Buhari’s Health: Gloating Is Of No Value – Femi Adesina

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Buhari’s Health: Gloating Is Of No Value – Femi Adesina

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I learnt an enduring lesson on the day General Sani Abacha died. It was June 8, 1998, and death had laid its icy hands on the maximum ruler, and the sceptre had fallen from the grip of the king. I was deputy editor of National Concord, the newspaper owned by Basorun M.K.O Abiola, the man Abacha not only inveigled out of his mandate as democratically elected President, but whom he had also locked up in a military gulag for five years.

Mr. Dele Alake, who was to become Commissioner for Information and Strategy in Lagos State for eight years, was editor, but he had travelled on the fateful day. So, the lot fell on me to produce the newspaper, as the deputy editor. Dr. (Mrs) Doyin Abiola was Managing Director/Editor-in-Chief.

Naturally, on a great news day like that, an editor would leave his office, and be on the shop floor, ensuring that the newspaper was swiftly produced. Time was of the essence, if you would partake in the harvest of sales the next day. So, I was in the computer room downstairs, editing the news stories as they were typed at the speed of light. It was there that Dr Abiola met me, as she prepared to go home about 7 p.m. She said something that both baffled and amazed me:

“Editor, no gloating. We have every reason to rejoice that Abacha is dead, but no gloating. Just present the news as professionally as possible. Don’t gloat!”

I thanked her, and she left. Her instruction continued to ring in my ears, and was followed to the letter. Those who read National Concord the next day would recall that there was no sense of triumphalism, no newsman’s orgasm of any kind, in the treatment of the story. Just professionally done. “Don’t gloat!”

Did Doyin Abiola have reasons to instruct her newspaper to preen and gloat about Abacha’s death? Every. He had given the impression that he would take over power, and hand over to Abiola, who had won the June 12, 1993, presidential election, which the military annulled. Instead, he locked the man up in solitary confinement. Doyin did not see her husband for five years.

Also, Abacha had shut down Concord Press for about two years, causing the company grave economic afflictions. Under him, Kudirat Abiola, one of Doyin’s mates, had been murdered, shot down in the streets, allegedly on the orders of the state. And many more evil deeds. Dr. Doyin Abiola had every cause to waltz, and do a jig, at the death of Sani Abacha. But she did not. She even told her editor: “Don’t gloat!” I never forgot, and will never forget that lesson. It is human, and it is also divine.

Between January 19 and March 10, of this year, President Muhammadu Buhari was away in London, first on a routine holiday where he would do normal medical check-ups, and then, it became a medical vacation, in which he had to ask for an indeterminate number of days. Yes, who is he or she that never falls sick, let that person cast the first stone. As the president frankly confessed on his return, he had never been that sick in his life. Human, just human. Presidents, kings, queens, potentates, wealthy people, are also human; aren’t they? They itch as well, and scratch as hard. Sickness, not only death, is often a leveler among all mortals; young, old, poor, rich, dull, brilliant, ugly, beautiful, everybody.

And we know what attended the president’s medical sojourn from certain quarters in the country. Wild news. Hate news. Rumour. Evil thinking. Even, gloating. They did all kinds of photoshops, and spewed all kinds of evil stories. They passed round outright wickedness on WhatsApp, and those of us who debunked their evil tales became enemies. They tried to tag us with all kind of labels, saying we were liars and deceivers. But wise was the man who said: “The truth is incontrovertible. Panic may resent it, ignorance may deride it, malice may distort it, but there it is.” Or our own Professor Tam David-West, in his book, Philosophical Essays, also said: “Truth like the cork cannot sink. It cannot be sunk. It always floats.”

When President Buhari spoke with me on phone from London on February 25, I was elated, and issued a press statement, detailing our conversation. Many Nigerians, good people from a great nation, who could get hold of my phone number, called. They would ask if truly we had spoken. Once I confirmed, they broke into tears of joy, crying like babies. They brought tears to my eyes many times. Till this son of hate, a purveyor of evil and tragedy, called. He identified himself as Jude (I decide to withhold his other name for now). He said: “Mr Adesina, you claim to have spoken with President Buhari. When are you going to stop this political deceit? How can you speak with a man who is long dead, and you are deceiving the public that he’s still alive?”

I didn’t argue with the man (though I was tempted to call him sonofagun, the son of a gun). I held my peace, let him finish his orgy of evil, and calmly cut off the phone. Doomsday prophets. Evil thinkers. Peddlers of mischief.

Then, on March 10, the president returned. Ecstasy and pure rapture from good Nigerians, who had been praying and supplicating unto God. Mai Gaskiya was back. The honest man had returned. Ramrod straight, man of integrity. He had been spared by God, and restored to us. Oh, glory!

Did you listen to that short speech that President Buhari read on his return? Did you listen to his off the cuff remarks? Was there any gloating? None. Did he rub it in on those who had peddled evil news, fake news, hate news? No. That is maturity. That is how to be the father of a country. And I remembered Dr. Doyin Abiola: “Don’t gloat!”

Do you know what some other people would have done in the same circumstance? They would have taken evil minded people to the cleaners. But not President Buhari. They would have made snide remarks about peddlers of hate news, calling fire and brimstone to fall upon them. But not our president. He would have been justified if he did so. The Good Book says, “He that digs a pit shall fall into it. He that rolls a stone, a stone will roll back at him. He that breaks the hedge, a serpent shall bite him.” So, President Buhari would have been justified, if he gave evil people some jabs. But he did not. What a heart!

Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

How did that Jude Somebody feel when the president returned? He even bears Jude, a Christian name. How embarrassing! But he was full of bile, in the gall and throes of bitterness. May God forgive him. Amen.

With President Buhari’s health saga, some truths have been brought to bold relief once again. Anybody can be sick. Big or small man. A man of power, or a man of no consequence. Let us therefore be conscious of our mortality at all times. I can testify, from my many private discussions with him, that President Buhari is a man keenly aware of his own mortality at all times. A worthy example to follow.

Another lesson. Life and death are the sole preserves of God Almighty. Despite all those concoctions and contraptions, fake pictures, false stories on WhatsApp, mendacious newspaper reports, President Buhari came back alive. Who says anything that God has not said? There are many devices in the heart of man, but it is the counsel of God that shall stand. The counsel of God has prevailed concerning Nigeria, and concerning our president. Let us learn the eternal truth. No matter the devices in the heart of man, the counsel of God stands. It is not me that says so. It is straight from the Good Book.

Since March 10, when President Buhari returned, purveyors of evil have disappeared. Vanished! Utterly transmuted, like Brother Jero, in that work by Wole Soyinka. Even on social media, where they had held sway for many weeks, they evaporated. Like a beaten dog, they had their tails between their feet, and ran for cover. But should we rejoice? “Don’t gloat!”

