady, I would have a series of likers, toasters and one night smooches (I can’t call them stands because there was no sex involved just a lot of kisses and touches and everyone moved on quickly from there). A lot of really good guys fall into this category and because we all saw our one night smooch for what it was, we could remain friends a long time.

I started to focus more on my budding career as a communications specialist and was constantly learning from different schools. I love to break rules. Never been one for dogma. Still, I realize that I first must learn the rules so I know how to break, bend and or twist them however I find necessary.

People around me would call me various names; weird, non-conformist, creatively restless but I just wanted to find fresh and refreshing approaches to make things work. For me, nothing was cast in stone. An open mind is a winning strategy for me plus I felt really great about myself.

I started to almost forget about Gabriel save for my brother’s friend, Gabriel who gradually became a constant figure in my parent’s house. Whenever someone challenged/accused him, he would beat his chest and say ‘Emi Olugabriel!’Olugabriel ko, Olumicheal ni! Good riddance.

My relationship with my mom was getting better. My mom. My rock. My super and wonder woman all wrapped up in one! We were almost best buds and my siblings would envy me save for the day I would rock one of her bags or shoes and she would yab me and my ancestors in full public view for not asking her permission.

We were seeing an Indian movie together with my other siblings. Someone dies and is burnt at the funeral. My sister comments on how easy and economical the burial is. I agreed with her it was really no fuss and easy to carry out. My brother also agrees and wished that was our culture here in Naija. My mom looks to my cousin who was present and begs him to please make sure we don’t burn her when she dies if not, she’s coming for him from the grave. We laughed so hard tears were rolling down our eyes.

I was enjoying this family time and didn’t appreciate it when Gloria, my friend and senior colleague, calls me. ‘Babe, biko, you fit show for work? That my client just revert and I need you for brainstorm’. Brain storm for, brain drain ni. I explain carefully to Gloria that it was a Saturday and I needed to spend time with my folks. Gloria continued to try and persuade me so I pretended the network was bad and cut her off. I put my phone on silent and went to the kitchen to steal some cake from my sister’s share in the fridge. My sister joins me in the kitchen with my phone to her ear. She hands it to me and says ‘it’s for you!’duh! It’s my phone!

Hello Gloria, I can’t make it, im so… ‘Tobi, this is Gabriel’

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Denrele Edun, Mo Abudu, Yemi Alade, Kunbi Oyelese & More Celebrities Attend African Fashion Week Nigeria

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Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 held at Eko Marquee on the 23rd of May 2015 and at the Eko Conventional Hall on the 24th of May 2015.

Several awards were given out on Day 2, some of which were won by Yemi Alade- Most stylish female artiste- and Kunbi Oyelese of April by Kunbi-Style and Fashion Award, Young Fashion Entrepreneur-

Here are photos from the gala.


AFWLN_Inside Photos_00__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_01__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_02__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_03__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_04__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_05__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_06__360nobs   AFWLN_Inside Photos_09__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_10__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_11__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_12__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_13__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_14__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_15__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_16__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_17__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_18__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_19__360nobs AFWLN_Inside Photos_20__360nobs

 AFWLN_Inside Photos_23__360nobsAFWLN_Inside Photos_22__360nobs

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All The Photos From The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2015 RUN WAY

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The Africa Fashion Week Nigeria was a memorable one.  The event had a lot of celebrities, models and about 66 designers in attendance. It was held at the Eko hotel and suites on the 23rd and 24th of May. We were able to get some photos from the runway for your viewing pleasure. Check out the fabulous designs from the event and let us know what you think.















a12 a13






































Big Bin KILANI (5)

Big Bin KILANI (7) - Copy


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Longer Legs? Yes Please. 6 Ways To Make Your Legs Look Longer

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Every female at some point in her life has dreamt of becoming a Victoria’s Secrets Model, or at  least model. Models come in various shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common are long beautiful legs.

Here are 6 tricks to make your legs look longer than they are. Enjoy!

1)Wear High Waisted Skirts/Trousers/Shorts as often as possible: I think this is the one trick everyone is familiar with, wearing high waisted clothes definitely give the illusion that your leg is a few inches longer than the original length.

