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Popular Smooth FM OAP Cornelia O’Dwyer has been revealed as the host of NdaniTV’s much anticipated new show RealTalk, which is part of their #NdaniSeriesLaunch!
Real Talk is a talk show where young, charismatic personalities from both genders give their opinions on everyday life issues. The conversations are pure, honest and youthful, addressing the everyday lives of Africans living within and outside the Continent.  The topics are endless, ranging from relationships, dating, sex, social media and its effect, culture, marriages…  There are no hold backs or limits to what is being said on this show, it’s all about REAL TALK.

Cornelia O'Dwyer - 1 Cornelia O'Dwyer - 2 Cornelia O'Dwyer - 3 Cornelia O'Dwyer - 5

RealTalk launches on NdaniTV on Tuesday 14th July 2015

Watch the trailer below:

Click here to view the embedded video.

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Behind-the-Scene Photos: The Mask

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Six students from six different universities across Nigeria, representing six major societal challenges, converge for a Humanism Seminar. The one-week they spend during the seminar prove pivotal in the unveiling of the masks, covering their various facades.  The Mask is a psychological thriller written and produced by  Chilee Paschal Onyejelam and directed by John ‘Jay’ Ugoji.
Onyejelam’s short film, Treasure, was on the official selection for the 2014 Africa International Film Festival, AFRIFF.
Pictures from the set of The Mask:
themask360nobsIMG_20150608_065816 themask360nobsIMG_20150608_070401 themask360nobsIMG_20150618_121322 themask360nobsIMG_20150618_121359 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still020 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still022 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still028 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still033 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still035 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still043 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still044 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still045 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still046 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still047 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still048 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still049 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still050 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still050_1 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still051 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still052 themask360nobsSequence 02.Still054

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Film Forum with Chris Nkwocha on Copyright and Piracy

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The May edition of the monthly Film Forum of the Nollywood Studies Centre, School of Media and Communication, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, had Mr. Chris Nkwocha, Director/Zonal Manager; Lagos Operational Office of the Nigerian Copyright Commission, NCC, as guest speaker.  Mr. Nkwocha, who is also a lawyer, spoke extensively on copyright issues and administration under the theme – Fighting Piracy through the Protection of Copyright in Nollywood.

Cnario Joseph’s short film, Paranoia; starring Judith Audu and Seun Kentebe; also screened at the event.

Pictures from the forum:

filmforum360nobsCNARIO Joseph 2 filmforum360nobsCNARIO Joseph filmforum360nobsIMG_8290 filmforum360nobsIMG_8296 filmforum360nobsIMG_8300 filmforum360nobsIMG_8304 filmforum360nobsNkwocha filmforum360nobsPArticipants filmforum360nobsParticipants2 filmforum360nobsParticipants3


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Oloibiri: Sneak Preview and Press Conference

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Recently, the producers of one of the most anticipated movies of 2015, Oloibiri, hosted a press conference, which was preceded by a sneak preview of the film where the making of the film and about 30 minutes of the actual film were shown to a select audience.

The event took place at the Ozone Cinemas, Sabo, Yaba and was attended by the crème de la crème of Nollywood.

oloibiri360nobs_DSC4014 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4015 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4017 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4024 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4026 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4030 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4032 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4040 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4044 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4051 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4052 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4053 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4060 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4075 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4078 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4084 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4091 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4097 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4103 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4120 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4125 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4135 oloibiri360nobs_DSC4142 oloibiri360nobsIMG_6630 oloibiri360nobsIMG_6648

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#360TvSeries : Marisa Tomei To Play Lesbian Billionaire Lover In Empire Season 2

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Popular TV Actress Marisa Tomei is now expected to join Empire‘s Season 2 cast in a recurring role

The Oscar Winning actress will play the role of Mimi Whiteman, a demanding venture capitalist who becomes embroiled in Lyon family drama. A member of Forbes‘ billionairess club, Mimi is a lover of hip hop music, social trends, high-end fashion and — lesbian alert! — beautiful women.


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#360TvSeries : “A.D The Bible Continues” Cancelled By NBC

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A.D The Bible Continues won’t continue after all …
As NBC has once again cancelled another show

It should be recalled that just this week NBC also cancelled The American Odyssey and now The Peacock Network has pulled out of second season of A.D. The Bible Continues.

A.D The Bible Continues is a follow-up to the History miniseries The Bible and premiered on Easter Sunday with nearly 10 million total viewers and a 2.3 demo rating.

I recently said i hated NBC, well I still do. (NBC=Nothing But Cancellations, All pun intended)

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#GameOfThrones: 5 Reasons Jon Snow May Still Be Alive

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If you’ve watched the season 5 finale of Game Of Thrones and can’t yet figure out how the writer was able to break the hearts of millions with the somewhat disastrous ending, then raise your hands.

The last episode of season 5 is still perhaps the most gruelling yet in the history of television and the reason for this is not farfetched. The number of deaths on that episode was at an all time high and each of the deaths was as bizarre and gruelling as they come. But the death that seemed to shock everyone to the core of their beings is that of Jon Snow (Kit Harington).

The writers of the show did the unthinkable by having Jon Snow stabbed to death by his fellow Night’s Watch brothers who didn’t approve of his actions of making peace with the Wildlings. What made the death even more touching was having young Olly (Brenock O’Connor), who seemed to be Jon’s protege, deliver the final stab. It was saddening to say the least.

Even though Kit Harington has said his character, Jon Snow is dead, it is hard to believe given that the character is one of the reasons why we watch Game Of Thrones. This perhaps makes us think the show won’t just take him away, or would they?

Author of the books the show was based on, George R. R. Martin when asked about Jon Snow’s death answered by saying “Oh, you think he’s dead, do you?” he had also said in an earlier interview in 2011. “My readers should know better than to take anything as gospel.”
He also said recently that, “If there’s one thing we know in A Song of Ice and Fire is that death is not necessarily permanent.”

In hopes that Jon Snow would come back from what seems a fatal end, here are 5 Reasons we believe that Jon Snow would make a come back.

Jon could be a warg
The younger brother of Jon Snow, Bran played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright has the ability to put his mind and soul in that of an animal. As such, it is possible that Jon is one too and he could have put his soul into Ghost, his direwolf, to preserve it before his body died. This theory is very much possible given that the last words he says before his death in the book is “Ghost”.

