Edo: Police Nabs Killers Of NYSC Corps Member

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The Edo State Police Command have apprehended two man armed robbery gang, who killed a National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, member during a robbery operation at Muritala Muhammed Way in Benin, the Edo State capital.

According to report, the deceased corps member, David Onyeasina, was killed by the hoodlums during a robbery operation around Edo College, in the state capital.

The young graduate of Fine and Applied Arts from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho in Oyo State, was shot to dead that fateful day after he had gone to buy a recharge card.

The State police spokesperson, DSP Stephen Onwochei, disclosed that the two suspects, Mathias Efe and Dominus Aisabodo, were nabbed shortly after the operation, adding that they confessed to the killing of the corps member during a sporadic gunshot while trying to escape the scene of the robbery.

The police recovered assorted ammunition, 10 mobile handsets and jewelry belonging to the victims of the robbery from the robbers.

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Morally Distasteful Photo Of What A Teenage Girl Wore To An Occasion

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It’s a shame! It’s terribly funny how parents in morally conservative Nigeria will go to the market and buy an outfit with such inscription for their kids.


This is utterly provocative! Fashion has just been assassinated. Gazing at the little boy, who is covered in a green and white gown, i can tell this to be a religious ground.

Nigerians! Can you buy or allow someone you know, wear this for an event?

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ASUP Urges FG To Review Polytechnic Education

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The National President of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics, Prof. Chibuzo Asomugha, has urged the Federal Government to review the current state of Polytechnics in the country.

Speaking during the 81st National Executive Council meeting of ASUP in Offa, Kwara State, Asomugha said, “There is no understanding of what we really want polytechnic education to be. We have deviated from the original vision and there is no focus. There is hardly any technical intent in the delivery of polytechnic education and we must return to the basis.

“This dovetails into what happens in the wider economy, in the industries and private sector. There is no contact between the industries and the schools. We are just producing polytechnic graduates without being able to know where they will fit in.”

He reminded that president Buhari during his campaign promised to look into issues surrounding dichotomy between Higher National Diploma graduates and their B.Sc. Counterparts, lamenting the fact that the present structure makes it that candidates who seek for admission into polytechnics are those who are deemed not fit to gain admission into the university which is not supposed to be so.

“We tasked the past government to monitor its funding of the sector. Don’t just throw money in a system. With all the money that government is parading that it has thrown into the system, government has not gotten better result because of lack of proper monitoring.” He concluded.

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Buhari’s One-Term Promise Tears APC Chiefs Apart

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Following the solemn vow by the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari not to rerun for presidency in 2019, the party’s leadership have started to rip into shreds.

If not quickly resolved, the intrigues may make governing Herculean in the next four years, as politicians of different ideological backgrounds are forging informal alliances.

The ruling party’s source revealed that “the decision of President Buhari not to run in 2019 is already tearing the party into shreds as potential aspirants for the office are already mobilizing across parties and geo- political zones to forge a realignment for the contest.”

It was learnt that the visit by Akpabio and Agbaje to the Abuja residence of Atiku, is the beginning of the much-expected realignment and coming together of former PDP political heavy weights across the nation before the commencement of the onslaught on the factionalized APC.

It was also gathered that the visit to the residence of Atiku by the Senate President Bukola Saraki, shortly after being sworn, was a confirmation that Atiku was one those who pulled the strings for his success at election.

The former Vice President, it was reliably gathered is still eyeing the presidency and the decision of Buhari to run for one term has further given the Adamawa politician the verve to start making contacts across party divides.

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10 Reported Dead In Potiskum Twin Blasts

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Not less than 10 people have been reported dead following the two bomb blasts in Potiskum, Yobe state, Northeast Nigeria.

The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr Toyin Gbadegeshin, confirmed the explosions to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Potiskum.

Gbadegeshin said one of the bombers targeted the vigilante office, killing seven persons, while others died in the second explosion which occurred at Dorowa Ward in the town.

“At about 12.25hrs, twin suicide bombers struck at Dorowa at the vigilante office and near Lara filling station, killing Ado Kwamanda and six of his men.”

“Two people, including the bomber, died in the second attack”, he concluded.