2)Wear shoes that match your skin tone: This might be hard as most shoe designers hardly ever consider dark skinned girls when making shoes, a way around it is to find pop socks that match the shoe colour and you are ready to be a Victoria Secrets model.

3)Heels definitely help: Wearing heeled shoes might be uncomfortable, but they most certainly help your legs look longer. You can hold a pair of flats for the office and throw on your heels for lunch with your friends.

4)Tuck in as often as possible: Unknown too many people, long tops make you look shorter. Try as often as possible to wear tops that end on your waist and if you have to wear a long top, tuck it in girl!

5)Keep your clothes a few inches above your knees: You do not have to wear a super mini skirt for you to create an illusion around your legs, by simply keeping the dress or skirt one or two inches above your knees you  will create the same illusion.

6)Combine all steps above: This is not a must, but if you can totally work all five rules at once, then go ahead.

Image Credit: Rollingstone,

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Jason Derulo Is All Shades Of Sexy For The Latest Edition Of Billboard Magazine

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In the most recent edition of Billboard magazine which hit news-stands on Friday, super sexy dancer, musician and song writer, Jason Derulo, dishes on his career, Jordin Sparks, his childhood, the food he fantasizes about  and more

Jason Derulo1

On his love life & what it would take him to get into a relationship “When asked what his love life looked like he responded by laughing hard and saying “A deck of cards,” he also says it would take “a miracle” for him to get into a relationship.

On how his career started, Jason has had the same manager for 13 years, “Harris(his manager)  spotted a 12-year-old Derulo on a Miami basketball court while Harris (a former pro-hooper overseas) was in law school. He saw the boy’s tenacity and offered to coach him. “He was a good athlete,” recalls Harris, “but everything was between the legs three times and around the back. His game was too fancy.”

Before long, Derulo revealed his other ambition to Harris. Starting when he was 4, Derulo had copied Michael Jackson’s  and MC Hammers moves from the TV in his parents’ living room in Carol City, the same Miami neighbourhood Rick Ross and Flo Rida once called home. “It was the hood hood,” he says. Eventually he slipped out of the house at night to dance in the empty street. At 8, he wrote his first song, for a girl he had a crush on.”

Jason Derulo

On his childhood & insecurities, “My mom says I was an introvert,” says Derulo, gnashing gum. “I never saw myself that way, but I was always focused. I didn’t spend a lot of time doing things that I didn’t think would make me great. I studied all kinds of dance, all types of music. I got good grades. I started hitting the recording studio around 13.”

Derulo’s dad, a Social Security administrator, made him do sit-ups as a kid, but he wasn’t always fit. “I had a lil’ chub-chub moment from ages 7 to 11,” he says. “If somebody was teasing, they’d go straight to my fat. I was so insecure, I kept my shirt on in the pool, which is the worst because it sticks to your stomach anyway. I never wanted to go back.” Today, he’s only insecure about his “beat-up” dancer’s feet.


To read the full interview, head over to

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More Photos From Dencia’s Shoot For House Of Maliq Magazine

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For their May luxury issue, House of Maliq has apparently giving their cover girl-Dencia- more than one cover. The internet went crazy literally, when her first cover was released two days ago.

Here are more photos from Dencia’s shoot.



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Taylor Swift Covers June Edition Of ‘Elle’ Magazine [PHOTOS]

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Taylor Swift is the rave of the moment.

Days after winning big at the 2015 Billboard Music Awards and covering the latest edition of Maxim, the superstar is on the cover of June’s edition of Elle.

The Style singer looked effortlessly beautiful as she posed with her guitar in the Michael Thompson-photographed shoot for the issue, which is dubbed ‘The Music Issue’.

Check her out below!

taylor-swift-elle-magazine-june-2015-music-issue-2-412x560 taylor-swift-elle-magazine-june-2015-music-issue-3-412x560 taylor-swift-elle-magazine-june-2015-music-issue-5-412x560 taylor-swift-elle-magazine-june-2015-music-issue-7-412x560 taylor-swift-elle-magazine-june-2015-music-issue-412x560

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10 Piece Of Jewelry Every Woman Need.