The Red Woman
The priestess (Red Woman) Melisandre, could be one person who might play a major role in ensuring Jon comes back. In the Season finale, she arrives at Castle Black a day before the death of Jon right after losing Stannis, the man she wanted as king. So far, we’ve not actually seen Melisandre bring back any dead person, it has happened a few times on the show. The Priest, Thoros of Myr resurrected Beric Dondarrion, six times using powers from the Lord of Light, who so happens to also be the same god Melisandre believes in. Given her long time interest in Jon, she sure won’t give up now.

Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon
The long held belief that Jon is Ned Stark’s bastard seems to be wrong. What seemed to convince a lot of people to this fact is because Jon was raised by Ned but in truth, Jon’s real parents are actually Rhaegar Targaryen and Ned Stark’s sister, Lyanna, who are both dead. If Jon truly has Targaryen blood in him, and Men of the Night’s Watch performs their ritual of burning his body so that he doesn’t come back as a wight, then Jon may just be reborn the way Daenerys was in season one.

White Walker
If the men of the Night’s Watchmen who killed Jon decide to hide his body than going through the funeral rituals of burning his body, this may result in Jon coming back as a wight (Game Of Thrones Zombies). This fact would be depressing to say the least if we remember that the Leader of the White Walkers (Night’s King), is close by in Hardhome, coupled with the fact that he’s interested in Jon.
Though it’s quite hard to imagine Jon as a zombie, he may actually come back as a wight with good intentions. The book made mention of a character called Coldhands- a wight who can control his actions and Jon may come back as this.This might be saddening but it’s still better than no Jon at all.

Azor Ahai
This perhaps is the biggest and most controversial theory on why Jon Snow May make a comeback. Though not that in depth, there’s a legend about Azor Ahai alternatively known as ‘The Prince Who Was Promised’ or ‘The Lord’s Chosen’.

The Azor Ahai would probably be the true hero of Game Of Thrones as he is destined to save the realm from the invasion of the White Walker/wight invasion. He actually stopped the first invasion of the White Walkers with the help of “a magical blade” and he’s supposed to rise again. The thing is the Azor Ahai character must be a descendant of the dragon, must be born when there’s a bleeding star in the sky and in the middle of smoke and salt.
Jon seems to be the right choice given that his murder in the books was caused by number a knight with a star sigil (aka the bleeding star), Olly was in tears when he stabs Jon (aka the salt), and his stab wounds steam in the cold air (aka the smoke).
Since no one knows what’s coming up next given that the TV show has gotten to the same point with the books, any of these theories could turn out to be true. Perhaps, Jon Snow Could actually be dead which would be a tad difficult to swallow.

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#360TvSeries : ‘American Odyssey’ Won’t Be Coming Back For Season 2

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Sergeant Odelle Ballard’s story has indeed been cut short by NBC

Executive producer Peter Horton shared the “heartbreaking” news on Twitter late Tuesday, two days after the season finale:

#AmericanOdyssey Heartbreaking. But you all have been the best. xo

On a personal note am quite disappointed at NBC’s cruel decision. Season one was fantastic and I was already getting set for sophomore season.

I hate you NBC, no I don’t.

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Popular TV Series “Suits” Renewed For Season 6

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Great News for all those who love Harvey and his weekly quotes of wisdom

USA Network has today renewed popular TV series “Suits” for a 16-episode Season 6.

USA Network’s President Chris McCumber said in a statement

“Suits has set the bar high in every way and continues to be a strong performer and marquee property for USA, “From the incredible on-screen performances and brilliant writing to the aspirational lifestyle portrayed, we look forward to continuing to bring viewers into the world of Suits every week.”

Aaron Korsh, Executive producer of the show says there are great surprises for the audience at the end of Season 5 that should really set future seasons on an exciting new course.”

Suits opened Season 5 last Wednesday.

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USA Is Bringing Back ‘Suits’ For A 6th Season!

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USA Networks has revealed that hit show Suits will be coming back for a 6th  season.

The 5th season of the show premiered last week, and the 3.4 million viewers that watched it was all the reason USA needed to confirm a sixth season.

“‘Suits’ has set the bar high in every way and continues to be a strong performer and marquee property for USA,” said USA president Chris McCumber.

Jeff Watchtel, the chief content officer for NBC Cable Entertainment and Universal Cable Prods. added: “(Showrunner) Aaron Korsh has some great surprises for the audience at the end of season five that should really set future seasons on an exciting new course.”

Suits revolves around two main characters, Harvey Specter, played by Gabriel Macht, and Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams.

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iREP Film Festival Gains more International Recognition

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The iRepresent Documentary Film Festival, whose fifth edition took place in March, 2015, continues to soar higher as it gains more global recognition.  Recently, iREP was the Co-Host of the Dok.Network Africa programme at the 30th edition of the Dok.Fest Munich, one of the prime documentary film festivals in Europe.  Femi Odugbemi, Co-founder and Executive Director of IREP was a featured Speaker.  He also presented Miners’ Shot Down on behalf of South African director, Rehad Desai.
he collaboration has also yielded another opportunity as DOK.Fest has asked iREP to send in one of its operation staff to once again undertake a six-week internship starting in November, 2015.  The cooperation between iREP and DOK.Fest was midwifed by the Goethe Institute, Lagos, which had also been the intermediary of the relationship between iREP and the Ag-Dok – the highly influential German association of independent film producers, which in the past four years, has brought groups of German film-makers to every edition of the yearly iREP festival.


Shortly after staging this year’s iREP festival in March at the Freedom Park, Lagos, iREP received gladdening news from Cape Town in South Africa that it should send a representative to the Encounters Documentary Film Festival – a highly competitive international documentary film workshop and industry gathering for a three-week training and internship that will usher in collaborative programming.  iREP 2015 Festival Manager, Lanre Olupona, went to South Africa on that attachment, where he worked and understudied the programming team of Encounters Festival over an intensive 3-week period with a view to learning best practice in festival operations and management.  It will be recalled that 2 years ago, another IREP Festival Manager, Toyin Poju-Oyemade, was in Munich, Germany to understudy the operations of the Dok.Fest Documentary Festival as well.  All of these exchanges have strengthened IREP’s global network and enshrined global best practice in its operations.