There is nothing we have, that we did not receive from above. So, why boast? Why gloat? Rather, we should be thankful to God. The president has thanked millions of people who prayed. And they continue to pray. Olorun da Baba si fun wa. God, please, spare Baba for us. Let him take us to the Promised Land. A land that is secure, free completely of Boko Haram, flowing with milk and honey. A land where corrupt people get their just desserts, ending behind bars. A land where human life has value, where wanton killings stop, where justice and equity covers the space, like the waters cover the sea. A land where mischief makers repent, and turn to God.

Where is that Jude Somebody? I kept his number. I feel like calling him, saying “Son of a gun, how now?” But I shouldn’t do it. And I won’t do it. Because I remember Dr Abiola’s instruction: “Don’t gloat!”

Femi Adesina is Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari.

This piece was written by Femi Adesina. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Tragedy As 4 School Principals Die In Delta Road Accident

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It was a black Friday in the Education sector in Delta State as a bus conveying secondary school principals who were traveling for an all-important education meeting was involved in a ghastly motor accident.

It is understood that at least four of the principals died on the spot while nine others are currently battling for their lives.

It was gathered that the principals were travelling to Kwale in Ndokwa West Local Government Area of the state when the 18-seater bus that they were in from Oghara to the venue of the meeting lost one its tyres which resulted in the accident.

The teachers had just left their take-off point barely 15 minutes when the accident occurred along the Oghara-Mosogar section of the Benin-Effurun-Warri road.

While it remains unclear how many of the teachers were in the vehicle, it was learnt that the majority of the principals were women.

This disclosure was made to newsmen by the State Commissioner for Basic & Secondary Education, Mr Chiedu Ebie, who conveyed the meeting.

Ebie, who immediately visited the scene of the accident and the hospitals where the victims were taken to, described the incident as most unfortunate and regrettable.

Delta Governor, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, is also said to be saddened by the development.

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NLC Speaks Tough As Governor Ishaku Bans Taraba Workers From Protesting

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Governor Darius Ishaku of Taraba State may be in for a showdown with the State labour unions after placing a ban on protests and demonstrations by workers of the state on Saturday, March 25, 2017.

The Deputy Chief Press Secretary, Mr Illiya Bekyu, had earlier today made the announcement in Jalingo, on behalf of the governor.

Taraba State Releases N1.8b To Settle Teachers’ Salaries Amidst Students’ Protest

However, in a swift reaction, the Chairman of Nigeria Labour Congress  (NLC), Taraba Chapter, Mr Peter Gambo, described the governor’s directive as a mere threat.

Gambo said workers in the state would not be intimidated by the governor’s statement.

He said: “To avert any form of protest in the state, the government must endeavour to settle all salary arrears  meant for public servants.

“This is the only way the organised labour can desist from embarking on peaceful demonstrations.”

The governor had said any group or individuals that wanted to protest must seek government approval before embarking on such exercise.

The ban is coming barely four days after primary school teachers in the state protested the non-payment of their salaries, now running into eight months.

The teachers were joined in the protest by their pupils.

“I want to state here that individuals or groups wanting to embark on any form of demonstration in the state without government approval are warned to desist forthwith or face the full wrath of the law.”

“The state government is particularly warning parents and some individuals who want to use little children as shield during demonstrations in pressing for whatever demands to refrain from such act or be prosecuted,” he warned.

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Naira Increases In Value As Surplus Dollars Hit Nigeria Market

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The Nigerian currency Naira further increased in value as the country’s money market was hit with surplus Dollars, thereby jolting financial speculators.

Naira Now Trades At ₦380/$ From ₦525/$ ‘A Month Ago’ As CBN Pumps Another $100M

NAN reports that the foreign exchange market closed on Friday without selling off all the foreign currency released by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

The CBN had released fresh 100 million dollars at the interbank market to meet customers’ demands, but the dealers were only able to pick about 81.35 million dollars, leaving surplus.

Speaking on the development, Mr Isaac Okorafor, the Acting Director, Corporate Communications, CBN, attributed the inability of authorised dealers to pick up the entire offer of the CBN to increasing dollar supply.

In a statement, he said another reason was the current sense of apprehension among dealers who anticipate a further crash in the rate of the dollar.

He reiterated the determination of the Bank to sustain its current interventions in the market.

“Those who doubt the capacity of the Bank to sustain the intervention in the FOREX market are beginning to have a change of mind,” he said.

The Naira has continued to sustain its ride against major currencies, especially the United States dollar, since CBN consistently pumped in more dollars.

The dollar exchanged at about N380 in Abuja, and N385 to N390 in Lagos.

At the Bureau De Change (BDC) window, the Naira was sold at N399 to the dollar, while the pound sterling and the Euro were sold at N500 and N400.

The Nigerian currency appreciated at the interbank market, closing at N307 to the dollar.

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Zaki Biam Crisis: 13 Persons Feared Dead In Reprisal Attack

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The crisis in Zaki Biam has taken a new dimension as thirteen persons were feared dead after gunmen, in reprisal, attacked Tse Chia  Mbarstev ward near Kasaa in Zaki Biam Local Government Area of Benue State between Friday and Saturday.

The attack comes just five days after some gunmen invaded Zaki Biam town, destroying the International Yam market and killing over 50 persons.

Sources from the village said that some gunmen invaded the community around 1am on Friday and set ablaze four buildings while another set of gunmen were said to have embarked on a reprisal attack on Saturday setting houses ablaze killing about ten persons.

The source said, “Around 1am on Friday some gunmen entered our village and set ablaze four buildings, one of the buildings belongs to a family of three who were burnt to ashes.

“In a reprisal attack, a gang of gunmen stormed the area and shot at people, killing about ten persons and injuring several others.”

“As am talking to you now, the village has been deserted.”

Confirming the incident, the Benue State Police Public Relations’ Officer, ASP Moses Moses  Yamu, said that three persons were killed while describing it as a reprisal attack.

He said: “What happened is that youths from Zaki Biam mobilised themselves and went on a reprisal attack in the area. They burnt down the house of one of the drivers of the gunmen who attacked Zaki Biam last Tuesday.

“Four flats were burnt and three persons were killed. I want to urge the youths not to take the law into their hands but allow law enforcement agencies do their job.”

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President Buhari To Visit Sambisa Forest On Monday

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President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to declare open this year’s Nigerian Army Small Arms Championship in Sambisa forest in Borno.

David Ahmadu, the Chief of Training and Operations, Nigerian Army headquarters, disclosed this at a news conference on the championship in Maiduguri on Friday.

Mr. Ahmadu, a major general, said the event was slated for March 27 to 31 at the former stronghold of the terrorist Boko Haram sect.

He said the championship was part of the training activities of the Nigerian Army aimed at sharpening the marksmanship of its personnel.

“The Nigerian Army Small Arms Championship otherwise known as NASAC is part of the training activities scheduled for 2017.

