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    Not so long ago, we sat in movie theatres watching spies and assorted bad guys being caught because of hidden video cameras. Before long, these devices were available to the police although only law enforcement agencies and the rich could afford them.Today, even someone on a limited budget can afford a high quality surveillance camera. The image quality is excellent, they can be weatherproof. You can even get them in night-vision versions.These devices have many uses other than catching criminals in the act. You might want video proof of who’s dog is making a mess on your front yard. Maybe you caught just a glimpse of someone lurking around. Either way, a motion triggered hidden video camera will give you all the evidence you could want. The police love it.If you are a business owner, you probably suffer from employee theft, janitorial service in dallas tx possibly suffer greatly. Your inventories never come out the way they are supposed to, bank deposits do not match receipts and so forth. A hidden video camera will allow you to gather video evidence of what is being stolen, where and by whom.Here is an example. A man I know owns a liquor store. He knew someone was stealing some of the product, but he could never figure out how or who. It took months and the loss of many hundred of dollars of stock before he caught a janitor taking some product out the back door in a garbage bag. A simple security camera hidden in the exit sign above the door would of caught the thief in no time.The devices mentioned here use dvr recording technology. What this means is that they are not only wireless, but they don’t need a central digital recorder. They have one built in with something called an sv card. So as to not use up memory recording hours of no activity, most of them have motion sensors that tell the camera to start recording as it has detected something moving in the field of view. The sensors can be easily programmed to deaden certain areas of the viewing field to work around little kids playing or animals visiting.When you think you’ve got your man, you bring the camera to your computer and download the video. Voila! There it all is on your screen.These are just two examples of how these cameras can be used.They can be hidden in light fixtures, exit signs, wall clocks, coffee makers and just about anything.Warning: Keep in mind that these cameras DO NOT prevent a crime. They simply record one. To stop crime, you want security cameras that are highly visible and that will be the subject of another article.