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    The net provides users many different ways to gain access to videos online. The regular method involves downloading a video file being a user would having a regular document or even a picture file. The person must wait for an download to complete, then open and examine the video. Streaming videos, however, let users watch a video since it is being downloaded online.Streaming video technologies are useful for real-time and on-demand requests. A typical use for visit the website is perfect for broadcasting news on the internet. Many of the bigger news networks even provide live news video streaming on his or her websites. Another common use for streaming videos is for viewing movie clips. Many movie studios provide previews or trailers of these upcoming film features through streaming films. Also through the entertainment business, music labels make use of this technology to stream music videos for that public.With the sudden emergence of portable web-cameras, one of many growing purposes of streaming videos is good for interactive video. Computer chat programs often come with video conferencing functions that allow chatters see the person they’re talking with. This feature not only allows Online users to listen for the voices with their friends or relatives, it also permits them to see one another live. Similarly, entrepreneurs make use of this function to ply their trade meetings, conferences, or even corporate training online.Streaming videos are also utilized in the concept of education. Live or pre-recorded lectures can be obtained from many university and educational websites. This permits students to see and hear lectures repeatedly.There are tons of other purposes of streaming videos. Some websites provide real-time views of main roads. This service is especially beneficial to motorists who would like to avoid vehicular traffic.For all you benefits of streaming videos, there are also limitations and cons. For videos to get delivered quickly to some user’s desktop for viewing, a pair of things should be considered: the size of the playback quality and also the Internet bandwidth open to the consumer. Compressing videos can normally sacrifice their quality, along with a small bandwidth normally results in choppy video playback. Another downside of the supply of streaming videos could be the rise in network or Internet traffic.