“It is a championship among the formations of the Nigerian Army, the objective of the event is to sharpen the marksmanship skills of the army personnel,’’ Mr. Ahmadu said.

He said, “All formations of the Nigerian Army will be competing with the best carting away the prestigious Chief of Army Staff trophy.’’

Mr. Ahmadu said the championship was aimed at consolidating on the total defeat and routing out of Boko Haram terrorists from their operational headquarters in camp zero in Sambisa forest.

“Furthermore, the championship will also mark the commencement of the ongoing plan to move speedily and make the Sambisa forest general area safe for habitation.

“It is also to make the place an area for the Nigerian Army training activities,’’ he said.

Mr. Ahmadu said: “To this end provisions had already been made for the reopening of more roads, construction of culverts and bridges by army engineers to facilitate easy movement to the general area.

“There is no gainsaying that the championship is set to another epoch making event that will further emphasise the Nigerian Army efforts and resolve in meeting its constitutional role of defending the territorial integrity of the nation,’’ he said.


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Dickson Akoh: Peace Corps Commandant Still In Police Custody Six Days After “Arrest”

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Six days after he was arrested by the police, the national commandant of the Nigerian Peace Corps, Dickson Akoh, is still being held at the custody of the police.

Last Sunday, Akoh was apprehended after he turned himself in at the FCT command headquarters, saying he learnt the police were looking for him.

Police Detains Peace Corps Commandant, Dickson Akoh

It is understood that the 43-year-old man, who was detained at a facility run by the police special anti-robbery squad in Abuja the evening of his arrest, had not been released since then.

Yesterday evening, the police told Premium Times that they charged Mr. Akoh to court earlier in the week, although the claim was contrary to what sources close to the commandant said.

“We arraigned him at the Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday,” FCT police spokesman, Anjuguri Manzah, said.

Mr. Manzah declined further questions on the matter, including whether the police procured a court order to continue holding Mr. Akoh in detention beyond the legally-allowed 48 hours.

DSS Arrests Peace Corps Commandant, Dickson Akoh, 40 Other Members

However, two other sources close to Mr. Akoh claimed that the police did not arraign the commandant.

The sources said the police tried to arraign him before Gabriel Kolawole of the Abuja Division, but the judge declined to entertain the case immediately.

“Justice Kolawole asked them to come back on March 28 for the case,” one of the sources said.

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Dino: 21st-Century Crook, 17th-Century University

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Dino: 21st-Century Crook, 17th-Century University, By Pius Adesanmi

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A fallout of Dinogate: some ABU students and alumni have been roaming the internet with the good news of ABU’s greatness.

I have often advocated that misbehaving Nigerian public officials should be dragged to the Eagle Square and flogged publicly. Anybody talking about any University in Nigeria today and the words “great”, “excellent”, and “exceptional” appear in his sentences should be taken to the Eagle Square and shot.

This piece was written by Pius Adesanmi. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Many Nigerians, home and abroad, are in denial about the gravity of the situation with our Universities. When I mention the 17th century, they think I am deploying hyperbole for effect. In many instances, I am being sadly and tragically literal.

Certificate Scandal: ABU Keeps Mum As Senator Melaye’s Case Gets Messier

A problem whose gravity cannot be acknowledged cannot be solved. And those who still think that so-and-so University in Nigeria is great or exceptional or excellent will never allow us to take the full measure of the situation.

There is a reason Wole Soyinka once advocated a one-year closure of our Universities and the declaration of a state of emergency in that sector. He wasn’t being mean.

Take something as simple as a website – the first proof of a University’s location in the 21st-century. No Nigerian University today has a 100 percent functional website. NO, NOT ONE! The best you can hope to get is a website that is 80 percent functional – and this is in the most extraordinary of cases.

There is even a state University in 21st-century Nigeria that has no website at all. I mean it: no website. The only reason I am not naming the said University – for now – is that I have sent a memo to the VC through back channels and I am still waiting for what he has to say.

But that is a state University. What about our “elite” Universities? Go to their websites and it is a tragic tale of broken links, nonexistent Urls and other assorted evidence of 17th-century identity. You want proof? Okay, come with me:
Try to visit the website of the Faculty of the Social Sciences, University of Ibadan here and report back to me:

This is the social sciences in Nigeria’s Premier University. An entire social sciences faculty in Nigeria’s first University has no website!! There are more horror stories from UI’s website but let us move on. How about you go to UNILAG and try to locate some Departments in the Faculty of Arts here:


Look for the “Departments” link. There is a drop down for the following departments: Creative arts, English, European Languages, etc. How about you click on each of the Departments? Of the six Departments listed, only three have content on their web pages. And the only content they have is a welcome message! This is the faculty of Arts in Unilag! There are more horror stories from the website of Unilag.

The horror stories from the websites of UI and Unilag are matched by similar stories from the websites of OAU, UNN, and ABU. And these are the “elite” Universities. Where you can find faculty listings, you cannot find their research or courses or seminars.

Are you a major international funder who wants to make an endowment to ABU for scholarship on Northern Nigerian writing? Perhaps you have $5 million dollars and you are thinking seriously about ABU, especially the Department of English, Faculty of Arts.

Before you even make contact at all with ABU, you have to do due diligence. You have to do your homework. In 21st century culture, it means getting your research assistant to look at the current research interests in the Department of English at ABU. It is a cold winter day and your research assistant wants to do the assignment quickly. He goes to the website of the Department of English and clicks on “Research” here:


Tough luck. That nonexistent research link has been “under construction” for some years now. I’ve been monitoring it.

Certificate Scandal: Report Claims ‘Dino Melaye Never Graduated From ABU Zaria’

Even Nigeria’s most expensive private Universities do not fare better. Somebody will be a product of this sort of thing and be chest beating that one University is better than the rest. I keep telling people: whether you are UI or Unilag or OAU or UNN or ABU, stop disturbing me with tales of your superiority to folks from LAUTECH, Niger Delta University, Bayero University, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, etc. All na wash. All na the same unacceptable and intolerable 17th-century backwardness.

I don’t make any distinction between Universities in Nigeria. Every University in Nigeria needs to be in the intensive care unit. No exception.

If we don’t have the courage to acknowledge this terrible situation, how are we going to fix it? Nigeria can be at the forefront of the advancement of knowledge and civilisation if only we would have the courage to accept this situation and fix it.

As terrible as the picture is, just imagine the strides that many of our courageous colleagues who are teaching in Nigerian Universities are making globally. It is from this same rottenly underdeveloped University context, with no facilities and zero resources, that they gallivant the world in conferences, seminars, symposia and conquer. It is from this same context that they win the most prestigious fellowships in the world. Just imagine what they would do if we were to bring our Universities to the 21st-century.

So when you hear yeye ABU students and alumni saying that despite Dino, ABU is this and that, tell them to shut up or else we shall frog march them to the Eagle Square and…

Dino is nothing but a 21st-century crook produced by a 17th-Century University.