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Taraba Pleads With State University ASUU To Call Off Strike

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Taraba State Government has on Monday pleaded with the state university chapter of the Academic Staff Union of Universities ( ASUU) to call off its six months old strike.

According to LeadershipNg, the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Mr Anthony Jellason, while chatting with pressmen in Jalingo, called on the lecturers to call off the strike in the interest of the state and the students.

The SSG disclosed that the new administration inherited a huge debt of over N28 billion and needed some time to solve the numerous challenges facing the state.

He said: “I want to use this medium to call on our citizens, particularly friends and relations of the lecturers, to help appeal to ASUU members.

“They should consider the financial condition of this government and in the interest of the state and the students call off the strike.

“The essence of setting up the university was to have our children in school, thus keeping them now at home is of no help to all.’’

Jellason reminded ASUU that the problem the state is currently facing was caused by the former government, urging the Union to call off the strike and give the new administration breathing space to generate funds.

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Pioneer Of Sexual Offences Bill, Senator Anyanwu Reacts To Soyinka’s Outburst

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Pioneer and supporter of the newly signed sexual offences bill, Senator Chris Anyanwu, has reacted to Wole Soyinka’s outburst against the bill.

Anyanwu’s response was contained in an open letter. Read letter below:

senator Anyanwu


I have read your open letter published on PM NEWS and re-published on BELLANAIJA, premiumtimesnig.com and a number or on-line papers.

No one who read that letter could miss the fury embedded in your words. I know where that fury comes from: moral fiber, good conscience, and love of people. I want to assure you that it was the very same sentiments that drove me to come up with that bill and the same sentiments that led Senators and members to pass it.

As always, your aim was to speak as the voice of reason in our increasingly confused society. I know you meant well. I know you acted out of your deep compassion for Nigerians and fatherly love for the children.

But as I read your open letter, my heart sank because this time, my dear Baba, my dear icon, you are wrong; very wrong.

You have been misled by the misinformation circulated by someone who could not read or comprehend a legal draft; someone who did not have the patience to read through a proposal, see what was recommended and what was finally accepted.

You were misled by someone who deliberately distorted the content of one of the most profound bills ever passed by the Nigerian legislature, scandalized the proponent and the institution for reasons that you and I may not know.

No where in the SEXUAL OFFENCES BILL That I proposed; no where in the bill passed by Senate was it stated that you can defile an 11 years old. No where in the bill passed by the Senate was the age “11 years” mentioned.

Here is what was passed in relation to your area of pre-occupation which is defilement clause 6 (2):
“A person who commits an offence of defilement shall upon conviction be sentenced to imprisonment for life”.

You claimed that the bill re-defined “female adulthood as marital status”. Where in the bill proposed by me and where in the bill passed by Senate did you see adulthood linked to marital status? The extreme distortion of the spirit, intent and even content of this bill leads me to think that you may be talking about an all-together different piece of legislation.

For emphasis, let me state that the bill makes no such linkages as you erroneously stated. I think it may be fear of Sen Yerima that is at play here.

For your information, Senator Yerima and all other Senators who participated in the debate the two times the bill came up on the floor supported it as a vehicle for instituting a stringent law barring all ranges of sexual offences in Nigeria.

They did this because they also have children, wives, daughters, even mothers and cannot afford to leave them in the current state where abuses are rewarded with a slap on the wrist of the perpetrators because our laws are outdated, without strong in-built deterrence and mechanisms for monitoring and control are absent.

This is just another case of people demonizing what is clearly in the public good because of deeply-set negative pre-dispositions towards individuals in an institution. By your strong advocacy against the bill, you have unwittingly stamped your feet in favor of maintaining the statusquo.

Where we are now..the statusquo.. is a world in which a six year old child is raped to death and then set ablaze. Where we are now is a place where a father rapes his 3 year old boys repeatedly and the mother weeps at night and cannot speak out out of shame and fear of her life.

Where we are now is a place where young Cynthia in her struggles for self employment ran into a gang who drugged her, raped and murdered her. Where we are now is a place where foreigners come for tourism and turn children into their objects of tourism.

With all due respect Sir, I want to express my deep disappointment with your hastiness in flowing with the mob on this matter. I blame your press officers. I think they should have advised caution. You have known me since the 1990’s. There is no way you could have sent fellers and I would not jump into the next flight to answer you.