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There is a tendency to stack up on jewelry and for a good reason too,  accessories are what truly elevates an outfit. But chances are, most women would go back to the same set of jewelry over and over again. Scroll through to find our guide to a well-curated collection of accessories that would serve you better and help you avoid a jewelry box crammed with pieces you do not wear.

The Delicate Necklace

5piece -of -Jewelry-every-woman-really-needsB

Every woman need this dainty piece of necklace that they can slip on at the drop off a hat and look instantly polished. It is wise to invest in good quality when making this choice. This piece should look great both on casual t-shirts and still be able to hold it’s own on a cocktail dress, That’s how often it will be put to use.

 The Cuff Bracelet


On days you want to tone down on accessorizing, yet want to maintain a put together look, this is your go-to girl. This can also be a group of thinner stacked bracelets. The aim here is to choose a piece that can add an instant pop to your outfit all year round.

 The Statement Earrings

Itfactor-5Piece-of-jewelry-every-woman-really-needsD Itfactor-5Piece-of-jewelry-every-woman-really-needsQ

A good pair of stand-out earrings is necessary in every wardrobe.  This piece adds the Wowfactor! to your party looks.  Depending on how attention grabbing this piece is, you may not need any other accessory when paired with your cocktail dress. It’s worth investing in a good piece.

The Bold Statement Necklace


This is your eye-catching  gorgeous necklace. It is absolutely necessary for adding a fresh, bold look to your simple every day outfit.  Totally  fab on basic black or white t-shirt and LDB or LWD.

 The Dainty Ring


These trending simple stackable rings always look great and give that chic understated charm.  A great option for the 9-5  and when you want to give off that clean minimalistic yet polished vibe .

The Simple Studs


A simple pair of studs adds a lot of function to your wardrobe. This goes with everything in your wardrobe and would help your everyday outfit look more polished.

 The Cocktail Ring

75 copy 67 copy

Though the name implies that it’s an evening wear, cocktail rings add more character to a look and can be worn to a wide range of events.  Wear one with an evening look or a simple work dress on the 9 to 5.

The Simple Everyday Bracelets


Great for running a quick errand or for a work outfit, this is another important piece in your wardrobe that would be put to regular use.  Invest in something you truly love and of decent quality.

 The Loop Earrings



A pair of gold loops are functional piece both for work and play. This is your ticket to that easy instant elegance.

 A Classic Watch


A classic decent quality menswear-inspired wristwatch is a good way to go here. They portray a strong look, which helps to balance any other girly accessories you might have on and brings to the fore your inner girlboss!

Love what you see? Shop more Itfactor pieces here!

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Ankara Street Style Edition: The Angola Trench Jacket

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Good day beautiful people
With winter finally gone
Spring comes baring beautiful outfits for me to share. Despite the fact I’m a December baby I despise the cold weather and I’m not a fan of boots and scarfs. Which explains my seasonal hiatus from blogging.  So stay tuned for a lot of colors and bold patterns.

I wanted a printed trench coat that had lots of colors which allowed me to dress it up or down.
While shopping for fabric, this number really stuck out to me.
 After posting a sneak peak I was told this material was originally from from the country of 
Angola. Since then I’ve seen lots of different styles from different fashion enthusiasts and how they styled this beautiful fabric.

Top: Zara| Pants: Target| Shoes: Forever 21| Jacket: Designed by me 
Photos by Harry Ondoa

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What the heck happened?!?!?!!

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I know a lot of you that are familiar with the blog are thinking what the heck happened to all the post?!?!?!?!

Well to make a long story short. I logged on one evening to create a post and all of my pictures since 2011 just vanished!!!

I contacted Google (whom I have not heard from as of yet) I also did some research to see if this had happened to anyone else. 
So what I found out was that since Google now owned Blogger, Picasa, and started Google Plus all the photos went to Picasa to be stored. When I brought my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 I deleted that Picasa album, now causing me to loose out on all my blog post pictures forever. 
So I didn’t want to just have Incomplete post, I deleted everything and decided a fresh start would be nice!