Earlier in June, 2015, at the prestigious Sheffield Documentary Film Festival, UK, Femi Odugbemi also spoke on the subject of “Imperialism or Inquiry – How fair is Foreign Filming?”, a major panel of the Documentary Campus Industry Conference.

In July, Odugbemi will also be attending the People2People Conference scheduled for the 2015 Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.  Odugbemi is on the Advisory Board of the People2People Conference and iREP is a founding signatory to the Documentary Network Africa, DNA, an influential documentary platform; featuring film-makers from over 45 countries in the continent.
Source: nollywoodmindspace.com

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#Nollywood Movie Review: Jimmy Goes to Nollywood

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Jimmy Jean Louis, the Haitian-born actor lands in Lagos in April, 2012 to co-host the Africa Movie Academy Awards, AMAA, and decides to record his experiences in the documentary film, Jimmy Goes to Nollywood.

In telling his story, Jean Louis combines interviews with clips from many films – from the serious to the funny and the downright ridiculous.  He interviews Leila Djansi, in whose film, Sinking Sand, he stars.  Djansi makes a profound statement on how African film-makers strive to survive the harsh economic realities of doing the motion picture business in this part of the world.  She says, “When we push, the wall moves.”

Jean Louis also interviews Tony Abulu, the producer of Doctor Bello; Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Hotel Rwanda, Inale, Last Flight to Abuja), Akin Omotoso (director, Man on Ground), Isaiah Washington, Majid Michel, Ebbe Bassey, O. C. Ukeje and Chris Ikejimbe.

The beauty of this film is that Jean Louis not only identifies the right people to speak with, but also asks the right questions.  It is cheering to know that despite the fact that Jean Louis had only spent a short time as an actor in Nollywood before undertaking the project, he understands the industry’s challenges and accomplishments.  Most importantly, the film is engaging and entertaining.

Jimmy Goes to Nollywood beats Dayo Balogun’s Project Rebranding Nollywood, another documentary which treats a similar issue, but fails to tackle its subject appropriately.  The disconcerting thing about Balogun’s film is that it is very easy to see that he did not carry out ample research before embarking on the project.  Whereas Balogun is of Nigerian parentage and is currently studying Film-making, which necessitated the documentary, Jean Louis is an actor, who has only featured in a few Nollywood films, but must have taken out time to study the art and business of Film-making in Nigeria; culminating in a better executed project.

Consequently, the place of research in Documentary Film-making cannot be overstated.


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Ndani TV Launches The Ndani Series Bouquet

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Online content provider Ndani TV, creator of hit TV shows; ‘Gidi Up’, ‘The Juice’ and ‘The Interview’ with Frank Donga, today in a press release announced its new online content bouquet ‘The Ndani Series Bouquet’, set to launch in July 2015.


The content bouquet, according to the GTBank Plc. powered media company is said to contain four new shows; ‘Real Talk’ with Cornelia O’Dwyer, ‘Skinny Girl in Transit’, ‘One Chance’ and ‘African Dream’, The new bouquet also features an all-new season two of its popular series, ‘Officer Titus’, which tells the story of a traffic law enforcement officer in the boisterous city of Lagos.


The new content bouquet on Ndani TV will appeal to a wide audience demographic, as the content on offer covers a variety of genres from comedy, thriller, drama to inspirational and entertainment talk shows; the new Ndani Series bouquet has something for everyone. The new Skinny Girl in Transit’ series tells the story of a plus size young woman’s struggle with her weight and the pressure from her family and friends to not just lose weight but find the perfect partner. One Chance’ on the other hand shows what happens when a group of friends get on a bus that is hijacked by a group of petty criminals; they don enter one chance!  ‘African Dream’ is an inspirational and factual show that takes an in depth look into the lives and dreams of some of Africa’s most successful and influential personalities.


Speaking on this direction, Head of Production, Ndani TV, Agnes Marquis said “At Ndani TV we don’t just want to tell these stories, we share them with the rest of the world in ways we know best”.


The bouquet tagged ‘The Ndani Series Bouquet’ (#NdaniSeriesBouquet) will launch with four great series and can be watched on the Ndani TV website from July 2015.


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#Nollywood Movie Review: Silver Rain

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Ajoa (Jocelyn Dumas), a homeless young lady meets Bruce (Enyinna Nwigwe), a young man from a wealthy background, who takes a liking to her.  Eventually, they fall in love, but the gulf in their backgrounds proves overpowering.

There are countless films in Nollywood that tell a similar story and so, Juliet Asante’s movie could be said to be derivative.  Yet, it is a captivating film enhanced through stimulating dialogue, quality acting and plants, whose pay-offs never really came.

Mark (Chumani Liberty Pam) is immensely talented and a delight to see throughout the film; same for Bruce’s mum.  Enyinna Nwigwe does not also disappoint as the playboy, Bruce.  Uru Eke (Loreal) is true-to-type as a relentless social climber and, of course, Ajoa (Dumas) elicits a lot of emotional response from the audience as a poverty-stricken young lady.

Thrilling dialogue is an indispensable element in a screenplay and film expected to engross an audience and Silver Rain deploys it to commendable ends.  In fact, one almost forgets that the film tells an all too familiar story.

Why do all the mothers in films like Silver Rain behave the same way?  Can’t the women show their disdain for their sons’ lovers in a more subtle way instead of the nasty verbal and, at times, violent confrontations to which they subject the ladies?

Is the Chief-of-Staff in a democracy supposed to be a military man or did they mean to say Chief-of-Defence-Staff?  How come the Chief of Staff (Elikem Kumordzie), a military man, plans a violent attack on visiting foreign dignitaries, at all, and then why does he plan it with civilians?

Ajoa’s make-up as a poor woman is funny.  She looks extremely dark, even burnt.  Then, all of a sudden, she becomes fair-complexioned.  What happened?  Why is Bruce attracted to her?  She refuses his money initially, but on further promptings, she collects the money.  She is neither sensible nor frugal; she usually requests those expensive meals yet has no roof over her head!

How unrealistic of Bruce to ask Mark to go look for a needle in a haystack for that is what asking him to find Ajoa, with the description he gave, entails?  Furthermore, how idealistic of Mark to set out on that wild goose chase?