Infact, a mere telephone call could have dispensed with the matter. If you had even asked someone to get you a copy of the Votes and Proceedings of Senate for that day which published the exact words in the legislation passed, you would have spared yourself the time and emotions spent over what is clear mischief circulated through the web.

The people who started it all are hate-mongers. The merely took advantage of the negative public feelings they have built up against the legislature. You have no business with such people Sir.

I am sure in the most inner recesses of your mind you know I cannot in anyway be associated with any anti-people law. Nothing in my personal history, professional antecedents or even the hard work I did to push through pro-people legislations in Senate, could lead anyone to think of me as capable of working against children, the very people I fought for over the course of my 8 years in Senate. The Sexual Offences bill is only one of many I did.

I also proposed the Occupational Safety and Health bill protecting workers in virtually all sectors of the economy from hazards at work. The only group excluded are those in the oil and gas sectors who have been extensively provided for in the PIB.

There was no “accident” as you call it involved in this legislation. Neither was there an error in judgement. The bill has been fabricated to provide a strong deterrence against abuses.

When implemented, It will mitigate the private sufferings of parents; reduce their fear of what happens in their absence to their children at school, in the play grounds, in the neighborhoods, even in religious spaces.
Nigeria today is not a safe place for children; not a safe place for girls; not a safe place for small boys; and it is not a safe place either for old women.

This legislation it proposes consigns punishments for abhorrent crimes such as we are seeing in our country today. It even covers crimes yet to arrive our shores.

Under this bill, pedophiles will be put away for life not made rock stars as we do today. This bill will bring sanity to our society. It will make Nigeria a better place for all. I suspect that some of those fighting against the bill are fixating on the short title. Its long title shows what it is: a sexual offences prevention bill; a tough deterrence to crime.

I want you to take time and read the final copy of the bill. You will be proud. You will realize that good things can come from Nigeria and Nigerians. It is not only legislations initiated by outsiders and handed to us locals to push for their passage that should be deemed as good for us.

By passing that bill, National Assembly has kept faith with the people of Nigeria. It has provided the cover of protection under which Nigerian children can live normal lives of fulfillment without fear.
By your robust advocacy against the bill preventing sexual abuses of children, you foreclose the future of children in this society.

But if I read you correctly, I have no doubt that you will reverse yourself on this once you have the correct information. This is why I have written youthis letter. You have made your first “imposition” on Mr. President based on your understanding of the false information circulated by the very offenders you despise.
I plead with you as a man who has been found to be a great man of honor and bestowed with the highest literary honor in the world to reconsider.

Let me on behalf of the innumerable victims of abuse in Nigeria; let me invoke the spirit of Cynthia who fell victim in Lagos; and let me plead on behalf of the many wives and husbands deliberately infected with HIV by their partners whose suffering impelled this bill, that you reverse your instruction to Mr. President.
The President of the Federal Republic looks to old sages like you for positive direction. That was what you intended to give him.

But now that you know the truth, for the sake of your long established reputation and known love for Nigeria, turn it around and urge Mr. President to sign this bill that will protect our people, restore sanity to society and make Nigeria a better place for all.

I remain your loyal admirer and sister,
Sen Chris Anyanwu.

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FG To Begin Monthly Payment To Poor, Unemployed Nigerians, Find Out How Much?

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The Buhari-led government is on the verge of implementing one of its striking campaign promises that it will pay N5,000 each to the unemployed and poorest Nigerians across the country.

The Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo who disclosed this at the 10th Year Anniversary Lecture of Crescent University, Abeokuta, Ogun State titled, ‘The Nigerian Economy and the Future’, hinted that the unemployed as well as the poor Nigerians would pocket N5,000 monthly.

Osinbajo disclosed that government is currently evaluating the best ways to collapse existing cash transfer and social welfare schemes to ensure consistency and alignment.

“Once this is completed, we will implement the first phase of this program, using recognized identification platforms and transparent payment solutions.

“We cannot talk about the economy of the future without addressing how we move people out of poverty. One of the most striking promises we made during the campaign was the payment of Five Thousand Naira to the poorest Nigerians across the country.