Always find a way to turn a negative into a positive!!

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5 Ways To Update Your Style In 2015

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The New Year is all about starting fresh, a new attitude and of course a great new style to go with it. Here’s our list of 5 super chic way to put a spring in your style in 2015!

Read on for our tips on dressing for success this year, and chic pieces in stock at Itfactor to help you achieve it.

4 chic ways 1



The shirtdress is definitely going no where, pair this classic piece with nuetral pumps for a trendy formal look.




Pair this shirtdress  with nude heels for a polished professional look.


White is a very sophisticated colour, which makes this white shirtdress with statement pleated back detail a keeper. Pair with smart sandals and statement necklace for a fab look.

4 chic ways 2 jpg




Keep your weekend style game high in this elegant maxi.



Silky fabric and a bold teal colour makes this  sophisticated  jumpsuit a great wardrobe piece, Pair with sandals for an elegant party look or topped off with a blazer for even more versitility.




We all love the bodysuit for how it keeps us looking  perfectly tucked-in with no bunches around our waistline right? now,  picture a pink bodysuit with pleated front….score! This bodysuit will look great paired  with  penciled skirts and smart pants for work.

4 chic way 3



Style this trendy soft printed pants with a graphic Tshirt and heeled sandals for a trendy casual look. 


Plaid is such a huge trend right now. Wear this nicely tailored plaid pants tucked into a smart shirt and fab heels for a sophisticated formal look.



This trouser would give off a chic casual vibe paired with a simple Tshirt and elegant sandals.Itf356Aresize


5 chic ways 4


225944064 images (12)



5 chic ways 5


Itf350A Stripe-Sheath_07719453_245

Make a bold statement in this elegant sheath dress that show off your figure in all the right places.



Bold and edgy best describes this dress, this is your go-to piece when you really want to make a statement, in the right way of course! 

Love what you see? Shop more Itfactor pieces here!



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The Maxi Skirt – More Ways To Style It

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Stylish and ever so versatile, the maxi skirt is an instant figure lengthener that is trendy, incredibly comfy and  quite easy to style, it’s no wonder it continues to be a major trend in recent times  – Here are some great ways to take this must-have wardrobe staple from boardroom to a swanky soiree.


1. Pair Maxi with a chic button up shirt, add a structured tote and some acessories for a stylish smart casual look that can go from the office to a lunch date. A fitted shirt and a belt is a great way to balance out the volume of the skirt and keep the look smart.



2. Throw-on a tailored blazer to streamline the volume of the skirt, a cropped style jacket would be a good choice for this look as it would balance out the length of the skirt. Add some fab accessories  for a trendy take on the 9 to 5.


3. A basic Tee shirt or Tank and the maxi skirt are two wardrobe staple that can allow for a lot of versaility.  Add a wedge for even more lenthening of your silhouette or a simple flat sandal and accessories for that effortless casual look.



4. A fab printed blouse and a maxi skirt  is a combination bound to make a bold statement, of course in a stylish way.


5. Consider a glitzy maxi for a glam event if you want to go full-on,  or pare down the look by pairing  maxi with a sequine blouse and accesories. A bit of shimmer is always a great party look.


6. A highwaisted maxi skirt paired with fashions current obssession ‘the crop top’, is a trendy take on a fab casual look.

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Trends To Watch Spring/Summer 2015

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The fashion world is ever so obsessed with the future; we are constantly searching for the next new trend. Unlike the past, when we would wait for months after the shows before the trends hit the stores, thanks to the media and technology we do not need to wait several months after fashion shows to get the ‘now look’.  But of course if you want that particular dress from Altuzarra and Alexander Wang, you probably need to patiently wait until next season when they would be available. For those of us with less than Kim Kardashian levels of income, this is a guide on trends from the spring shows you can easily incorporate into your wardrobe straightaway.

While some of the trends are throwbacks from the past seasons, à la the crop tops and the sports inspired looks, others are old favorites that have been given a breath of freshness.  We hope come next Spring, these styles would be among the rage, here are the top trends on our radar from the Spring/Summer 2015 shows.