Weren’t the people who stood at the sidelines to watch the traders being chased away not supposed to be on the run themselves?  Were they engaged in some kind of legitimate activity that conferred, on them, the right to be spectators?  I mean, wasn’t the whole area supposed to be rid of its inhabitants and street traders?

Despite its gaping holes, Silver Rain is entertaining.


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‘Creed’ Features A Ripped Michael B. Jordan & An Old Sylvester Stallone, Watch The Trailer

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The ‘Rocky’ franchise seems not to be ending anytime soon as a seventh installment has been churned out and it’s simply known as ‘Creed’.

The Flick has on it Michael B. Jordan who stars as Adonis Johnson Creed, the determined son who never got to know his father but still plans to trace his legacy in the ring. As he fights his way up the ranks, the inevitable happens and Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) steps in to train him.

Wood Harris, Tessa Thompson, Tony Bellew round out the cast.




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#Nollywood Movie Review: Love or Something like That

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Kwaaley (Jocelyn Dumas), a newly married medical doctor, finds out she is HIV positive and tells her husband, Alex (John Dumelo).  The ensuing resentment becomes a spanner in the wheel of their otherwise happy union.

Shirley Frimpong Manso (Contract, Devil in the Detail) returns with another love story, which tells a tale that is similar to Tango with Me.  In both films, the men find it difficult to make love to their wives.  In Tango with Me, the lady is raped in her husband’s presence while in Love or Something like That, the man resents the wife when she tests positive to HIV.  Incidentally, she was also raped by her lover.  In Tango with Me, the man begins to have an affair while in Love or Something like That, the woman goes back to her former lover.  In the end, the men blame themselves for not keeping to their marital vows to love their wives through thick and thin.

Asantua (Nana Mensah), though vulgar, provides comic relief in the film and surprisingly offers her friend, Kwaaley, good advice.  When Kwaaley complains that Alex is mad at her, Asantua observes that he is rather mad at the situation, urging her friend to give it time.  She equally tells Kwaaley that Alex still loves her, but is only more human than her lover, Henry.  When Kwaaley furthers wonders what will become of her whole life: husband, career, children, Asantua assures her that everything will come full circle.  She says that to imply that everything will come to fruition.  When Kwaaley says she loathes Henry for wrecking her life, Asantua assures her that Henry probably hates himself more, urging Kwaaley to forgive him.

Sonia (Christabel Eke) is a very knowledgeable woman, who seems to have a mind of her own, but really doesn’t.  It is curious if people like her truly exist.  Given her heart-to-hearts with Alex, it is astonishing to see her trying to derail Alex’s marriage.  She sensibly asks Alex how fair it is to abandon one’s dreams to pursue someone else’s; which, for her, is what marriage does to people.  She states that she is afraid of marriage owing to its numerous demands; but as it turns out, her action is one of the problems, bedevilling marriage.

Kwaaley fails her medical profession and humanity by putting another person at risk when she could have confirmed her suspicion and let Alex know what he was going into.  On the other hand, it takes a negative HIV result for Alex to have a discussion with his wife after a period of barely talking to each other.  It is very easy to guess that he would have reacted aggressively if the result had gone the other way.  Where, then, is empathy?

The man who played a mirror character in Devil in the Detail plays a similar role in Love or Something like That, giving a feeling of déjà vu.  He offers the same kind of advice, the same way.

There are inconsistencies in the film.  Why is Kwaaley shocked when Henry Dominic (O. C. Ukeje) walks into her consulting room whilst his file is the topmost one on her table?  Does it mean she never knew her former lover’s surname?

Kwaaley serves her husband breakfast and initiates a conversation on the most sensitive issue in their lives.  Of course, that was never going to end well.  She should have allowed him to eat before raising the matter.  Timing is of the essence when people want to discuss delicate matters and Kwaaley is supposed to know this.

How unscientific it is for Alex to wash his penis vigorously after sexual contact with his wife.  Though he is not a scientist, he is educated all the same and should know better.  Why is Sonia’s hair-do almost the same throughout the film in a motion picture that spans a couple of months?

Alex talks about a lifetime of protective sex.  Did he mean to say protected sex?

The story in Love or Something like That is built on a faulty premise because today, many churches demand recent HIV test results before joining couples in matrimony.  Therefore, a contemporary story of an HIV positive patient who discovers her status after her wedding is far-fetched.

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“Audiences should look out for Mrs. and Mrs. Johnson” – Grace Edwin-Okon

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Grace Edwin-Okon wears many creative caps as screenwriter, published author, film producer and actress.  After placing third at the 1999 Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), she got a role in Zeb Ejiro’s Candlelight and has remained in the movie industry.


She recently started The Derwin First Shot Initiative (DFSI) through which she encourages up-and-coming film-makers, who lack funds to execute their first feature film projects.  In fact, the first film by the initiative, Mrs. and Mrs. Johnson has been shot.


The amiable young lady, who also starred in Doctors’ Quarters, an MNET TV Series, takes us through her journey in the world of make believe and her goals for the future.


  1. Could you tell us about your education: the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions attended plus qualifications obtained at the tertiary level (undergraduate and/or post-graduate)?


I started my education at Lara Day Nursery and Primary School, Ikeja, Lagos and attended three secondary schools, namely: the Federal Government Girls College, Bauchi; Adebayo Mokuolu College, Ogba, Lagos and Federal Government College, Odogbolu, Ogun State.  For my tertiary education, I attended the Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, where I obtained a BA (Hons.) in the English Language.  I recently attended a business school called Water Mark Academy here in Lagos.

  1. How did you start out as an actress and what is the title of the film you first participated in?  Could you list other films you featured in when you set out as an actress?  Do you still act?

Grace Edwin Okon

Back in 1999 after I placed third in the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant (MBGN); I followed two of my friends, Tina Iruviere and Ayo Makun, to Zeb Ejiro’s office, where Tina had been invited to try out a role and Zeb needed someone to read with Tina. I was given a script and I read with her; that was the first time I saw a movie script. I guess my reading impressed Zeb Ejiro, so he proceeded to give me my first role in a movie titled Tears in Heaven. Some of the other movies and soaps I have featured in are as follows: Candlelight (series), Extreme Measures (film), My Dream, Prodigal Brother, Doctors’ Quarters (series), Heavy Beauty (film), A Fool’s Tale (film). And yes, I still act.

