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    Yet many people find it difficult to remain on such a diet, or to lose the number of pounds they want to lose. While low carb diets can be effective, they only work if you adhere to them properly -and this can be challenging for many people. If you want to have the best chances of succeeding with a low carb diet, keep the following principles in mind.One basic principle of dieting that many people ignore is that you have to exercise if you want to lose weight. This is true for any type of diet, including the low carb type. If you change your diet significantly but don’t exercise, you may succeed in losing a few pounds. It will be very difficult, however, to lose any significant amount of weight and to keep it off. Exercise helps to increase your metabolism, which is what is necessary for long term weight loss. Beginning an exercise program can seem difficult, so ease into it at a pace you’re comfortable with. Find an exercise program that’s convenient and tolerable for you and you’ll find it helps your weight loss efforts a great deal. Giving up your favorite foods is something else you may have to do to maintain a low carb diet everyday. Keeping away from these foods, and sticking to your diet, is definitely a difficult process. Some diets help you avoid this dilemma by giving you one day per week when you can eat your favorite carbs. This may seem like cheating, but it can really help you stay with the diet for a much longer period of time. Maintaining six days of low carbs is part of the bargain since you do have one high carb day. If you do this, you will feel motivated to continue your diet as you will have something to look forward to each and every week. Now you won’t have the cravings that everyone else will have because you have modified your low carb diet in this beneficial way.When you’re on a diet, you have to watch your snacking as well as what you eat at your regular meals. Many snacks, such as chips, candy and cookies, can wreak havoc with your diet. On the other hand, you can find many snacks that are perfectly healthy and low in carbs. Try things like trail mix, veggie (rather than potato) chips and dips made from hummus or beans. It’s not a catastrophe if you eat less healthy snacks once in a while, especially if you get them in small sizes. They make sizes for kids, and these are also perfect for dieters. This way you can enjoy the occasional bag of chips or pretzels and not have to worry that you’re taking in too many calories. There are many resources that can provide a wealth of information regarding low carb diets whether you prefer to go to the web or magazines and books.However, many people still find the topic confusing. If you can, you should choose an eating plan that will work for you and suit your lifestyle so you will be able to follow it.