ButttonUp3CROPItfactorNig2 FringedItfactorNig2 GinghamItfactorNig2 MatchingSetItfactorNig2 MetallicsItfactorNig2 Obi belts Overallsjpg2 plunge2 Polka2 Slouchy2

Photo Credit –


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Easy Ways To Infuse Trends Into Work Clothes

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Finding the balance between looking office appropriate and trendy can sometimes be tricky.   As fun as fashion trends can be, sometimes infusing the latest runway trends into your workday can sometimes be a daunting task especially with most offices adhering to strict dress codes.  With work clothes, most people cannot go too crazy with prints or colours, thanks to strict office dress codes.  The way around this restrictions is to rely on textures and detailing to help your look stand out.

Here are few tips to strike the balance between professional and trendy.

 Trend 1: #Stripes

Rather than go for your trusty pinstripe pants, consider investing in a tailored striped jacket. A great pinstriped jacket paired with a bright coloured separate can add some flair to your regular suit style.

#Monday Work Chic


Trend 2: #Polka Dots

Polka dots are considered classic prints and as such are never really out of fashion, a great way to wear this trend is to wear as a dress while keeping accessories to the minimal. Consider throwing on a blazer or a cardigan over a polka dot dress to tone it down if this is considered too loud at your work setting.

#Tuesdayworkchic 2


Trend 3: # Prints

While this may be off limits in some organisations, where it is allowed, consider a nicely tailored printed pant preferably in a muted colour scheme. This is a great look to spot for dress down Fridays.


Trend 4: #Peplums

Peplums are great for enhancing the female form while hiding everything you want hidden. It’s a silhouette that is very forgiving while being figure flattering and trendy.



Trend 5: #Lace

While lace might not look appropriate for work, but in the form of tops and camisoles they can add more versatility to your work look.


Trend 6: #Pinafore Dress

This is a great way to give your wardrobe extra millage and make your looks more versatile. It’s also a great way to wear sleeveless dresses that might ordinarily not be office appropriate.


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So You Want A Decent Quality Wardrobe? Part 3

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This is the concluding post on our 3 part series on cues to look out for when looking to buy decent quality clothing.


  • With Respect to Fabric, fabric should hold its shape fairly well, to test for this, grab a handful, bunch together and let loose.  Fabrics should be free of lumps, snags or discolourations, Patterns, like stripes and plaid should line up properly especially at the seams. Here are a few more pointers to look out for.



Colorful fabrics on sale


a)    Polyester should be strong, breathable, stretchy and not easily wrinkled. It melts at medium to high temperature so should be ironed at warm temperatures.


b)    Silk should be soft, breathable, drape well, retain its shape (not easily wrinkled) and have a shimmery luster to it.





a)    Good indicators of quality in Cotton fabric are softness, breathability, it should be able to absorb and release moisture and air quickly.


b)    Decent quality faux or real leather should feel supple, not look shiny or like its made from plastic, individual parts should be sewn not glued together and thicker is better with leather



a)    Denim is made from tightly woven cotton fabric so just like cotton it should feel soft, breathable but should be a lot more durable. A good check for quality denim is the density of the denim, to check for density hold the fabric against light and see how much light comes through. Less light coming through means its dense, and would last longer. Good denim should also feel a little moist and not stiff. Denim is made from thick fabric; hence the seams should be strong and not easily give way. Where possible it should have double or chain stitching.




a)    Linen should not feel rough or have an uncomfortable texture. It should also be breathable. Linen tend to wrinkle easily, however decent linen should still look ok after a long day in it.

b)    After the preliminary assessments of checking things like the feel of the fabric, the durability of the seams, and how well secured the buttons or fasteners are. It’s a good idea to fit the garment on oneself to be sure that they fit just right.  There’s no point spending a lot of money on clothing that doesn’t fit right. The tailoring, of the garment is what usually determines how well it would fit for the most part.




The fit of the same garment can defer from person to person depending on individual shape. Tailoring is where brands go the extra mile to make sure their clothing fit their customers just right and this is a good measure of brand quality. Some of the ways to tell a garment that have good tailoring, is to look out for.