I said it. Arrest me!

Pius Adesanmi, a professor of English, is Director of the Institute of African Studies, Carleton University, Canada.

This piece was written by Pius Adesanmi. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Why Audu Maikori May Get The Abacha Treatment From El-Rufai

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Why Audu Maikori May Get The Abacha Treatment From El-Rufai, By Mbasekei Martin Obono

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The return of democratic rule in Nigeria in 1999 coincided somewhat with the arrival of the digital age in Nigeria. In this period of nearly 20 years, never before have we witnessed the level of criminalisation of the voice of dissent as we see today under the APC-led administration.

This piece was written by Mbasekei Martin Obono. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

One key question that needs to be asked, however, is whether the current ruling party would have taken over power in 2015 if the previous government had criminalised dissent in the same way that they have chosen to do. As I write, news has just filtered through of the gruesome killing of Abdulkareem Bauchi, a blogger who was reported missing in Bauchi recently.

The Killing Fields Of Kaduna State And The Maikori Affair

One case that dramatises this situation more than most is that of Audu Maikori, the CEO of Chocolate City who has been at the forefront of the campaign against the killings in Southern Kaduna. In a series of tweets in February, Audu alleged that some students of Kaduna State College of Education in Gidan-Waya, near Kafanchan, were killed by herdsmen on January 22, 2017. This information, he insisted, was acquired from his driver and came at a time when tales of incessant killings were rife in Southern Kaduna. The school, however, denied these allegations and a formal statement was released by the state government vowing to prosecute rumour peddlers. After further inquiry and investigations, Audu retracted his tweets and apologised.

On Friday, February 17, 2017, Audu was arrested in Lagos on the warrant of a Magistrate court in Kaduna. His arrest was confirmed by the police the following day and he was released on bail, having passed the night in their custody in Abuja. On March 3, 2017, at an event in Lagos, the Kaduna State governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai proclaimed: “we are going to prosecute him. He was arrested. His statement has been taken. He is on bail. He is going to be prosecuted. His fate will be decided by a judge.” One week later, on March 10 – yet another Friday – Audu was again arrested. He ended up in the cells of the Kaduna State police. Yet they said they were not responsible for his arrest. Audu is presently on a bail granted by the Magistrate court.

The key issue now is not Audu’s guilt or innocence. Rather it is whether or not Audu can get justice for the crime he is charged in the place that he has been charged. These questions arise because of the antecedents and statements of Kaduna’s Governor El-Rufai.

The Arrest Of Audu Maikori And Misplaced Call To Pray For Tyrant By Fani-Kayode

First, Mallam El-Rufai stated categorically that his government will prosecute Audu. A major drawback in this statement is that El-Rufai has made himself a chief prosecutor in the case. By doing so, he usurps the roles of the police and the Attorney-General and gives them no room to exercise independent discretion based on evidence. This is not the role of a governor.

Second, this governor of Kaduna State will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Specifically, he has a previous record of confessing to interfering with judicial independence and process. On page 202 of his autobiography, The Accidental Public Servant, El-Rufai referred to equity and justice as ‘protocol issues’ and extensively recalls how he used his network of Barewa Old Boys Association (BOBA) to suborn disgraced Chief Judge of Abuja, Justice Gummi, just to achieve his set objective of “restoring the Abuja master plan.” To achieve his purpose, El-Rufai boasts about how he also budgeted an “annual grant” to support the FCT judiciary in order to ‘procure court recording and automation equipment.’ A more concrete confession of authority bribing and judicial corruption is difficult to invent.

Third, in his recently leaked memorandum of September 2016 to President Muhammadu Buhari, titled “You Have Failed,” El-Rufai advised the president to have “harmonious relationship” with the Supreme Court, Court of Appeal and the all-important Federal High Court in order to speed up the Senate president, Bukola Saraki’s case and ensure his conviction. This is a clear case of procuring subornation and interference with the judicial process.

The question then is: Would Audu Maikori get justice from a government led by a man who would think nothing of boasting about interfering with the judicial process and advising on how to acquire it? This is why citizens of good conscience must resist the impending sham of El-Rufai’s judicial lynching of Audu Maikori. It is not in any way or form different from what Sani Abacha did to the Ogooni 9. It is working to a pre-determined answer.

Just like Audu Maikori, Ken Saro-Wiwa fought for the pursuit of the rights of Ogoni people against Shell for environmental degradation and the attendant loss of lives of his people. Just like El-Rufai, Gen. Sani Abacha administration was bent on getting rid of Saro-Wiwa. His government handpicked the judge and team who delivered the verdict they needed to hang Saro-Wiwa and the other Ogoni activists on November 10, 1995. According to Sahara Reporters, “Justice Auta pronounced Saro-Wiwa and eight Ogoni activists guilty of a crime they never committed and sentenced them to death by hanging. The Abacha regime swiftly ratified Auta’s verdict and thereafter murdered Saro-Wiwa and the eight activists before the period allowed for an appeal had elapsed.” Other members of the Tribunal were Late Justice Etowa Arikpo and Col. Hameed Ali, now the Comptroller-General of Customs.

#FreeAudu: Reactions Trail Arrest Of Chocolate City’s Maikori, Over Statement On Southern Kaduna Killings

Kainen Michael once said that the justice system is a human system and it is fallible. This statement may be true but then, we don’t need people like El-Rufai going out of their way to ensure the fallibility of our already frail justice system. It is the easiest way to grow the toxicity of an already poisonous system.

Mbasekei Martin Obono tweets @martobono

This piece was written by Mbasekei Martin Obono. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Buhari Approves Appointment Of New Executives For Nigeria’s Bank of Agriculture

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday approved the appointment of new executives for the Bank of Agriculture.

The announcement was made in a statement issued by Blessing Lere-Adams, Deputy Director of Information at the agriculture ministry.

Buhari Nominates 28 RECs For INEC, Writes Senate For Confirmation

According to the statement, the new heads include an interim managing director and other executive directors.

The statement informed also that the appointment was as a result of the Federal Government’s determination to reposition the Bank of Agriculture to be a more efficient and result oriented institution.

The appointed heads, according to the statement, include:

  • Kabiru Mohammed as interim MD/CEO;
  • Prince Akenzua (South-South), Executive Director, Corporate Finance;
  • Okenwa Gabriel (South-East), Executive Director, Partnerships and Strategy;
  • Ameh Owoicho (North-Central), Executive Director, Credit and Empowerment;
  • Bode Abikoye (South-West) Executive Director, Credit and Empowerment.

She said that the appointments would support the Buhari administration in achieving its vision in the agricultural sector, adding that it would promote easy access to funds needed to boost farming across the country.

