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    The Rewards Of Eating Ajwa DatesHEART Healthy: Al Ajwa Nutritional Goods offers your body the kick-begin it needs to conquer the day. It has also been reported that the Prophet used to place chewed dates or honey into the mouths of newborn babies. Imran Bagwan,a dates merchant from Chhatrapati Shivaji market place in Pune cantonment area,stated Ajwa price tag depends upon the size primarily. “Good quality big size Ajwa dates price around Rs 4,000-Rs 4,200 per kg. These dates come from Saudi Arabia in packed trays of 500 gram and 1kg,” he stated.There are most wholesome ingredients are incorporated in the Ajwa dates such as Calcium, Sulphur , Iron, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese Vitamin B6 and other vitamins, Folic acid, Protein, Sugar and all-natural fibers and they are most useful for mental and physique overall health and growth. The date trees themselves can grow 12 inches per year up to a height of 100 feet. To make a massive amount of dates, they are typically manually pollinated. Each tree is either a male or female tree. Pollen is carried from the male tree and dusted more than the female trees, allowing them to generate fruit.Dates also includes suitable amounts of important and non-essential amino acids e.g. aspartic acid, proline, glycine, histidine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, lysine and arginine hence escalating their nutritional worth. Ajwa dates seed powder is very successful for the therapy of blocked heart arteries. It helps to decrease triglycerides and cholesterol levels (LDL) in the blood.1st of all select the original ajwa dates because most of the dates are really equivalent in look, Dark brown and oval shaped. You ought to pick the greatest product appropriate. It is believed that consumption of Ajwa dates aids maintain your eyes healthier all through your life and also assists avert evening blindness. Stick to the Sunnah of the Prophet PBUH, and consume everyday AJWA Dates from Madinah! The Prophets’ PBUH preferred dates, Ajwa (fruit dates) is a soft dry variety of date fruit from Madina Monawara. A delightfully soft and fruity date with fine texture.The Messenger (Sallallaahu Álayhi Wasallam) mentioned, Ajwa dates are from paradise and they are healing for possession.” Sunan Ibn Majah, Tirmidhee. Dates are a staple food of Ramadan, and Ajwa date is its ultimate ‘partner in dating’. Ajwa is talked about in the Hadith literature (collections of words, actions, and habits of the Prophet Muhammad) and as a result holds a particularly higher religious value. Needless to say it is completely date-licious!