1. Darts in shirts, jackets, blouses and non-stretchy dresses.

two white ladies

2. A seam running down the backs of Jackets and coats
3. Dresses and skirts should not ride up, and jackets and suits should hang well on the shoulders and not bunch around the shoulders or sides when hands are raised. If this happens either it’s a wrong fit for you or it’s poorly tailored.

On a final note, always ‘Read Care Instructions’ because no matter how well made a garment is, if not cared for appropriately, it would get damaged and that would not be the manufacturers fault. The care instruction is there for you to read and give some extra mileage to your clothes.


These are just a few of the ways we check for quality, there are a lot more ways of checking for quality. Do share some of your quality assurance secrets with us :) . We hope these pointers would help make you a more informed buyer and give you a more enjoyable buyers experience.



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So You Want A Decent Quality Wardrobe? Part 2

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In our previous post, we started a series sharing some cues to look out for when looking to buy decent quality clothing, here’s the continuation.


Below are a few ways to test for quality before buying.


  • Examine the physical clothing where possible. When Online Buy from brands that you trust their quality, and that provide sufficient information to help your buying decision.


shopping from computer

Assess the fabric, seams and fastenings first hand; this would give a good indication of how sturdy the clothing is. This can be a tough one in this era where everything is online. Do your research, and buy from brands that have a reputation for good quality that you can trust. At Itfactor, we have done all the hard work, our buyers have been trained to identify quality and buy only from brands we absolutely love and trust.

  • Seams and Hems – Seams should line up neatly, be strong, should not protrude or cause the clothing to loose its shape. Try pulling seams apart gently, do the threads pull apart? Seams give a good indication of quality because when a garment is properly seamed, it helps retain its shape and structure and consequently makes it more durable.  Generally, the closer together the stiches that form the seams the better the quality of the clothing. Hems should be sewn and not left raw, hems should be flat, not rolled or puckered.


  • The presence of Lining is another good indication of quality. Linings help to give the clothing a better fit and a neater finish. They protect the outer fabric from oils and sweat from skin, which contributes to damage and ageing.  They make it easy to put on the clothing by reducing tension and stretch on the clothing and this ultimately increases its lifespan. Some pieces are meant to be sheer hence no lining is required but most clothing need lining, it prevents them from looking flimsy and cheap.


  • Buttons and Zippers should be sturdy. Buttonholes should have strong sturdy reinforced seams and zippers should move smoothly and lock at the top. Clothing that come with extra buttons, threads, beadings are typically made of better quality and would last longer.


In the next post we would conclude the series, hope you have picked up a thing or two?


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So You Want A Decent Quality Wardrobe? Part 1

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One of the most important factors when building a decent quality wardrobe is in the ability to spot or identify decent quality clothing.


In building a decent quality wardrobe, we want clothing that doesn’t just look the part but will also last us through several seasons of washing and wearing.


Obviously, no one piece of clothing can last forever, and those that tend to last for eons of years are over the budget of an average shopper.

designer logos

So the aim here is to be able to identify clothing that would last through a couple of years of washing and wearing, Clothing that is durable and doesn’t just look pretty on the racks.


How does one identify decent quality clothing?

The next 3 posts would break down some cues to look out for when shopping for decent quality.


Here’s Part 1, of our quick overview of how to identify decent quality clothing.

woman shopping

In General terms, decent quality clothing should be durable, and should last a couple of years. Buttons and seams should be sturdy, neatly fixed and not likely to fray or easily pop.  It should maintain its shape and flatter the figure and not distort the silhouette or impede movement.


Lastly the fabric should look like good quality fabric and feel good on the skin.


Now, we appreciate that clothing that tick all the boxes would mostly be high end and quite pricey for the average person.


But there are brands who have found a way not just to make their clothing look pretty to attract buyers but also incorporate some of these qualities into their clothing such that it looks the part and can last several wears and washes.

These brands offer a good mix of great pricing, great designs and decent quality.


In the next post we break down the various cues even further, check here and here for concluding posts.