  1. When and why did you embrace film production?  We know you produced Heavy Beauty, Tunnel, Kpians: Feast of Souls, Oblivious, Sting and The Deadwood.  Which other films have you produced?  Could you tell us in one or two sentences, the stories and genres of each film?

I started producing content for children in 2004 and produced my first feature film in 2012.  I embraced film-making because I felt there was something unique that I could add to the Nigerian film industry.  In addition to the films listed above, I have also produced Kids and Praise 1 and 2, Fruit of the Spirit, My Creek Town Adventure, Sister’s Keeper, A Fool’s Tale, The Maid, Demystifying Autism, Mrs. & Mrs. Johnson and Funsie.

Kids and Praise 1 and 2: Kids’ content sing along; Fruit of the Spirit: Kids’ content sing along and drama; Heavy Beauty: An urban adventure of an eighteen year-old pregnant girl who is stuck between having her baby and chasing her dreams; Tunnel: A Pastor lost in a tunnel of his woes; Kpians – Feast of Souls: A horror flick based on the lives of supposed friends; Oblivious: A husband’s infidelity makes him oblivious of his wife’s medical plight; Sting: A rape story spun out of a physiologically deranged boy’s hunger for virgins; The Deadwood: A documentary based on the plight of pensioners; My Creek Town Adventure: A love story, played out on the tourist sites of Cross River state; Sister’s Keeper: A tale of two sisters intertwined in love and hate; The Maid: An autism awareness infomercial/short film; Demystifying Autism: An animated autism awareness documentary; A Fool’s Tale: A dreamer girl’s love folly; Mrs. & Mrs. Johnson: an urban drama with slight comic hues, which journeys through the rude awakening that shakes the world of two women both named Mrs. Johnson, under a very unusual circumstance and Funsie: A 3D animated children’s series.

  1. Are you the Executive Producer of any of the films?  If yes, how did you raise money for the film(s)?

Yes, I am the Executive Producer of many of the films; I raise money mostly through private investors.

  1. What challenges do you face as a producer and which of the films was the most challenging to make?

Two major challenges – first is finance, sometimes it’s difficult to raise enough money to shoot big budget films; second, location – it can be difficult to shoot in certain places, especially the outdoor location. The most challenging so far is Heavy Beauty.

  1. Apart from The Deadwood and Oblivious, which other films of yours have won awards?

Kpians: Feast of Souls

  1. Which of your films have been distributed and can you disclose the means of distribution: online, cinema, DVD, etc.?

The Deadwood, Sister’s Keeper and Oblivious – Online; Tunnel – DVD/Satellite Television.

  1. What are the high points of your career and what are the low points (if any)?

I’ve had many high points in my career, but let me share two that are special. A short film version of Heavy Beauty was shown to about a thousand teenage girls at a “Hands up for Her” event at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and after watching the film, the girls gave it a standing ovation. It brought tears of joy to my eyes to know that they really liked it. Second was The Deadwood winning the Best Documentary Award at the AMVCA. A low point so far will be discovering that a particular location sound man did a very bad job on one of my movie sets and it almost ruined my production.

  1. What new project/projects are you working on and what should the audience expect?

I am presently working on a film project called The Derwin First Shot Initiative (DFSI). Derwin First Shot Initiative is an organization set up to give young men and women their first shot at shooting their first feature films by providing the much needed funding, professional guidance and support required to shoot the films. DFSI has produced its first feature film, titled Mrs. & Mrs. Johnson; it’s a film that audiences should look out for.

  1. What are your thoughts on Nollywood; in terms of the industry’s achievements and the challenges it faces?

Nollywood has done very well for itself; it has grown into a globally recognized industry without any external help, which is an amazing achievement. Our major challenges presently are funding, distribution and piracy. I pray that soon, all three challenges will be overcome.

  1. Which older film-makers (local and foreign) do you admire and why?

Tyler Perry, The late Amaka Igwe.

  1. What do you hope to achieve in the near and distant future?

International co-productions and global awards.

  1. What do you have to say to struggling film-makers out there, especially the young ones, who are trying to break into Nollywood?

Never give up on your dreams.

  1. Are there any other experiences or insights you will like to share with us?

I am also a scriptwriter and have the following to my credit: Heavy Beauty, Chiga Chiga, The Deadwood, A Fool’s Tale, My Creek Town Adventure, The Maid and Funsie. In addition to film-making, I have also become an author; I have published Heavy Beauty as a book.


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Grant Gustin Tells Us More About ‘The Flash’ Season 2 After Bagging “The Saturn Award” (+Video)

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After winning a Saturn Award (An Award bestowed by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films) Grant Gustin aka The Flash teased that the shows sophomore season will introduce its new villains in the first couple of episodes

Grant Gustin said

“We’re introducing a really cool big bad that’s going to be revealed kind of immediately,”

Click here to view the embedded video.

Gustin also revealed that his character (i.e The Flash) will star heavily in the opening episodes of CW’s new super hero drama ‘DC Legends Of Tomorrow’

“I’m going to be a part of that right out of the gates as well,” Gustin said. I get to be Flash on three TV shows [the third being Arrow]. I was unemployed a year and a half ago, so that’s pretty cool.”

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#360TvSeries : ‘The Flash” Season 2 Premiere Episode Title Revealed In New Photo

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Apparently we now know the tittle of the premiere episode of The Flash season 2.  It will he be titled “The Man Who Saved Central City.”

Here are two theories from the tittle

  1. It either refers to Barry Allen aka The Flash, as you all know we saw him running up in air and into the singularity threatening to destroy Central City


  1. It could be Eddie Thawne who killed himself so as to end to Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash’s evil plans

“The Flash” returns October 6, 2015 on the CW.

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Jessica Lucas Cast As ‘The Tigress” For Gotham Season 2

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Jessica Lucas has been cast as Tabitha Galavan aka Tigress in the sophomore season of Gotham

Here’s a breakdown of Tabitha’s role

Tabitha is the lead enforcer for her brother Theo, a billionaire industrialist hell-bent on taking over Gotham (and to be played by go-to bad guy James Frain). Described as sexy and violent — and toting a bullwhip! — she’s the opposite of her cold and calculating brother, deriving a sensual pleasure from the mayhem she’s tasked with making.

