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    The game of commercial real estate could be won in many ways, and has provided many individuals a way to make some serious money. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of the worlds millionaires earned their wealth via real estate investment. While nothing is a sure thing, real estate offers numerous opportunities for the savvy investor. Whether…[Read more]

  • Crystal figurines are one of the most beautiful types of figurines you can buy. Decorating with crystal figurines is a great idea if you are looking for ideas that will upgrade the look of your living space or add some personality. Here are some tips that can help you to decorate with crystal figurines.Plan to do something you both like to do.…[Read more]

  • The ancient caregivers and wise ones of old knew about the sacred power inside the black tourmaline stone. In days ancient cultures the wise ones used the properties of black tourmaline for good luck, to increase prosperity, and to bless the unique energy inside of each person.Crystal is perhaps one of the few substances that manage to look…[Read more]

  • To make sure people know they can come in and enjoy the coffee shop without being a gym member, they have a sign in the window that reads “Open: Crystal Shop Everyone Welcome”.After the underground tour is over, visitors walk the sidewalks that wind around the top of the dam. From here, you can see the amazing mountain scenery, the beautiful…[Read more]

  • Looking for a perfect way to spend the weekend? Why not head over to Delray Beach and attend the 11th annual downtown Delray Beach Thanksgiving Weekend Art Fest. The show takes place both Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Right off Online Crystals Australia Atlantic Avenue on NE 2nd Avenue in Pineapple Grove you will find a multitude…[Read more]

  • Swarovski Bangles crystal Healing Therapy is performed with crystals which are positioned in various ways on the body. The body is divided in specific areas, also known as chakras on which the crystals are placed. The body is divided into seven major chakras besides which there are several minor chakras as well. The minor chakras are also known as…[Read more]

  • There are so many great ways to plan your wedding the challenge however, is to finally creating those plans and see them in action. But do not worry! There are still some easy ways to show fun while wedding planning and one of them is when you invite your guests. If you are tired of receiving the old wedding invitation, then you can spice it up…[Read more]

  • Experience – Real estate is not a fly-by-night business. It is a full-time venture that requires several hours of research. If you experience slow response times or lack of understanding in the business, that is a bad sign. Unfortunately that happens all too often in that industry. Experience shows early on in the process and it should never be…[Read more]

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    After a vigorous autumn and winter, with great storms, lots of rain, and snow piled up in the high country, something has happened in early May. The sun has come out, the weather has calmed down, and it has been relatively warm throughout the Sacramento/El Dorado /Placer County areas, at least for now. Warm is a term that differs from one county…[Read more]

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    So crystal is glass that has been leaded. It is done 1) to add weight, 2) to add brilliance to the glass, and 3) the lead makes the crystal softer therefore easier to cut.If you want to cleanse several crystal s at once, lay them in a ring. Hold a clear crystal pendulum–preferably an amethyst or rose quartz crystal–either over the single stone…[Read more]

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    When you hear the word ‘crystal’ what does it remind you? It reminds me of the popular old reality game show of our times. The very mention of this word makes my wife’s face beam. No points for guessing that, women just love this kind of jewellery. And specially when there are so many designs and colors to choose from, they can’t be blamed if they…[Read more]

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