Mrs. Lere-Adams said: “These appointments are as a result of the Federal Government’s determination to reposition the Bank of Agriculture to be a more efficient and result-oriented institution.”

“The strategic re-positioning of the BoA will enhance farmers’ access to agricultural funds that will be profitable for large and small-scale players.

“This is because the availability of funds will no doubt increase production, which will eventually result in self-sufficiency.”

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Chimamanda Adichie Named Among 50 Greatest World Leaders In 2017

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Nigerian author, Chimamanda Adichie, has been named amongst the 50 greatest world leaders in the 2017 Fortune magazine ranking.

The Half of a Yellow Sun writer was ranked number 42 on the list with Chicago Cubs baseball team president Theo Epstein at number one.

“I Would Be More Successful In Nigeria If Not For Feminism” – Chimamanda Adichie

Business mogul, Jack Ma, of AliBaba group of companies appears at number two and Catholic leader Pope Francis is in third place for his social integration projects as a clergy.

Melinda Gates is number four in recognition of the impact of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which she co-chairs.

The list also features celebrated basketball player, LeBron James at 11, comedienne Samantha Bee at 19.

Colombian music superstar, Shakira, is at 27 for her philanthropic work through her Pies Descalzos (Barefoot) school foundation.

Just outside of the top five is Ava DuVernay recognized for her directorial work in Academy Award winning film, Selma and her forthcoming Disney adaptation, A Wrinkle in Time.

Adichie Becomes Second Nigerian To Join American Academy Of Arts And Letters After Soyinka

Chance the Rapper checks in at number 46, the 23-year-old hip-hop star is commended for his willingness to remain an independent artist and release his music for free and his education philanthropy in his Illinois, Chicago hometown.

Adichie’s book ‘Americanah’ recently won the “One Book, One New York” campaign from the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment in partnership with BuzzFeed.


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Naira Now Trades At ₦380/$ From ₦525/$ ‘A Month Ago’ As CBN Pumps Another $100M

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The naira has continued to flourish as it sold for between N380 and N385 in Lagos on Thursday, stronger than N399 from the previous day.

ThisDay gathered that currency speculators and others who had stockpiled the greenback have continued to count their losses on Thursday, when the local currency extended its gains on the parallel market and inched closer towards a convergence between the street price for the dollar and the rate offered by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for invisible transactions.

It was gathered that the foreign exchange rate for invisibles has remained at N375 since the CBN announced new policy measures for the FX market a month ago.

Nigeria’s apex bank also sustained its intervention by auctioning an additional $100 million through wholesale FX forwards to banks for onward sale to their customers in all sections of the economy.

Out Of the $100 million offered by the CBN, $91 million was taken up by currency dealers.

Speaking on the development, CBN spokesman Isaac Okorafor said dealers would get value for their respective bids on Friday.

He disclosed that the highest and marginal bid rates were N330/$1 and N320/$1, respectively, adding that no intervention was made by the central bank to meet requests for invisibles on Thursday.

On the parallel market, the nation’s currency has appreciated by 27 per cent, or about N140, from N525 to a dollar a month ago.

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Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) List Of Successful Candidates For Postgraduate Admission 2016/2017

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The list of successful candidates for admission into various postgraduate programmes of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) for the 2016/2017 Academic Session has been published.

NDA Extends Deadline For 69th RC Registration | Announces Cut-Off Marks For Admission [Register Here]

The lists of admitted candidates are contained on the attached pdf document;

Instructions to Admitted Candidates:

  • Collect the admission letters and schedule of fees at the Postgraduate School, NDA Ribadu Campus Kaduna with effect from 6 March 2017
  • Come along with original copies of credentials for screening at the Postgraduate School.
  • Only successfully screened candidates will be allowed to register.
  • Registration for semester courses will start on 8 March 2017 and end on 18 March 2017.
  • Please note that the registration will be done online. Each admitted student will be given his/her username and initial password after screening exercise at the PG School to facilitate the online registration.
  • Students are expected to register online within the period and print-out 2 copies of Course Registration Forms for the PG School and their respective departments.
  • Any student who fails to register within the specified period shall pay late registration fees as may be specified.
  • Lectures commences on 20 March 2017.
  • No student will be allowed to register after 3 weeks of commencement of lectures.

Click here and scroll down to see list

NDA Notice On Printing Of 69th Regular Course Entrance Examination Venue

This is to inform all prospective candidates for 69th Regular Course admission of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) that the management has directed that the proceed to print their examination venues following the procedure below;


  • Immediately register for 2017 JAMB
  • Log on to the application portal.
  • Input your JAMB registration number.
  • Logout and login again
  • Choose your examination centre.
  • Print the examination card.

Candidates are hereby informed that the window for selection of Exam Centres will be opened from 20 March – 3 April 2017.

No purchase or filling of fresh application form on line beyond 31 March 2017.

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Complete Requirements For Registration, Mobilization For 2017 NYSC Batch ‘A’ PCM

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This is to inform all prospective corps members, i.e. Nigerians who have graduated from Universities and Mono/Polytechnics both at home and abroad that the NYSC On-line registration portal will be opened from Monday 17th April to Thursday 4th May, 2017 to enable them register for the 2017 Batch ‘A’ mobilization.

NYSC Releases Time-Table For 2017 Batch A Mobilization

In order to ensure a seamless registration, prospective corps members are to note the following for strict compliance:

The Website address is any of the following:


-Prospective Corps members should ensure that they have functional e-mail addresses that they can access and Nigerian (GSM) telephone numbers with which to register.

-Locally trained prospective Corps members are expected to use correct Matriculation numbers to register

-For locally-trained graduates, only those whose names appear in the Senate/Academic Board Approved Result lists submitted by their Institutions will have access to the register on the NYSC portal.

-Foreign-trained prospective corps members should ensure that their Institutions are accredited. Where in doubt, it is their responsibility to approach Federal Ministry of Education for verification. The letter of verification must be uploaded during registration.