Gotham Season 2 Will premiere on Monday, Sept. 21, 2015

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#360TvSeries : More Information About Gotham Season Two Trickles In. (Careful For Spoilers!)

Gotham Cast James Frain As Series Regular For Season 2

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#Nollywood Movie: Stigma

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Dagogo Diminas, who started his career in Nollywood in the 1990s as a make-up artist has joined the league of movie producers/directors.  The brain behind 13 Fatman, his make-up outfit, which also shares the same name with his production company, recently premiered his feature film, Stigma.

Ibiso (Hilda Dokubo) and her daughter, Vanessa (Jackie Appiah), are Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs), who contract HIV from their vocation.  They battle for their lives as friends and relatives desert them.

Emeka Ike, Francis Duru, Ngozi Nwosu, Clem Ohameze, Sobifa Dokubo, Columbus Irosianga and a host of other actors also feature in Stigma.  Sonja Nina Gellweiler is the film’s Executive Producer whilst Okwuchukwu Victor Eze and Vincent Bura-Bari wrote the script.

Pictures from the set of Stigma:

stigma360nobsDSC_1754 stigma360nobsDSC_1943 stigma360nobsDSC_1978 stigma360nobsDSC_2059 stigma360nobsDSC_2098 stigma360nobsDSC_2119 stigma360nobsDSC_2131 stigma360nobsDSC_3149



stigma360nobsStigma - HD 45 stigma360nobsStigma, Emeka Francis stigma360nobsstigma stigma360nobsstigs stigma360nobsstill II

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#Nollywood Movie Review: The Grave Dust

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Clara (Amaka Chukwujekwu) ditches Johnson Okwuozo (Ramsey Noah) after her sister pronounces that Johnson’s family is accursed because members of the family die in their prime.  Her marriage to Jordan (Joseph Benjamin) is constantly menaced by a ghost, which is invisible to everyone else, but Clara.


It is pleasant surprise to see Emeka Edokpayi, the mortician, and Emeka Okoro, Chijioke – the ghost, after donkey years.  Clara and her sister bear a resemblance to each other just like Chijioke and Johnson – good casting.

Ikechukwu Onyeka (Mr. and Mrs.) now seems to have a knack for stories, in which people are haunted by spooks.  However, the narratives (The Duplex and Grave Dust) are trivial round and hardly enliven the viewer contrary to the very nature of thrillers.  Worse still, the screenplay for Grave Dust is appalling – laced with constructions that fail to maintain the integrity of the English language, the chosen language for telling the story.  Apart from the fact that tenses are incorrectly used; simple words like concern, concerned, listen, death and anything are wrongly pronounced.

The visual effect during the inferno is not convincing in any way.

In Grave Dust, Onyeka serves his audience a film that not only moves at snail’s pace, but one that has been told time and again.  The characters and situations created by the screenwriter are very familiar: an overbearing mother who interferes with her son’s choice of wife; a grown man who is tied to his mother’s apron strings and a marriage which, like every other, faces challenges, but one where the people involved think that parting ways and remarrying is the best solution to the problems they face.

Most followers of Nollywood are constantly in search of fascinating films that will thoroughly entertain them and also task their imaginations at the same time.  Indeed, there are a couple of horror flicks and thrillers that fit this bill.  People were thrilled by Diamond Ring (RMD, Liz Benson, Bimbo Akintola, Teju Babyface), a 1998/99 Tade Ogidan movie on a young man whose life is immensely threatened after he joins a secret cult in the university.  Granted that there is nothing new under the sun, Diamond Ring was preceded by at least two other Nollywood films on secret cults in universities: Another Campus Tale and Rampage.  However, Diamond Ring told its story remarkably well.

Recently, Eric Aghimien directed A Mile from Home; another movie on savagery in universities; whose greatest strength lies in the visual effects that show the distressing violence these young people mete out to their rivals.  A Mile from Home probably has the best visual effects ever seen in a Nollywood film.

Amaka Igwe’s To Live Again (Uche Macaulay, Nobert Young, Stella Damasus, John Njamah, Fred Aseroma) is another 1999 thriller, in which a typical story of infidelity is turned into a monster hit.  Who will forget Aquila Njamah’s The Untold (Emeka Ike, Hank Anuku), where a pastor with powers from the occult unleashes mayhem on unwary victims?

Therefore, Grave Dust woefully falls below expectations in almost every regard.

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Budget Will Never Keep Me From Expressing Myself” – Stanlee Ohikhuare, The ‘Conscience’ Film-maker and Surreal Artist

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Stanlee Ohikhuare runs Mighty Jot Studios, which he established in 2005.  The multi-talented artist – visual artist, photographer, award-winning cinematographer and film director – discusses his career, during which he has shot Kpians – The Feast of Souls, Oblivious, Sting, Horn-free Day, Verdict, Tunnel, Common Man, Stupid Movie and the award-winning documentary, Deadwood.  He also talks about Nollywood and his place in it.    

1. Could you tell us about your education: the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions attended plus qualifications obtained at the tertiary level (undergraduate and/or post-graduate)?


I attended St. Cecelia’s Home Nursery School, Ikoyi – Lagos; Hope Primary School, Ikoyi – Lagos; Command Children’s School, Enugu, and Union Secondary School, Enugu.


My tertiary education started at Yaba College of Technology Lagos; where I obtained a National Diploma in General Arts.  Then, I proceeded to the University of Benin (UNIBEN) where I continued studying Fine Arts; specializing in Painting and earning for myself a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (BA Hons.)

2. You are multi-talented: painter, photographer and film-maker.  For how long were you a full-time painter before delving into Photography and then film-making?  Do you still find time to paint and how much time do you currently dedicate to Photography?

3. Why, when and how did you embrace film-making?


When I graduated from the University of Benin, all I wanted to do was paint – but I had to re-assess my priorities and tell myself the truth about my career path as a painter.

As an artist, my personal style was and still remains surrealism – a style that has not yet gained much popularity with Nigerians and also one that I could not rely on as a full-time artist for monetary gains and sustenance as a fresh graduate.

So, I took a decision to learn Computer Graphics and other contemporary media for artistic expression that were fast-becoming viable and competitive; including Motion Graphics and 3D Animation.  So, effectively I will say I only painted full-time for about a year after graduation.  Then, I taught myself Graphic Design, Motion Graphics and, eventually, 2D and 3D Animation.