“About 112 million (66% of Nigerians) are deemed extremely poor, measured by World Bank parameter of those living on less than US$1.25 per day,” Osinbajo stated.

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Dear Nigerians, Bribe Nobody To See Me, My Husband, Am Not Patience Jonathan – Aisha Buhari

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The First Lady of Nigeria, Hajia Aisha Buhari, has urged those working with her husband, President Muhammadu Buhari to avoid collecting bribes from anybody before gaining access to her.

Speaking during an “Appreciation Dinner” she hosted in honour of the All Progressives Congress’ women and youths at the old Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, the First Lady reminded them that it took her husband 12 years before getting to the position he currently occupies.

She said; “There was nothing that people did not say about the past administration. It is not former President Goodluck Jonathan that is not good but the people around him.

“So, the people that are going to be around President Buhari have to be very careful because this election ended peacefully.

“We are praying and hoping that people around him should know that it took him 12 years to get to that position and they must know that they are coming to serve the masses, not General Buhari.

“It is the people that are around him that will determine the political health of our state.”

She continued; “I will like to inform you that in the past regime, whether it is true or false, only God knows, some people were going round and parading themselves as personal assistants.

“If you wanted to see the President’s wife, you will pay $30,000 or $50,000 and if you are seeing the President, you will pay all that you have saved in your lifetime.

“This will not happen in our regime. Whoever asks you to give a single penny in the name of coming to see the President or his wife is not our (member of) staff. He is not an APC member, it is a lie. Don’t be deceived.”


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Police Captures 30 Notorious Cult Members In Ogun

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The Ogun State Police Command has arrested not less than 30 men suspected to be member of a notorious fraternity in Ijebu Ode area of the State.

It was learnt that areas like Fidipote Street, Ogbogbo Village, Ita Alapo and Imaweje Village, which were notorious hideout of the group were raided by the state police officers.

According to the Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, some of the suspects arrested were the leaders of the groups, who had been unleashing mayhem on residents of the area.

The Police Spokesperson noted that the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Val Ntomchukwu, had raised special teams to subdue activities of the cultists in the state, especially in Ijebu Ode.

“The Commissioner of Police deployed more than 10 teams, such as the Special Anti- Robbery Squad, the Anti-Robbery Unit of the Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, Mobile Police Force and the State Intelligence Bureau, among others.

“These teams were led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Department of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence, Shina Olukolu,” he concluded.

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‘Don’t Pass Anti-Rape Bill, It’s A Trap’ – Soyinka Urges Buhari

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Famous Nobel laureate, Wole Soyinka, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari not to authorize the Sexual Offences Bill (anti-rape bill) passed by the last National Assembly.

The award winning author and political activist, in a letter expressed apology for not making it to the event marking the June 12 anniversary in Lagos.

He said, “President Buhari – and here I make my first imposition on his presidency – should never place his assent on such a nefarious distraction,”

“Its implications doom the victim to afflictions that churn the stomach even to think of the human toll. Perhaps those legislators think that vaginal fistula is something thought up by arm-chair critics with nothing better to occupy their minds. No matter, let those who profess a genuine concern declare their stand on this.

“On my part, I find unacceptable any effort to build a nation on perversions that merely minister to man’s sexual appetites. This is a sordid appeasement of a minority who actually require psychiatric help.

“President Buhari should not give his assent to the Bill without amendments that address the earlier Yerimah gift to the nation. It’s a trap.”

Mr. Soyinka asked for help in understanding the bill which he described as a case of “rubbing vaseline on leprosy”.

If we recall, the Sexual Offences Bill, 2015, was among the 46 bills passed by the 7th Senate in a last minute flurry of activities last week.

The bill stipulates a life imprisonment for any individual found guilty of rape or sexual intercourse with children under 11 years; 10 years for incest; 10 years for child pornography or a fine of N2 million; and 14 years for sexual abuse, among others.

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Operation Declare Your Assets Publicly Before June 29 – PDP Tells Ambode

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The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Lagos Chapter has urged Akinwunmi Ambode to publicly declare his assets, on or before June 29.

According to a statement issued on Sunday by its Publicity Secretary, Mr. Taofik Gani, the PDP charged Ambode to “personally make public in the media, his assets as at when sworn in as the present governor of the state.”