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How to Re-organize your wardrobe in 3 easy steps!

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Most of us are not blessed with a separate closet room where we can have one wardrobe for each category of clothing item. As a result, right when you are dressing up for the Friday night gig or Sunday church, there’s a tendency to struggle with finding what to match your outfit with, since everything is not in full view and you probably do not see the full content of your wardrobe.


For most of us, de-cluttering or getting rid of old stuff is perhaps the most difficult and most important step in the process of reorganizing.


This step of getting things organised doesn’t always leave you having a lot of things, but would leave you with a fab wardrobe comprising only of items carefully chosen and cherished.


Here’s our take on how you can keep your wardrobe looking  stylish and organized like a true style diva.


1. Get rid of the old items:

In every closet, there is a range of clothes, accessories and shoes that have hardly been used in years  and probably will never be used again. Most fashion lovers keep changing their likes and preferences as trends change, and it is good to get rid of stuff that is out of vogue if you are trend follower or items that you would never wear.



So how do you sort your wardrobe into items you want to Give away / Throw away/  Or  Keep?


Here are a few tips to help with this all important stage,


Firstly, Try on every single item in you wardrobe for Fit and wearability and sort them based on the following

a.  I may wear this one day –  

The rule of thumb here is, If you have not worn this item in the last one year for whatever reason, you are most likely never going to wear it again! This is simply an excuse to just keep loads of space sapping stuff! Most often than none these items should go in the Throw awayGive away  category. Most times we choose not to wear items because they are either worn out, ill fitting, badly tailored or simply doesn’t conform to our current style.


If these items cannot be put to good use again then this is a good time to be a little generous to your sister, friend or give to charity. It will help you get rid of the basic clutter and give you a better idea of your true wardrobe size, content and how it fits to your current style.


b. Can I Mix and Match them well

Another way to de-clutter your wardrobe is to think of your current style and take a very critical look at the pieces you have left in your wardrobe. Do they fit well into your lifestyle, the Image you try to portray, and can they be easily matched with other items in your wardrobe? With the style and lifestyle question only you can truly answer that, with the mixing and matching, take a piece in your wardrobe If you can successfully match an item with other pieces in your wardrobe to produce five different outfits then it’s a keeper.

put some music


c. May Be Someday –


Now if you have carried out the two steps above you will find that there are still items you are on the fence about, may be because you have not worn them in over a year but you really really like them or they were very expensive and you are not ready to let go or maybe they are just a bit tight and you plan to lose some weight.


With these items you can pack them away in a box and store away somewhere outside the wardrobe until you have the need for them, that way you can have more space for the things you wear on a regular basis.

These lot are also keepers but not in the wardrobe. They come out when you think of what to match them with or after they become perfect fit, if after say another year they still do not come out from the box then you probably need to let go of them.



2.  Separate the essentials:

After trimming down your wardrobe this is the next step, think of the number of items you have before trying to put things in place. You need to create a separate section for dresses, pants, skirts, lingerie, jewellery and shoes in any wardrobe. Get everything on the bed and make a good numbering from the heap, get each piece properly cleaned and ironed in readiness to be kept in its section


Allot space in your wardrobe to each section based on the number of that group of items you have, like if you have more dresses than any other items then those should have the largest space.


3.  Use space saving solutions:

Small items, such as lingerie, accessories, handbags, and jewellery can be kept in small boxes, racks or wicker baskets and stowed  in the lower racks of the wardrobe. Try investing in shoe racks to help organize your shoes, that way you have more space in your closet. 

jewelry box shoes


There you have it! Our 3 step strategy for keeping your wardrobe like an It Girl!

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Welcome To The ItFactor Blog!

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At Itfactor, we are all about creating inspiring and elevating style. We want to be part of that journey that prepares you to take on the world by providing inspiring products and content that helps you to find the “It’ that puts a smile on your face and a spring in your steps.


On this blog we will be sharing and exploring all aspects of our interest in lifestyle, which will include fashion, food, music and the people behind these aspects. We hope you would be inspired by the content we create and probably share some of your style discoveries with us, Welcome :).

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