About five years after my graduation, I started developing interest in Core Film-making after dabbling into a project that was rather too ambitious at that time – a feature length 3D Animated Movie titled Lifespan.

With my animation skills, I was already directing 3D characters and bringing them to life, but I had little understanding of the principles and hands-on practice of Cinematography.

I knew I wanted to tell stories with great Cinematography. I also identified Photography as the closest thing to Cinematography that I could immerse myself in; armed with just my zeal and any cheap camera I could lay my hands on.

So for another two years, I trained myself in the art of Photography – choosing Wedding Photography as my training module in my quest to understand Cinematography for future application in the process of Film-making.

Someone once told me that “being a great photographer would make any serious-minded person approximately eighty-five percent prepared for core Cinematography” and I heeded his advice.

Eventually, when I was certain about my skill-set, I shot my first feature Film as a shooting director (behind the camera) and I have not changed my Film-making style ever since.

So far, Kpians – The Feast of Souls is my most tedious production. It involved over three months of pre-production and planning, ample time for script analysis and critique, evaluating of processes and very detailed preparation for every scene. I mean, we were suspending people, hanging people upside down, slashing bodies, slamming actors against anything possible and doing very dangerous things that were eventually dubbed “Not Dangerous” simply because we had tested, tried and carefully prepared for every shot; of course armed with essential research and documentation.

Tunnel was almost the same thing. On the set of Tunnel, there was this well articulated shot where we simulated an accident and every outcome; including the magnitude of impact, denting and real life considerations; was carefully researched to avoid casualties.

We actually smashed three cars and had a trailer sweep all three off the road in the concluding shot. The rendition was neo-realistic and as one would expect, that meant a lot of blood, gore and destruction.

Common Man was also demanding. I had to simulate a fire outbreak that took the lives of a newly wedded couple and at some very crucial point, getting the right location for principal photography was proving difficult; so I had to set one of my studios on fire (controlled, of course) and achieved the shot.

Every movie has its own challenges – even the simplest plot could become extremely complex, depending on the perspective from which the physical depiction of the screenplay is deployed.

Many of my movies have been written by me; but not all. However, if it’s a horror flick or a movie with insane situations deeply rooted in surrealism, then I’ll rather write it myself.


4. What are your thoughts on the dearth of documentaries in Nigeria?  Are you planning to produce other documentaries, following the award of Best Documentary to Deadwood at the 2014 AMVCA?


Yes, I shoot a lot of movies, which I call conscience films. They are usually intricately balanced between the documentary genre and the regular feature or short film classification. Deadwood was shot in the same style.

One thing that will always be present in all my documentaries is filmic re-enactments to stir, actualize and establish my preconceived end in the consciousness of the viewer; the same reason why each of them is well researched and depicted in the most objective manner possible.

I am an emotionally-driven film-maker and it shows in my style of directing. I will completely explore the most thought-provoking and unforgettable situations-cum-scenarios in the most vivid and realistic manner possible – even if it means depicting things that most people can’t bear to see.


5. How do you raise funds for your films and what is the highest amount of money you have expended on a film?  Did you recoup your money (that is if the movie has been distributed)?  Why is Sting yet to be released more than 2 years after it was shot?

So far, I have funded all of my signature projects myself. I will always choose to do so as opposed to involving financiers, who will seek to enforce their subjective cravings on the film’s final appeal; thus drowning the very essence of the movie. Though not every investor or financier will seek this, I know for a fact that at least six out of every ten will.

I don’t think I could deal with accepting anything less than my original vision and level of expressiveness as far as shooting any movie that typifies my distinct style and personal vision is concerned. That’s just the way an artist is wired!

Whenever it gets too tough, I simply involve my family – my sisters and brothers. We sign contracts, agreements and a generic MoU, which stipulates their Returns on Investment (RoI) and when they are getting paid.

Though it’s family, we still keep it quite professional, so we don’t abuse the process and render the practice impractical for subsequent movies.

For feature films, budget averages between six and twelve million naira – excluding my own fees for the various aspects of Production I multi-task on, just in a bid to cut down on expenses. I always say that “Budget will never keep me from expressing myself”.

Film-making, for me, is an outlet for pouring out creative thoughts and surreal imaginations that could literally suffocate the bearer if left unexpressed. Money has never been my driving force. If I considered financial gain as a determining factor for my Film-making, then I would probably have shot less than half of the movies I have shot. But the biggest setback would have been the fact that I may have ended up as a film-maker without a distinct style.

Up until when I shot my latest Movie, Stupid Movie, which was carefully planned and executed towards grossing heavily at the box office, every other movie I have shot as a film-maker was done from the standpoint of a Creative Artist, seeking solace and fulfillment in his Art.

I shot Kpians – The Feast of Souls in 2013, finished post-production in 2014 and I am not releasing it until October, 2015 (Halloween Night). Oblivious was shot in 2013, but was only made publicly available in March, 2015. Sting, starring Kiki Omeili and Oyekunle Oluwaremi, has only been screened twice; during the maiden edition of my Shorts’ Night and at the Zimbabwe International Film Festival.

You could say that I have taken ample time to develop my art, define my style and identify my preference in genre and, now, I am going ahead to perfect the business aspect of Film-making; which highlights the necessity of making money from these movies to provide a financial backdrop for the production of more films and sustenance of the business.

Like one of my lecturers back in school would say, “You go from the known to the unknown”.


6. Your film, Verdict, is the La Vena Johnson story just like Deadwood is about the plight of pensioners.  How much of an activist are you?  Do you support or work with specific advocacy groups?

I believe Film-making is not just for entertainment, but it offers an appealing medium for passing across diverse messages; especially those ones which people are often too shy, timid or careful to address.

And yes – there is an activist in me. That part of me has always been there right from the outset. It surfaced a bit in my school days and has continued to pop up every now and then in whatever endeavour I undertake.

There are so many wrongs in the society that need to be addressed and so many notions that require correction. I believe film-makers can possess a strong influence, much more than even politicians and clergymen if they decide to use their practice to address issues in a way that is carefully researched and presented objectively; devoid of the guise of political correctness.