The statement read, “The governor is also asked to make public in the media, the details of the handover notes and assets of the past governor, Mr. Babatinde Fashola.”

“The deliberate neglect will however compel us and other well-meaning Lagosians to explore the relevance of the Freedom of Information Act on the matter.

“The PDP posits that the necessity for the present governor of Lagos state to make public his present assets is more ignited by the huge foreign and local debts of nearly a trillion naira now left behind by the past governor who has been linked to many personal bank accounts and property within and outside the country.

“Mr Ambode is under compelling moral duty to tell Lagosians what he presently has as assets. This is a spice to the requirement of asset declaration before the Code of Conduct Bureau. He must also not conceal the assets declaration of his predecessor,” the statement added.

According to the statement, if Mr Ambode fails to take up this moral challenge, he will thereafter be tagged “Governor Pretender” throughout his tenure, adding that this was necessary for the governor to gain the respect and confidence of Lagosians as a “genuine servant and not a pretender servant.”

The June 29 ultimatum given to Ambode, according to the PDP, is to allow the governor to voluntarily take up this challenge.

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RCCG Will Produce A President – Pastor Adeboye Insist

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Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) has once again prophesied that his church will produce a President.

The general overseer during a programme organised for leaders and potential leaders at the RCCG national headquarters, Throne of Grace Parish, Ebute-Meta in Lagos recollected how he prophesied that members of the church will become presidents and vice presidents, and how weak his congregations ‘AMEN’ were.

Adeboye said, “It is not by your power that you become anything, it is God who gives power and any power that be is from the Almighty God. Whatever you see happening, God is involved and that is why He instructed us to obey those in authority because God puts them there.

“Put your trust and limitations in the Almighty God who is unlimited. Great men are limited by sleep. No matter how strong you are, you will sleep but we have Almighty God who neither sleeps nor slumbers. No matter how powerful you are, you are limited by death, incurable disease but thank God who always heals our infirmities ”.

“It takes the Holy Spirit to make the impossible possible. Several years ago, when the Redeemed Christian Church of God was still very small and I mean very small, I told them what God said that presidents will come here to worship but their amen was very weak.

“I moved further to say that God says more than that. God said presidents will be members of the church. They will be ushers but the members then find it difficult to swallow that but mark my words, whenever God speaks, the Holy Spirit sanctioned it.

“Also in our London church which was fewer than us here in Nigeria, I told them that royalties will come to the church and worship; they giggled and said amen. I went further that God said nobody will be in government without our permission and they laughed”, he concluded.

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Boko Haram: Pres. Buhari Orders Immediate Release Of $21M To MNJTF

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Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari has directed the immediate release of $21 million to the Multi-National Joint Task Force’s (MNJTF), within a week to battle the ferocious Boko Haram sect.

This was disclosed by the President during the meeting of the African Union Peace Security Council at the ongoing 25th AU summit in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Nigeria had pledged $100million to the Multinational Joint Task Force, which was formed to snuff out the Boko Haram insurgency plaguing the northeastern part of the country.

Similarly, the Extra-Ordinary Summit of the Heads of State and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and Benin, had last week approved the sum of $30 million for the installation and equipping of the MNJTF.

Buhari said, “The boko haram insurgency has extended its reached to Nigeria’s neighbours but is not necessarily limited to these immediate countries as terrorism is a global phenomenon with linkages across the globe. Given this dimension of global terror it requires to act according in brotherhood and partnership to fight our common goals against agents of evil.

“I’m pleased to note that Cameroon, Chad, Niger, are demonstrating this secret, they are fighting alongside Nigeria under the umbrella of Multinational Joint Task Force to defeat Boko Haram.

“In this regard, the member countries Lake Chad Basin Commission and Benin, met recently where far reaching decisions were taken to immediately put into operations the Multinational Joint Task Force.

“To this end, the summit approved the immediate provision of $30 million for the Multinational Joint Task Force.

“Consequently out of the pledge of $100 million which Nigeria made to Multinational Joint Task Force, I have directed that $21 million be released within the next one week”.

President Buhari called on members of the Peace and Security Committee to put into proper context during the course of deliberations, the situations in South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Mali, Libya, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan, and more recently in Burundi.