How To Get A Medical Report For NYSC Orientation Camp | Compulsory For All PCMs

-Those who graduated from Institutions outside Nigeria, (Foreign-trained graduates), are to visit the NYSC portal, register and upload the following documents:

  • West African School Certificate(WASC) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent; or General Certificate of Education (GCE O’ Level) (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent; or NECO (with not less than 5 Credits at 2 sittings) or its equivalent; or High School Diploma or its equivalent.
  • First Degree or Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate (Second Degree or Ph.D not necessary).
  • Transcript of the first Degree or HND.
  • International travelling Passport showing data page and date of departure for the course of study.
  • It is the responsibility of the prospective corps members who studied in non-English speaking countries to get their Certificates and Transcripts translated into English language before uploading.
  • All graduates of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Physiotheraphy, Radiology, Optometry, Medical Laboratory Science and Pharmacy are expected to have their Certificates of Registration with their professional bodies. Payment receipts are not acceptable.
  • Unlike in the past, Foreign-trained graduates should NOT visit NYSC Headquarters, Abuja for verification of their documents. This exercise will now be done at the Orientation Camps. They should simply print their call-up letters on-line and report at the Orientation camps in their States of deployment, but should come to the camp with the original documents they uploaded for verification.
  • Anybody who presents any fake document will be demobilized and decamped.
  • Prospective corps members should ensure that Passport photographs used meet the following specifications:
  • Ensure your face (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and jaw) is fully shown without bending.
  • Ensure the picture fills the frame and centralized.
  • Ensure the Photo background is white or off-white with no shadow.
  • On no account should prospective corps members register by PROXY. They should also remember the fingers used for their biometric capturing as these will be used for verification at the orientation camps. Those who cannot be verified with their biometric at the orientation camp will not be registered.
  • Only prospective corps members who want their call-up numbers sent to them through SMS and wish to PRINT their call-up letters on-line are expected to pay the sum of Three Thousand Naira (N3,000.00) (see NYSC Portal on how to make payment).
  • Prospective Corps members who do not want to pay the N3,000.00 have the option of going to their schools to collect their call-up numbers and call-up letters.
  • All prospective corps members who paid for the online registration before but were not mobilized need not pay again.
  • Married female prospective corps members (whether locally or foreign-trained) should upload copies of their marriage Certificates, evidence of Change of name and their husbands’ place of domicile during registration.
  • The orientation camp is highly not ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers. Prospective corps members in this categoriy are therefore to note that they will not be accommodated.
  • Prospective corps members who graduated from Institutions located in the following Geo-Political Zones with challenges related to mobilization should contact the following Telephone Numbers between 17th April to 4th May, 2017:

North Central – 08092142614

North East – 08102790538

North West – 08092142661

South East – 09038034460

South West – 07019190810

South South – 08092142616

All Part-time graduates are expected to register online and wait for collection of their Letter of Exclusion at their various Institutions. For those willing to print the Letter of Exclusion online, this can be done on payment of Three Thousand Naira (N3, 000.00) only.


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Nigeria Launches Online “Visa On Arrival” (VOA) Platform

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The Federal Government has announced the introduction of a liberalised online Visa on Arrival (VOA) facility to the public, especially foreign investors willing to invest in Nigeria.

The announcement was made by the Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Muhammad Babandede, in Abuja on Thursday.

According to him, the measure was part of the resolution of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) aimed at attracting foreign investors to the country.

He said: “‎As a critical member of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC), the NIS has automated its visa application and processing services at all entry points.

“This is to ensure that all genuine requests for Visa on Arrival facility from any part of the world are processed and issued within 48 hours (two working days).”

He explained that the‎ online VOA application and processing facility is a product of robust visa reforms regime intended to bring Nigeria in tandem with global best practices and attract Foreign Direct Investors and skilled professionals into the country.

The controller-general said the new process was‎ designed to eliminate all unnecessary bureaucratic visa processing procedures in Nigerian Missions abroad.

He said it was also to serve the interests of would-be visitors from countries where Nigeria does not have a Mission.‎

He said that‎ ‎a dedicated e-mail address oa@nigeriaimmigration.gov.ng had been deployed where visa applicants, their representatives or companies could forward their requests and details.

Mr. Babandede said that‎ a‎pplicants were advised to use functional e-mail addresses where copies of approval letter shall be forwarded upon a successful process and payment.‎

‎”‎Applicants are, however, to note that successful payment online is not an approval and should not proceed to Nigeria until you have received “Visa on Arrival Approval letter” duly issued by the NIS Headquarters, Abuja,” he added.‎

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted Babandede as saying that a VOA desk had been opened at all international airports in the country where visas would be issued upon the presentation of all the necessary travel documents and evidence of visa payment.

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Black Market Operators Get Their Fingers Burnt As Naira Rises To N400/$

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Several black market operators have begun to get their fingers burnt as the Naira continues to stage a major recovery, rising to N400 against the Dollar at the parallel market on Wednesday in Abuja.

This is coming on the back of the Central Bank of Nigeria’s intervention in foreign exchange.

What Is The True Value Of The Naira?

The Naira has also appreciated against the Pound Sterling and Euro rate as it traded at N510 and N415 respectively.

NAN reports that one of the Bureau de Change operators, simply known as Tijanni Jos, said that the development had caused operators to lose a lot of money.

According to him, operators did not envisage a quick downfall of the dollar which has caused them to buy at an expensive rate hoping to make returns.

The Nigerian currency also traded at N307.5 at the interbank window.

In other segments of the market, Deposit Money Banks and Travelex, an International Money Transfer Services Operator, sold the Naira at N381 to a dollar.

Naira Loses Ground Against Dollar | CBN Set To Inject Fresh $350m Into Interbank Market

The Governor of CBN, Mr Godwin Emefiele, had on Tuesday, while briefing newsmen on the outcome of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting in Abuja, said the apex bank was determined to see the convergence of rates at the foreign exchange market.

Emefiele said that the CBN was optimistic that the rate between the official and parallel market would converge further.

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BREAKING: Court Sentences Cynthia Osokogu’s Killers To Death

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Court Sentences Cynthia Osokogu’s Killers To Death

A High Court sitting in Igbosere, Lagos State on Thursday sentenced to death Ezekiel Eloka and Echezona Nwabufor, who were charged with the murder of a postgraduate student of Nasarawa State University, Cynthia Osokogu.

The duo were sentenced to death after they were found guilty of the murder of Osokogu, who they lured from Nasarawa to Lagos before strangling her to death at a hotel in Festac Town, Lagos.

The deceased was murdered by the convicts on July 22, 2012 at Cosmilla Hotel, Lake View Estate, Festac Town, Lagos after she met Mr. Eloka on Facebook who lured her to Lagos.

In her judgment, Justice Olabisi Akinlade held that after carefully going through the evidence presented before the court – the testimonies of prosecution witnesses, and confessional statements the deceased made to the police – she was left with no doubt that the accused killed Ms. Osokogu.

She also found them guilty of the second charge of committing felony by stealing her Blackberry phone saying the prosecution has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused intended and in fact took the life of the deceased in the process of stealing her phone and belongings.

She also found the duo guilty of the first and third charge – conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to steal.

More details later…

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Senate Rejects 2 Non-Career Ambassadorial Nominees, Confirms 45 Others

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The senate on Thursday rejected the nomination of two non-career ambassadorial nominees as it confirmed the appointment of 45 others nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari for legislative approval.

The rejected nominees are Justice Sylvanus Nsofor from Imo State and Mr Jacob Daodu from Ondo State.

The Upper Chamber explained that the decision to reject the affected nominees followed the report presented by Monsurat Sunmonu, APC-Oyo, chairperson of the committee on foreign affairs, which had screened the 47 nominees.