I have a special flair for such films, which I refer to a Conscience films. In fact, I am more inclined towards shooting Conscience films than films that are made simply for entertainment. I guess that’s where the humanitarian and the artist in me find confluence.

I am first an artist and an artist is a person full of “Soul, Passion and Emotion”.

Sequel to Verdict in July, 2014, I have been actively involved with groups and organizations, championing the quest to find justice for the slain soldier – whose unfortunate story is highlighted in the movie.

I believe my purpose and life mission is gradually being unearthed in a very dramatic manner, which to my understanding is foremost – divine!


7. You do not seem to be interested in TV Series, why?


TV series require a lot of funding to be able to shoot a pilot and then the complete number of episodes for a season or more. If the right funding is made available, then I will shoot TV Series.

I have shot three episodes of my AMVCA-nominated series, Kpians Premonition, hoping to use it as a bait to attract funding, especially due to the commendable production value, but guess what: I am still waiting for that funding.


8. We are sure we have mentioned the high points of your career, what are the low points (if any)?


The lowest point in my career has to be between 2005 and 2010 when I was actively working on my animated movie. I tried getting sponsorship, but got none. I tried doing it on my own, but eventually put the project in the cooler for a season due to the high recurrent expenditure on the project. Power requirements alone were draining my accounts. I remained optimistic all those years and trained a couple of young lads to equip them in readiness for collaboration on the project. Soon, the young lads learnt a few things about animation and just zapped! Then, I was back to square one – all alone.


9. You once said that you will be shooting a feature film with the cast of Horn-free Day.  Will it be a feature film version of Horn-free Day or an entirely new film with the cast of Horn-free Day?


Yes, I have already shot the movie. It is called Stupid Movie, starring the cast of Horn-free Day and more.  It is a feature film; but an original – not a longer version of Horn-free-Day. That’s one movie everyone should look forward to! It’s totally sick!


10. You also said that you will like to dedicate two whole years to produce animation.  Have you taken any concrete steps to realize that?

Yes, I have. But I might not continue with my last animated project, Lifespan.

I am more experienced now in the entertainment business and I have developed new animated stories that will be more commercially viable and internationally relevant. I have three more movies to shoot in 2015 and right after those; I will start work full-time on an animated feature. I have also met a couple of folks who understand animation well enough to be part of a production team for such an endeavour and I am very excited about that.


11. What are your thoughts on Nollywood; in terms of the industry’s achievements and the challenges it faces?

Personally, I believe Nollywood does not lack skill or any human capacity whatsoever. The industry needs to pervade the globe and stamp our movies everywhere. It is an uphill task quite alright, but it is achievable.

I guess the industry will need to look into the underdeveloped marketing and distribution chains and make decisive changes for this to happen.

Box-office gross earnings are based on numbers and popularity. But the films have to be seen everywhere for them to have a global appeal; not just in Nigeria and a few other African nations.


12. Which older film-makers (local and foreign) do you admire and why?

I admire Quentin Tarantino because when I look at his movies, I feel like I am experiencing my own creation. I guess we must be like-minded. I also admire Teco Benson for the impact he has made in the Nigerian movie scene as a director. He is one of the few Nigerian film-makers who have endured from the previous era even until this present era because he has a unique personal style. He also has good countenance, is warm and hospitable.


13. What do you hope to achieve in the distant future, say 10 years from now?

In ten years, I shall have become an Industry pacesetter – not just in Nigeria, but internationally. I believe strongly that I will have a lasting influence, which will stem from one of my conscience films, maybe my very next!


14. What do you have to say to struggling film-makers out there, especially the young ones, who are trying to break into Nollywood?

Young film-makers should strive to develop their style and not get tangled in the web of instant gratification. To everything, there is a time and a season for every purpose under the heavens!

They should seek influence over affluence in the foundation stages of their careers, so they can sit back and enjoy the affluence that their influence will usher in as their careers as film-makers blossom.


15. Are there any other experiences or insights you will like to share with us?


Stupid Movie will eventually become my Yearly Cinema Movie. After the release of Stupid Movie 1, there will be a sequel every subsequent year!


stanlee360nobsKpians stanlee360nobsStan Ohik, Common Man stanlee360nobsstan ohikhuare stanlee360nobsstanlee 2 stanlee360nobsThe Deadwood stanlee360nobsVerdict

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#Nollywood Movie: Oloibiri

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Oloibiri, one of the most anticipated films of 2015, is an action thriller; which narrates the tale of Gunpowder (RMD) and Timipre (Olu Jacobs), two natives of Oloibiri, the town where oil was first discovered in commercial quantity in Nigeria.  Gunpowder engages in violent struggle in protest to the squalid living conditions in his community despite their oil wealth; accusing Timipre’s generation of doing nothing whilst their land was exploited and plundered.

Taiwo Ajai-Lycett, Ivie Okujaye, Ifeanyi Williams and William R. Moses also star in Oloibiri; directed by Curtis Graham, produced by Rogers Ofime and written by Samantha Iwowo.

Below are behind-the-scene pictures and stills from the movie:

oloibiri360nobsChisom and Boname in kitchen oloibiri360nobsDSC_0049 oloibiri360nobsDSC_0085 oloibiri360nobsDSC_0601 oloibiri360nobsDSC_0977 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1134 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1448 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1456 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1493 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1578 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1629 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1657 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1682 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1706 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1747 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1853 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1903 oloibiri360nobsDSC_1983 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2018 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2348 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2366 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2405 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2529 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2568 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2722 oloibiri360nobsDSC_2780 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3154 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3624 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3689 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3691 oloibiri360nobsDSC_3798 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4699 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4756 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4859 oloibiri360nobsDSC_4862 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5066 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5196 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5210 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5211 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5229 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5525 oloibiri360nobsDSC_5558 oloibiri360nobsDSC_9476 oloibiri360nobsDSC_9744 oloibiri360nobsDSC_9812 oloibiri360nobsGunpowder and a victim oloibiri360nobsPowell in Canada oloibiri360nobsPowell oloibiri360nobsTimipre, Chisom and Boname oloibiri360nobsTimipre, Chison and Boname oloibiri360nobsYoung timipre and dying wife oloibiri360nobsYoung Timipre at Funeral oloibiri360nobsYoung Timipre kisses dying wife oloibiri360nobsYoung Timipre

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