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Mixed Reactions Ensue Over Slashing Of Salaries, Allowances Of Nigerian Senators

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Nigerian senators have reacted to the announcement that their salaries and allowances are to undergo review.

Senator Kabir Marafa, a delegate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Zamfara Central, claimed that legislators in the country were not receiving high remunerations.

He said “I think there is general ignorance as to how much a Nigerian senator earns. I would want Nigerians to know exactly how much we earn; then they can come up with criticisms on basis of facts.”

When asked how much a Senator earns he still referred the reporter to find out from the banks.

Senator Dino Melaye, APC, from Kogi State, insisted that legislators must begin to sacrifice their comfort and allow a pay cut, saying that money realised from the exercise would be used for developmental projects and proper oversight roles.

In the same vein, Senator Ben Bruce, who represents Bayelsa-East Senatorial Zone, on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, said that he would support any reduction in the pay of members of the National Assembly, noting that he was elected into the Senate to render service and not to waste tax-payers’ money.

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Busted! Why Pres. Buhari Rejected 253 DSS Operatives Sent To Aso Villa

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The President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, has revealed that he turned down the transfer of 253 DSS operatives to the presidential villa because he hasn’t yet forgiven them for hate campaigning against him during the last general elections.

Pres Buhari

According to security source, this is due to the “various negative security reports it wrote against him during his struggle to become the President, including the report on the recent certificate saga.”

“The President has yet to forgive the DSS for what he sees as its antagonism against him before the last general elections. So, the President has decided to keep the agency at arm’s length and for his security, he will be using policemen and soldiers.”

The source added that though a DSS operative would still occupy the post of the Chief Security Officer of the villa, “the CSO will be a mere figure-head because he would have no control over the security at the villa.”

Information gathered also showed that since Buhari was sworn in, information about his itinerary and schedules were no longer passed to the DSS as is the tradition under the former President.

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Ex-Commissioner Of Zamfara Caught Doing It, As Sex-tape Goes Viral

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A video footage involving an ex-commissioner in Zamfara State, engaged in an orgy of sexual activity with an unidentified woman in a room has gain popularity on Social media as many are calling for his arrest and prosecution.

The two-minute video which was obtained by Daily Trust, saw the erstwhile commissioner, who was a member of the recently dissolved cabinet in the state, indulging in an explicit sexual activity with an unidentified lady in a room.

It was learnt that the video generated loads of criticism in the state as citizenry tagged it ‘the most scandalous video in the history of the state’.

It is unknown who recorded the sex video, whether a third party in the act or a mounted camera, however, some were of the opinion that one of the actors might have been recording it because of the unsteadiness of the recording.

When the state deputy governor, Malam Ibrahim Wakkala Muhammad, was contacted by pressmen, he said he would not stop anyone from publishing the story but it would be better if the story was left alone.

When the ex-commissioner involved in the sex video was contacted, he said: “I am on my way to Gusau, give me some time and I would call you back when I arrive, please.” Despite promising to call back, he did not.

Spokesman of the state police command, DSP Sanusi Amiru, said he could not comment on the issue as he was yet to see the video.

DAILY TRUST is yet to release the video for public consumption.

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#TrekForAtiku: 2 Trekkers, Bicycle Rider Get Deserted In Yola

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Following his role at the just concluded election, two trekkers and a bicycle rider, who claimed to have travelled from Lagos, Kaduna and Shelleng to Yola, the Adamawa State capital, in honour of former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, are said to be stranded in Yola.

Speaking with newsmen in Yola on Saturday, the men, who identified themselves as Salihu Jibrin, Aliyu Adamu and Abubakar Suleiman lamented that since their arrival, they have not been able to see their mentor, Atiku.

According to Jibrin, “I trekked for 38 days all the way from Lagos to Yola to see Atiku in view of his role over APC victory in the general election but up to now I was unable to see him.

“I am now stranded with no money to go back; at times I sleep in motor park or squat with good Samaritans”.

Adamu, the bicycle rider said he rode from Kaduna to Yola, it took him eight days to arrive his destination.

According to him, “I want to thank the Secretary, Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Adamawa Council, Mr Baba Zare, who had been assisting me since arrival to cope with the difficult situation I found myself.