It is understood that Mr. Nsofor, during his screening, refused to recite the national anthem as he also questioned the Senators’ reason for asking him for the recital.

While Mr. Daodu, it was gathered, was said dropped because of a negative report from the State Security Service that indicted for corruption.

Meanwhile, here are the names of the confirmed nominees:

  • Uzoma Eminike (Abia)
  • Aminu Lawal (Adamawa)
  • Godwin Umoh (Akwa Ibom)
  • Christopher Okeke (Anambra)
  • Yusuf Maitama (Bauchi)
  • Baba Maigudu (Bauchi)
  • Stanley Diriyai (Bayelsa)
  • Stephen Uba (Benue)
  • Baba Ahmed Gida (Borno)
  • Utobong Asuquo (Cross River)
  • Frank Ofegina (Delta)
  • Joda Udoh (Ebonyi)
  • Yagwe Ede (Edo)
  • Eniola Ajayi (Ekiti)
  • Chris Eze (Enugu)
  • Sulieman Hassan (Gombe)
  • Aminu Dalhatu (Jigawa)
  • Ahmed Bamilli (Kaduna)
  • Yahaya (Kaduna)
  • D. Abdulkadir (Kano)
  • Haruna Arungungu (Kano)
  • Musa Udo (Katsina)
  • Mohammed Rimi (Katsina)
  • Tijani Bande (Kebbi)
  • Y. Aliu (Kogi)
  • Nurudeen Mohammed (Kwara)
  • Mohammed Yisa (Kwara)
  • Adesola Oguntade (Lagos)
  • Modupe Remi (Lagos)
  • Musa Mohammed (Nasarawa)
  • Ahmed Ibeto (Niger)
  • Susan Aderonke Folarin (Ogun)
  • Afolayon Adeyemi (Osun)
  • A. Olaniyi (Oyo)
  • James Dmika (Plateau)
  • Haruna Abdullahi (Plateau)
  • Orji Ngofa (Rivers)
  • Sahibi Isa Dada (Sokoto)
  • Kabir Umar (Sokoto)
  • Jika Ado (Taraba)
  • Goni Zana (Yobe)
  • Garba T. (Zamfara)
  • Bala Mohammad (Zamfara)
  • Ibrahim Ugbada (FCT)
  • Adeyinka Asekun (Ogun)

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Just In: Buhari Nominates 28 RECs For INEC, Writes Senate For Confirmation

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday forwarded the names of 28 nominees for confirmation as Resident Electoral Commissioners (RECs) for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

Buhari made the nomination in a letter read by Senate President, Bukola Saraki, at plenary today.

The letter, which is from the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, sought legislative approval for the nomination of the 28 Nigerians as RECs of the INEC.

Osinbajo had transmitted the nominations to the Senate in February, when President Muhammadu Buhari was on medical vacation in the United Kingdom.

The nominations followed the expiration of the tenures of RECs in 28 states.

Details later…

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Certificate Scandal: ABU Keeps Mum As Senator Melaye’s Case Gets Messier

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The authorities of the Ahmadu Bełlo University, Zaria, are yet to formally speak on the alleged certificate scandal against Senator Dino Melaye representing Kogi-West senatorial district in Kogi State.

READ MORE HERE: Certificate Scandal: Report Claims ‘Dino Melaye Never Graduated From ABU Zaria’

The Information Officer of the institution, Mr. Adam Mohammed, had told The PUNCH on Tuesday that the management would take a decision on the matter and make its finding public on Wednesday, March 22, 2017.

“We are gathering all the facts from the faculty and department, and will make a press statement tomorrow. Thanks,” he said.

However, on Wednesday, it was another ball game as the Information Officer refused to pick several calls made to his cell phone.

It is understood that when the online newspaper decided to call with a number not known to him, he picked the call, but as soon as he discovered that the call was from The PUNCH, he became hostile.

He said, “ABU is not a motor park institution. We have ways of checking our systems for facts and records on such an issue. If your newspaper wants any information on the Melaye issue or any issue at all, you can write the vice-chancellor.”

Immediately he was reminded of his promise that the university’s management would meet on the matter on Wednesday and give its position on Melaye’s academic status concerning his BSc degree in Geography, Mohammed declined and hung up.

Moreover, there are indications that the authorities of the institution were still meeting as regards the Melaye case.

A source at the institution said there appeared to be a problem with the senator’s Bachelor’s degree in Geography, adding that the management was being careful because of the political implication of the matter.

Another source said: “What I can tell you is that I know that the senator in the eye of the storm, I think, he did his Master’s in International Relations and Diplomacy (MIAD) in the university and ABU, as an organised university, cannot admit any student without a first degree to study for a postgraduate degree.

“But I don’t know whether he used the BSc degree in Geography to apply for admission or not. For me, I don’t see anything wrong in the university issuing a statement to clear the air on the matter.”

Meanwhile, Melaye has threatened to drag Sahara Reporters before a court on Thursday, as he is planning to sue the media house for defamation and will be demanding N5bn compensation from them.

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20,000 Nigerians Apply For UTME In 48 Hours As JAMB Opens Portal For 2017 Registrations

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The portal of Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) was enabled on Monday for the commencement of the 2017 Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examination (UTME) registration.

JAMB Shares More Details On The Conduct Of 2017 UTME

As at yesterday, its spokesperson, Dr Fabian Benjamin, said the Board has within two days registered 20,000 candidates.

The Apex Exam Body is expecting about two million candidates to register for this year’s UTME across the country.

Meanwhile, the board invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission to Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria for the 2017/2018 academic session.

JAMB Unveils New Guidelines For 2017 UTME | Requirements To Start A CBT Centre

The period of sale/registration for UTME is from Monday 20th March to Wednesday 19th April 2017 while registration closes on Saturday 22nd April 2017.

For direct entry, the application will be on sale from Sunday 23 April, 2017.

There are strong indications that a number of accredited centres in Lagos were yet to commence registration of candidates as at yesterday due to lack of JAMB code.


  1. The registration fee, once paid is non-refundable.
  2. Registration for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is available at the CBT centres and JAMB Offices The accredited centres have been empowered to assist in this regard.
  3. As it is the practice, centres are allowed to charge not more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) only as registration Any centre that charges more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) should be reported to JAMB for appropriate sanctions.
  4. All CBT centres have been mandated to select any of the participating These banks are to be presentin their premises for the purposes of collecting all fees. No centre-staff is allowed to conduct cash transaction with the candidates.
  5. Candidates are advised to read and understand the guidelines on admission and instructions on how to complete the online registration before commencing the process of registration.
  6. Multiple registrations are not Candidates who register more than once will be identified and disqualified.
  7. Candidates should note that their uploaded image or photograph will be embossed on their result slips and admission
  8. Candidates are to note that irrespective of their choice of course of study or method of testing, they will also be tested on a general text: “In Dependence” by Sarah Ladipo Manyika for UTME and “The Last Days at Forcados High School” by H. Mohammed for Direct Entry Candidates.
  9. Candidates are warned that the Board has not authorised or solicited the services of ANY establishment/group or individual other than the accredited CBT centres for this registration exercise.