“I want to meet Atiku before finding my way back to Kaduna.”

Suleiman, who trekked from Shelleng town, Adamawa, to the state capital noted that he had been squatting from one relative to the other while waiting for an opportunity to see Atiku before going back home.

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Inner Love: Man Proposes With Engagement Ring Made From His Bone [PHOTOS]

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There is always something good you can keep from a bad situation.

And after Mike Perett lost his leg in 2006 after falling from a mountain in India, he kept the leg.

Girlfriend Melita had stood by him through it all, and in 2011, when he decided to propose to her, he teamed up with London-based jeweller Ingle & Rhode to have pieces of his bone kept in the ring.

Melita loved it, and says the ring is so special to her.

“I guess why it’s so special to me,” Melita said to BuzzFeed, “is because I think it shows his bravely coming to terms with something like that so positively… which has to be a good attribute for marriage.”

See the happy couple below!

enhanced-28922-1433960264-1 enhanced-24091-1433952409-1

enhanced-9707-1433956500-1 enhanced-19038-1433957493-1

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Dear Para-Militaries, You’re No Longer Permitted To Wear The Camouflage Uniform – FG

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The National Security Council has banned the use of camouflage uniforms by various security agencies other than the Armed Forces namely; the Army, Navy and the Air Force.

This was delivered in a statement by the Director of Defence Information, Chris Olukolade on Friday.

According to him, the Nigerian Police will however use the uniform when in Joint Operation with the military or on special operation such as specific anti-riot missions.

The new rule was enacted as a measures to streamline the use of camouflage uniforms.

This, he said, was in view of the security implications and concerns raised on the clamour, duplicity and proliferation of camouflage uniforms in the country.

The statement read, “The use of camouflage/fatigue is therefore restricted to the military and for occasional use by the police henceforth.”

Mr. Olukolade added, “The directive also stipulates that the military is to adopt only two types of camouflage for the three arms of the Armed Forces.

“All para-military agencies using various camouflage/fatigues uniforms have up to January 2016 to withdraw such materials currently in their inventory.

“With this development, the Ministry of Justice along with law enforcement agencies have been tasked to ensure that extant laws guiding the use of uniforms in Nigeria are strictly enforced.

“In the same vein, the Office of the National Security Adviser has been vested with the authority to vet and clear any production and supply of camouflage uniforms in Nigeria.

“The proliferation and imitation by criminals and impostors using uniforms especially the camouflage have been generating some concern in national security circles.

“The development has been communicated to all the agencies by the Office of the National Security Adviser.”

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Buhari Jets Off To South Africa Ahead Of AU Summit

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Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari will be leaving Abuja for South Africa on Saturday, June 13, to attend the 25th African Union Summit in Johannesburg.


According to a statement issued on Friday in Abuja by the Special Adviser to the President on Media & Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, Buhari will be undertaking his first continental assignment since taking office by chairing the meeting of the Peace and Security Committee of the AU summit, which will hold on Saturday, the day of his arrival.

The President is also expected to hold bilateral talks with other African leaders on the sidelines of the summit to consolidate his ongoing drive to secure Nigeria and neighbouring countries from Boko Haram.

Mr President will be back in Nigeria on Tuesday, June 16.

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Irate Mob Murdered ABU Professor, Mistook Him For Boko Haram – Police

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The Kano State Command has disclosed to media how a professor of the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria, Ahmed Falaki was murdered by a mob who mistook him for a boko haram terrorist.

Speaking to pressmen on Wednesday, the Assistant Inspector- General, Zone 1, Kano, Yabo Muhammad, revealed that Mr. Falaki was not killed by a gunshot fired by the police but by mob action when he was mistaken for a terrorist.

He said the late Professor, who was returning from a trip to Bauchi state, made a stop over to change a deflated tyre when his car was seized at gun point by fleeing insurgents.

The Professor, his brother and a driver had headed to Fala village, a few metres from where their vehicle was snatched to seek assistance.

The villagers initially assisted them and called residents of a neighbouring village, alerting them of the fleeing insurgents, and asking them to block the road.

However, as the chaos ensued, Prof. Falaki had tried to identify himself to the special police squad who had arrived the scene, displaying his identity card. But the police officer, unable to read the contents of the ID card, suggested that the late professor, his brother and a driver, were part of the insurgents.

The suspicions of the police officer caused panic among the villagers, leading to the mob action and the Professor’s death.

Information gathered suggest that ABU Zaria is claiming that the Professor was killed by police bullet.

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CBN Orders Banks To Publish Names Of Debtors On August 1

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The Central Bank of Nigeria has in its 322nd meeting of the Bankers’ Committee ordered all Banks in the country to publish the names of chronic debtors by August 1, 2015.

The announcement was made on Thursday In Abuja by Bankers’ Committee meeting, Director, Banking Supervision, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Mrs Tokunbo Martins, after a meeting of the organization.

She stated that the apex banking sector regulator cannot afford further delay in the publication of the debtors’ names after the expiration of the three months grace period to all debtors to service their debts with banks.

It would be recalled, the Apex Bank earlier announced its plan on publishing the names of bank debtors along with those of their bank of directors in newspapers in order to reduce the rate of Non Performing loans.

Mrs Martins further said ”Total bank credit stands at between N13 trillion to N14 trillion; of this amount, about three per cent of that (N390 billion) is not performing. This means that the industry is very sound”.

”The date is drawing close to publish names of serial debtors, by 1st August, banks will publish names of debtors and we urge debtors to pay up”.

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NECO To Commence CBT In Subsequent Exams – Board

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The National Examination Council (NECO) has concluded plans to introduce Computer-Based Test(CBT) in objective papers of its subsequent examinations.

This disclosure was made known on Thursday in Abuja by the Chairman, NECO Governing Board, Dr Paddy Njoku, during the board’s monitoring visit to the Model Secondary School, Maitama, Abuja.

Mr. Njoku revealed that the visit was necessary since the day’s paper — Mathematics — was compulsory for all the students.

He said: “We will introduce CBT in papers that need computer in the next exams, but some other subjects are either practical or essay; so you cannot put everything under CBT.

“Mathematics is compulsory; so the hall will be full; that is why we decided to inspect them today.

“We do about four levels of monitoring; we have invigilators’ supervisors, security men and external monitors drawn from institutions of higher learning, who independently, monitor without getting involved in the administration of the examination.

“The board comes out to monitor and get direct assessment of the situation so that nobody tells stories and all these we do to ensure very strict control of our examination.’’

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Loyalty Crises! Buhari Excludes Osinbajo From Security Meeting

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Report has emerged that the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari shelved Vice President, Yemi Osinbanjo during a security meeting due to the fact that the VP lacks military experience and he is a stern loyalist of Bola Tinubu.

Buhari and nigerian security personnel

A security source, who preferred anonymity said: ”I am sure he would have been invited if he had security background. Being a Professor of Law is fine, but in terms of intelligence and access to security information, you are nowhere near the rank of Colonel or equivalent in the Nigeria Military. Look, I have watched some footages that if the VP gets to see, he would lose appetite for days.

”Now, we have someone who has been in luxury virtually all his life, attaining the position of VP and some people are clamouring for his presence in highly sensitive talks. The truth is that the military hierarchy would not even feel comfortable saying some things in his presence. I can tell you that they respect Prof. Osinbajo as VP but they cannot trust him with information yet.

”You cannot compare him to Buhari who served in many military roles, chased away a militia that was threatening Nigeria security, overthrew a military government, became Head of State, fought corruption and went ahead to instill discipline among a stubborn citizenry. The VP would have to go through what is called ‘Stimulation’. This is a process where he is lectured on terms, dealings, operations etc. of the military. His inner strength, strong heart and ability to keep things to himself will first be put to test before he gets access to some classified materials and information.

”We must understand the fact that Osinbajo was a candidate promoted by Bola Tinubu (ex-Lagos Governor), he was not handpicked by Buhari. If the President had picked a vice, it is likely that such individual may get the access Osinbajo isn’t getting now. Everyone knows the VP has been loyal to Tinubu for decades and he cannot swear that he would not divulge details of these security meetings to his political godfather. So he has to earn it. Tinubu may have used his influence to put him in this position but he must draw a line between blind loyalty and national duty”.

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