  • Registration fee for the 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination or Direct Entry is Five Thousand Naira (₦5,000).
  • Candidates are also, as usual, to pay Five Hundred Naira (₦500) only to obtain the reading text- ‘In Dependence’ for UTME candidates and ‘‘The Last Days at Forcados High School’‘ for Direct Entry Candidates.
  • Candidates should note that e-PINS being purchased are tied to individual profile and are not transferable.
  • Candidates are advised to keep as confidential their security details such as registration numbers, password/numbers of ATM Cards, e-mail addresses and E-Pins.
  • As it is the practice, centres are allowed to charge not more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) only as registration Any centre that charges more than Seven Hundred Naira (₦700) should be reported to JAMB for appropriate sanctions.

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NYSC Releases Time-Table For 2017 Batch A Mobilization ( See Full Details Here)

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The management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has released the mobilization timetable for 2017 batch A prospective Corps members.

How To Get A Medical Report For NYSC Orientation Camp | Compulsory For All PCMs

Dear PCMs, Here Is How To Obtain NYSC Certificate Of Exemption

Although “2017 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course” was listed, the date for resumption in camp was not published.

Here are the details below:

  1. Briefing/Sensitization of Final year students/prospective corps Members: 4th – 16th April 2017
  2. Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking feedback: 3rd – 7th April 2017
  3. Collation of Prospective Corps Members’ Data by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs): 3rd – 9th April 2017
  4. Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs: 10th – 16th April 2017
  5. Uploading of Corrected Lists by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs): 10th – 16th April 2017
  6. On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates: 17th April to 4th May 2017
  7. Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks: 17th April to 4th May 2017
  8. Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers: 17th April to 4th May 2017
  9. Deployment and printing of call-up letters by ICT department: 4th – 6th May, 2017
  10. Notification/On-line Printing of Call-up Letters/delivery of call-up letters to institutions: 4th – 6th May, 2017
  11. Online printing of deployment disposition by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs): 6th – 8th May, 2017
  12. 2017 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course

The NYSC has also said that it will not post corps members to troubled zones in the northern part of the country.

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Maiduguri Suicide Attack: 90-Year-Old Woman Risks Life To Rescue Her N300 Potatoes

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Minutes after she had escaped a suicide attack in Maiduguri, Borno State capital, a 90-year-old Internally Displaced Person, Zahrah Musa, on Wednesday rushed back to within the heart of the incident to save her N300 potatoes.

It is understood that while her fellow IDPs kept a safe distance from the scene of the bombing, Zahrah searched her burnt tent in an effort to recover the potatoes.

Apparently opting for her crave for food over her life, Zahra, it was learnt, kept kept saying “I am very hungry” as she searched for her potatoes and ignored emergency rescue workers from the National Emergency Management Agency who tried to stop her.

Zahrah, who was one of the injured victims during the explosion, didn’t budge to the request from a NEMA official as she insisted that getting back her food was of paramount importance to her.

When it became obvious she would not yield to the request, the official had to carry her in his hands to a mobile ambulance to treat her bleeding legs – while she continued to protest, saying she must be allowed to get back her potatoes, which she bought the previous day at N300.

NAN reports that the scene of the early morning attack at Muna garage was an unofficial IDP camp, where people live on their own without access to the food rations provided by the government and other support groups.

However, the Chairman of the State Emergency Management, Mr Satomi Ahmed, said that the state government would provide relief materials to those living in such camps.

“So far, seven people were killed including the three suicide bombers while 18 IDPs were severely injured.

“The injured were taken to the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital, for proper medical attention,” he said.

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Taraba State Releases N1.8b To Settle Teachers’ Salaries Amidst Students’ Protest

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The Government of Taraba State on Wednesday released N1.8 billion to the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), to clear all outstanding salaries of teachers.

The State Commissioner for Education, Mr Johannes Jigem, made this known today to reporters in the wake of a peaceful protest by primary school pupils over the non-payment of their teachers’ salaries.

According to him, the ongoing verification exercise was responsible for the delay in the payment of the salaries.

The commissioner flayed at some teachers, who he described as ‘fake’, for organizing the students’ protest, under the influence of some local politicians.

Jigem averred that all genuine teachers would soon be paid, after the conclusion of the ongoing verification exercise.

Primary school teachers in the state had in February barricaded the state House of Assembly over the non-payment of their salaries.

Governor Darius Ishaku, while presenting the 2017 budget, said payment of civil servants salaries was up-to-date in the state.

Ishaku said that any worker who claimed that the government owed him any salary was not a `genuine’ civil servant.

However, the State Chairman, Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Alhaji Aliyu Mafindi, recently told newsmen that the governor was only “playing to the gallery.”

“That was a political statement because the state government had stopped paying teachers’ salaries since October 2016.

“And even the few teachers they started paying, they have not completed the payment.

“And of course there is the case of some workers whose names were wrongly captured in the list of teachers.

“These people have also not been paid,” the chairman said.

Meanwhile, the students were seen on major streets of Jalingo, with various placards on their hands.

Some of the placards read: “Pay our teachers’ salaries” and other unprintable words.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the pupils blocked the entrance of the Government House, Jalingo and caused gridlock at Union Bank and the Ministry of Works roundabouts.

They also blocked UTC and Sabon-gari junctions, forcing motorists to seek for alternative roads.

The leader of the pupils, Bashir Yakubu, said the protest, which he said would end on Friday, was to sympathise with their teachers, who he claimed, had not been paid for about eight months.

Yakubu said the non-payment of salaries was frustrating the teachers and making them become less motivated in discharging their duties.

He appealed to the state government to urgently pay the teachers their outstanding salaries before they stopped teaching completely.

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22 Traders Die In Ghastly Motor Accident In Kebbi

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Twenty-two traders have died in a motor accident that occurred on the Tunga Giwa – Ruwa road in Shanga Local Government Area of Kebbi.

The accident occurred when a Toyota Canter vehicle that tried to avoid a pot-hole, hit a motorcyclist and somersaulted, killing the cyclist and 22 passengers in the van.

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The Sole Administrator of Shanga, Garba Salihu, told Governor Atiku Bagudu that the traders were returning from Tungan Giwa market when the incident happened.

Mr. Salihu said the vehicle rolled into a ditch and caught fire.

He said 22 persons on board the vehicle died on the spot, while eight sustained injuries and were receiving treatment at the Yauri General Hospital.

Mr. Bagudu, who was on an official visit to the area, participated in the funeral prayer for the victims who were buried in a mass grave.

The governor sympathised with the survivors and pledged to settle their medical bills and render further assistance.


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